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New JJP Teaser Video

By jhoward1082

6 months ago

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#35 6 months ago

They were already testing their WIFI system with pinheads. I remember that you could send in a form to be part of the testing.

Sorry guys, you won't get to listen to Axl's vomit-inducing voice for a while. How are they going to make a family-friendly GnR anyway? Barf.

#70 6 months ago

I really hope it's gnr to get it out of the way. Jjp is my favorite company, but I swear they really suck at adapting or even discovering demand.
Woz was great. Hobbit was good, but lacking in good design. Dialed in would have sold double with Pat's original name and theme integration. He was shut down with family friendly bs control. Pirates had already been done and the license was on its way out. Great game, but shit theme. Charley is a great theme idea, but they made it sound like a slot machine. Then they're going to try to sell a slot machine family friendly gnr because slash wants it. Worst idea ever. I just hope they survive and put it one more great game so I can buy it.

Meanwhile, Stern cranks out black night, which is cheap and empty as fuck, but man, that theme, voice and lighting. What a cool rush! Or maybe you want to fight the fucking Devil? Pick up an imdn.

Most of us are old skids/heads (whatever you want to call them) or the little brothers of this group that hung out in smokey arcades where sketchy old men sold weed and played pool. The last thing we want is a family friendly gnr. Yes, some guys with kids will, but not the majority.

Rant over....

#244 6 months ago
Quoted from jhoward1082:

Supposedly Pat Lawlor nuked the spinning discs not Eric... Speculation is that Eric could have gotten the mech to work fine but Pat was jealous? of how packed POTC was. Take it with a grain of salt

Without real evidence, you really shouldn't continue to spread a rumour that attacks Pat Lawlor's credibility. He's one of the gods of pinball design and would have no reason to be jealous of anyone. He created TZ and TAF ffs.

#365 5 months ago
Quoted from PtownPin:

I had a IM LE for about a month and couldn't wait to get rid of it.....I guess everyone has different taste in pinball games, which is cool .... IMHO POTC is a game u need in a home environment so u can truly enjoy everything the game never gets repetitive as theres so many ways to play the game....IM shoots ok, but the theme blows....JP is another game that shoots well, but it feels like a cartoon dinosaur game to me....the JP theme is awesome, but with essentially zero assets it was a no go for me.

Lol. IM theme blows but everyone needs a jjp potc in their home... The game is a recycled theme (just like stupid Ninja turtles), and a theme that was long past any relevance. I put hours into the game and just didn't find it that good. The ramps seemed off to me, and the ship simply wasn't fun. I had the cash ready and didn't end up buying it. Still glad I didn't, aside from resale.

I love jjp and was an early buyer of dialed in, but they swing and miss just like everyone else.

#433 5 months ago
Quoted from Shredso:

Ampere interrupting capacity indicates the maximum fault current in amps, also known as the AIC rating. Alice in Chains pinball! BOOM!
I would totally be into an Alice in Chains pinball.

Lane sounds 10000 times better than the ear-splitting William Rose, but both would suck as a jjp machine. Have you guys forgotten that Jack insists on family friendly pins? A metal pin by jjp will suck, I promise you. Plus it will sound like a slot machine mixed with a band unless they got rid of their sound guy.

Automatic pass. I hope the next one is cool so I can support the company again.

#512 5 months ago

My iron maiden LE has stock Bose speakers. They are a step up from my phone speaker...

#580 5 months ago
Quoted from o-din:

Apparently, that is where Elvis Presley spent his last living moments.

When my time comes, that's how I want to go, stoned and fat and wealthy and sittin' in the bowl.

3 weeks later
#719 4 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

ST:TNG is a little slower, but still great.
Judge Dredd, Demolition Man, Popeye, and Roadshow are B/W widebody clunkers IMO. All the Data Waste and SEGA widebodies are clunkers. Go back to the solid state era pre-dmd and almost all the widebodies are slow clunkers by today's standards (though all the Ataris sucked, even back in the day).

Do you mean slow when set up slow? All my games are max steepness, and STTNG is faster playing than TZ. Demo man is crazy fast and not a clunker. They just didn't code the tough shots on the left of the pf well. A cranked up Hobbit can play surprisingly well.

2 weeks later
#800 4 months ago
Quoted from JY64:

Like DI the theme alone is enough to make it a no buy for me

Your loss...

#828 4 months ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

Is it?
because u can deal with it doesn't mean its a loss for those who can't. There's no loss when u don't want it in the first place.

It's a loss for those who refuse to learn the theme. If you learn it, it's at least bearable. I hated it at first. Now I find it awesome.

