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***NEW*** PIN STADIUM Pinball LED lights Mod Announcement!!!

By pinstadium

2 years ago

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#4013 8 months ago

Ok saw these in person here at TPF and talked to Scott , about to order some , I know it’s in here somewhere but anyone have theee on a no good golfers ? Wondering how they look with the ramps .

Congrats on the twipy

#4015 8 months ago

Great thanks ! Looks good , and that translite is a piece of art from a guy in Florida I have the painting

I like the idea of the Hover .. hopefully it will be less than $40 so that’s it’s worth ordering now ?

#4018 8 months ago

What’s the consensus on UV lights best for all machines or would for example red look better on maiden ? Star Wars ?

I think for my more colorfully games for sure NGG, Simpson’s and Met

#4031 8 months ago
Quoted from lurch:

When did you switch to a fixed product? I recall looking at these last year for my woz and there were tons of options to choose from. It makes sense to help lower prices on your end. Just curious.

Last night LOL when I went to order I was like hmm. I was considering doing a couple without the flashers but I guess that would have been a dumb move hahaha!

#4034 8 months ago
Quoted from pinstadium:

I think you will be VERY pleased with the results!!

Yes I have no doubt, I kept coming back to your booth to play the games and it made such a difference. It will be l little bit before I can try them out as we are moving to a new home next month, but the good news is it has an amazing walk out basement for the pins

#4036 8 months ago
Quoted from pinstadium:

Oh great so you did get to play it and saw it. That explains the confidence with your quick order for BTTF lol. Sounds like you are getting some upgrades with a walk out basement, so nice!!!

Actually it's the other guy that bought back to the future, I got several. I chatted with you for a bit after some guy bought like 5 of them and then later when I asked you about hover I am about to send you an e-mail as I just looked at No Good Gofers and it needs the adapter, or if its on Amazon I can get it there.

#4039 8 months ago
Quoted from TheCapn:

Another game during TPF that we kept getting comments on was the Jack*Bot. Those that have it - I recommend tying the flasher UV to the flasher under Jack's visor in the middle of the playfield. Made one hell of a difference.

Yes that one looked amazing! Honestly the pin stadiums made all the games art look better I was very impressed.

I am going to need advice on where to tie my flashers in ...

No Good Gofers
Stern SW
Metallica(clearly sparky insert)

#4041 8 months ago

Thanks Scott I cant wait to hook them up, I am also convinced you have written a bot to respond to pinside and email because you are so on top of things LOL

1 month later
#4381 7 months ago

So looking for advice on No Good Gofers .. these flashers are really in the way can’t install the pinstadiums easily . I know someone did one. .

B2B0889C-0A2E-4CEF-BD08-936719EEDF71 (resized).jpegFC40772E-3733-4E84-8AD7-59CCE7149B1A (resized).jpeg
#4383 7 months ago

It is fairly flush , those plastics go to the top edge . I think they would fit better without the invishield. I’ll look at it more tomorrow and contact you.

#4394 7 months ago

Success .. had to apply the magma mounts first but all is good !

33AAB23E-6C07-47C7-98FD-048B282CCC4C (resized).jpegA2167AA1-1BD9-4AC2-BE5A-8BC2D764157B (resized).jpeg
#4396 7 months ago

Hey Steve , actually I bought several when he had a sale after I saw them in person at TPF .. NGG was a Mounting challenge. They make quite the difference . The flashers are pretty i intense but I dig them , but the main thing is lighting up that play field .

3 weeks later
#4545 6 months ago

Will Blur require hover? That is the most intriguing to me. Hover is great but since I already have them mounted not worth the extra for now

#4547 6 months ago

Seeing the reflections is probably my one knock on them...so would love the blur. Its just hurting my pocketbook LOL

#4568 6 months ago

Will hovers come as default with new stadiums or they will come with magnamounts and you buy hover separate ?

#4572 6 months ago
Quoted from pinstadium:

Just saw your order come in and yes we could remount and clean that area so they will get a good bond. But now you are heading to the next level with the Hovers.
Also, yes there are tons of places to mount them on any machine and particularly ST!! Thanks for your order and I’m excited for you to get these in your hands.
I have had a few very excited customers ask for me to send their Hovers right away when they are ready which I will, but they are going out in the order received. I can’t jump the line
The line is getting rather large now but no worries I can handle it. Thanks again everyone for being so supportive.
If anyone is own the fence about Hovers, don’t be. You will never go back once you get them.

Pin Stadium

I have one set left, and two games BKLE and MET Prem..the Met seems lit pretty well so thinking of doing BKLE...but now should I go hover? But then I need to wait

#4617 6 months ago
Quoted from JimB:

Are you going to offer USPS shipping again? 24 bucks to get 3 hovers is high in my opinion

Did you put your state and zip in?

#4681 6 months ago
Quoted from pinstadium:

That's good to know!!

Yes I had the same issue .. I was able to get it closed but it was a very tight fit .. could use an extension.

#4736 6 months ago

Scott do your drink lots of caffeine ?

#4773 6 months ago

darn it now I have to consider this LOL

1 week later
#4878 5 months ago

I was bummed that I didn’t wait for the discount and then realized I got a 10% lol . So no big .

