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***NEW*** PIN STADIUM Pinball Machine LED lights Mod Announcement!!!

By pinstadium

2 years ago

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#1327 1 year ago
Quoted from Devo10:

I have a few sets installed on my pins. I don't have any crazy color effects and the brightness of the white lights is set to 40-50% In my opinion, the pinstadium lights virtually eliminate the need for anti-glare/invisiglass.
Just something to consider if you are look to drop $300 on glass.

There have been a lot of customers with similar observations. It is due to the fact that the quality of the lighting on playfield under the glass allows it to be brighter and the focal point to the player. Prior to the Pin Stadiums the DMD, backglass, and room lighting was brighter than most sections of the playfield and therefore caused the contrast reflection.

After installing them, the result is that the reflections are heavily reduced and/or removed in case. This is what the feature “Invisi-Look” is referencing.

C5A148BB-2C04-4B2C-A968-FD148B8AC69E (resized).png

#1330 1 year ago
Quoted from jeff_286:

Do they fit on P2k ?

Yes they do fit on them.

#1333 1 year ago
Quoted from evh347:

Congrats on your 2017 Best Pinball Mod TWIPY Scott!

Hey thank you so much! I appreciate all of you guys supporting the product and taking the time to vote too!! Such a great award and it means a lot because it means a lot of smiling faces as a result of the Pin Stadiums. It makes all of the hard work worth it for sure!!

Pin Stadium

#1334 1 year ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Invisiglass or PDI benefits are best seen (regarding reducing glare) in a lit room, due to the reason the op states...this product obviously raises total color temp under the glass, period.
Optical glass has a coating, however, and would argue that it still brings a noticeable difference to the visual quality of the game, regardless how the PF is lit. reducing reflectiveness is only one of the benefits, imho...

I agree that there is no doubt a difference on my machines with Pin Stadiums that have regular glass and the ones with the Invisi or PDI. It makes the regular glass appear as those they have Invisi or PDI, and the ones actually with it, it makes them disappear completely. You are correct!!

#1337 1 year ago
Quoted from ASOA:

Pin Stadium is 2017 Mod of the year!!!!
Congratulations to Scott at Pinstadiums. Hard work & Dedication pays off. Thank you for your contribution to the Pinball industry. I hope 2018 Brings you and your company lots of sucsess.
The people have spoken and votes do not lie. If you were on the fence with buying this great product. Jump on over because it is phenomenal. This is a product that you must see in person to truly appreciate. Excellent customer service and support.
Congratulations Pin Stadium Lighting.

Wow thank you very much for your outstanding support for the product and the positive encouragement. I appreciate all of your orders too that you have placed and you always being a great supporter of not just Pin Stadium but this entire pinball industry.

It’s nice to see everyone so happy and excited when they get these installed and really is what is the reward for me. I’ll keep doing what I am doing and also to continue ingenuity going forward with the Pin Stadium product line. This is just the start and many good things are to come. Thanks all!!


#1339 1 year ago
Quoted from zpinman370:

just a quick note to the pinstadium guys - please check your supply of alcohol wipes. The one i received was just a dry piece of paper stuck inside the package. Also looking for any game specific install on my Metallica Pro as to which flashers are best to connect to for the best effect/ Thx

Hey sorry that this occurred and the one I sent must have had a small tear in the side that I did not see. When I package them I have to tear two packets apart and I bet during the process I tore into yours a little and between here and Canada it dried out. I apologize for that.

As far as MET here are pictures of the best place to trigger the UV+Glow flashers. It will be one of the two Sparky flashers. I found that to be the most dramatic and impressive results because it triggers them when you bash him and also when he starts multiball.

You can connect onto either of the two flashers in the pictures with the orange wire. On the terminals with the black insulation I have found that you can just bend them down toward the bare wood of the playfield and just clip close on to the edge nearest to the bulb (versus slightly trimming the insulation back which works too). I hope that helps!

Let me know if you have any other questions. You can email me directly at scott@pinstadium.com and I can respond even faster to you.

Also here is a video of it in action also:

E627D424-4D95-4C57-BA6B-9E0CE901B34B (resized).jpeg
F6E2673F-2705-4ABA-8061-A9B031FDAD00 (resized).jpeg

#1341 1 year ago
Quoted from zpinman370:

Thx Scott, Have my lights all installed and the look great!! easy app to use as well-very cool stuff

Awesome I am glad to hear you got them installed and that you are loving them. I bet your MET is looking super nice!! Glad to help.


#1344 1 year ago
Quoted from Pball:

I finally started installing kits this weekend and started with my ruby red WOZ. I have the 2.0 light boards so things are a little different than some others on where to grab the flasher/glow effect.
There's a single connector under the witch that has controls both the red LED flasher on the witch and the white LED which stays on constant while the witch is up. I decided for now to connect it to the white LED so it glows rather than flashes, but it's easy to grab either pin. Here are a couple pictures for reference.
I'm still experimenting with where to grab a signal that'll go out when in lights out mode or just after you lock a ball and it goes dark. On the 2.0 system every LED has a four pin connection which is ground, then power for the R, G, and B LEDs in the module, so if you tie to one it'll flash as the colors rotate. If anyone has a spot on a 2.0 please attach a picture, but I'll find one eventually and post when I do.
All that said, I'm incredibly happy with the system. I have the settings quite mild with the brightness at ~20% for now, but it is amazing the difference the uniform lighting makes in playability. I can't wait to get them installed on the rest of my pins.

Glad you are enjoying them on WOZ and your multitude of other machines. You have almost surpassed the highest number Pin Stadiums any one person has purchased. Thank you for your incredible support and love for the product!!

Regarding the WOZ flasher pic that was very helpful and a good post. I will also help you with the last piece of the connection you are trying to make so that it works for you. The 2.0 is new and a little different than the other machines. I will help you to figure that out.

Thanks again!


#1348 1 year ago
Quoted from Jimmyhonda:

Well, I just installed my first set of pinstadium lights on my MMR. All I can say is WOW! What a huge difference. I never realized how dark MMR was. My wife kept making me turn the pinstadium lights on and off so she could see the difference. She was absolutely amazed and said it was the best thing I’ve bought for my Pinball hobby. Lol. Here are the before and after pictures. The pictures truly don’t do it justice. The UV Glow flashers are amazing too! Lastly, the app puts pinstadium lights over the top. You have complete control over the lighting. One more thing, the customer service from Scott is unsurpassed. Literally the best you will experience. Thanks Scott!!

That’s is great news and I am glad that your wife is loving them to. It’s always good when you can impress your wife with your fun and non-stop hobby. Thank you for posting these pictures up and also for your kind words. Your game looks exceptional and I’m glad that you are happy with the results. I appreciate your business and support too!!

Pin Stadium

#1356 1 year ago
Quoted from eldawg:

Hi - got my PinStadiums for my STTNG yesterday...hooked them into J117 on the power board. They powered up and looked great! As I was playing with the app...poof...no power to the Pin Stadiums and the machine is acting crazy...did I blow a fuse (F115 fuse looks foggy, it's +12V Switch Matrix 3/4 Amp 250V FB) and if so, is there some safer option to power the Pin Stadiums? Or did I do something wrong? I tried emailing Scott but got a bounce back undeliverable. Thanks!

It doesn’t sound like you necessarily did anything wrong. There have a been a couple STNNG machines blow(happens with any mod sometimes) a fuse as they are maxing our their boards with the cannons and them being older boards that may not be 100% over the years can attribute to this on occasions.

If you have another mod like ColorDMD etc it does not help. I would suggest using a 12v power adapter. I can mail you one or tell you how to wire it if you have one and are handy. Not sure why the email is acting up (I had a few issues with it over the last day) but you can use pinstadium@gmail.com

I hope this helps and keep me posted. Email is best thanks!!


#1357 1 year ago
Quoted from BaronMARTo:

Did anyone have this Pin Stadium Lights mounted on an older game type System 11 or System 80? I would like to see the rendering on a TX-Sector or a Whirlwind. Regarding the lights older machines are even less efficient than modern pinball machines, I guess the result could be very spectacular, again.

Here is a pic of kevinbuffalo from Buffalo Pinball who installed them on his Williams System 11 Swords of Fury and chuckwurt Fire.

There have been several Pin Stadiums ordered and shipped for these machines. They do work well on them!!

56696F12-CAF1-4C34-B1FE-D46BF5DC538E (resized).jpeg

FCC4B408-0043-4CA8-825C-76437F3DFCFC (resized).jpeg

#1358 1 year ago
Quoted from db666:

Pinstadium recently installed on Spiderman. Very happy with the result. Have tried to keep the look as enhanced 'factory' in terms of colouring and not over-bright.
Connected flasher to Venom flasher and the effect when you hit the Venom ramp and also when multiball starts is excellent.
I used 20/13/133 RGB and 52% Brightness 13 % Warm White for this before/after.

Great post and I really like the detail and specific settings supplied for us all. That’s very helpful and much appreciated. It looks excellent and you did a great job accurately portraying it. Thank you also for your order from down under!!

Pin Stadium

#1359 1 year ago

Okay for anyone that has emailed scott@pinstadium.com the email address was having issues and it has now been resolved. I am sorry for any inconvenience that this may have caused and please resend your messages. Thank you!


#1361 1 year ago
Quoted from BaronMARTo:

OK, thanks for this information, I'm going to take a look at it.

Sure thing and glad to help!

#1362 1 year ago

Okay as promised production has been ramped up tremendously and for the moment the Pin Stadium factory has the GI Module with UV+Glow in stock for immediate shipping!

It is the moment many have been waiting for. I would suggest placing your orders as soon as you are able as this is likely going to trigger a lot of re-orders and new orders for those that have been planning on buying them but did not want to wait the previous 4 week ship time. Things are going super smooth and I am excited to announce this. I will post back up hear when they have sold out and provide an update on wait times. However production is going to continue at full capacity regardless.

Pin Stadium

instock_shipping (resized).png

#1363 1 year ago
Quoted from eldawg:

Hi - got my PinStadiums for my STTNG yesterday...hooked them into J117 on the power board. They powered up and looked great! As I was playing with the app...poof...no power to the Pin Stadiums and the machine is acting crazy...did I blow a fuse (F115 fuse looks foggy, it's +12V Switch Matrix 3/4 Amp 250V FB) and if so, is there some safer option to power the Pin Stadiums? Or did I do something wrong? I tried emailing Scott but got a bounce back undeliverable. Thanks!

