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***NEW*** PIN STADIUM Wifi Pinball Mods & Pinball LED Lights Announcement!!!

By pinstadium

4 years ago

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#17 4 years ago

This is kind of like one of those "I want to believe....BUT..." type deals. Reminds me when another vendor was all gung ho about LED strips in the back of games and their LED kits showed a dramatic improvement but everything was washed out with funky colors...kind of like what I'm seeing here. I want actual legitimate pictures that haven't been run through some kind of filter, or with game-appropriate color choices.


LOTR looks like a truckload of blueberries was dropped on it. That game is not supposed to be BLUE. >_<;;

Also...why are there no installation instructions on the website? You guys aren't the only ones to do this, but it's supremely annoying, especially since you're touting their removeability for resale. I don't want to keep track of some stupid stapled together 3 sheets of paper to pass on to the next guy in 2 years, plus, I think we're all a bit curious how these are actually being mounted.

How far off to the side of the game does someone have to be standing before they're blinded? Games lined up head to head how bad is it for the player that's adjacent? These are things I'd personally want answered before I'd chuck money at it, but I think it's a decent idea with potential if the installation is as easy to do and removing them every time you need to get under the playfield isn't a huge hassle. WPT that I have for sure could use some big general illumination help...

#22 4 years ago

Yeah, I do like the fact it's adjustable with the app. I can spend 75 bucks on LED GI and be stuck with one choice forever or have something adjustable on the fly? One of those options is a lot more lucrative than the other. I guess I'm just trying to figure out how the things are actually magnetically mounting to anything. And yeah, I'm the super-picky-purist when it comes to lighting in my games. I think the people that are vehemently anti-LED are wrong, but it's because so many games look like clown puke. Like I just will never get the whole "PUT UV EVERYWHERE!!!"......hm........I think I might have just thought of something interesting to do with these that would absolutely justify the price....

#25 4 years ago
Quoted from indypinhead:

what about us "old farts" that don't own a smart phone, and have no plans on getting one?

That's what your kids are for?

*edit* Seriously though, there are Android emulators out there. I'm sure a simple app like this would run on it from PC no problem, unless there's some wierdness between the emulator and the computer not being able to use wifi natively. Find that hard to picture though. If it can run my mobile games just fine... o_O

1 week later
#134 4 years ago
Quoted from Butterflygirl24:

The UV flasher add on is a cool feature and that is the main feature I was interested in cause when I do stuff to my games I like to use UV reactive paints on them. So UV lights are kinda important feature for me.

Wait, I'm not the only one? LOL. I'm thinking about putting these on my Crescendo...or trying anyways...I haven't been able to find a suitable way to flood the game with UV.

#138 4 years ago
Quoted from Butterflygirl24:

LOL!! Guess not...I've been custom painting stuff with UV paint since around 2010. That's one of the main reasons I'm looking at these. I've seen them on his AFM, MB, MET and all his other games when they were still in prototype stages and the UV effect looked really good. As some of these games have some UV already integrated into the artwork, so the Pinstadium lights help bring them out and make them pop!

Yeah, I figured if nothing else they would end up on my MET. Because it's not already ridiculously illuminated with the Powerblades and full LEDs already. My only other choice is WPT (which is ...........oh damn....now you're going to make me want to have my Voltron art be UV reactive...CRAAAAAAAAPPPP!!!!) or Farfalla.

2 years later
#5033 2 years ago


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