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***NEW*** PIN STADIUM Pinball Machine LED lights Mod Announcement!!!

By pinstadium

2 years ago

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#3790 4 months ago

Glad to know the tech support is so good! Lol.. I bought a set for my JD about a year ago and haven't even opened the tube yet. Bought a 2nd set for my WOZ a few months ago and same story. One of these days I will get them done! I'll probably have a few questions once I get to them.

#3792 4 months ago
Quoted from pinstadium:

Absolutely !! Wow you may hold the record for the longest uninstalled Pin Stadium sets that’s still in the original packaging. If they ever become a collectible then you are all set
It’s all good, you have something to look forward to. I am more than happy to help you if you have any questions during the install. Just shoot me an email: scott@pinstadium.com

Well, the JD has been sitting because I have intended to tear down the playfield for a good cleaning and to make some repairs. I finally got the game running correctly again recently and now enjoy playing it so much that I don't want to have it down for an extended period of time. But that day is coming so those will be installed soon enough.

As for the WOZ kit, well, I have no excuse. Just haven't gotten to it yet..

#3794 4 months ago

I will have to check my version of WOZ. I bought it new sometime in mid 2017. As for my JD, I have added an external power supply to the machine to power anything extra, so I will be hooking it up to that. I will definitely post pictures once I get to it and if I run into any problems, I will hit you up. Trying to get a few WMS 40x slot machines running right now.. lol. So the working pinball machines are staying as is until I have the time to get to them, or until something breaks. Whichever happens first...

2 months later
#4261 83 days ago
Quoted from PinRob:

Great, now pack up a Hover and UPS it away to me.

Ditto!! Actually, 3 of them for me!

#4321 78 days ago

Please say that Hover is ready to ship...

And since the above photo is titled "Hover Reveal", I am happy to know that I am right!

#4325 78 days ago
Quoted from pinstadium:

Not sure what you mean about the title name??

Ha! Too funny!

But I can't wait as I have 3 sets of Pin Stadiums.. 1 on my WOZ which I have had magna mount problems with since install (we covered this in email and you offered to replace them, but I opted to wait for Hover), 1 set for my JD which has not been installed in over a year due to delayed teardown, and 1 for my SS which I recently ordered. The JD and SS are both waiting for Hover before install and I can't wait to install them on WOZ as well and lose the magna mount system completely.

The day you put them for sale, I am ordering 3 sets. I don't even need to see what they look like as I am all in. Take my money! They could be sparkly pink and purple, I would still buy them (and a can of paint to fix that poor color decision).

1 week later
#4406 64 days ago

They fall off of my TiltGraphics blades also and mine were on over a year before I bought my Pin Stadiums... But I am just checking this thread daily for the release of Hover and then I don't have to worry about it anymore. I was offered a new set of Magna Mounts as well but would rather just wait for Hover and take the magnets off completely.

1 week later
#4458 55 days ago

Are the going to be released at the same time so for those of us buying Hover, we can get Blur as well? Many of us will be buying multiple sets so it would be nice to be able to just get them all at the same time if possible.

1 week later
#4524 43 days ago

I have 2 sets I haven't installed yet while I wait for Hover as well. Same story as you, I don't see the point of putting the magna mount on my side blades just to remove them again.

I will have to remove them from WOZ, but my JD and SS are waiting for Hover.

#4625 39 days ago

And same story here... bought 3 sets without knowledge of any code prior to the email blast.

#4669 37 days ago

Best picture of the hovers so far to date! Thank you for finally posting that!

#4690 34 days ago
Quoted from snaroff:

Is it $50 to convert 1 game? I hope I'm missing something...

Nope, you ain't missing anything... $50 per set.

#4701 34 days ago
Quoted from snaroff:

It's unfortunate. From my perspective, Hovers are the mounting mechanism that should have been there since "day 1". The magna mounts have given me grief since "day 1" of my Pinstadium adoption.
If I'm looking to add Pinstadiums with Hovers for a new machine, the cost goes from $300 => $350 (with shipping). And what do I do with the magna strips? Throw them in the garbage? Odd.
At $300 w/shipping, Pinstadiums are already a high-end mod. The Hover mechanism should be bundled with the product. If it were, I would expect a ~$20 price bump? $50 seems crazy high for an upgraded mount.
Assuming the Hover approach is universally superior to the magnets, why not simply "phase out" the magnets? I have Pinstadiums on 8 games and 3 of 8 had magnet issues (where the magnet wouldn't adhere to the cabinet and/or LED strip). Scott did an awesome job supporting my magnet issues, but it was still a hassle to wait, reinstall, etc.
Not trying to tell Scott how to configure/price his product (or bust his balls, but the current bundling/pricing doesn't sit well with me. I love Pinstadiums and just want what's best for both Scott and the community. At the end of the day, the market will speak I guess.

I feel the same way but didn't really say anything for a couple of reasons... Not my product (I have no idea what the cost to make these are) and no one is forcing me to buy it. I find it hard to believe that there isnt quite a bit of profit built into the pricing of these though. Im good with that on the initial system, but think the mounting system should not have that much of a mark up. I agree with you completely though because my magnets gave me issues too and Scott offered to replace them, but I chose to wait for Hover. I figured that maybe Hover might be around $20 a set which I still thought a bit much for a mounting option, but figured I could swallow it. When it came out at $50 a pop, I have to admit, I hesitated and thought about just keeping my inferior magna mounts. But I went ahead and after shipping and whatever, spent close to another $200 for my 3 machines which for lack of a better word, is just ridiculous and I have had second thoughts since I did it. I really hope that upon receiving them, I feel better about the purchase, but I just cant wrap my head around that price for a mounting option. At this point, I am fairly certain I will be passing on Blur when it comes out.

In my case, I dont have a lot of room so my pin collection will not be growing much over the years and at the most, I hope to be able to add 3 pins someday. But as much as I love what the pin stadiums do to the games, I will really have to evaluate the game's lighting in the future to decide if it really needs it instead of just automatically putting it on the machine. The pricing at this point is getting hard to justify.

#4703 33 days ago
Quoted from snaroff:

Again, I'm a huge Scott/Pinstadium supporter. My comments are intended as food for thought...

Same here... Not trying to bash, just frustrated with current pricing.

2 weeks later
#4859 20 days ago

I have to agree with the others. When an item is brand new and hasn't even shipped yet, then putting a sudden discount or bundle saving on it without extending it to those that have "pre-ordered" is taboo. Everyone that has already ordered now feels punished for early ordering, whether there is a shipping queue or not.

You would have been better off not putting any type of discount on a new product until all current orders are fulfilled and then after some time at that. Discounting a brand new item when you haven't shipped to the others who have already ordered looks bad and feels bad no matter how you look at it.

I love your product and your support, but sometimes you need to look at how things might affect current customers before you reward someone who isn't a customer yet.

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