#873 4 months ago
Quoted from adol75:

I don't think there is much doubt as to what JJP next title is. I'm just done with the useless teasers once a month and want to see the game !

I just want it to be over with so I can hope for a better title on the next one. Stern should have done gnr... JJP will just screw it up. Toy story or something similar is more JJP style.

#889 4 months ago
Quoted from romulusx:

Can’t wait to see your unbiased reveiw of JJP GnR

I don't plan on reviewing it and admit my bias. GnR is one of my most despised bands of all time. Love slash, but Axel is just awful. Their art package is cliche city. Top hats, skulls, guns, roses... They may as well throw in some 50's drag flames. Welcome to the jungle multi ball? Baaaaaarf!

I'm bitching because I love jjp and want to buy a freaking game from them. This could be the greatest machine ever made, but I could never buy it.


#905 4 months ago

An asshole with the most annoying voice in rock music...

2 weeks later
#1093 3 months ago

Breaking News: Axl is still a fat, annoying, egomaniac!

You heard it here first!

#1097 3 months ago
Quoted from RA77:

Some pinsiders may like to consider taking a deep breath, be grateful for what you have and let the new JJP release run its course.


1 week later
#1169 3 months ago
Quoted from Freakyguy666:

Especially given Pat Lawlor’s apparent jealousy of Eric was responsible for getting rid of the subway in really think he’d let Eric upstage him again (pun intended!)??

Apparent according to who? Where does this rumor come from?

#1240 3 months ago
Quoted from BallPin:

lol, still waiting for that Justin Bieber pin?

Nope, just almost any rock music that doesn't include the most whiny, grating voice of all time.

I thought I could get by with any theme, but jjp has chosen one of the rare stinkers that I can never own... Now I have to wait a year for likely another recycled, outdated theme that very few give a damn about. Theme choice is a massive weakness for this company.

#1242 3 months ago
Quoted from BallPin:

Heard they are coming out with Toy Story, so maybe Tim Allens voice is more your cup of tea.

It will be!

#1280 3 months ago

YEEEEEESSSSSS! I hope new boy's sources are correct. Bring on toy story and retheme gnr. It's like f'n Christmas in August!

#1341 3 months ago

I'm betting it's Axl. The ONLY reason jjp were going to do gnr is because slash bugged them to. I'm betting once they had to deal with Axl, they walked away. The guy is a complete loser in every sense of the word.

Or, they refused to make it as raunchy as the band (probably Axl) would want. I said It from the beginning: GNR is the worst possible theme for a family-friendly pinball company to license. They wouldn't even call Dialed In "Killer App" FFS. How in the hell did they think this would work?

#1377 3 months ago

The new animated films are created to appeal to parents as much as children. I have no kids and love the toy story movies. They have way more appeal than a squealy metal band with cliche art from the 90's and a dirtbag, no-show lead singer. Slash can only carry so much.... It's a loser theme and will hurt the company. They should ditch it. It's not hard to retheme. Most of the code can remain. It's just art and LCD work...

#1389 3 months ago
Quoted from aeonblack:

So, is this a thread about what the theme is, or what the innovation is? Because I'm pretty sure there are threads already to discuss how much you love or hate GNR or whatever.
So, what are your theories on what the innovation is?
For me, the tagline in the video says "everything is about to change" and shows a brief flash of their games, so it would be something tied to all their games (and their platform), not to a specific title. I would guess some kind of module you attach to your game, so maybe a wifi module (and then features that would go with that...scores, daily challenges)?

I hate gnr.

#1407 3 months ago
Quoted from Chet_Hardbody:

Ok so take this with a grain of salt, but I has 2 separate people that I'm friends with (I consider them both "in the know") send me a leaked picture of the new JJP backglass....[quoted image]

Sweet. Don't recognize the artist, but not bad, especially buzz.

#1557 85 days ago

Another post about how many posts with no new news.

Another post about how stupid and irresponsible jjp is for making a teaser and not following through.

Another post about how much nonsense is posted here.

There you go. Three for one. That should hold you over.

#1611 84 days ago

I think all of you who bought or are stating you're going to buy the newest Stern because you couldn't wait for the JJP release should write Jack a personal letter. Tell him all about it in your neatest cursive, about how you are really, really upset that his schedule does not match yours and that you would have spent a lot of money on his release, but you just couldn't wait. Tell him he's running his business into the cellar because customers like you are his bread and butter.

I'm sure he'll write'cha back...

#1654 83 days ago

Finally put some time on Wonka. The combos are insane! Game shoots like butter. Ramps are on the easy side and upper right shots and flipper are a bit difficult to see. Overall, I would need to crank the angle and increase flipper power a little like my DI. That's the issue with location play... Setup is almost never right for the game.

