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New JJP Teaser Video

By jhoward1082

6 months ago

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#49 6 months ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

Nice to see there’s someone who still remembered to have fun with this hobby!
Enjoy your new toys bro!

Crazy to see people get excited and jazzed up, huh?

Continued pinball support and production is always and excellent thing to witness!

#73 6 months ago
Quoted from Coindork:

This was like walking into a titty bar to find out that the girls are only topless and the bar doesn't serve alcohol.

Even worse....


#163 6 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

In fact I'd go as far as saying the one clip that DOES have sound - Wonkavator MB - is super irritating to me now and I wish it were skippable.

I don't get this either, but we are definitely in the minority. I can appreciate clips, but over and over and over again, and they grate on you more than seem appealing, especially for home play.

Soundscape stuff gets me too. I was already a bit fatigued from the TMNT theme, and overloaded dialog popping in constantly. That said, the sound design on Wonka is a bit too splattered for me.

That damn Pirates though, pretty balanced in every way.

#193 6 months ago
Quoted from mystman12:

I'm trying to think of things that could be brand new for a commercial pin... Maybe they've turned the playfield glass into a display? I've seen tech like that before on a Japanese arcade game, but I'm not sure how it works or if it's possible on a pinball machine. Just a wild guess, but it would definitely be more interesting than WiFi!

I know it wouldn't be popular, but I'd still like to see digital versions of their games. In a way where you could play real games in tournaments and such, with the digital versions included also. Cross platform kinda stuff.

Doubt that will ever happen, but it would expand the possible user numbers and maybe motivate more actual owners.

#249 6 months ago
Quoted from Tranquilize:

Without real evidence, you really shouldn't continue to spread a rumour that attacks Pat Lawlor's credibility. He's one of the gods of pinball design and would have no reason to be jealous of anyone. He created TZ and TAF ffs.

That's why he said "supposedly".

No one on the outside can know or state how it is to work with Lawlor over the decades. He could be demanding and narcissistic or he could be pleasant and helpful....or a mix of all of the above?

He's my favorite designer, as in I feel he's created the most high level, fun games ever in pinball. That said, doesn't mean I still don't wonder if the speculation might be true. I'd hope he's not awful to work with, but I have to be open to the idea that he could be.

#252 6 months ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

The spinning disc mech was a loud mess.
Pat had nothing to do with it's removal.
This was a huge disappoint for Eric. He wanted more than anything to get it right. Sadly, time and money wasn't on his side.

Have you heard it?

I know Yelobird has one of the original designed games.

#256 6 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

Pat is god status for pinball design. I like Eric and I think he’s talented but Kaneda sounds like an idiot when he says he’s the best designer in pinball and the guy has one game. It’s actually embarrassing.
Eric might very well be the best but with only one game, it’s WAY too early to say that just like it was WAY to early to hype the SHIT out of Wonka. And we all know how much crow he ate after that. K means well - just gets ahead of himself.

I listened to that today, and chuckled to myself. I appreciate his enthusiasm, and enjoy feeling the hype from his podcast, but it is indeed just that, hype. I like Chris/Kaneda, but he has to wittingly say things for the hype, especially when he contradicts himself from week to week, or year to year.

That said, I'd say maybe only if Elwin worked at JJP, could anyone else match what Eric did with Pirates. There's no game that is as ambitious as what he did with that game, in the modern era. It's the only game that echoes back to wacko things like Creature From the Black Lagoon, which could NEVER be made today. Playing that recently...digitally...and that game is mind blowing in how much shit is going into it design wise.

I don't have much of a doubt, that if JJP allows Eric to do what he is capable of, that he'll be cemented top tier modern designer. Him and Elwin seem to be on a different level presently. Even though I don't own or revel completely in Maiden and JP2, I can still see and appreciate that he's looking at design elements that others just aren't capable of baking into their work.

#257 6 months ago

....and love Pat or loathe him, those two upper flippers in Wonka. Holy. Shit. The shots that can come from those two upper flippers, are the most fun I've had with two upper flippers in a modern game. They have so much use, so much fluidity, and have as much purpose and fun as the two lower flippers. How many games can you say that about???

#390 5 months ago
Quoted from Cruster:

If chicago is anything like la, i’m sure they are more concerned about the violence and looting then they are about announcing anything

It's the Pinball Bubble.

All I saw on Twitter this past week, well and more, was an overwhelming amount of sad information. Here, it's like nothing in the outside world is occurring. Which, I'm kind of thankful for.. it's nice to have less war, more respite.

Maybe next week, JJP will make an announcement.

#403 5 months ago
Quoted from Shredso:

Another teaser to piss everyone off. This was posted on their Facebook.
[quoted image]

Twitter too.

3 weeks later
#712 5 months ago
Quoted from JamCat:

Some are misunderstanding me on the linear aspect. Each of the golden tickets would be structured like the 5 movies in POTC so you could play any of them and stack the multiballs etc. I’m just saying that each ticket could have modes and multiballs that correspond to each kid to give a variety of experiences and a framework to make the callouts and movie scenes more cohesive.
However, you are correct that the game is not bad as is. I enjoy playing it once in awhile on location but it doesn’t give me any connection to the film or that, “have to have it” feeling. I still feel a little letdown. The good news is that JJP makes plenty of other amazing games that I will collect up over time.