I got him all taken care of and mailed out a 12 adapter to him today as his machine was running too much on that circuit. Should be good to go!

#1366 1 year ago
Quoted from FlippyD:

I searched this post’s gallery but couldn’t find any NBA Fastbreak pics. Has anyone stadiumed one yet? What flasher color did you go with? UV+Glow seems like the most popular but I would think regular white flashing would better simulate a stadium environment.
Also it sounds like the build time is better? How long from order to delivery are we currently looking at?

There have been some NBA Forders but I have not seen any pics of them. Yes you could do the white on NBA Fastbreak and I think it would compliment it very well. Right now anything other than UV+Glow will be a few weeks, but a very reasonable turnaround. Build time is much better and Pin Stadiums are in stock with the UV+Glow at the moment, although they are selling very fast since the post but still there is a good amount of them available. By the way I like the use of "stadiumed", love it actually!

Things have really ramped up and quality control is top priority as always too(every unit is fully tested and now undergoes a rigorous 30 point inspection process too). Each one leaves my hands personally. It has been very busy to say the least but I have the manufacturing process and build out process down to a science now to handle the massive volume of orders. Moving forward at light speed for you guys. Thank you again and again to everyone, can't say it enough.

Pin Stadium

#1367 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Good question and I hope white flashers are an option. Would love to have a fast break at some point.

It is a great playing game when you have 2 of them linked together. And yes white flashers are an option, but not as popular as the UV+Glow of course.

#1368 1 year ago

I received this email a few weeks back from a customer and I thought I would share. Out of respect I did not include their signature on this but they are more than welcome to remain private or claim this. Regardless it is really letters such as these that make doing Pin Stadiums so worth it. How cool!


082548B1-067E-4639-AE11-C092EDFA7AFD (resized).jpeg

#1369 1 year ago

Pin Stadium Booth at Texas Pinball Festival 2018, Free admission to the show and Pin Stadium discount with each pinball registration to our booth through TPF website!

Do you want to know how to get in to the Texas Pinball Festival for free, get a special discount on your Pin Stadium with free installation, and get your pinball machine featured our special VIP Pin Stadium booth area of the TPF? (Special thanks to Ed for making this offer possible)

We are looking to select a few collectors for this opportunity. We will put your pinball machine on display in our special vendor booth, give you a discount on your Pin Stadium with free installation services (if you need them).

If you are interested please follow these 2 easy steps:

Step 1:
Register with Ed at TPF via this link and mention in the notes that you would like to be part of the Pin Stadium booth promotion.


Step 2:
Complete this form on our website so that we can enter you in to be chosen to be featured inside of the Pin Stadium booth:


(we ask that your game be in nice shape cosmetically and mechanically)

Pin Stadium

For additional information email me directly or visit this link:

Just be sure when you register to put in the notes that this is to be for the Pin Stadium booth. They will then allow you to bring your machine into the vendor hall to our booth. You will then be eligible to purchase at a discounted rate a set of NEW Pin Stadium lights with the GI Module and UV+Glow flasher options. We will then install them in your pinball machine when you arrive and your machine will remain on display for the duration of the show (Friday-Sunday) for demonstration purposes for others to come see and play.

combo_header_freeadmission (resized).png

#1371 1 year ago
Quoted from MustangPaul:

That's one hell of a deal, wish I was going I'd bring my Jack Bot but just to far away.

Yes, thanks to Ed running TPF he is really a nice guy and willing to do anything to help make the show a better experience for everyone including customers and vendors. Would have loved to see them on your Jackbot.

#1374 1 year ago
Quoted from Sarge:

Just curious if you know how much amperage these draw?

Glad to help, 1.35a if you have the the RGB in the center and with the white lighting maxed at 100% (all on which rarely happens but this is the max) and .5a for the flasher when it hits, so 1.85a total. This an unlikely scenario to have them up this high but it is very minimal still and I just wanted to cover the potential max draw for you. I hope that helps to answer your question.


#1378 1 year ago
Quoted from Djsandoz:

Any suggestions were to install on my midevil madness remake?

Yes just clip to one of the Gi bulbs on the right side of playfield (raised) and then you can connect the UV+Glow flasher to the left castle flasher that is on the backboard of the playfield. See the attached picture for it’s location. If you are using the clips then just trace these wires down to the connector and use the wire taps or you can also just use the wire splice supplied or sold to these directly depending on your preference of install.

Let me know if you have any questions. Email me at scott@pinstadium.com

E42ED92F-71F8-4D87-80FF-19304204C85B (resized).jpeg

#1379 1 year ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Just dropped a set into BM66. Easy install, WOW factor!
Great job Scott. Wozecle is next today.
Playing around with the different color combinations to see what suits you best is really cool.
I put the flasher hookup in the pops.

Thank you!!

Oh man that’s awesome that you got those installed on that machine. I’m glad that you are liking them and also enjoy playing around with the app too. That playfield does excellent with the UV+Glow (really ignited it!) and thank you for letting me know where you hooked it up to as I get questions about that machine a bunch.

Looking forward to seeing them on WOZ!! That machine is astounding when you get them installed and then turn off the Pin Stadiums to remember what it used to look like. Yikes!!!

I’m excited for you to get them on. The UV+Glow flasher will be triggered from the red witch LED flasher. Just trace that down to the 3 Pin Molex connector under the playfield.

#1380 1 year ago
Quoted from ZMeny:

Houdini with Pin Stadium Lights

What do you think of them on Houdini?

#1382 1 year ago
Quoted from Djsandoz:

We’re do I plug into my Mmr?

Here is the connection in the backbox

80CD2B5B-ECA8-4546-B9BE-C19755E1DDA7 (resized).jpeg

#1383 1 year ago

Here is an update to the recent high flow of BM66 owners that have purchased and are installing the Pin Stadiums. Several have been asking for a recommendation for the trigger point for the flasher.

It seems that the consensus is that the pop bumpers flasher seems to deliver remarkable results when the UV+Glow is triggered from that flasher. The effect on the BM66 playfield art when they detonate is extremely impressive thanks to the quality reactivity of artwork. I hope this helps!


D02776BF-4A38-45AD-B11A-9B330CB31DE5 (resized).jpeg

#1384 1 year ago

I wanted to let everyone know that I have upgraded the WOZ specific Pin Stadium kit to a new awesome plug and play adapter for the flasher connection to the witch. This improves this kit much more and makes it even more simple to connect. Going forward all of the WOZ kits will have this adapter for the flasher. Thank you from a well known customer (and early supporter) of ours Randy from ColorDMD for the suggestion on this one!

#1386 1 year ago
Quoted from woody76:

very cool. I am assuming the WOZ kit you just sent me has this? Looking forward to getting this tomorrow. WOZ is so dark in my game room.

Yes that is correct, it shipped out today to you. This makes the JJP games so much easier to hookup. It was a great opportunity for me to be able to improve and enhance the Pin Stadiums even further. Just taking input from customers and adapting. I am all for it. Thank you all for the support and feedback as always !!

Pin Stadium

#1388 1 year ago
Quoted from PokerJake:

I'm having an issue installing pinstadium lights into my Roadshow. I'm connecting the lights through j118 on the mpu to get gi effects, but it takes a minute or two to boot and there is nothing being displayed on the DMD. The game sometimes won't even boot unless the large ribbon cable is disconnected from the top left of the display board. When I disconnect pinstadium from j118 and attach the original it boots up normal with display. I'm at a loss of what could cause this. In either effect the game appears to play normal.
Also, just noticed there are only 2 wires connecting the two 3 pin plugs on the pinstadium gi adapter. Should there be 3 wires? One for each pin?

Thank you for posting this up and also for emailing me. I’m glad that we got it figured out and resolved. The 2 wires for the Pin Stadium connector were correct however the issue he was having is that he has a weak board on his Roadshow so we are moving the Pin Stadium lights over to the 12v service port with an adapter I’m sending to him until he is able to fix his boards.

Adding the Pin Stadiums or any mod at this point was not the cause of the problem but simply revealed a hidden issue that was soon to come up.

So just in case anyone experiences this a 12v adapter can be sent and will resolve the issue for now. However as always I highly recommend repairing your boards as he his going to do also.

#1393 1 year ago
Quoted from Willy39:

I am having an issue installing on my MMR. I plugged the Pinstadium board in the Pinball Controller board as shown in the picture above in this post. I fired the game and the game does not turn on. I remove the Pinstadium from the mix and game works fine.
Two other questions....
1) What are those blue things that came with it? How do I utilize them? I really would like to plug in the flasher alligator clips to the flashers without having to solder them permanently but having a tough time getting the clips on to the flashers. Not many spots to do this and wires don't leave alot of room to make a connection.
2) My playfield is really tight up against the cabinet. It seems to even rub the cabinet when lifting the playfield. I am not confident that the magnet strip is not gonna impeded the lifting of the playfield. Not sure how I will do this once installed.
Also. I really think you should add some documentation with the product. I know there is info online but it would be nice to have a sheet that gave some sort of direction on install and what is included in the package. ie - Those blue clips and how to use them.

Send me an email at scott@pinstadium.com and I will walk you through this. It sounds like you have the power adapter reversed (common mistake), just flip it around so that the one yellow wire aligns with the yellow wire on the MMR.

1. Those blue wire splicers if you don't choose to use the alligator clips to connect to a flasher.

2. The Magna-Mounts will clear as it was designed to be compatible with MMR. I have it on my machine and it will work good for you.

The directions are on the website and not included in the shipment because I am constantly updating them so much that they would be out of date by the time you received them. You can find them under FAQs. For the moment the website is under maintenance for a couple hours today with some big updates. I will get in contact with you now though. Thanks


#1395 1 year ago
Quoted from Willy39:

I have to say, I am very impressed with customer service at PinStadium! Scott just texted me with all the help I need. I will try the install later tonight and can't wait to see the lights in action! If they are good as the pictures and videos look (I am told that pics don't do it justice as they are way better in person) then I will for sure be adding these to my cyclone next! (Does it work on System 11?)

Hey glad to help you no problem. I will post up these pics for others doing the MMR install. When you the Pin Stadium power adapter just make sure the one yellow wire lines up with a yellow wire on MMR. You should be good to go then.

