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New Multimorphic Video

By RyanClaytor

5 years ago

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    #1 5 years ago

    Not sure how many people have seen this yet, but there's a new video on Multimorphic's homepage, highlighting (among other things) the modularity potential for this platform (not just back third PF, but flipper configuration, and even above-the-LCD components[!??!]). I'm guessing this was timed to release at TPF, but Gerry just sent out a public update email highlighting this video, so I'm assuming it's safe to post here too:

    Best of luck this weekend at TPF, Multimorphic! Wish I could be there. Will someone please report back about the P3 showing this weekend?

    Ryan Claytor
    Elephant Eater Comics

    #11 5 years ago

    Hi Toyotaboy,

    Thanks for chiming-in here. I can't speak to the mechanics of the over-LCD pops, perhaps Gerry will speak here eventually (this is a pretty busy weekend for him with TPF).

    Regarding your opinion about the P3 as "a video game with real balls hitting a few objects, that is not pinball..." I must admit, I shared similar sentiments before playing the P3 recently (2014 Chicago Pinball Expo with the code about 80-85% complete, from my understanding). However, once I played it in person I was absolutely astounded. The gameplay was fast, fun and challenging, the LCD playfield had a surprisingly fast reaction time and gave me the most intuitive first-time pinball experience I've ever had, and contrary to my initial suspicions it truly felt like there was A LOT to shoot for (a comparable # of shots to other modern pinball machines at the top 1/3, plus the "walls and scoops" mech essentially double that, an 8-ball physical ball lock(!??!), plus the side targets). Even without mentioning the virtual targets, already you have more physical/mechanical shots than the vast majority of pinball machines produced. Do you mind if I ask; when was the last time you played the P3? Not trying to be argumentative, just conversational, because I can relate to a lot of your concerns...prior to playing LL-EE this past October.

    As a quick side note, I noticed that you have WH2O rated pretty highly. A fact that often gets buried in the amount of new information surrounding the P3 is that LL-EE is designed by Dennis Nordman(!!!). I don't know why that fact alone isn't making more people excited. He's well-known for building fun and untraditional pinball machines (WH2O, Pirates, Elvira [both], Demolition Man, Blackwater 100, etc, etc, etc) and this first P3 game is fun to shoot!

    I know I may sound like a bit of a cheerleader, but I honestly have very little connection to Gerry aside from meeting him at a couple shows and being enamored with his product. After our most recent chat, we came to an agreement for me to illustrate a T-shirt design for the P3. (https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/new-t-shirt-design-by-ryan-claytor-the-revolutionary-p3) That's really it. However, from the brief time I've come to know Gerry (through conventions, our client relationship for the new P3 shirt design, and observing his interactions with supporters and nay-sayers online), I have great admiration for his level-headed intelligence, his business savvy, his complete redesign of pinball, and his dogged determination to see this project through to completion. I can unequivocally say that this is the game, the platform, and the company I am MOST excited about in pinball right now.

    I urge you to make the P3 a priority play next convention you're at. I see you're in IL. I can only imagine it will be at Chicago in October, assuming you don't plan on attending TPF this weekend. I think the gameplay alone will sell it. And if you have some time to chat with Gerry (he's easy to find next to the P3), it's hard not to understand the mammoth potential in this platform after learning just a few things from him.

    Hope this finds you well, Toyotaboy! See you around the boards, here.

    Ryan Claytor
    Elephant Eater Comics

    #24 5 years ago
    Quoted from frolic:

    I have [...] decided 1 spot will be P3, 1 spot will be Heighway, and can swap games as needed. [...] and if P3/Heighway can rock my socks with multiple great titles then I'll entertain allocating more spots to them.

    Wow. So cool!

    Quoted from PinChili:

    I'm a little confused how this will work for operators? If the side art is just magnets, kids will be ripping these things off left and right, no?

    I'm pretty sure I've heard Gerry talk about a system for securing the magnetized side-art in a public location. Again, I'll let him explain his innovations in a more accurate way than I can, but my suspicion is that it will be post-TPF.

    Quoted from frolic:

    I have no inside info, other than my observations, but I suspect P3 will attract a LOT of "boutique" developers. Gerry is bang on the money when he says stuff like (paraphrasing) "why get caught up in the nightmare of manufacturing when you can just do the "fun" designing and very little production worries".
    I suspect there will be many games in time.

    Right. I mean, Gerry's fostered this boutique revolution for a number of years already with his P-Roc/P3-Roc boards. I think there was something in the range of 2 dozen games running P-Roc at the Chicago Pinball Expo this year(!??!). That's pretty impressive! On top of that, Gerry's pinball controllers site is a haven for developers with those types of interests. My thoughts align with frolic's on this front.

    #30 5 years ago
    Quoted from swinks:

    playfield style 2 - very similar to playfields that we know with the typical playfield art and inserts

    Hey Swinks,

    Good seein' you around these parts. You know, I think you're not alone in this sentiment. SolarValue just made a lot of valid points above, but it really comes down to the fact that there will be a TON of different opinions on what pinball should look like, and you know what? The P3 can do all of them!

    It can show a static image akin to a plywood playfield.
    It can show blinking inserts.
    It can animate those inserts in different ways, as you're suggesting.
    It can change entire playfield artwork within a single game.
    It could animate that artwork.
    It could play entire video sequences underneath a physical ball zooming around the playfield.

    ...and it can do all that with dynamic ball interaction. Does Lexi do all this? No. However, if a single game did all that, in my opinion it would likely feel pretty disjointed. But who's to say that someone with your same ideas of how a playfield should appear won't jump into the designer's ring and try their hand at making a game? Gerry's made the Multimorphic P3 Development kit available to anyone. There's really very little barrier between motivated parties and a completed game with this platform.

    It's all possible now, that's the exciting part to me.

    Hope this finds you well, my man!
    Ryan Claytor
    Elephant Eater Comics

    #32 5 years ago
    Quoted from solarvalue:

    I think these are both very good ideas by the way.

    Here here!

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