Yes, there's no need to be linear at all. Each kid represents their own progression through the game/story, which is entirely separate from the other kids. This would have been an easier, more coherent structure than whatever jumble exists codewise in this game.

I've played it countless times, amazing to shoot, but code is so baffling in design and structure that comprehending it is far more difficult than it needed to be.

1 week later
#745 4 months ago

Really nice video, and you've definitely improved your ball control and shot skills!

I'm still confused by the game though.... I miss having time on it.

2 weeks later
#817 4 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

Hated Deadpool Pro. Loved the Premium. Give the Prem a shot.

Quoted from Yelobird:

Agreed. DP (LE or Prem) is one of our go to games. Always fun and shoots amazing. One of Sterns best over the years in my opinion. Like SW, didn't like the DP Pro however. Just missing to much.

What are the major differences that make the Pro so lackluster?

#847 4 months ago
Quoted from JustEverett:

Any chance we will see an announcement today?
[quoted image]

Well, I guess the window for that is over...

1 week later
#916 4 months ago

Anybody see this???

And note who's overseeing the load up!!!!

Screenshot_20200730-153152_Twitter (resized).jpg
#925 4 months ago

Yeesh. Even for a JJP speculation thread, these responses are downers......

Jack has always said they ship first to Australia before a launch for timing reasons, and Eric is SPECIFICALLY in this shot.

My guess/hope is we get an unveiling within 2 weeks.

#930 4 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

I have pictures of Eric drinking beer that doesn’t make him a bartender. Eric is a team player, he would sweep the floor if the task needed to be done. Doubt this photo means much more then they are working.

I like to think Eric makes fine cocktails, as well as fine pinball games!

At work, and just trying to find something to tether some excitement from/towards.... Could be nothing, could be........the next game! Who knows? But speculation is more fun than crickets. And seriously, they're definitely percolating the pinball pot, this after the very specific Slash bday wish photo.

Quoted from Roostking:

If you blow up the pics, it looks like 2 out of 3 say Wonka. Not trying to be a downer, but facts matter, and we have no facts, just arm chair sleuthing!

Nah, you're fine! That was optimistic on your part, and I zoomed in, and was thinking the same thing!

#933 4 months ago
Quoted from PtownPin:

Highly doubtful they would ship NIB games from the factory in Jersey to Chicago....they would have shipped out to distributors

I was thinking that also. So most likely these are newly produced games, of some kind.

They have to have been up and running for a month now, no?

#986 3 months ago

The font on Hobbit changed too?

Or was that regarding Wonka?

#992 3 months ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Hobbit was the major one wasn't it? All the diff'rent areas had diff'rent fonts to them as I recall.

Yikes. I wasn't around here back then, though I've seen the original playfield design prior to Aurich helping out. Never knew the fonts were borked too..!

#999 3 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

I used to be down on GNR because I’m not a band pin guy. But then I thought about it - I’m not a WOZ, Wonka or Pirates guy either and those games are all amazing to me.
So, I’m prepared to look past theme if the gameplay is there. And with Eric I fully expect it will be.

Eric Fan > Theme. Always..!

#1025 3 months ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

It’s all good. In the bigger picture it is just a game with minimal life concerns so hopefully soon they will present the completed game.

Then why is everyone on here, most days about games?

It's an outlet. An outlet from the doldrums, the bills (ironically), the routine of work, driving to work, back home again, etc. And with sporting events, concerts, many venues closed to patrons, looking outward becomes more and more important for many.

Besides, JJP boldly stated over a year ago, 2 games per year was their target. 15 months later, and 1 have been produced. This talk came long, loooong before the pandemic was even known of, yet alone present and then omnipresent in this country.

Besides...besides, having customers hungry, lined up, and frustrated is much better than having no customers at all.

For me personally, I'd love Eric's second game, but can't really find the space or money for it. I am bursting at the seams with enthusiasm to see it, but feel forlorn about the idea of being able to own it.

#1082 3 months ago
Quoted from WizardsCastle:

The person in charge of communications seems to really like pinball, but might lack common business sense. Maybe it's time to get the hands off the flippers, and put them on the keyboard.

I'm guessing it's not their say, and that they might be as frustrated as we are in this situation.

This still seems to boil down to NOT repeating the errors of POTC. Have kinks fully worked out prior to announcement, and also have stock ready to ship, prior to announcement. Clearly one or both of those measures are not in place. (Guessing it's the latter.)

#1101 3 months ago
Quoted from Rdoyle1978:

It's worth pointing out that Multimorphic has ALREADY integrated online play, and several tournaments have been organised and streamed. Whatever your opinions of their previous games, it's clear they've raised the bar with Heist.
My JJP money is going there now. I'm not as interested in Guns or TMNT, but I am interested in games with deep rules and a lot of mechs... and Heist just blew me away. Packed playfield, the video screen integration, a million shots, great story integration, plus oh yeah, you can install new games for 1/4 the price of a NIB.