*Note: the alignment of the yellow wire all is the way through from the board to the adapter to the original connector

Yes they work on System 11 also


0C46E590-ABB6-4132-AC61-6D7D4A9E8584 (resized).jpeg

7715533D-977D-489A-A4F6-29F36A118F06 (resized).jpeg

#1397 1 year ago
Quoted from PokerJake:

Hooked my pinstadium up through j116 and successful with Roadshow. Here are some examples at off, 50% and 100% with a light blue tint.

Your Roadshow is looking nice and it’s the first pics of one with Pin Stadiums I have seen. I am sure it’s even more dramatic of a difference in person since the camera is either to dark or bright

I put together the Before and Afters you posted side by side. One thing I noticed was how the DMD reflection disappears completely. Nice and that is what is called the Invisi-Look feature.

#1399 1 year ago
Quoted from PokerJake:

I noticed how the DMD reflections disappear as well, it works great. I added some new photos above your post not taken on a cell phone on auto. It shows the true impact of these lights. Thanks again, will be ordering more soon!

Yes there you go that looks even better!!

5B265994-F364-4039-8AB7-5145D36357B9 (resized).jpeg

#1402 1 year ago
Quoted from Nepi23:

About the Pinstadium customer service: I believe Scott does not sleep at all, since he's been answering my questions promptly, even though there must be a few time zones' difference when the questions come from Finland Great support!

Thank you very much for the compliment and kind post! I promise that I am sleeping as I must make sure I am on top of my game. The amount of Pin Stadiums orders coming in and the ones leaving are extreme. I need to make sure that I am well rested since it is non-stop action here. I am enjoying meeting so many wonderful customers such as yourself. It's neat to think that Pin Stadiums are glowing on your Cactus Canyon and Medieval Madness down in Finland. Nice collection you have going there!

Pin Stadium

#1403 1 year ago

Okay website is updated and back in action. The server was getting pounded with traffic and I had to make some updates to the server memory to handle the capacity. Also there have been a lot of website graphic and content updates too if you all want to check it out also.

newwebsite (resized).png

#1408 1 year ago
Quoted from Willy39:

Here is my before and after! No plastic surgery needed or special diet! What a looker now!

Looks exceptional. The thing I notice the most (other than the well lit playfield) is that I can see the glare of your ceiling in the “Before” picture. I can even count the number of ceiling tiles

In the “After” it’s just about gone!!!

I’m glad you are enjoying them on your MMR. Looks great and enjoy.

Pin Stadium

#1410 1 year ago
Quoted from Djsandoz:

What’s the best flasher to tap into on ghostbusters and we’re do I grab power from?

I emailed this to him already but publicly posting this for other GB owners. The left Ghost Trap flasher is where I have found to be the best place to trigger. It’s located on the backboard of the playfield. It puts on a very impressive light show when hitting Super Jackpots and many other things.

5EC16806-46A6-4180-A3E3-E49F2BEFF809 (resized).jpeg

#1412 1 year ago
Quoted from Djsandoz:

What’s the best flasher to tap into on ghostbusters and we’re do I grab power from?

And power connection is from the front power board inside the left of the cabinet near the coin door CN11.

Note: If you don’t have anything else hooked up there(mods) then disconnect the white “Z” adapter show in the picture. This will help to avoid anything shorting out. It’s only provided in case you have something else using that connection.

DC8C4818-B7D6-40B1-9698-84FE0022F19E (resized).jpeg

#1414 1 year ago
Quoted from woody76:

I got the full setup put on my WOZrr this morning. Amazing, this was worth every penny. High quality product and Scot is awesome to deal with.

You did a great job on the install and he helped to confirm the 2.0 GI connection for WOZ so it now syncs! Thank you for helping me to crack the code. So any one that has the Pin Stadiums on their WOZ 2.0 it’s official that you can move them here! Thank you woody76 !!!

7238ADBB-CF19-4342-B5C8-F8D4925CB7E2 (resized).jpeg

CAEE6AD2-97F2-4940-89E9-8D28974A4652 (resized).jpeg

#1415 1 year ago
Quoted from Pball:

I finally started installing kits this weekend and started with my ruby red WOZ. I have the 2.0 light boards so things are a little different than some others on where to grab the flasher/glow effect.
There's a single connector under the witch that has controls both the red LED flasher on the witch and the white LED which stays on constant while the witch is up. I decided for now to connect it to the white LED so it glows rather than flashes, but it's easy to grab either pin. Here are a couple pictures for reference.
I'm still experimenting with where to grab a signal that'll go out when in lights out mode or just after you lock a ball and it goes dark. On the 2.0 system every LED has a four pin connection which is ground, then power for the R, G, and B LEDs in the module, so if you tie to one it'll flash as the colors rotate. If anyone has a spot on a 2.0 please attach a picture, but I'll find one eventually and post when I do.
All that said, I'm incredibly happy with the system. I have the settings quite mild with the brightness at ~20% for now, but it is amazing the difference the uniform lighting makes in playability. I can't wait to get them installed on the rest of my pins.

Added 11 days ago: Minor correction on the wiring for the RGB LEDS. There is one power wire and separate grounds which are switched (not that it makes any difference to the pin stadium connection).

The last post shows you the connection for 2.0 thanks for woody76 ! slim64

#1417 1 year ago
Quoted from Nepi23:

My friend, who has played my MM several times before, made this observation today (1st time playing since I had installed the Pinstadiums on my MM):
"Oh, there is a dragon on the playfield"

That’s confirmation right there that you did something good if your friend was able to see the dragon. Love it!!!

#1425 1 year ago

Thank you for posting and for your list of help/suggestions. I have replied below with some tips and suggestions:

* Clearance is very tight, especially on the right side on my game.

I have installed them on CFTBL on my machine and designed them to fit on that machine during the creation process of the Pin Stadiums so I am familiar with what you can do to help. That cabinet is snug but clears and so when lifting the playfield if you slowly raise it and move left slightly it will help to clear that right side of the cabinet. The left ramp with the playfield down is the closest clearance of all of the games and that was what made me design the Pin Stadium with lower profile specs to accommodate this generation of machines also.

* It's not possible to route the flat cable anywhere hidden on the right side, due to the back panel design on CftBL. I might take a Sharpie and color the flat cable black to make it less visible.

CFTBL has an little different designed backboard and place of the of ribbon cable brackets is more important than most, and if you adjust the amount of slack in the cable prior to clamping them in the back you can then tuck them just about out of sight 100%. It may take a couple times to adjust the slack but it will help significantly.

* I wish there were connectors top-side so the LED strips could be easily removed when lifting or working on the playfield.

This was mentioned in a post prior for an operator on route that asked about this. The reason there is no disconnect at the end of the light bars is because I had tested it extensively with some high quality connection components and it made the ribbon cable area bulky and unable to be hidden and also created a weak point in the wiring system that was eliminated. As a result I redesigned the quick disconnect it so that you simply release the 2 cable clamps and unplug the GI/Flasher connections withing a few seconds if for some reason you need to remove the light bars completely out of the game(very rare that you would need to do this but it is an option). However what most do when servicing the machine is they tuck the light bars under a slingshot plastic or habitrail return so that they stay in place for easy maintenance. Each game will be slightly different but once you find the sweet spot it works really well and is quick.

* The LEDs are quite noticeably visible in my side vision when I'm playing the game right next to it, much more so than I expected. (I'm 174 cm, playing in a standing-straight-up stance.)

They were designed so that it would not be visible to the player or the machine next to you until you get a few games down, however if you are shorter then it may be slightly visible. CFTBL is a good example of why the awning system was system that way it was because it would not clear with the close clearances mentioned. However the good news is that we are in process of making some really cool add-on accessories for the existing Pin Stadiums one of which includes an optional awning that will be compatible with the light bars that you can add to your machine even this machine. Those are in the works and in testing/development as we speak along with some other great things that will work with your existing Pin Stadiums, exciting stuff coming guys!!!

* I found fine-tuning the color in the app to be finicky, and would like to be able to input R/G/B separately rather than using the palette.
I really, really like the end result in terms of lighting.

The color wheel for most is perfect, but if you are like me I like to gain granular control and really dial things in. The good news is that I have already built this feature into the app for you. On the top left side of the color wheel you will see a R, G, B (see picture below) and if you tap on that this lets you hone in the colors on a very granular level. You will love this and I use it a lot. It's sort of a hidden feature that many don't see since the color wheel is used the most.

Thank you so much for your order and support for the product along with your suggestions too. I hope this helps you and explain why these are used effectively not just in a personal collection but in your case out on route to help increase profits and the fun factor for public use games. If you have any questions please email me directly at scott@pinstadium.com I am more than happy to help you out!

Pin Stadium

9916124B-4D15-46DA-A65C-26C7D870692B (resized).jpeg

#1427 1 year ago
Quoted from simonzzz:

When I read some reports of the PinStadiums I was keen to try some on my Addams as I've always found that playfield rather poorly lit, and even with LED's there are many dark spots. Scott was great to deal with and I fitted them a couple of weeks ago.
Brightness at only 15% I find to be good, and allows the feature lights to shine bright. I'm not a big fan of color bombing, so have just gone for a slightly warm white effect. Very happy with the results.
I love how the LED's are integrated to the game's GI behavior. That's kinda essential. As for the flashers, they seem a bit foreign for the age of the machine, and obviously a mod, but most people won't know, and just accept the extra flashing lights as part of the show. It certainly makes the game more dynamic, especially when reaching multiball. The obvious bulb to link the flashers to was the right "power" lightning bolt. Easy to reach bulb.
Very good quality product, and I may well consider some more for other games I have, particularly some of the newer Sterns.

Your The Addams Family looks great and I think you did a great job dialing in the settings on the app (good choice of colors and percentages) to retain the original artwork and theme of the game. I appreciate your post and enthusiasm for the product also. Yes they work extremely well on newer Sterns as the newer games add even more GI control to their code. This allows the Pin Stadium's GI module to really shine and show you what they are capable of. A great example of a newer game that utilizes GI superbly is Dialed In . To date out of all of the installs I have seen (I also own DI personally), it is the most impressive results of any machine.

It's not that Dialed In is dark, in fact it is one of the brightest machines produced. However, compared to let's say a WPC with Pin Stadiums it looks much darker. But the main point here is that when the Pin Stadiums power on in a Dialed In, it brings the vibrant artwork alive (evens out the lighting and brightens it up) and then during modes when the GI is being creatively controlled by JJP's design crew (excellent job by the way!), the effect synced with the Pin Stadiums is definitely a sight to see.

