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***NEW*** PIN STADIUM Wifi Pinball Mods & Pinball LED Lights Announcement!!!

By pinstadium

4 years ago

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#4 4 years ago

Wow! That produces a lot of nice lighting! I am obviously interested in the flasher aspect as well. Nice work!

#6 4 years ago
Quoted from Syco54645:

Saw these at papa on Trent's Aerosmith and while they were nice the led tape was coming off of the mount. Hoping these were a prototype and production units will not do this because they looked really nice and I wouldn't mind a few on my games.
Edit: I did not mean this post to sound negative, just a concern I had with them.

Looks like he just released this kit today. I am pretty sure he had this out at papa and other shows to properly test, at least it sounds that way from what I have read.

#32 4 years ago
Quoted from Grizlyrig:

I like the product but I'm gonna call out your before and after pics you posted. I realize you want to make it look fantastic but the machines were never that dark. It looks like a bad comparison of some GI and PF bulbs not even on in the before pics but on in after pics. Wish you well but you got a shady comparison.

Are you absolutely sure? I look at the big dark areas in the center of the PF in his LOTR and RZ pics and see a huge difference, that is an area with no gi. So if this product makes that big of an improvement where there is no GI lighting why in the heck would he need to pull any bulbs?? The center of the PF tells the whole story, this product does its job really well.

Op, Looking forward to meeting you at PATZ. I am hooking my Interactive under-cab and Backbox kits up on Trents machine. I am interested to see your product and how it all works. I just found out yesterday your stuff would be on his machine as well, hope our stuff plays well together.

Here is a video of my stuff that will be going on his machine.

#41 4 years ago

I can certainly see why WOZ may appear that way but with WOZ it really depends on when you take that picture as the games lighting changes quickly and frequently.

Happy you like my videos, I feel like a dork making them but they are needed.

Quoted from Whysnow:

A few questions:
1. I may have missed it, how do these mount?
2. I watched the video of them pivoting from one end for pf service... It that all they do to be able to work on a game? I would consider trying these on a TAF on route, but of course a route game needs the ability to get under the hood with no extra hassle.
3. Can I wire these somehow on TAF so they just come on each time the power is turned on?

I will see these this weekend Hilton, I am sure I can make a plug and play connection for this to turn on with the game. If the led settings are saved when powered off this would be the ideal thing to do in my opinion. I will see Scott this coming weekend and hope I can help refine this a little of he is willing to take my advice.

#43 4 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

cool! Please keep me posted. If this can work for me, I would love to try it out in TAF.
It is a game that so many love but is obviously a very dark game (esp in the back area). I tried a few things in the past and nothing looked right.

Buy one, have him bring it to me at PATZ and I will make it what you need, no charge.

#46 4 years ago
Quoted from alveolus:

Can these be integrated with the GI for dimming effects?

I am in no way speaking for Pinstadium just from knowledge. Yes it can be. Something like that would probably be up to the end user to do.

#52 4 years ago
Quoted from pinnyheadhead:

What about a game with not many LED's on the playfield? My POTC is pretty much stock.
Should I just get Stadium lightin and pass on the LED's?

I am not sure anyone but you is qualified to answer that question. I would defiantly try this product before adding leds.

#79 4 years ago
Quoted from wxforecaster:

I played the Aerosmith at PAPA several times, and have some questions about your product.
To be honest, there were numerous "not so positive" comments made about the lighting with each group of people I played with. Specifically, the lighting strips were literally dangling in mid air even by day 2. Now I realize this is a demo machine that travels with Trent, but at the same point, AS hasn't been on the market for that long and this is not a good representation for an expensive mod.
Secondly, I'm trying to understand how your product differs from someone going on Ebay, buying several reels of 12V RGB SMD light strips, sticking them on with the included 3M tape (that seems to have the same "sticky" failure as what I observed at PAPA), and tying them into the Wifi controllers/color-matching-software that many of the vendors offer in the packages for like $20-$30.
The lighting difference is pretty remarkable and how it was applied, you really can't see or notice the mod, but I'm not getting the "value added" over an easy DYI.