Have you played a P3 unit?

I agree with a lot of what you said, but playing them is much different than a standard pin. Rolling on glass......

#1115 3 months ago
Quoted from bingopodcast:

Sure have, and have built two games for the system thus far. One of which has internet connectivity used in a novel (for pinball) fashion.

In what way? The fact that the ball can interact with anything at all on the lower 2/3 of the playfield? Mechs/lamps can also interact. It's extremely versatile.

It does not have crazy spin or odd ball sliding that improper (restoration) clear coating or other playfield coverings have... ?

I'm a little confused here. I was replying to RDoyle's post.

The game I played awhile back, for me personally, felt more akin to skidding than rolling. I felt that catching and flipping with the flippers and the surface material, didn't quite feel the same as a traditional game.

Quoted from solarvalue:

Just to clear up this a P3 the ball rolls on a normal clearcoated wooden playfield in the top 1/3, and plastic in the bottom 2/3. Clearcoat is technically a kind of plastic, so the lower surface is very similar to any other modern game out there (except it doesn't dimple, chip or ghost, can be cleaned more easily and is a fraction of the cost to replace if that is ever needed).

Sorry. Eek. Wasn't releasing a press statement here, regarding misinformation, just wasn't sure what the material was really.

I guess I know now..!

#1145 3 months ago
Quoted from riggy469:

Also, supposedly 20 pre-production games have been built, and one is on its way to Australia.

That's what I inferred when JJP very specifically posted that photo of Eric helping load a trailer to Australia. And that one in front had it's name stickered off too!

Early September debut..?

1 week later
#1244 3 months ago
Quoted from BallPin:

Heard from 2 reliable sources that JJPs next pin will NOT be GnR. Instead it will be Toy Story.
GnR is actually done and was scheduled to come out before Toy Story, but...well....that's all I can say.

If that's true, saves me some $$$$.

#1284 3 months ago
Quoted from delt31:

Love it! so glad you can confirm you're random too. This is great!

Hmm. Kinda looks a bit like....?

Or someone being very deliberate to entice comparison.

b7f778c4ccc1b4a87177a6f9cfcc5dfd (resized).jpg
#1385 3 months ago
Quoted from Psw757:

He is still a Dirt Bag and most everything on the news is only a half truth anymore.

Yeesh. It's like you partied with him personally, and he done ya dirty in some way.....

1 week later
#1667 85 days ago
Quoted from romulusx:

I’m always curious why you and a few others seem to be so hell bent on JJP loosing?

.....bored, maybe?

#1674 85 days ago
Quoted from LTG:

It was the first tour of the new factory and a look at an impressive, stocked parts department.
Amazing what they have accomplished in half a year considering what was going on in the world during that time.
LTG : )

Curse your infallible positivity Lloyd!!!

#1710 85 days ago
Quoted from Napoleon:

Three completely unsoliciated pointers for JJP.
1. Do G&R next. Show the pinball world that you're evolving out of the kiddie themes of mom jeans, ruby slippers and Wonka Bars. Show them you mean business.
2. Get into a lower price tier like Stern's Pros. Show the community you can compete with Stern at this price range. And if you really want to make your point, undercut Stern by a couple hundred dollars. That would send shockwaves.
3. Stay in touch more with your fans and buyers. In recent times, Stern has done a much better job with social media. A simple follow up about your teaser, even if it's to poke fun at yourself for being late, would do wonders. Have at least weekly posts talking about what's going or dropping hints. A little goes a long way!

1. They are.

2. Wonka dropped their standard pricing $1000. Well, after it had went up after Dialed In.

3. Their media awareness has gone up much, much higher than a year ago this time, sadly.

#1714 84 days ago
Quoted from Tranquilize:

Went to check jjp's website: pressed the red button and whalah! [quoted image][quoted image]

Duh da daaaaaaaa...!

Looks like JJP was busy calling you to let you know about their new game while you were screengrabbing that!

#1750 81 days ago
Quoted from JodyG:

JJP should build the snot out of GNR's in September and October, then start building Toy Story in early November for a Black Friday reveal/ship date. Get Toy Story in customers hands between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Let's.......just get one out first.

#1806 79 days ago
Quoted from Crumbalimb:

My guess sept 17th because it the day a "Use Your Illusion I"the third studio album by American hard rock band Guns N' Roses, released on September 17.
lol Just thinking too much. I do remember something about JJP saying they would not release any new games until they were on the line.Last we saw any pictures of new factory they had Wonka's on the line so I would guess.........Sept 17th because "Use Your Illusion I" came out that day.

Gotta be next week! Then deeproot the following. This is why Stern rushed Avengers to be sold and viewed.

#1808 79 days ago
Quoted from Crumbalimb:

Im probably going to be glad I didn't find a Avengers LE so I can get a GNS.I cant swing both so I figured I would wait and see the JJP game before I bought a Avengers Premium or the new JJP.Im thinking GNS is going to be worth the wait.

