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***NEW*** PIN STADIUM Wifi Pinball Mods & Pinball LED Lights Announcement!!!

By pinstadium

4 years ago

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#2 4 years ago

What is the "UV + Glow" option for the flasher?

1 year later
#2709 3 years ago

A interactive lighting topper

1 week later
#2899 3 years ago
Quoted from pinstadium:

Here are the settings and flasher bulb connections in the app for Iron Maiden in the video:
#1 Left “Revive” spinner: Blue 100% Brightness
#2 Sarcophagus Lock: Red 100% Brightness
#3 Left Lightning Bolt: X-Treme White 85% Brightness
#4 Right Lightning Bolt: Green 95% Brightness

So ... if hypothetically you get #1 and #2 at the same time it's purple?

#2940 3 years ago

So ... With the original pinstadium flasher and the new Orion's belt flasher, you can have 5 a total of different flashers on the sides, correct? It's just the original doesn't have a color or brightness adjustment.

#2999 3 years ago
Quoted from elf70:

This is more the idea I was thinking of as a "next level" sort of thing - the ability to arrange pinstadium flashers or GI in "Zones". I think some of todays games are starting to make a more theatrical approach to lighting. Pinstadium products could not reasonably tie into that without some sort of hooks into the actual pinball code, so Zoning (and/or more advanced-designed/scripted sequences on trigger) may be the next closest thing.
I know I mentioned part of this to you earlier Scott, perhaps something to chew on..

Maybe cross-pollinate Pinstadium/Orion's Belt with programming via the Pinduino product that can custom program addressable LEDs via triggers from flashers and coils from connector taps on the main board? But ... that would then have to have custom programming for each pin. Maybe make that an input option for us if we want to fiddle with a programmed light show with zones and such. Just throwing in thinking ideas.

2 weeks later
#3165 3 years ago
Quoted from javagrind888:

Ok, so 3-4 business cards for the power blades, what about the width of the pinstadiums? I haven't bought them since they slimmed the magnet strips.

I haven't seen this combo yet. I would think that the pinstadiums would wash out the powerbladez. I debated one or the other ... chose pinstadium, but haven't installed it yet - just got the pinstadiums last weekend.

1 month later
#3536 2 years ago

First for all of the Pinstadium fans, I have them on my DI and AS and love them. Here is a different review. I received my newest set and installed them on my WOZ yesterday. Pinstadiums are great for some pins, maybe not for others. During the first game with them, a light board on my playfield went out - I think it was during the UV flash. Related? Maybe, maybe not - never had a board go bad in the 5 years I had it. That aside, before pinstadiums I liked the different light shows and the way the GI would go really dim at times for effect. I put the pinstadiums at low level for color (30%) and White at about 10% to just accent the light to not make it as dark during normal play. The pinstadiums did not turn off as the GI does not turn off (or very rarely does). So the GI option is not really needed in my opinion if you like them on this pin. Even at those low of settings, you do loose some of the lighting effects. The UV flash triggered by the witch flashing LED is just too much. A few seconds of blinding flashes every time the witch goes up and down was not good. Don't get me wrong, I love the short flashes on my DI and AS. If you have the witch red smoke mod, you would likely never see that as the UV flash just floods everything. If there was a way to turn down the flash, it would be better on this pin. Or maybe order it with the red flash to go along with the red smoke mod. Maybe just pinstadiums without the flash option. I like the light shows though, even though the pinstadium "effect" looked good at expo. So for me, it was a good try, but not for me on WOZ. This is not the pinstadium product's fault and I don't blame it. The trigger options are just not that great for this pin.

In the end, after I get a new light board from JJP, I will probably take off the pinstadiums from the WOZ. I might put them on my JJPOTC that hasn't arrived yet. Has anybody removed the magnets from the sides and put them on another pin? Do they still stick?

I'm not intending to bash the pinstadium product, just a review that … maybe it's not for the WOZ if you like the light shows as they are. I know other people do love it on WOZ to brighten it up. Opinions are not wrong … I just felt that I should speak up so that others will know what to expect and maybe help them to decide on options for this pin. I would have tried red flash and no GI triggering option if I knew what I know now. Just my opinion. Did I mention that I love them on DI and AS?

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