This is where the GI module option is even more vital. The goal with the GI module is to give the original designer full control of the Pin Stadium lights and let them do their magic with them as originally intended. For some reason when I think of the GI module and it's purpose, I always picture Crazy Bob from Junkyard sitting in his wrecking machine with the controls in his hand, but instead of it being Crazy Bob it's the lighting designer for that particular game. See picture below

I had a hesitant Dialed In CE owner (current customer) come over to see them in person and he immediately ordered a kit. Keep in mind this guy happily owned 5 or so Pin Stadium kits in his collection.

Another thing to note is that playfield artwork and the printing process has improved so much in the last decade that when these games are properly lit, the art just pops and glows tremendously. High Definition at its best, just like 4K.

Pin Stadium

crazybob (resized).png

#1431 1 year ago
Quoted from woody76:

My buddy came over last night and played my WOZ with the full pinstadium kit with GI, Flasher, and UV glow. He was blown away and also put up his best score ever on a WOZ. He loved the UV flasher effect. He will be ordering a kit for his asap. You really have to see these in person. Pictures do not do it justice.

That's great news woody76 and you should be sure to tell him that you were a big help in cracking the WOZ 2.0 board GI code for the proper GI connection point that now syncs with the modes as it should! If anyone sees this and has already installed the Pin Stadiums on their WOZ 2.0, take a look at the previous post on this thread or on the install section of the Pin Stadium website for info on where to properly connect your GI cable. This is huge!

I have a lot of people that are praising this and I give credit to you woody76 helping. I hope you are enjoying WOZ even more each and everyday. Sounds like you are.


#1432 1 year ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

As always Scotts marvelous toys bent my arm again. Soon I will actually get to See the Dark Side of Star Wars instead of just using the force and prayer to find the ball! Especially in that light saber mode! Love this game, I hope to love it even more when my wife and I can see it! lol

Hey thanks again for your order (x3) now!! Yes the SW Pin Stadium does extremely well and you should be very pleased with the results.

During Light Saber Duel the GI module does it’s magic so that the lights sync proper to maintain the integrity of that mode.

So it is still dark as it should be with the eerie glow of the red/blue lights from the machine and then when you make a shot the GI comes on for a nice visual flash that lights up the playfield. Boba Fett mode is exceptional too!

Here is a video of review of the Pin Stadiums on Star Wars for those who may not have seen it:

#1433 1 year ago
Quoted from Nepi23:

Thanks, but I have not submitted pics of my MM in this thread. It is stunning of course, but I don't want to spoil other users' day

We would love to see the results!!

#1434 1 year ago

This is worth sharing to everyone. We have seen a lot of before and Afters, but this one is big. A lot of Champion Pub owners have ordered Pin Stadiums with good reason as it’s a very dark game, however I personally have never seen pics of them after installation. This customer was so excited to share these with me that I wanted to let you all see the results. Notice the glare that just about goes away in the after.

He is a very experienced collector and now he said that he’s going to beat the record of most sets sold to one single customer which is for the moment 28 Pin Stadiums sets.

Based upon his last order he just placed over the weekend after installing these I’m going to say he’s not playing around. Yikes!!!

Pin Stadium

89C42CEC-E2C5-418C-AE45-9475CF93EF93 (resized).jpeg
147BA0E3-64D1-488F-8626-538153489B36 (resized).jpeg
D0AEF30D-083D-486E-9C97-DD7B1597AAFA (resized).jpeg

#1440 1 year ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

Maybe you should include a free class on photography with every kit, so we can avoid these aweful mis-representations?
Its like no one has ever understood the idea of an IRIS and how it's set.

It’s tough to get good pics and it’s a struggle to capture it accurately. As always it’s either too dark to to bright Constant battle for sure.

The main focus of this before and after is the observation of the reflection and glare that are from the translite and lighting (blue LEDs) in the game room that just about disappears. The camera sees this and tries to adjust making the playfield darker than what I’m sure it looks like in person. It can’t even see the playfield.

I can only imagine the impressive results that would be seen if standing in front of the machine.

I hope that clarifies and makes sense.

#1443 1 year ago
Quoted from Nepi23:

Ok, here they are - this is MM WMS original and Pinstadiums fit also it very well
The pin has some inviglass type of glass in it. Notice the backbox glare, when pinstadiums are off.

Thanks for sharing these pics of your Medieval Madness and yes the glare is really gone in your after pictures. Very noticable in the before, then it's gone in the after. The playfield now sparkles and shows that great artwork off too. I would think that your glass seems to have disappeared completely now!

#1447 1 year ago
Quoted from bobukcat:

When I did mine for WOZ and PM I used a very nice DSLR with good, not outstanding, glass (lens) on a tripod. I used manual mode and did a lot of testing with the best settings to try to accurately capture the difference. This is a challenge as you don't want to over-expose the "after" shot too much or under-expose the "before" shot. This is easier said than done for many reasons (particularly on WOZ in attract mode!) but I was happy with what I eventually posted and still stand behind it. How many people are going to go to that much trouble though? Not many would be my answer and haters will still just say that you don't know how to take a photo properly, that you are purposely exaggerating it, or that you are a shill for the product so why bother?

You really did do them justice with the extra time you put in accurately depicting the results with your camera skillls. Most of us don’t have that yet or the camera rig like you. Good job!

I’m almost thinking that you guys could be the official Pin Stadium camera men. You and pokerjake could deliver the kits in person with one free B&A photo shoot included with the purchase. You could then hand them a unique number too in case they would want to have copies for themselves to share with friends and family. Surely you guys have that much time in your day to do this!

#1452 1 year ago
Quoted from bobukcat:

"Would you like to buy a picture of you enjoying the line ride?"

I will take that as a “Yes”!!!

#1457 1 year ago
Quoted from dewski24:

lol I'm sorry but I was using my iPhone...it really is amazing the difference...as far as misrepresentation? come on up and see for yourself! I got lots to see and play lol

No reason to be sorry for sure. It’s touch to capture and all of us here that have experienced the Pin Stadiums totally get it. Thank you for your order(s) and support for the product.

Sounds like you an out of this world collection!!

Pin Stadium

#1459 1 year ago
Quoted from delt31:

In support of a connection for alien see attached

Thank you and very helpful! It matches what I am working with for my early test Alien machine for the Pin Stadiums. Much appreciated!

#1460 1 year ago
Quoted from dewski24:

lol I'm sorry but I was using my iPhone...it really is amazing the difference...as far as misrepresentation? come on up and see for yourself! I got lots to see and play lol

I’m posting pics of the Rob Zombie installed them on. Looks good!!!

48E72346-A8DD-4E71-84BE-45B9E5450DC8 (resized).jpeg

7394D868-1E81-47DB-9362-D301FCA37D4B (resized).jpeg

#1462 1 year ago
Quoted from TheHueManatee:

I'm just planning ahead and am wondering about an external power source.
Would a 12v external power source be what's needed?

What pinball machine are you considering it for?

#1464 1 year ago
Quoted from TheHueManatee:

It would be for my data east TFTC

The adapter that comes with the Pin Stadium for the Data East machines plugs right into your boards for the 12v. If you are running a lot of mods and a ColorDMD then a 12v adapter option is available. I hope that helps to answer your question.

#1466 1 year ago
Quoted from TheHueManatee:

I have an LED color DMD & some mods. Ideally I would rather go the external power source mode.
Thanks for the info!

Yes that would be best agreed! Glad to help.

#1474 1 year ago
Quoted from TheHueManatee:

Sorry, that was the external power supply I utilized for my SF2 pin2DMD. The plug went from the external power supply to the power outlet in the cabinet.

Yes all of those options would work too !!

#1475 1 year ago

Here is an update on Hobbit with Pin Stadiums. The website install instructions are up to. It has been determined that the best UV+Glow trigger is with the dragon’s eyes. It’s a very cool Glow effect that elevates the playfield beyond words. The JJP artwork is so beautiful on this machine. The GI module synchronization with their light show is superb too. Here are some pics to check out for everyone.

Pin Stadium

87175DD9-138A-4272-BC14-166E20BC9BE5 (resized).jpeg

79703DED-CF29-422A-893B-6E610E31E02B (resized).jpeg

DD319439-F4D2-4086-B6D8-228E49088F06 (resized).jpeg

9645CF60-7497-441E-B08D-E2513A109F1A (resized).jpeg

F3D23358-E456-4F45-95A9-7854C6DA4500 (resized).jpeg

#1477 1 year ago
Quoted from FlippyD:

I'm thinking Hobbit would look even better with the spotlights removed. I've got the barrel light mods and even though they look neat they obstruct the view. With PinStadium it looks like you don't need them anymore. Can't even detect their light in these photos.

Yes it works really well with it and I have tested the GI module to find the right connections for it and also the UV+Glow. Works like a charm and easy install. I was part of the spotlight solution and it was sub-par on this and WOZ prior prior to the Pin Stadiums. I knew exactly what you mean. Here are how many spots I pulled out after the install on the JJP’s. Other than still having dark spots with the spots they also all glared right into my eyes off of the backglass.

828D9B95-0EAB-4A27-8F8E-F3DEAADA06ED (resized).jpeg

#1481 1 year ago
Quoted from AckerApple:

I put PinStadium lights on location at the Pinball Museum in Delray Beach Florida.
They were put on a Wizard of Oz 1.0 that had many complaints of being too dark to play.
I filmed the highlights of the install and posted a YouTube video of my review.
Have a look at my PinStadium YouTube review:
» YouTube video
The support from PinStadium was top notch. I got support via email, phone, and text messages!

Wow that’s an excellent video and very well thought out. I’m glad that the Pin Stadiums were able to help WOZ out at the Pinball Museum. Very cool!!

You also did a great job in taking the time to get some nice footage and to explain the install and results of them. Thank you so much for your support!

Pin Stadium

#1483 1 year ago

Here is a big announcement for the Alien Alien pinball collectors!!

A large percentage of the owners that have been fortunate to receive their Aliens also placed orders for the Pin Stadiums to compliment this amazing game appropriately with the lighting enhancement it deserves. These kits just shipped out today to those lucky owners. Thank you for your patience in waiting for this as it was important for me to do this pin justice. It took some extra time to make this truly plug and play.

The GI is triggered in sync with the illuminated blades and there will be more GI control to come with the next Alien software updates to show the results even more! Thank you for those who helped with with putting this together and sharing their knowledge to make this happen. Now let's see who can find the coolest spot to trigger the UV+Glow Flasher!