No reason not to wait. Try games out if you can. I wouldn't want to make a massive purchase then one week later bang my head in frustration.

#1818 78 days ago
Quoted from Napoleon:

I'd be happier with a healthy, competitive JJP.

They just made, assuredly, a multimillion dollar move into a new facility, and undoubtedly are set to launch a new product shortly. On top of having a billionaire's son owner. How would they not be healthy...?

It's just the fans, that aren't happy.

#1823 78 days ago
Quoted from Napoleon:

Just because JJP is owned by a billionaire doesn't make the company healthy. It just means the company can stay afloat if the aforementioned billionaire chooses to throw money at JJP to keep it afloat.

Suuuuure, but these dudes have had a stake, or bought, or whatever in JJP since when....2013/2014? Most of JJP's output has had them indirectly/directly involved with the path of the present form of the company.

#1838 78 days ago
Quoted from Napoleon:

That in no way negates what I posted.

The billionaire...IS...JJP. He's not throwing money at a company that is HIS.

Quoted from LTG:

I respect your belief.
I don't agree with it.
LTG : )

I wish people would drop hyperbolic attitudes, and just admit, like we all do/or need to, that coming onto a forum to discuss this hobby daily means more to us due to frustrations/limitations in life, more so than the hobby itself.

Then we've got a good guy like you Lloyd, ever present, diligent, dutiful, and grounded. Good on ya and Prada!

#1848 78 days ago
Quoted from pinball_keefer:

[quoted image]

Now THAT is the piratin' swagger we needed to see...! Arrrrrrrr!!!!

Game. ON!

#1851 78 days ago
Quoted from smalltownguy2:

My plan worked perfectly!
[quoted image]

And now you owe Keith some cash!

#1863 77 days ago

Haha, knew that clip from the screenshot immediately.

#1870 77 days ago
Quoted from smalltownguy2:

$100 says no new title hits a customer's hands by year's end.

Count me in too, by the way.

#1878 77 days ago

You don't think these companies have an idea of what and when the others will release?

deeproot is literally around the corner, and JJP perhaps sooner than we think. Makes complete sense for Stern to step in front of them both, and lock down 500 LE's. Code on Avengers still needs polish, and them releasing it now, cuts a bit into TMNT sales.

So yes, to me...this seems rushed out the door a few weeks in advance.

#1882 77 days ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

Its nice to think those companies are threat to Stern and I wish they were but they aren't. Stern isn't rushing anything out with any fear what so ever. Deeproot hasn't released anything yet, most buyers are very skeptical of any new company when it comes to pinball. JJP is a one game a year company. TMNT sales are over for early buyers then it becomes a waiting game for everyone else, for finished code or finance and how does it exactly hurt Stern if someone buys Avengers.

Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Some people could care less how many games Stern releases per year. Modern Stern's come across as similar in regards to a majority don't contain many interactive features, they contain rather basic animations, there's a lack of detailed 3D molds (heavy use of flat plastics), all have some combination of dull filler "super" modes, and they often lack enough modes that offer great mode choreography. There are some exceptions but they are few and far between. JJP games on the other hand all feel extremely unique and come across as a spectacle. I'll take quality, depth, and variety over quantity any day...especially if I'm spending $7k - $9k+ on a pin of all things. JJP is driven by passion first, profit second while Stern is the opposite.

I agree with both of you for the most part!

But any top dog can get complacent. JJP wouldn't exist if it weren't for that, and perhaps maybe deeproot wouldn't exist if not for the fact that BOTH companies have significant strengths, but also as significant failings. Mishmash them together, and maybe you have an ideal....

But even at that, JJP, with Wonka's release, feels more like a geriatric version of Stern. Wonka is in no way as Innovative as Dialed In was, nor as masterful as POTC.

Stern is unreal at manufacturing and pushing games out routinely, but as Panzer said, quantity at some point doesn't equate to compelling games. They all start to blend in. And for that point, I'm glad JJP is as slow as they are, but any less than 1 game per year is a disaster in this competing market with Stern.

deeproot could come out swinging in Year One, or they could come out as repetitive and inconsistent. But as someone that is hopeful for pinball, I'm looking towards the former.

Edit: Spooky is dull and unimaginative at best, and American Pinball produces quality craftsmanship, but along with hohum products.

#1898 77 days ago
Quoted from thewool:

Blend in? Maiden, Dead Pool, JP, Turtles and now Avengers? Give your head a shake.

Yes, blend in. There's only so much variety possible by any manufacturer. If I sat down at a table, and five restaurants served me a burger, even if I was hungry, at the end of tasting each burger, I'd probably not really crave one for a few days. JJP, too fee releases, Stern, too frequent. Palette starvation versus palette bloating.

Quoted from Shapeshifter:

R&M probably going to end up having the best theme integration of any pinball ever made.

I mean, if you love R&M, sure! For me that game is somewhat physically barren. Only physical aspect that speaks to the show is a literal off the shelve springy toy. The clips, via limited modes at this point, grind away after awhile, and their usage is never subtle. It's's plastered full screen video. It's an unimaginative presentation of the license in many ways, and in many ways it isn't. The playfield, backglass art is really great, but for some reason all of it looks washed out.