It got me excited for the next release. Praying for a great licence or original theme. Sooooo stoked gnr might end up in the dumpster!

#1713 82 days ago

Went to check jjp's website: pressed the red button and whalah! (resized) (resized).jpg
#1729 81 days ago
Quoted from Nokoro:

Because you’ll cannibalize your own sales. While the games will appeal to different audiences, there are still a lot of purchasers who want both but don’t have the dollars right now. You also want to spread out the buzz surrounding new releases.
Stern is capable of releasing two games at once, but they don’t for the same reasons.

Nah, they'd kill it with a double release. Their games are available for YEARS.

Sucks that gnr looks to be next though...

#1738 81 days ago
Quoted from riggy469:

Too bad for you

Hopefully the rumours of it not coming are true.

#1792 77 days ago

Get tooo dah tawpaaaah!

#1826 76 days ago
Quoted from jorant:

Sounds awfully gay.

Real classy

#1830 76 days ago

I'm pretty far from Indiana... Just sayin

#1884 75 days ago

Stern would be stupid to ignore competitors. Look at how seriously Williams competed against Capcom with the whole theatre of magic rush production to thwart sales of pinball magic. Trying to target and outperform competitors is routine business: beat them or buy them. Avengers' production was fast, and I'd agree that it was probably too get quick sales before the market opens up. I'm betting Gary sells the company within the next year. The monopoly is going to disappear, and the cost cutting well has dried up.

#2007 73 days ago

I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy....

#2458 69 days ago

I will never doubt gnr's relevance, but I just can't see how sweet child of mine fits with a pinball machine. How do you theme such a band? I think sales are going to be far less than you guys are touting. We'll see if you put your money where your mouth is! I think this band is waaaay more polarizing than met, acdc, or even Maiden. Without slash loving pinball, this would have never been their choice.... Another remake too..

#2588 66 days ago
Quoted from thechakapakuni:

Yeah JJP#6 lookin real good now that Deeproot flopped. Why am I surprised? I’m not

As much as I hate to admit it, Stern is killing it. Deeproot flaked out, and GnR will come and go as Wonka did, with some fanfare, but nothing significant. It's all about theme. JJP just can't seem to put it all together. They recycle (god knows why) and choose themes that are either irrelevant (pirates) or love/hate (gnr). Imagine if Hobbit had the gameplay of pirates? It would have been their smash hit. They can't milk woz forever.

I don't claim to be a genius, but theme choice does not seem like rocket-science. Choose something that MOST people like and make sure the game plays great. Toy Story should do this as long as the theme is integrated well, the gameplay is awesome and it doesn't sound like a slot machine.

1 week later
#2838 56 days ago
Quoted from vireland:

It wasn't just you. I've been around pinball for a long time and I almost got locked out of jjPotC after I got hit by disc-gate and trunk-gate and canceled my preorder. Fortunately I was able to chance course once it was obvious it was a masterpiece and got a NIB literally a few days before they dried up.
But Wonka? We'll have to agree to disagree there. It's the only JJP I never bought (I even bought Hobbit!) because every time I play it I get hung up on it's failure to come close to its potential with recycled PL ideas and a dearth of toys compared to jjPotC.
Fortunately GnR is Eric again and I'm hyped for it.

Yeah, yeah, and Lawlor is a control freak holding Eric back and should retire and blah blah blah. We get it.

Wonka shoots great and uses magnets and combos better than any game I've played. It's a great game. Shoots smoother than any other game as well. I just find the shots a little on the easy side, but tz is the same there...

The only thing I see as bad is the sound. I think it DOES sound a bit like a slot machine, but I can see past that.

#2890 56 days ago
Quoted from Reznnate:

No controversy here. The superlatives for recent new designers like Eric M., Keith E., and Scott D. are well deserved. Their recent games have been fantastic. It's exciting to see new companies and new talent push the pinball industry forward. No one, not even Kaneda, are claiming 'GOAT!' after a few games.

I think you missed the point. They are good, but the old guys have proven themselves over and over. The post clearly agreed with celebrating them, just not moreso than the gods of pinball design. I especially find the insults toward and rumours about Lawlor reprehensible.

#3116 52 days ago
Quoted from BallPin:

Come on man! Kman has seen it himself! Did you hear the video he leaked? Someone told me about it today. It's legit, and totally not someone playing a random pinball machine with the volume all the way down and cranking GnR music in the background. Because that would be totally fraud, and Kman is better than that

robin just give the guy his account back so we don't have to listen to him talk about himself in the 3rd person.... He's NEVER going away.

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