Here is the video those who have not seen them in action on Alien:

alien-shipping (resized).png

#1486 1 year ago
Quoted from delt31:

Yes mine are on my way.
Scott it looks like the design of these sitting up top basically parrellel with the side blades might give him illuminated ones there same effect especially when using white light.
Mine are not illuminated so I'll confirm but could be a nice side effect

Good point and yes it will illuminate side blades that are not "illuminated" you are correct! The mounting of these is unique in many ways, one of which is that they do not need the other side of the Magna-Mount magnetic system, however I did ship with yours the other side as a habit of my shipping process. Plus it helps them to stay together while in transit to their destination.

Also the pics of the ones I sent you were of the first install I did of them and I figured out that it was best to mount the magnetic side on the opposite side of the Pin Stadium awning so that the GI would shine across the playfield versus down (I will post a picture). It's a sick mount that looks really good and it seems that Alien's glass frame design was engineered to accept Pin Stadiums from the very beginning.

The fun part is going to see where you guys decide to connect the UV+Glow flasher option since Alien does not have one, but now it will!!! I am thinking the Xenomorph head motor might be the best trigger as long as the voltage is 24v or below. Let me know if you can get the spec on that, as I have some ideas. Excited to hear the input from this first wave of Aliens getting them

I will be updating the website for the Alien install too, however it would be great if you guys can take some nice pics and documentation also if you don't mind.

Pin Stadium

#1487 1 year ago

delt31 Here is what I am talking about. If you look at this mount you will see the GI lights are pointing down due to the noemail mounting point of a standard Pin Stadium design. However in the Alien versions it’s on the other side of the awning mounted 90 degrees adjacent so that the GI lights will go across the playfield. I hope that makes sense.

Trying to take care of the Alien crew since you all have a uniquely designed machine!!!

BF675B06-1C24-4D30-A1D0-984E3ED269B6 (resized).jpeg

54A417B5-84B6-46C5-8ACE-79DFD373898B (resized).jpeg

#1490 1 year ago
Quoted from delt31:

Little confused. Is the pic you posted here what it should look like or is that the older version?

Sore it’s the older version of the original prototype design.

#1493 1 year ago
Quoted from delt31:

so are you saying that the new design goes across the top and bottom of the glass, not the sides like in your pic? Might be best just to send a pic of what it looks like if you still have it. If it's top and bottom, will the side blades still have that illuminated effect?

It will mount the same way on the left and right sides on the glass frame. I am just referring to the direction the GI lights are going to point. In the original design the Pin Stadium GI’s point down on the playfield but they should be pointing across to spread the light and the flashers will point down. So basically the same way all Pin Stadiums lights are directed.

See attached picture which shows the old way “Prototype”. The new way will have the flasher “down” and Gi “across”

Does that make better sense?

When you get them in hand it should be much clearer.

A67D7C1C-9AA9-4797-A895-C3198D241AFA (resized).jpeg

#1494 1 year ago

Here is another view of the old way (sorry I don’t have immediate access to the machine or I would post the new way).

In this picture it shows the flashers pointing across which we don’t want. Although the lights facing the camera (flashers) look illuminated it is actually the GI pointing down and it lights the flashers. So in essence you will flip the left and right light bars with each other and then they will rotate so the GI would be facing the camera like in this example on SS.

Since I sent the extra Magna-Mounts with the kit you could mount them the original “prototype” way too if you like that effect better.

D13A31BB-8D7D-4413-9601-06A8311B2F0F (resized).jpeg
668F5F74-7B01-4B32-95A4-1CAF43E03F26 (resized).jpeg
FA271972-90CD-4C88-8155-C62C5FED37D3 (resized).jpeg

#1496 1 year ago
Quoted from lurch:

Shot out to PokerJake, was on the fence until I saw pics of the road show. Wow what a difference. On my way to the site to to pickup a set!

Nice!! Welcome to the Pin Stadium club . Yes his Roadshow was the first I have seen with a set installed and I was impressed also.

#1497 1 year ago
Quoted from BladeFury:

Loving them!! Hobbit Smaug & Dialed In CE

Nice set of JJPs with Pin Stadiums! Can you share a screenshot of your Hobbit settings from the app? Also did you tie the UV+Glow into the Smaug eye LED?

#1499 1 year ago
Quoted from woody76:

Hobbit looks fantastic

I decided triggering the UV+Glow from Smaug's eye (red LED) had the best results. When it comes on during when Smaug is active it creates a very intense vivid "glow" across the entire playfield as if it is Smaug's power. Pretty cool effect!

#1501 1 year ago
Quoted from BladeFury:

Yep that's what I did!

Okay just checking to see where you decided to trigger it from. What do you think?

#1503 1 year ago

Also for all do the Alien guys who will be receiving this Pin Stadium shipments. Here is where you will plug into the Power and GI. The flasher I will leave up to you to figure out the best spot. Since there is no “flasher” on Alien this will be an opportunity for you guys to add one and be creative. Any 24v-4v source such as a motor or bulb will work. My thought again is the Xenomorph motor but we need to know it is less than 24v first!!

Excited to hear and see the results! These are the first Pin Stadium kits to ship for Alien so please email me at scott@pinstadium.com with any questions or suggestions.

1C2FAAB7-8367-4621-8D0E-364C068CB96F (resized).jpeg

#1504 1 year ago
Quoted from BladeFury:

Looks like crap!!! Lol just messing with you Scott Awesome of course!

Haha!!! Great to hear. Can you share a screenshot of your settings for The Hobbit?

#1505 1 year ago

I have been asked to share the Ghostbusters (Premium/LE) Ghostbusters (Pro) settings for the Pin Stadium app along with the recommended flasher connection. So I am posting it up here for all to reference for your install. The best place I found for the UV+Glow flasher trigger is the left white LED flasher for the "Ghost Trap" which is located on the backboard of the playfield just left of center.

It creates a super impressive light show and very appropriate when it goes off (not too much or too little). During key shots especially during multi-ball when hitting the Super Jackpot, wow!!!!

I hope this helps and attached below are the Pin Stadium app GI settings on GB that I recommend as a good starting point. It seems to bring the artwork properly alive and highlight the excellent colors in it.

Pin Stadium

gbsetting (resized).PNG
gb settings (resized).PNG

#1507 1 year ago
Quoted from dannylite:

I'm kinda an old schooler when it comes to lighting and my inserts hate me for it but this mod is incredible. I put a set on my TAF as it was the darkest machine in the lineup and WoW! Reaction times are so much better and the glare is gone. Forget the over priced glass. Pinstadium will solve any debate of what to buy when it comes to reducing glare. My only issue so far is I need them for about 15 more machines. In due time, in due time. Thanks Scott. You've been awesome answering questions. It's nice to buy from someone that is passionate about pinball and responds to emails quickly. Some before and afters below. You decide which TAF you wanna play?

Oh man that is a huge difference on that machine!! I know which one I want to play now. This definitely is good to hear that you are an old schooler and see it works for you too. It was designed for purist and the modders who want to impress. The app adjustments let you decide who you want to be at any given moment

If you have purist buddies coming over and you don't want them to know your "secret adventures" in lighting technologies for your machines, just save your preset setting to one they will approve of, then when they leave tap on your other setting and blow your socks off by yourself, haha! Or maybe you can convert them from the dark side

I understand as I used to be way old school and then I gravitated slowly after 17 years of collecting to what I felt was best for my machines. It took me a lot of time and baby steps for sure, then eventually Pin Stadiums happened during many long hours and a year and a half of designing them to production quality.

It sounds like you may still have the incandescence bulbs in the inserts, so you can just simply dial down the white lights in the app to a lower setting to adjust the contrast accordingly or pick up some nice "old school" looking Comet frosted Warm Whites (Non-Ghosting to be safe) and then you can keep that brightness up full blast also too.

Thank you so much for you enthusiasm and support for the product. I enjoy seeing these posts and it really makes all the hard work in building these things so worth it to me.

Pin Stadium

#1510 1 year ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

And Trust me if you don't play them for extended periods and ignore them Every dam bulb and switch will go out to teach you a lesson next time you decide to play! I swear they have personalities!
With that said, I received my AWESOME new PinStadium set On time today like a wonderful candy-cane of happiness! While I can watch videos again or search aimlessly where do the Star Wars (premium if that matters) owners hook up their flasher on this game?? Need some heavy explosions of astroid smashing wow. Please share your tips!!! Thanks again Scott, a gentleman and a scholar of cool toys. WOZ RR is coming Sunday, may need to ring your bell again soon...

Yes pinball collecting will eventually tune your mechanical skills whether you like it or not. It’s starts for most in the early stages of hiring someone to fix them, then when something needs addressed you get so anxious to play that you can’t wait for the next tech call and voila you are the tech.

Here is where I found to be the best place for the GI and Flasher. You won’t be disappointed!!

5CF619EA-9682-4B8E-8EF1-BC7A6F0E1E06 (resized).png

#1511 1 year ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

WOZ RR is coming Sunday, may need to ring your bell again soon...

That will be the show stopper for you when you see them on your own WOZ!

#1514 1 year ago
Quoted from pin2d:

I recently added some Pin Stadium Lights to my Wizard of Oz. Just a few thoughts...
First off, Scott's customer service is second to none. I messaged him on a Sunday when I was installing them and talked on the phone to him shortly after messaging him. On a Sunday afternoon. I was expecting for him to get back to me the next day, not 5 minutes later. A+++ for customer service, and thank you Scott for being so incredibly helpful with this product.
Second, it does make a HUGE difference. Maybe not on all machines but definitely on the machines that need it like WOZ. Check out the before and after!
Third, in my opinion the UV+Glow and GI Plug-in are worth the extra cost.
Finally, does it make you play better? No idea but I wanted to share my experience...on my third game after getting these I melted the witch for the first time. I'd been trying melt the witch for like 8 months. (I know, I'm not very good, but hey I have fun!) May have been a coincidence of course but I got close again tonight to destroying the witch, hoping that will be a regular thing now with these lights
In conclusion - highly recommend this product.

Hey thank you TWIP for the supporting words and appreciation of the Pin Stadiums. I really am thankful for you and how much you are doing for all of us as a pinball community. I consider it an honor to have you as a customer and to have them in your machine!

I do have a lot of people saying that they are getting higher scores after the installs and I do experience the same simply because of the high visibility of the playfield. So no you are not crazy!!