Quoted from Yelobird:

Huh?? is all I can say there...

Yes. I don't really enjoy any Spooky game yet. I guess I'm glad they exist for competitive sake, but I haven't played a game of theirs yet, that I'm happy exists in the world. R&M was the first game I really hoped would break that mold, and it hasn't yet for me. The initial non plunge, plunge even feels like a dull, listless way to start the game.

American Pinball, just can't put all the pieces together yet either.

There are millions of films in the world that exist. I like few of them. Same goes for pinball. Fantastic when products exist, but I'm not going to fawn over something if I just feel it's adequate. I also don't really even understand home ownership really, as a home owner.

#1902 77 days ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

R u ok?
I don't what to make of this. Maybe its time to lay off the drink or smoke or whatever ur doing.

Pinball is a weird proposition. Playing on location feels rewarding when you have an amazing game, the opposite when you don't.

Home ownership often feels like games needed to be played very frequently, more so than casually, to equate for the high price.

I spent my teens playing pinball at pizza shops. Definitely a great environment to not care much about any of that, except for the ever present quarters for games versus quarters for food equation.

#1919 77 days ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

4 me it was bowling alleys, poolhalls, arcades and it was great but I was a teenager, skipping cool, smoking hash that can't be my reality now. I buy for the house and love that as well. Playing these modern games loud and in the right lighting with much better rule sets, if ur feeling the need to play a game because u payed a lot of money for it, in other words forced then sell that game and get something new. Frankly at this age 45yrs and loving it, I don't want to go to a bar and smell food and hear dickheads talking around me, u can barely hear the pin and and I generally dislike people. Not saying I hate them but I feel better when there not around.

Again, I just don't what to make of this comment. U don't feel this playing at home?

I agree. It's just reminiscing regarding a time where pinball was in the background in many areas I used to haunt, and shit in general was just daft and slightly more carefree. Now, like you mention, there's really high concentration of games at places, buuuuut man those environments are often really, really obnoxious, especially for an introvert.

For me it's just a novelty thing. Eating out is often more enjoyable than cooking. Being with a different gal versus one you've been with for years/decades. Familiarity is sometimes comforting, sometimes dull, and not having to worry about a game's operating condition on location can often be more of a fun release than worrying about your own game.

Regarding fun games at home, I probably play a bit less frequently than I do on location oddly. I prefer having a friend over to play to banter about a game with, and working second shift, that's pretty rare.

Also....good games are infrequent for me, due to um....not being a great player....yet! Still fighting urges to learn when to deadflip and such.

#1926 76 days ago
Quoted from Thunderbird:

You may have articulated a spot on review of R&M that may anger owners, but might be on the money. If pricing of a R&M was in the Pro pricing range, a “somewhat physically barren“ PF, might be more acceptable. It just might be that very limited machine numbers, keeps them in pinball. Another reviewer said, “R&M is just TNA with ramps”.
I personally like Spooky making a go of it and hope they’re able to jump that hurdle to more unique custom working mechs on the PF.

I appreciate that!

Spooky is definitely an asset to the industry, and they present another style of game in a fairly small industry, so there's a lot of importance in that.

For me, I was looking at I think around $8800 for what I wanted at the minimum build wise, shipping included in that number, and in that instance I didn't see the value. At 7K shipped, I think I'd have clinged on, and that would have been mostly for the possible perpetual license of the show adding clips/modes as seasons continued. I was getting either the vibe that might not be the case or that adding modes would be fewer and farther out than I hoped for.

I bought my Houdini new for $7400 shipped, and excluding the kinda shitty/iffy LCD work, I feel it's got a more compelling build quality, code work, and actually better theme integration....again, aside from those really somewhat awful animations.

Spooky was fortunate to nail such an amazing license, but beyond that, I don't see value in that game presently, and akin to Houdini, those shots are really "challenging", but I feel Houdini kinda has more shots, and more varied one's at that.

These games are just too pricey for me to toss oodles of cash at, unless I feel that value is there in some capacity.

I will say, that Rick and Morty light show is god damn leaaaaagues ahead of what Stern showed the other day. That is for sure..!

#1949 76 days ago
Quoted from rai:

Listened to Kaneda podcast 502 and at the end he gives a review of R&M that sums it up well. It’s not the best geometry shooter but the adult humor, rarity and theme makes it a better sum of its parts. A typical Stern is better shooting but R&M has uniqueness, rarity that you don’t get on a typical Stern. R&M is probably a B but the intangibles (rarity, adult content, fun) put it up a bit higher.
Also K was saying GnR is going to great (but he said the same song and dance about Wonka rememberer).
I (myself) would never buy a Avengers LE on the eve is JJP revel because I like to see all the options. If I waned an Avengers quest I’d just wait and play the pro premium and see which is better. I’m keeping my options open for JJP.

Uh, he sounded more like he somewhat faintly praised the game, and as much was critical. (Also, he just reduced the price of his game to a relatively fair selling point, $11500.

