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***NEW*** PIN STADIUM Pinball Machine LED lights Mod Announcement!!!

By pinstadium

2 years ago

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#226 2 years ago
Quoted from bdaley6509:

Grabbed a set for MMR.

Great idea. Me too! Are we at 100 yet

#229 2 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

God choice. This is the first game I saw them in and I was blown away by the flasher integration

Oh man. I just went for the base to brighten things up. Are the flashers that cool? Any videos floating around?

#234 2 years ago

Would love to see a video. Presently I really just want to brighten things up, but could definitely be persuaded

#236 2 years ago

Thanks, sold!

#237 2 years ago

Oh, btw where did you get that cool flickering light inside the castle?

2 weeks later
#299 2 years ago

Can't wait to slap this on my MMr!

3 months later
#545 2 years ago

Hah. Please add me to the list of “when’s my cool toy that I pre-ordered get here?”

2 weeks later
#713 2 years ago

Just installed in my MMR. I said wow. This is pure genius!

99B230C2-43F7-43A0-A1B5-B8FF310E64AB (resized).jpeg

0DAE71DD-713F-47B7-88A2-D0F6C0D24387 (resized).jpeg

#748 2 years ago
Quoted from pinstadium:

Total Lightshow is really cool and then some!! In fact he is a customer of Pin Stadiums too. I have not seen the combo of these two together and I would love to see some footage of that on your Metallica. When you get it installed please post up on that if you have some time.

After slapping this in my MMR I'm super interested in putting this in my Met pro with total lightshow. If I wanted to retain the red/blue only GI lighting when hitting ramps etc... would I just tie the GI to a white bulb if I went with the GI upgrade? Would love to brighten it up as I removed my spotlights to make the game more "vib-ey", and would also love to remove the creeping death mod and replace with the UV flashers.

And of course, it would be absolutely killer if some sort of additional integration could be incorporated into the pinduino board!

#751 2 years ago
Quoted from TimeBandit:

Pinstadium LEDs are 12V, low side switching. TLS drives 6.3V high side. For TLS integration, the TLS switching needs to drive a gate for each colour to sink the PS LEDs to ground on a 12V rail. I'm doing it, but I have to build a few things.

timebandit very cool! So I presume until such a thing is released the GI dimming is a no go? Or would it still work if tied into a factory GI bulb? I’m guessing you’re looking to make something that would talk to the stadium led’s and make them turn red and blue w/ the game? I’ll be the first on your list please

2 months later
#1263 1 year ago

Very happy with how my AFMr and Met came out. Tough to capture properly in pictures but I tried to not make the befores too underexposed.

My Met pro has the total lightshow, and the GI dimming option integrates perfectly with it. Any time the GI bulbs turn blue or red the Pin Stadium turns off, I just tied it into one of the original white bulbs which had been replaced and set to the side. I do need to tone down the color a touch still, but overall looks good at about 38% brightness. Bonus points for letting me remove the creeping death UV rails and replace with the UV flasher option. Looks much less cluttered. No need for the spots now either, great stuff!

I originally replaced the GI in my AFMr with cool whites hoping to brighten it up, and was still a bit too dark with the room lights off. Pin Stadium fixed that. I also missed the warm color, so I added some red in the strips to warm up the ambient color.

AFMr_Before (resized).jpg

AFMr_After (resized).jpg

Met_Before (resized).jpg

Met_After (resized).jpg

#1266 1 year ago
Quoted from ChipScott:

Your Met mods look slick!! Yeah, both games look fantastic with the extra lighting. May I ask, which version is your AFMr? The pf is stunning.

Thanks! It's the SE. Although they all are the same playfield wise. The SE and LE have the shiny metal saucers, I really dig how the Pin Stadium brings out all the contours of the linework and makes the metallic sheen come through.

Quoted from Fytr:

Fantastic how it allows you to open up the PF view on Metallica by removing the creeping death light bar rails and spots on the slingshots.

Could you post a pic of how it looks with the UV flasher firing?

Cheers. Just need to install the spinners this weekend and I'm finally done! It looks EXACTLY like how the creeping death rails did.

#1267 1 year ago

I'll grab a pic of the UV this week though so you can check it out

4 months later
#2153 1 year ago

Batman AND the one on the far left have invisi-shields?

#2155 1 year ago

OK, also, White Water and LOTR have something in the trough based on the backbox reflections? And the invisi-shield part

#2158 1 year ago

OK, I got it. AC/DC also has an invisi shield, I can see it curving down. Also, Batman and the one on the far left. Winner?

#2159 1 year ago

OK, I got it. AC/DC also has an invisi shield, I can see it curving down. Also, Batman and the one on the far left (Monster Bash?). Winner?

3 months later
#2714 1 year ago

If it's something like this I'll take ten

#2720 1 year ago

Looking forward to the actual reveal... but seriously I also leave my lights no higher than 30% there’s absolutely a market for a diffuser

#2722 1 year ago

If you ever need a beta tester...

1 week later
#2785 1 year ago

So $210 with the base PinStadium w/ GI on/off option, and another $260 for Orions Belt? Or is this a stand alone thing replacing the former Stadiums? Does the PinStadium no longer need the UV flash option with this? That's a lot of cheddar, a follow up video with less CG robots describing the modes and how it mounts etc... would probably be helpful

1 week later
#2998 1 year ago

I picked up a third set for my Woz second-hand and reached out with a couple questions. Five minutes after I emailed he rang me up, explained what went where, and sent me two missing parts free of charge with express shipping. They showed up the next day.

I know these are not everybody’s cup of tea, but man... this guy really stands behind his product and I’m super impressed with the support I’ve gotten from him. Cheers.

3 weeks later
#3169 1 year ago
Quoted from javagrind888:

Has anyone installed their Pinstadiums on top of Power Blades yet? We want both for Dialed In and Iron Maiden, but are worried we won't be able to lift the playfield properly.

My AFMr had the lit powerblades and everything fit great.

2 weeks later
#3291 11 months ago
Quoted from pinstadium:

Some great things in the works and one of the most requested add-ons for your existing Pin Stadiums coming soon! No worries either, if you already own a set you can add this to them too.

Oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.... There's no ambiguity in your teaser. I'll be first in line, amazing

#3373 11 months ago

Woohoo! Will go towards the mythical Photon Mergers whenever they're ready

#3376 11 months ago
Quoted from pinstadium:

PM sent with $25 gift card code!

Looking forward to it. I owe you this picture of my Woz, looks killer... definitely the most dramatic results vs. my other games. Thanks as always for your prompt technical advice

1 week later
#3388 11 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

That's the best I've ever seen WoZ look with these. Very nice!

Thanks man! I use the same basic settings on all my games that have them... push the color all the way to red, and keep the brightness and color a bit under the 50% mark... it gives everything a nice warm-white glow without blasting your eyeballs off. Woz in particular looks killer since all the metal is powder-coated and you don't get the light-brite dots

Can't wait for the diffuser apparatus!

4 months later
#3980 7 months ago
Quoted from GGBGROUP:

Lighting system

Looks like you solved the puzzle! Hopefully these will work with pre-existing sets

#3981 7 months ago
Quoted from bobukcat:

Can I buy a vowel?

Beat me by 18 seconds, dangit!

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