Your machine looks great too and I like how you got a good unique view/angle on the Before and After comparisons too if WOZ.

Pin Stadium

#1516 1 year ago
Quoted from Gogojohnnyquack:

Hey Pinstadium - What is the current lead time for an order? Thanks!

For the moment they are in stock! That’s been my goal and production is running exceptional.

#1518 1 year ago
Quoted from Gogojohnnyquack:

Sweet - placing order today!!!

Awesome that’s great news and thank you!!! Looking forward to you getting these installed so that you can witness them in person.

#1519 1 year ago
Quoted from dannylite:

I'm kinda an old schooler when it comes to lighting and my inserts hate me for it but this mod is incredible. I put a set on my TAF as it was the darkest machine in the lineup and WoW! Reaction times are so much better and the glare is gone. Forget the over priced glass. Pinstadium will solve any debate of what to buy when it comes to reducing glare. My only issue so far is I need them for about 15 more machines. In due time, in due time. Thanks Scott. You've been awesome answering questions. It's nice to buy from someone that is passionate about pinball and responds to emails quickly. Some before and afters below. You decide which TAF you wanna play?

Another thing to note is that it looks like your machine has some GI sections out based upon the “Before” picture. If that is the case then I think the results are even better than I thought. Someone pointed this out to me and I took a second glance and it seems like that might be the case.

Very cool!!

#1520 1 year ago
Quoted from Gogojohnnyquack:

Sweet - placing order today!!!

Thank you I saw the order come in earlier for your GB. Much appreciated !!!


#1528 1 year ago
Quoted from dannylite:

It's true I've had a problem with the GI that I haven't been able to fix so I ordered Pinstadium. I guess the difference doesn't represent the average TAF but they are my before and afters. It's solved my problem of people bitchin about it being too dark. They were right of course but now they are very happy that they don't have to where headlamps during league.

Yes that’s really a big change and funny that you were able to use them to get around a GI problem on the boards. I have had other customers do this, one was for a routed TWD that apparently had one GI side out and then he put Pin Stadiums in and disconnected the other side for good measure. Of course I would never market them for this purpose, but if it worked for you and nobody is complaining about the uncomfortable headlamps then that is awesome!!!

#1530 1 year ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Loving this game so we Had to give it the Total overhaul! Today was the big day! New Pinstadium lights, LE side rail Illuminated EL panels and rails, new lock down bar, Stern playfield decal blade thanks to a Great Pinsider deal from #Groo, installed our Custom Speaker illumination kit, Custom lockdown bar Death Star mod, our custom Satellite spot lamps all around, a nice grouping of Star Wars ships off Amazon for flair, and of coarse Titan clear rubbers all around. This game plays like lightning and Looks awesome for us now! To celebrate granted it was my wife that did it, she actually destroyed the Death Star (2) times in one evening?? Haven't seen it once since new! Of coarse she will hold that over my head for awhile I'm sure....... Dam this game is fast! If anyone is thinking of doing the Pin Stadiums on Star Wars DO IT! Just makes a great game Awesome. Plus, (maybe not a great thing) Scott is shipping products as fast as I can order them! lol Ordered my WOZRR set yesterday and they are already in route!
The Mod Couple

It seems like if I don't see an order from you every couple days now then I worry something may be wrong. However I have not needed to check in with you recently at all and your working me hard over here!! I appreciate you posting up your pics and also your review of the Pin Stadiums. That Star Wars is looking mighty fine with all of those top notch mods. It's a great machine and you are really stepping it up another notch with your own mods on it too. Congrats on the Death Star destruction your wife did, as that is a feat within itself as I have not personally done it yet even once.

Yes shipping time is good right now and production is ramped up as promised. Good thing as orders volumes continue to climb too. I'm so thankful for everyone that has and is continuing to support the growth of this company which is used to be a product but now it is so much more!

Pin Stadium

#1533 1 year ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

OK, I will now put Scott on the spot publicly with a Request! Would you Please consider adding a replacement magnetic strip set option to your online ordering page. In my example I am going to put them on WOZ the minute they arrive (tomorrow) but I Know in due time I will find a set of Blades I actually like and will be forced to tear off the existing Pin Stadium magnet strips. I can't be the Only pinball guy that changes his mind daily?? Just a consideration for us modders/tinkerers as well as Long term product growth. I see Pin Stadium lights being around for a Long time!

Yes no problem they are already on the site:


Plus it is very important to note that these are not off the shelf as I also designed these custom as they are the only solution that works to properly hold them secure in place. Luckily I have a buddy that works in this industry who is an expert in this field. Funny how I never would have thought such a job existed until I realized the need for specific technical specs that were required for this solution. Gravity, weight, and vibration are some really tough elements when it comes to this application. I will have to give thanks to him for that.

#1539 1 year ago
Quoted from majicman110:

Got my pinstadium order set up on my JM today and love it. I have a couple questions though, I have a DM and T2 that I am looking to get stadium kits for....
I'm guessing the pop bumper flasher is the best place to hook up the flashers to on DM. Anyone have other thoughts / Recommendations on flasher color?
Thinking about skipping flashers for the t2, if for no other reason than preserving the end if game light show in all its glory. Can anyone point out a hole in this logic?
Does opting for the GI control even make sense on either of these machines? Seems like the real benefit of this feature is found in newer machines.

Off hand I would ask Greg from SDTM as to the best place to hook up the flashers since he has them on his machine (DM). It appears as though he has them hooked up to the left ramp flashers in the videos I have seen. The pop bumpers in general will provide a very short quick and bright burst of light that is generally less intense and it goes off rather often. The ramp flashers are normally going to be the best place to start. With T2 I would say the same too.

I do know that with that era game and after personally owning them both that the GI module is highly recommended as there is a more GI control than it seems with both those games but you just don’t notice it much with the stock lighting. Once you add the Pin Stadiums it will be much more noticeable.

I have sold many sets for both games so anyone that has them feel free to chime in with your suggestions too. I hope this helps though.

#1541 1 year ago

A big announcement for a new Pin Stadium feature that is now in effect for all orders going forward.

We have just announced a customer request feature we like to call "Ghost Cables" which are a very cool addition to the many features already built into the Pin Stadium design. The ribbon cables that go to the light bars used to be a Bally/Williams colored grey but it has always been a feature dream of mine too to make these black and fully stealth.

Unfortunately that option was not feasible in the beginning, however now with the success of Pin Stadium dream is reality. It does cost a good amount more to manufacture but we are absorbing the costs and taking care of customers by providing it at no additional charge. No more need to tuck and hide those corners, and let the ghost do what it does best, disappear!

Thank you all for the ideas and support.

Pin Stadium

ghost_cables (resized).png

#1544 1 year ago
Quoted from bobukcat:

Black is the new Black, let's see some pics Scott!

Quoted from Pale_Purple:

Sounds cool, could you post a picture of the old pin stadiums next to the new black ones?

I will get some before and afters up very shortly. Also bobukcat and littlecammi I have some surprise pictures for you that confirms P2K games and Pin Stadiums work like a dream with ththat hologram reflection. Now I am to speak from personal experience through a customer’s game and he’s really happy.

#1545 1 year ago

Just an update on things. I am getting video footage and some Before and Afters of the P2K machine (RFM) in action with the Pin Stadiums and soon a SWE1 also.
In addition the new Ghost Cable feature is hot and orders have picked up even more.

I would strongly suggest placing your order sooner than later just because stock is going out fast. Right now there are still some available and more are being made, but it’s a mad rush for these things apparently. I’m glad you all like them and it is well worth it. A feature I have always wanted myself.

Pin Stadium

#1550 1 year ago
Quoted from Robertstone0407:

Loving these in my x-men le. Connected to the storm flasher on the backboard and red gi. Allows shadow king and other moody lighted modes to function

I think this is the first X-Men pic I have seen. Many have sold for it but it’s cool to see it in person. Thanks for posting this up and showing it with the different settings too!! Very helpful

#1554 1 year ago
Quoted from Schwaggs:

Considering this for Star Wars but have a question on the GI interface option. Does that simply turn Pinstadium off with the white GI or does it change the color of the Pinstaduim lighting to match the color of the GI (white, red or blue in the case of SW)?
How would Pinstadium work on Avengers LE where the GI is RGB (no white)?

The GI module will allow the pinball machine to gain control of the Pin Stadiums by turning them on/off/fade and does not change the color of them as the app will allow you to choose the color you would like that best accents the playfield. This way the original GI light show by the designer remains intact and the Pin Stadiums do their job to accent the playfield and artwork in between the machine’s GI where all that light is missing.

This was an intentional design on my part (not to follow color) because otherwise you would have one bulb from the pinball that you are connected to with the Pin Stadiums and it would change them to whatever color that bulb is and this would wash the entire playfield with red, blue, etc which would override and dominate the playfield with that color versus allowing the designer’s geographical color coordination they intended.

Many games nowadays control the colors in the GI in various sections with different colors simultaneously and Pin Stadiums respect that space accordingly.

Regarding The Avengers or any other machine, you can choose to either trigger from the RGB bulbs if you would like or white GI, but I have found from my experiences that it’s best to find a white bulb in most cases. I believe Avengers has both but you could ask Mark maleko or Nancy at the San Diego pinball club to see how they hooked theirs up to their Avengers.

It seems like robertstone0407 in the previous post here yesterday did this same thing too where he chose the colored bulb instead since it was his preference. My guess is both of these machines are very similar but I have not personally installed them on X-Men or The Avengers, but I do have them on my SW Premium and they are triggered best by the white GI’s in my opinion.

Here is a Twitter post San Diego put up with the Pin Stadiums on The Avengers:


I hope this helps out. I’m happy to answer any more questions you may have.


#1559 1 year ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

It follows the GI from an on off perspective not color. You choose the color you want the GI piece to be via the settings in the app.
So if you wanted the Pinstadium to follow the red GI in SW, hook it to a red GI bulb and set the color on the pinstadium to red. Then whenever the red GI comes on in the game so will the pinstadiums.
I hope that helps.

Excellent points and I like how you think!! You can even go into the custom configuration and dial in the exact color, strobe/fade/jump, then control the speed of that then when the Red, or Blue, or White bulb comes on. So whatever you decide to trigger from it will introduce the color and effect at that desired moment. So running with Chuck's superb idea you can create in the custom settings the Pin Stadium lights to let's say "breath" with the fade effect, adjust it to red and then add as little or as much white light for illumination (this runs in between the RGB light so on the Pin Stadium) as you would like. Or just dial it to the color with no effect too. This would be a very custom dynamic game changer that make your machine unique from any others and even better "exactly" to your liking.