Being limited shouldn't be a massive plus in owning a game. Being fun needs to be at the top, and if you've spent any time whatsoever on this game, you might think it's more brutal, than challenging/fun.

Have you had a chance to check it out yet?

#1968 75 days ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

Ah the Fanboys, Bright people as well.
Man that went right over ur head didn't it. Well we all get old there's no shame in that.

I really do hope you speak ala Humungus when you make each and every post..!

If you DO, keep em' coming I say!

#2008 75 days ago
Quoted from drfrightner:

Hobbit had virtually the ENTIRE movie included in the game... I promise you those approvals had to go thru Peter Jackson on top of Warner and maybe the estate, blah, blah. JJP does everything first class so I expect GNR to be first class

Not sure if it was the JJP podcast or elsewhere, but I distinctly heard the other week that Warner Brothers allowed them any and all usage that they wanted for the Hobbit. No actors had licensing rights like they did for Pirates, which would have required licensing and approval for any and all actors used.

#2039 75 days ago
Quoted from WizardsCastle:

We're looking at the wrong. Sure, JJP is doing a shit job at communication, but they've provided one of the most important things in this hobby... Competition!
Sure, they're not on the level or anywhere close to Stern, but they do give customers more options and they do create innovative games that have clearly pushed Stern to improve (even slightly).
I'm frustrated with them too. But instead of slamming them, maybe we should rout for them. Maybe we should try to be a little more patient, and give them an opportunity to show what they've been working on. Patience is a virtue and all that good stuff.
I bought a Dialed In a couple of years ago, a d had loads of issues. I contacted support, and got a call back from Jack himself. We chatted on the phone for about an hour, and I actually really found him to be genuine and concerned. He sent me two complimentary sheets of invisible glass to make up for the inconvenience.
I've also had good support from Stern, but not with that personal touch.
We all have our ideas as to how we'd run the company, but none of us sit in that chair, so why don't we just wait a little longer and see what they have in store.
Hopefully they'll reissue POTC, but again, let's just wait and see.
I wish JJP all the luck in the world, because without them, pinball has one huge company that can monopolize and dictate the hobby however they choose.

How dare you interrupt this thread with a sane response. This volleying back and forth is more entertaining than Pro Sports currently!

#2055 74 days ago
Quoted from transprtr4u:

Should make an other 100 at least , seems to be a demand now

From what little I know, specialty parts ordering is often not just costly in getting those things made, but also a massive issue if demand isn't there, and parts have been over ordered. (Case in point, the Hobbit.)

#2058 74 days ago
Quoted from Goronic:

Not sure your point. There are a ton of hobbit parts that are "out of stock".
Are you saying they are overstocked on Hobbit parts? Because that is clearly not the case.

For a game that's been out from shipping for years, it still has more available than Pirates.

I've heard it was a surplus.

My point being, last thing any company wants to do is be overstocked on parts for games they don't plan to make anymore. From any number of interviews and tours of the old facility, I've always heard that was an ongoing thorn for JJP. Millions in parts that may or not be used, according to game demand. The reason why there was a Black Arrow, parts overflow, not demand.

#2105 74 days ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

The problem with your theory is every sentence starts with “I’ve heard” which means I read it somewhere on Pinside which usually means.....

The problem with your reply is that I also exist off of Pinside, much like yourself. And I'm sure you of all people, often have interesting conversations, experiences, and insight well beyond what exists on here. To assume I don't have some on occassion equals literal ignorance.

#2132 74 days ago
Quoted from Lounge:

This ^^^
As long as their supplier MOQs are reasonable and line up with each other, they will make a larger profit margin on the subsequent run. You can also sell the overstock of parts to the parts shops and pull a little extra $$ that way.
I would be a player at $10k but that’s max - $9.5k even better.

Well, and to this point regarding stocking parts, look at the next streamlined release. Pirates is definitely at another level of complexity and mech usage than Wonka. Kinda supports the notion that Pirates was an overstep regarding materials used, and Wonka a more cost effective direction.

Let's see how GnR turns out in comparison!

#2145 74 days ago
Quoted from pinball_keefer:

If you want a reason why we don't post here that often, this post is a pretty damn good example. If I go on an interview and say something, I'm saying it for a reason, and it's not to BS the entire community. Last time I talked about this, I htink, was on Buffalo Pinball and it was all legit. But let's go over it anyway.

This paragraph is riddled with problems. What evidence do you have that the narrative is false? Do you really think the investors had NO FUCKING CLUE what the game cost as it was going down the line? Believe me, they are very in-tune with what's going on around here, as well they should be.
Why would it sound terrible to the community? "Oh no, JJP isn't making enough profit, I'm practically stealing this game from them!" Sounds like they got a hell of a deal in that case, not sure why they would care.