Come on Evan! Easy DIY, for some maybe. I remember walking you through much of this stuff myself. Many can DIY and will I am sure. I have made a version of this that will turn on and off with the game as well as dim with the GI. I have been around and think I know what I am doing... I will be giving this to Scott with Pinstadium Saturday. It will be up to him to apply the things I show him.

Keep in mind he has a few weeks before any kits ship out. Great idea, looks like a great product. I would like to see a few small changes but again it is his mod and he will do what he thinks is best, I respect that.


#101 4 years ago
Quoted from PAPPYBALL:

This is awesome news! (My biggest hang up) and it also sounds like with a little effort it can be tied in to computer controlled GI, Dimming, etc... and saves the settings, i think this is an awesome idea!
Anyone try these on SYS. 11's?
I am thinking it would be a good addition to FIRE!, Wirlwind, and F-14 Tomcat!

This mod was designed to provide ambient lighting. We use backpanel lights, shootlane lights, apron lights, spot lights, etc.... none are tied to the GI! Your GI is not affected by this mod, you still notice the GI dimming and turning off.

Ok, so let's say he makes a separate kit for those who need it tied into the GI, are you seriously willing to pay the extra $30.00. I am sure a few are, most will talk about it, and order the cheaper version anyway or never order one at all. Sorry but I have a long history with these types of variations.

I will be doing a review on this product Saturday. I have seen the install but I want to see it in action more to give it a full review.
@randomkg I am working with Scott to get a RGB flasher system that works off my Undercab kits for those who have both mods.

#104 4 years ago
Quoted from davijc02:

Thinking about these for for my rob zombie. I like the dark look and feel to the game and just would not want to illuminate it with just straight white lighting. Could the color be adjusted to red? I think the game illuminated with red with the UV flasher option might look great. Or a red flasher option would be cool too

We are working on putting my Undercab interactions on the inside of the machine with Scotts kit. Here is a video of RZ you can use your imagination. You could also easily eliminate any option but it would potentially ship with them all.

#112 4 years ago
Quoted from barakandl:

Do these get in the way of raising and lowering the PF? If so, can you remove them easily for service?
I saw them in use at the Ohio Show. Looked nice.

They do get in the way but the mounting system is so easy it takes less than 10seconds to take them off and raise your playfield.

Quoted from PAPPYBALL:

Yes, I would absolutely pay extra for that additional feature.

Nice, I wouldn't but I am sure Scott will look into this option.

#128 4 years ago
Quoted from alveolus:

You would be crazy to put these on Alien without GI integration, but maybe that's just me.

Have you seen these in person?

1 week later
#150 4 years ago
Quoted from tonycip:

I'm confused. Is the light strip RGB W and UV?all on the same strip? Or is this UV flasher something else?

The UV Flasher is not on the same strip as the RGBW.

#155 4 years ago
Quoted from Cheeks:

So, what's the status on these? I ordered 3 weeks ago with the "mandatory pre-orders are almost sold out" and as of a week ago they still were not. I get the "they're filling fast" as a method to try and bump sales, but given you've said there's an 8-10 week lag time from when pre-orders fill, that's looking like I might be waiting until July or August for something I paid for at the beginning of April.
Any updates?

He was pretty clear and honest about what he was doing. I met with Scott 2 weeks ago and will be meeting with him again. Even after his launch he is trying to give you guys the extras that you are asking for, lights that turn on with the game, possible GI integration etc... I don't even think he is adding anything to the cost.

I have 100% faith that he will do what he said he will. Just be patient, you will be getting an outstanding product. His stuff impressed me and that's hard to do.

Give him the time he asked for from the beginning.


#157 4 years ago
Quoted from Cheeks:

I asked for a status which doesn't seem like a lot to ask when I pre-paid 3 weeks ago under the impression the initial batch was almost sold out. Not insinuating anything, just trying to understand where things sit.

Oh for sure it's not to much to ask at all. Sometimes thing typed can come across differently than intended. Perhaps I read that a little to quickly. I am sure Scott at some point will give an update. I was thinking one would come out when he filled up.

#198 4 years ago

Love the UV flashers on this game.

2 years later
#4884 2 years ago

Hey guys, if you are at Pintastic with a game and either have Pinstadium’s or would like to buy a set I would like you in the booth. I will install them for you. I will also give you one of my Interactive Undercab Kits or Game On Systems free.


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