Possibilities are endless!!

#1560 1 year ago
Quoted from Schwaggs:

Thanks for the quick response Scott!
I can see where this color strategy works for 99.9% of the games out there and was a good choice. It really looks stunning on SW... I'll have to do more research on how it might work on AVLE since that game does not have white GI, its all RGB and triggers around the PF in unison.
Can you connect the GI trigger input to a flasher (can the input tolerate the higher voltage)? There might be a flasher spotlight on AVLE that might work as a good trigger to turn off the stadium lights.

You are welcome and yes that strategy is great for most all of them, and even in the case of RGB bulbs like in WOZ(my top seller) it does a heck of a job and with your color preferences and patterns(if you wanted) dialed in on the app I am confident you will have a set up that is to your liking with The Avengers. Mark can you tell you what they did and you can see what you think of his method. He was super happy is all I know but the specifics he can give you.

Yes you can trigger the flashers from any bulb and GI from any bulb, in fact on either one you can trigger from any 4v-24v source, motor, inlay bulb, white GI bulb, RGB bulb, any wire or trigger possible as long as it is not on the switch matrix as that would be strobe city! I think you are going to come up with something cool and when you do get the lights please share if you don't mind. I am happy to help you also of course.


#1561 1 year ago
Quoted from moonduckie78:

Great design!!! It works perfectly, from my experience. GI integration on Metallica is fabulous.
Alternatively though, sometimes I like to set my Met Premium to 0% white, 100% color, and enable the 7-color-rotation with a speed of like 25. Feels like there's a Metallica concert happening under the glass!!!

That's some serious tweaking and I love that you are getting into the nooks and crannies of the Pin Stadium app. It's there for exactly these reasons moonduckie78 and it's exciting to see you are using these functions and features. I feel like I need to really focus on this more and offer some tips. Some do not know about this and it really isn't a hidden feature but is if you don't explore the app! Yikes!

There are some good videos out there already on it from SDTM and Buffalo, Canadian Arcade and more too.

#1562 1 year ago
Quoted from bobukcat:

I'm not familiar with AVLE but WOZ (and all JJP games??) GI is completely RGB (other than some spotlights) and the GI integration works very well in that game. As Scott said it does not match colors but I don't really think you'd want it to.

Yes you got it and that is correct about the RGB trigger also. It was in the back of my mind when I was responding and you beat me to it. Thanks!!

#1563 1 year ago
Quoted from Ccondo:

Finally got my machine setup today. Added some of the popular mods. It looked great but didn’t pop as much as I would like. Lucky for me Pin Stadium lights are in my hometown. Picked up a set, got them installed and I’m very pleased. The UV flashers look fantastic too.You can customize the color and brightness via an app which really helps them look just right for each game. I had the opportunity to see them on 20 different machines and they all looked as if factory intended.
If you get the GI option and flasher option it is linked to the game and they turn off and on with the other lamps.
They’re just great. Whenever I get another pin, these lights have become a given for me.
I put up some before and after pics. I used a DSLR camera with manual settings to keep ISO, shutter speed and aperture consistent to help show the difference. I also included some close ups of the new Ghost Cables, you can hardly see them.

Hey thank you so much for posting this up and I appreciate your order and "local" support of the product. It's funny how I had just finished shipping out an order to Sweden and then I get your order. I saw the address and it was almost like I was being pranked, haha not really but you were like 5 streets away from me and this is the 2nd time this has happened but you were even a few streets closer.

Then I saw you paid shipping and there was no way in heck I would have let that happen either which is why I am crediting that back.

So I messaged him to tell him that his order was ready for pickup within minutes. I think this was the fastest processing time ever, he placed his order and I happened have just finished making some and they were in stock for Spike 2. Then 10 minutes later he followed the billowing smoke stacks with bright flashing lights to the Pin Stadium factory. Delivered!!!

He did get the tour of the Pin Stadium collection with them installed. I even got to show him Dialed In it next the other games with the Pin Stadiums, he got to see how "comparatively" dark it was and then I fired them up on Dialed In

Thanks for stopping buy and visiting. Also it was great to see a new collector such as you so excited about this wonderful world of pinball collecting. You got into this at the right time for the lighting aspect anyways


#1566 1 year ago
Quoted from ck1sport:

I just installed Pin Stadium lights on my Metallica. What a cool mod for any game. I can easily adjust the color and brightness through the easy to use app. I have it set to 100% blue in this particular pic.
I can not say enough good things about the customer service I received. My emails were promptly responded to by Scott. He addressed the issues that I was having and I am very pleased with the outcome.
I can assure you that Pin Stadium will be on many of my games in the future.

Hey thank you for posting this up and you are welcome, very glad to help you. This is a unique picture of MET and I like how you toned the white down and used the blue to get a unique effect. You don’t see these settings often and it’s a nice example of also what can be done!

#1567 1 year ago
Quoted from Skyemont:

I think I need Pinstadium.

Here is a picture of WH20 Before and Afters.

92133A45-9282-49C7-B8D4-3E5D10CB1036 (resized).jpeg

#1568 1 year ago

Just for fun I put yours next to this one

2688F956-3FAB-46BE-B227-D22B21BCC080 (resized).jpeg

#1570 1 year ago
Quoted from Skyemont:

Wow. What a big difference. Do you have WOZ in stock right now?

Yes it’s a big change and that one is on my personal machine now.

Yes WOZ kits (GI and UV+Glow) are in stock as are others too. I have added an improved flasher adapter for WOZ that comes included with the Pin Stadium kit to make it even easier to install.


#1573 1 year ago
Quoted from ZMeny:

Scott has anyone figured out how to tap flashers on Houdini?

Not yet, I’m going to put out a bounty on it! If I had one local I would be able to play with it and figure it out I’m sure.

#1575 1 year ago
Quoted from fmetz374:

Wanted to share how awesome Scott’s new Stealth Black cables blend into the machine. They become invisible! Please take a look at Rob Zombie. The results are fantastic! I can’t imagine playing this machine without the Pin Stadium lighting now.
Can’t say enough about how impressed I am with the product and Scott’s customer friendly service.

I am glad that you are enjoying the new Ghost Cables and this is a great example of the comparison of the improved version.

Also here is a big announcement for the improvement of Pin Stadiums and for it's customers in many ways. Going forward all kits will be universal for all pinball machines due to our "Universal Power" adapter. The same great features and effects as you would expect with the following benefits:

1. Even faster and easier install
2. Unlimited compatibility
3. Frees up power from your pinball boards.
4. Easy transfer if you sell or trade a machine

Our new power adapter simply plugs safely into the service port of your machine and the Pin Stadiums turn on and off with the machine as they should thanks to the smart logic of the GI module. Even better, it is included free at no additional charge with every order!

Also any previous Pin Stadiums that you have already purchased are also compatible with this and we offer a "Transfer" package that will let you make the transfer (comes with power adapter and an extra set of Magna-Mounts) to another pinball or convert your existing to "Universal Power" by ordering that adapter.

Thank you again for all of the suggestions from our customers and as always we listen to your needs and requests. It is important to note I am always working around the original and current Pin Stadium design so that when features or accessories are added they will be compatible with you current product. So there is never a reason to wait as the goal is to make things backward compatible with forward thinking progression!

Pin Stadium

offthegrid_FINAL (resized).png

#1579 1 year ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Great forward thinking direction and product improvement! While most companies would stay the proprietary per game route to insure product sales growth you opted for the Customer benefit universal route. Bravo. Says a lot about your company and more so to the supporters that have made your product a focal of their games. While pinball collectors/owners would like to Never let a title go sometimes interest/finances or realistate forces a new direction. Knowing that your product can move across all titles And brands instills confidence in the buying decision. I have a GB I always thought would look great with your kit though I strongly feared GB was not showing staying power in my collection. Knowing I can take that gamble and quickly move them to Houdini or JJP POTC makes the decision much less concerning. Great improvement Scott thanks!

Thank you and I am glad that you are excited about the new additions. Just trying to make things easier for everyone on all levels and to improve the product and support for it. Beyond the hardware aspect of the Pin Stadiums there is a lot going of things that are being worked on to enhance the all even further. Very cool features and functions to come too!!

#1580 1 year ago
Quoted from Pball:

I had a very productive day and finally got 11 sets installed in machines. I just have to reiterate how awesome the Pinstadium configuration is. With separate sliders for the GI RGB LEDs and warm white LEDs, older machines that I prefer to have the incandescent feel even with LED lighting still have that nostalgic look while games I prefer a whiter or colored GI light also look great.
I was able to get the install time (including Gameblades / Pinblades) down to ~30 minutes a set by the end of the day so hopefully I can get quite a few more installed tomorrow. I'm looking forward to getting them on RFM/SWE1 and finally being able to see the playfield! Others have stated this, but my wife's first game on T2 after the install was her best game ever likely due to the massively increased visibility.
Once I get them all installed I'll post more pictures, but there is no way to really capture the experience with a camera. The limitations of a fixed camera aperture/exposure versus the human eye makes it really hard, but I'd recommend the Pinstadiums as a first upgrade on any machine.

Wow you are making some serious progress with the installation process of these. That’s a lot of work and I remember all of the work it took to build these for your too

That is great that you are utilizing the separate white GI and separate RGB adjustability within the app. This is the key to the Pin Stadiums. You are seeing the benefit of that and putting it to excellent use. Without the combination of these two together, it would not be possible to achieve the results you are getting while being able to really bring alive the playfield artwork to exactly how you like.

Thanks for the huge support and glad you are loving them!!

Pin Stadium

#1581 1 year ago
Quoted from ZMeny:

Wow can’t wait for this!

It’s available now and every Pin Stadium going forward ships this way at no additional charge.

#1583 1 year ago
Quoted from shlockdoc:

Will the transfer kit be listed in the store?

Yes it will be updated tomorrow.

#1584 1 year ago
Quoted from dannylite:

I'm kinda an old schooler when it comes to lighting and my inserts hate me for it but this mod is incredible. I put a set on my TAF as it was the darkest machine in the lineup and WoW! Reaction times are so much better and the glare is gone. Forget the over priced glass. Pinstadium will solve any debate of what to buy when it comes to reducing glare. My only issue so far is I need them for about 15 more machines. In due time, in due time. Thanks Scott. You've been awesome answering questions. It's nice to buy from someone that is passionate about pinball and responds to emails quickly. Some before and afters below. You decide which TAF you wanna play?