Yes, it picked up when everyone realized that was the end of the run.
As I explained on Buffalo Pinball, in manufacturing we have these things called lead times. That's how long it takes from when you order parts to when it's available for you to build games. This time can be anywhere from 3-12 weeks. This is true for every manufacturer. So, when the line is getting near the end of what they need to build, the decision of what to do next has to be made in time for you not to get shut down by lead time issues. For those number of weeks prior to the end of the line, there was DEFINITELY no interest to warrant ordering more POTC parts. So, the decision was made to move to WW, where we know we'll move a large number just because it's a new game, it's a good theme, and we think it's a good game.
So for those weeks after we made the decision, yes, demand went up greatly. It's too bad it wasn't sooner, because more would've been made then, but A) you can't make up your mind when you run out of parts, you have to plan and B) you can't assume demand is going to skyrocket and be stuck with a bunch of parts that don't turn into games.

OK Doomer. Fell free to keep ignoring me!

The frustration on your end is definitely understandable, but this is also a crowd that's pretty Pro JJP, wants to see you guys succeed, and also wants to have awareness of the brand and it's future plans, in some vague capacity.

When that level of awareness doesn't exist at the level that consumers hope for, enthusiasts on an enthusiasts board, in a fairly small niche of a business, will speculate.

In no way is it your duty Keith to do PR for JPP, but the speculation and discussion does exist on account of the existing equation of "hungry potential customers + a delayed pipeline of info = head scratching and debate."

I only speak for myself here, but in short speculation exists due to optimism and JJP product hunger, rather than malice. I hope, and assume, that's a mindset many on here share.

#2149 74 days ago
Quoted from Thunderbird:

Keith is 100% right about no demand and also LTG is on the money. I was sitting in a room full of people in Oz, with Jack speaking about the new POTC. He was throwing out plastic pirate coins and drumming up sales for POTC, with slide show etc. People were there to look at and consider buying POTC. I was one of those people. I played POTC along with the many other games at the pinball show. Jack asked during the meeting and near the end of his presentation, if he could see could see by a raise of hands how many of us were going to buy POTC? Only 1 person raised their hand and I think one other person did also actually buy one at the show.
There was almost no demand, even with POTC on the floor and people playing the heck out of it, for a test run. The real issue was, no one wanted to buy a game they knew would lose big money in the secondary market, because of all the issues surrounding POTC. I was heavily debating between POTC and Dialed In. I left the show buying Dialed In.
With few POTCs ever produced demand is naturally higher, with FOMO coming into play and some collectors wanting a game few have. Start making more and watch prices and demand come down again, as they were in the beginning. Looking back, wished I’d purchased POTC, instead and could have sold it for more, because of the very low numbers actually sold. Lol

That fucking blows man. Jack has such a wonderful energy, and I've watched many of the presentations he and the crew have done, and there might as well be people sleeping, after eating the free food. To create and want to hype something, then get such a sterile muted response, is pretty painful to take in.

I reentered this scene just as POTC was going into production, so the momentum switch you talk about was really foreign to me. When I played the game initially at JJP HQ in the lobby, I was draining more on that than the Hobbit, loved the Hobbit license, and seeing that also for the first time had me somewhat dismissive of POTC. Playing it on location at Helicon, the very first game out in the wild I just found out, again, things just weren't clicking with me. The potential was understood by me when watching the Deadflip Valentine's Day stream, and ever since the game has been magical in my eyes.

#2154 74 days ago
Quoted from LTG:

And people wonder why companies never post here.
LTG : (

Yes, but to the same effect, customer's take time out of their days to ponder and discuss said products. Without pinball companies, we don't play. Without us, no product exists.

I don't feel he was being derogatory or mean spirited in his inference, and the fact that customer's feel the need to debate such things, only proves more how much transparency is lacking in this industry.

That said, billions will be made this fall on new video gaming platforms, and Sony is just only unveiling their pricing plan and launch date tomorrow, presumably just two months before it's launch.

Global launches of any kind are massive undertakings, even outside of pandemic type climates, but it's the job of a company to feed information to it's userbase in some logical capacity, and the pinball arena fails at this in some ways, and in other ways it succeeds.

We should never have to guess when and how or if we should be saving for a possible new purchase requiring thousands of dollars to be saved, especially in a pandemic as well, where people might not even have work at this point.

Lastly, my friend just chatted with me and echoed how NO one is discussing Cosmic Carnival presently. So rampant, even misinformed conversation about your company's game should never be viewed negatively, and if it's incorrect, it's the company's job to correct that respectfully, or even the userbase have a better vision of the company's product way prior to misconceptions existing.

#2182 73 days ago

I haven't a clue what in the hell is even going on in this thread....

And I'm not sure that I mind!

#2218 73 days ago
Quoted from insight75:

Nope. I can't. My disdain for him gets the best of me. haha.

If you don't own the game, worries!

#2250 73 days ago
Quoted from zaphX:

The atrocious grammar and spelling people use on this site triggers me daily and it's all I can do not to correct it.

Place a comma before "and".

I'm fairly poor at it myself.

Actual grammar nerds are unbearable, but some standards should be enforced.....with a wet noodle!

#2287 72 days ago

Glad I was getting PS5 preorders in rather than being privy to this digital slapfest.

#2353 72 days ago
Quoted from Coolpinballdino:

I'm hoping to make GNR my first JJP.

You haven't owned one yet? How come?