#4889 5 months ago

I was gonna get one more set but I fell asleep last night lol next time I guess!

#4893 5 months ago

I think there should be a 4th July sale since these things are like fireworks for your machine !

#4896 5 months ago

How do you typically hook up your flashers? I think I may have shorted one with the alligator clips, which in turn has damaged some transistors Could also be coincidence

#4898 5 months ago

That is how I did its nice picture by the way how to do you make all these !

I can only guess somehow they touched? Maybe it was a total coincidence. Anyhow I disconnected them for now until I get it fixed. I do find sometimes the shrink tubing can make hit hard to clip in . It was defienlty hooked up to the flasher for the sparky insert and not a coil.

#4900 5 months ago

yes I am guessing it touched the base, lesson learned I guess. Wish is just blew the fuse but for whatever reason seems like more damage was done

#4902 5 months ago

Yea I am quite confident its the transistor. Deciding if I should take on the repair myself, have a pro coming Monday. My sparky also locked on, but I think i twas a coincidence as I have read that can happen when the play field is lifted.

#4904 5 months ago
Quoted from pinstadium:

Very rarely does this happen but when things are touching you never know. But the transistor is less than $2 to replace. You will need to pull the board out and desolder the old and then put the new one in.
Always remember that the alligator clips are for those that want an easy simple semi-permanent connection they can remove if they sell or trade the machine. They can then easily move it to another machine. You can always snip the clips off and solder it permanently. I hope this helps.

Yes, I may indeed solder them once I am happy with the locations just to be safe. What about wiretaps for a future option? Just a thought.

Anyhow I think that there may have been two unrelated events as the sparky seems to be a known issue! Lots of people have had them fry when opening the coin door and then turning the game on, even some had some flashers stay on! So I do believe I shorted the flasher as it wasn't working when I tested the game and then the fuse blew, but the other stuff may have been me working on that game oh well.

I already have the transistors ordered and the new "and apparently Improved sparky coil" ordered. But deciding if I will tackle the transistors myself as my soldering skills are average at best right now getting better


#4907 5 months ago

Yes indeed maybe ... though I guess in theory had I never messed with the game the unrelated event likely wouldn’t not have happened lol

1 month later
#5015 4 months ago
Quoted from pinstadium:

Pin Stadium just arrived at Pinburgh. Getting ready for the big day tomorrow l!![quoted image]

Pinburgh coupon code ?

#5195 4 months ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

I do not have any skin in this game, as I have never bought one of your products, but have seen them around. I personally do not like the reflection from the light strip (candy stripe) that you get on the sides of the game or on the playfield with PinStadium kits.
That being said, I do like accuracy. And I would want an accurate depiction of a game for comparing your product.
Below is the MET picture (1st pic) which you had posted and people commented on, and below that (2nd), a picture of my Metallica with only the playfield GI on in my darkened game room, with no inserts lit.
It does not even compare to the picture you posted. The center of mine is much brighter. It actually looks like some of the GI is out on your game, or the spots are missing bulbs.[quoted image][quoted image]

Yours is a pro ... has more white GI maybe .. tell you what gonna do do this now on iPhone standard settings .

#5196 4 months ago
8D2EB3D3-3044-4443-98D5-42F7BC9569EE (resized).jpegDE60E5AB-DCB6-4278-B2CC-E6A82F2D0E24 (resized).jpeg
#5197 4 months ago

There you go .. I will say off all my machines Metallica needs it the least .

#5200 4 months ago

I will admit makes a bigger improvement in person . I do look forward to the blur as the one thing I don’t love is the reflections.

#5215 4 months ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

I’d definitely throw mirror blades in too if not for the CD blades in mine. Your MET looks great with mirrors.

Thanks ! I wasn’t in love with the art that was out there so I went mirror .. came out great. I have modded the heck out of this thing had it for like 6 years .

I may move these to my black knight when I get my hovers as Met is pretty bright as is .

I will admit I wish pricing was better on these not sure the cost to make . But Scott can charge whatever he wants no one has to buy them or read this thread for that matter . I was sold on these after seeing them in person at TPF not pictures .

1 month later
#5429 3 months ago

Question what’s COB?

Also he is still working on blue for the colored version but it’s trickier he said .

#5430 3 months ago

Answered my own ? On COB

1 week later
#5451 85 days ago

Got my omegas any advice on where to hook up on BKLE?

#5454 83 days ago

Omegas on BKLE.. this is at 40% .. all my games have pinstadiums !

EC07A23C-E78E-4AA0-B550-9D2C698E4334 (resized).jpeg29A85485-CC88-474D-BE71-C0CF1E8CF77B (resized).jpeg03B41EE1-35AE-4954-811D-E5B5F7E85668 (resized).jpeg
#5457 82 days ago
Quoted from pinstadium:

Wow the Omegas with the BLUR really look nice on that machine! Thanks for posting this up.
You are the first of many customer just now taking delivery of them. Thanks for posting this up and I am glad you are loving them!!
You have a beautiful collection by the way. Wow!!

Thanks ! I really think they work good on this game because of the big metal ramp . My review is they don’t make the colors pop quite as much as the normal ones ... but the blur really gets rid of that candy stripe which and nicely spreads the light , a worthy trade off for sure and the warm light fits the retro style well .

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