What settings did you end up dialing the app into for your TAF? I was just curious to see if you could share this. Thanks.

#1585 1 year ago

Particularly for the collectors that are getting these for machines with the purist concept of keeping the incandescent bulbs in place. I have installed them on games or for customers for this purpose and it's awesome but it would be cool to get your dialed in settings on the app that you decided you like for the % of white settings and color settings. Thanks!!

#1586 1 year ago

For those of you that will be attending the LAX Louisville show this weekend March 2-4 Fri-Sun. For specific details please click here:


Come see SDTM in person!! zmeny

We will have on display many customer's machines with the Pin Stadiums installed and in action. A special thanks to Jeremy and Matt who have headed up this event and have been extremely accommodating to Pin Stadium. To help support this event, we have donated a fully featured set of Pin Stadiums with the GI Module and UV+Glow for any pinball machine of your choice for them to giveaway. They will have the details at the show on how to win this prize giveaway!

Pin Stadium

LAX3 (resized).png

#1588 1 year ago
Quoted from Gogojohnnyquack:

Got my Pinstadium installed in GB last night - pics to follow - and it is spectacular! One question - Is there a way to dim the flasher feature?

That’s awesome you got them all hooked up and going on GB! I regards to the flasher brightness control:

The flashers are driven by the pinball machine and the brightness is determined by how the machine pulses them.

The general rule is that if the pulse is short and fast then the characteristic behavior of the LED is to load fast and then fade quickly thus resulting in a bright flash. In the scenario that the pulse is slow then the effect is more of a softer glow. Different machines pulse differently and inside of those machines each flasher is controlled uniquely too.

I always suggest moving it around to one that you feel is appropriate for your tastes. I hope that helps!


#1590 1 year ago
Quoted from Gogojohnnyquack:

Thank you, Scott. Yes, that helps! Good to know that the flashers are more directly game controlled vs. the GI that has brightness control. I'll play around and see what works.


Hey anytime and I am glad that explanation helped you out. Keep me posted if you have any other questions. On GB I find the Ghost Trap flasher to be best but if you want more of a mellow glow then connect it to the Slimer motor for an eerie glow effect when he comes out.


#1592 1 year ago
Quoted from moonduckie78:

I have noticed that the rails on my Dialed In actually block access to the service port when the playfield is in the down position.
How would this work with your Universal Power Kit?

Good question and glad you asked. You would just get a short extension cord like this and then plug the Pin Stadium adapter into that. Here is a picture of it installed on my DI machine.

BF61DD11-9A0D-4873-BC6E-59354E9AE836 (resized).jpeg

99F7C129-93A0-45E6-A0F1-179947E7D005 (resized).jpeg

#1593 1 year ago
Quoted from shlockdoc:

Will the transfer kit be listed in the store?

This has been updated on the website store.

#1594 1 year ago

They said it could not be done! As promised and asked by many. Here is the first sighting of a P2K RFM with the Pin Stadiums installed. As you can see the hologram is fully intact thanks to the Pin Stadiums WiFi app settings allowing full adjustability and it is turned up bright too! This customer said he could not be happier and is pumped to be able to see RFM’s playfield finally!!

Even crazier is the translite reflection went away too!

DC736144-4FF2-4A15-A53E-531633E1BFBF (resized).jpeg

#1595 1 year ago

It is like the last thing you might expect is to get this Invisi-look glass from this machine and have the hologram intact. So cool!

#1597 1 year ago
Quoted from wamonkey:

I think the RFM kit should be shorter than the regular kit so you can maintain the reflective glass part of the game - way too bright....

I was originally thinking the same thing and the brightness is definitely turned up on this higher than needed just as an example. The customer sent a few pics and all of the action is fully visible he says. I had asked about the “Free-Play Press Start” missing at the bottom and he said it was just how it was flashing off and on. I checked the “Live” version of it on my iPhone and sure enough. Pic posted with that part missing.

I will see if he can turn the brightness down lower and snap another also.

19F1C5E0-0CD5-4354-9BC1-E9BE89FE220F (resized).png
7F65C407-E880-4B24-8A00-01C1D56637BE (resized).jpeg

#1599 1 year ago
Quoted from TheCapn:

Currently working on a video review for my Pin Stadium. Until then here is a comparison. The wife is very happy.

Looking forward to the review video of these and it’s nice to see a not so common machine like Last Action Hero shining in its glory!!! Wow!!

#1600 1 year ago

Just to clarify as a few have asked questions about the new "Universal Power" adapter and if it affects or changes any of the great features and functions of the Pin Stadiums. All of the quality and light show that you have come to expect and an even easier better connection. It simply makes the connection to your machine much easier and also makes each kit compatible with any pinball machines and does not draw any power off of your boards either. This means it is still compatible with any mods you want to add etc.


#1601 1 year ago

Further clarification: The power adapter that plugs into the GI module is the only thing that has changed with the Pin Stadium when you get the Universal Power. This way it plugs into any pinball machine!

#1603 1 year ago
Quoted from bobukcat:

...as long as it has a service outlet. Keep in mind that some exported / re-imported WPC games didn't have these installed from the factory.

Yes, good point I like how you think! Fortunately I did already take that into consideration even though it's a super small percentage but there is always the old way. However most of the imports I see have the service ports and simply need this adapter to be good to go! I have those stocked up and on hand just in case someone needs those also. Here is a picture of them.

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#1604 1 year ago

Titan Pinball titan_pinball is on board shouldn’t you be? We need your pinball at the Pin Stadium booth in TPF! Have a nice machine that you want to show off? Get in “Free” to the show, AND get a discount on your Pin Stadium kit along with “Free” install on-site, and get tons of attention!

Titan Pinball has partnered up with us and they will have their top notch AFM in our booth. This machine just won best in show already, but wait until you see it now with our fully loaded Pin Stadiums installed with GI Module the UV+Glow flasher options. You won’t believe what Titan’s Glow rings do when it ignites. Come see to believe!!!

Have a nice machine you want to bring or are already bringing one and registered? That’s perfect just contact Ed and let him know you want the VIP section in the Pin Stadium booth. He will take care of you. Here are the details:

If you are interested please follow these 2 easy steps:

Step 1:
Register with Ed at TPF via this link and mention in the notes that you would like to be part of the Pin Stadium booth promotion.


Step 2:
Complete this form on our website so that we can enter you in to be chosen to be featured inside of the Pin Stadium booth:


(we ask that your game be in nice shape cosmetically and mechanically)

Thank you and see you at TPF!!!

Pin Stadium

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Great video and review!! It was really cool to see one of these on Last Action Hero and excellent job on capturing the moments on video too. That is not easy to do by any means. I am also super pumped that you were impressed and happy the Pin Stadiums.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Pin Stadium booth with LAH. Thank you again for your enthusiasm and support for the product!!


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Quoted from littlecammi:

I just tried to order 10 power adapters from the Pinstadium website and it shows the minimum order quantity as 100,000 units. I corrected this to 10 and added the quoted shipping charge, but when I went to place the order it again insisted that the minimum order is 100,000 units. Please help.

Thanks for the heads up and man you talk about putting me out of stock if you were to place that order! Since I corrected it(thanks to you), I saw you order come in for the new "Universal Power" adapters you purchased to upgrade you existing Pin Stadiums. Thank you for the order!


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Quoted from FlippyD:

Searched the thread but couldn't find any answer: Where are people connecting their TOM flashers? I was thinking the trunk motor could be interesting...

The trunk may work as long as it’s 24v or under and I “think” it is. It’s been a year since I owned it and did the Tiger Saw mod. So I’m sending a customer to your post, he has it on his TOM and can tell you where he decided was best for him. But the trunk would be cool!

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Quoted from pinstadium:

I’m sending a customer to your post, he has it on his TOM and can tell you where he decided was best for him.

dewski24 is the guy to talk to for TOM. He just installed 32 kits in the last 2 weeks and actually took the lead for most kits purchased. He’s killing it and me!!

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Quoted from FlippyD:

Searched the thread but couldn't find any answer: Where are people connecting their TOM flashers? I was thinking the trunk motor could be interesting...

Just checked and it looks like it’s 12v. https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/diy-tom-tiger-saw-mod-for-14h-rom-based-on-the-former-pin-logic-kit

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Quoted from FlippyD:

Gezzus 32 kits?! What a madman!

Yes and the funny thing is that he didn’t even have a Pinside account until Pin Stadium. It just goes to show that there are a lot of very enthusiastic collectors that are outside of this world of Pinside too. Glad to have him on board. He said he will get some videos and info for you shortly.

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Quoted from shlockdoc:

I did not see anything but the full kits in the store? Where are they hiding?
Also maybe a knowledge base for specific Games. Where to hook up uv flashers , best GI spot and before and after photos. I have a few sets coming and would like to know these questions and having them readily available would be great.

I will work to make them more available as I am updating and making changes to the site and shopping cart. Thanks guys for helping out!

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Quoted from shlockdoc:

Also maybe a knowledge base for specific Games. Where to hook up uv flashers , best GI spot and before and after photos. I have a few sets coming and would like to know these questions and having them readily available would be great.

Yes that is an excellent suggestion and something I am compiling as we speak. I will be asking for help from anyone willing to participate to assist with this shortlly. This is going to be one of the added features in the upcoming updates of the Pin Stadium app. A lot of great changes and enhancement to the interface and functions coming. So there are many things to look forward to. The version you guys have now was just to get the ball rolling and Pin Stadium app 2.0 is going to be a wondrous update and of course it will be free also. Super cool stuff that you will all love and some nice surprises too.

Pin Stadium

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Quoted from FlippyD:

Searched the thread but couldn't find any answer: Where are people connecting their TOM flashers? I was thinking the trunk motor could be interesting...

Here is what he said about where he triggers his UV flasher on his TOM:

“I tied mine into left rear flasher behind curtain gives me effects on all of illusions. Better than just trunk in my opinion.

The trunk would only be when it moves solid creating “Glow” effect. The flasher by the trunk if u want non stop flashing or rear playfield flasher like mine for all over game effect including trunk but not nonstop”

I hope this helps, he basically tested them all for you