Quoted from pinball_keefer:

The beatles version of twist and shout (1963) is actually a cover of the Isley brothers from 1962. What I didn't know until just now is that technically was itself a cover of the top notes from 1961. Odds are you've only ever heard the Isley brothers or the beatles though.
I thought the beatles version came a few years later, not just the year after.

I'm not sure whether I'm happy you're readily posting on this thread and giving your own personal and professional insights, or that I just feel bad that you've now been officially sucked into this thread's demonic vortex of paaaaaaaiiiin!

#2363 72 days ago
Quoted from LTG:

I copied it from IMDB quotes and pasted it, Hammerhead.
There. I didn't end that with a preposition.
LTG : )

I thought you were calling him a Hammerhead for a moment there!

#2422 72 days ago
Quoted from Bublehead:

So what is CGC's next game going to be again? Wait, what thread am I in? Damn it! All this talk and I thought it was CGC releasing their next game... wow talk about a buzz kill... GNR? Why are people stoked about a old Data East theme retread from a band that I hear less and less from every year?? If it wasn't for WTTJ being Whodey's favorite Bengals fight song, we would hear from them even less... At least I didn't write a song so frustratingly hard to play that I hate playing it everytime I have to walk on stage... oh sweet child of mine...

Some people are GnR fans.

Some people are Eric fans.

Some people are JJP fans.

Some....are all 3!

Many forms of adoration.

#2450 72 days ago
Quoted from gonzo73:

I still read Sutonius.

Must be Suetonius' bro. Ironic, given his nick being Sue and all.

#2452 71 days ago
Quoted from Bublehead:

I got a private lesson on JJPOTC from Eric... here is the video I'm the big guy not wearing a hat... the other guy my friend FFejf Knar... or just Fej for short... or Jeff Rank for those not in the know.
It was during this Expo that everyone I know of who played pinball or routed pinball bought one if they could find it. There are about 5 of them owned by players in my pin league. They are bolted to most of their floors...

I liked that hogbog jumped in to round up gold for your buddy!

I think I already watched some, and had "liked" your video it seems, so a present and past thank you to you guys for getting this shot and posted!

#2564 69 days ago
Quoted from gonzo73:

Evil dead, unfortunately will never happen because Bruce Cambell is a stuck up @!%?#.
Message from the Freek Kingdom

How do you figure that? Please elaborate.

Currently he's been, and continuing to do so, an elaborate Summer Drive-In Tour where he makes appearances and takes photos (at a distance) with fans. In the middle of an epidemic, how exactly is that stuck up?

#2579 69 days ago
Quoted from kermit24:

Ben Heck has said the CGC game is NOT Evil Dead anymore.

I wasn't asking about the game. I was asking why this user was suggesting Bruce is horrible to work with, as I've seen anything but that reaction from the horror community.

Obviously, anyone can be an entirely different figure than they present themselves to be publicly.

Quoted from rosh:

Regardless of numbering Keith, Ted and rest of the team have shown they continually provide care and feeding to older games. Comments about them not updating code are just silly.

They definitely do! But an easy way to allay people's constant fears (Not mine. I'm in no rush.) would be to exercise some transparency regarding the status and intentions towards game code. And yes, I also understand that making statements on such issues may be out of their hands for reasons unspoken to the direct public...but if that's the case, then PR or the owner could step in, and discuss plans and initiatives such as these.

Again, this isn't really an issue for myself, unless it never occurs, but communication in this industry isn't exactly always continuous and readily occurring.

I do feel you folks at AP are pretty direct and readily available. That is a plus for me regarding AP for sure!

#2666 66 days ago
Quoted from LTG:

Spotted another one. Tech support guy Steve Zamonski, right behind Eric to the left.
LTG : )

Did Steve move from WV?

#2707 64 days ago
Quoted from LTG:

I can't speak for Jack.
My thinking is he is probably home in New Jersey.
I haven't recently dug into all the travel restrictions or risks. A trip in an airplane from NJ to Ill might not be wise. Or get you quarantined somewhere.
Might explain why others aren't there.
Or maybe more will be there for the reveal ?
LTG : )

I miss Jack.

When I reentered this hobby recently, seeing him give tours, muck about with Todd Tuckey, and give lectures and such at conventions were really the joy that got me excited for pinball again. Given the overall last year, (even despite Covid) and since Wonka's launch, I really fear his presence in the company will never be the same.

IllInois Wealthy Progeny Kid doesn't have the same ring to it, that's for sure.

#2709 64 days ago
Quoted from LTG:

Nothing ever stays the same.
And this year has really mucked things up.
Give it time. Get past the virus problems. Jack is still an important part of the company. The man who made his dream come true.
When shows return and travel is safe. I'm sure he'll be doing what he does best. Revealing games. And talking all the changes at Jersey Jack Pinball and where it is headed in the future.
I for one am confident that great times are ahead for JJP !
LTG : )

I truly hope so my friend!

I miss his energy.

At least we all have yours in the meantime.

#2728 63 days ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

But he's the Devil! You read it here so I bet she already knows.

Succubus....are pretty sexy though!

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