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New JJP Teaser Video

By jhoward1082

6 months ago

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#99 6 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

[quoted image]

The stuff he pulled with Wonka was a bit strange. He went crazy for that game (more then any other) only to back out of his purchase and then start bashing the game. I understand Kaneda has room for 1 game but I often get the vibe that he only seems interested in buying games that maintain or goes up in value. I can't really blame him for that as everyone wants their collection to hold its value but I think you also miss out on a lot with that mindset.

#147 6 months ago
Quoted from zaphX:

Assuming you're not just trolling here...
I find this hard to believe. There is so much_ to do and strive to achieve.
- Have you gotten the ticket for collecting 5 gobstoppers?
- Or the one for finishing all three rounds of Wonkavator?
- Or the one for collecting kids and kid MB jackpots?
- How about the one for the 12 factory modes?

I've been considering buying a Wonka LE and didn't realize there are 12 factory modes. That's pretty aweaome. Are those 12 factory modes objective based with hitting specific shots and integrated with clips from the movie?

#222 6 months ago

I wonder if this announcement will also coincide with new code for at least a couple JJP games? The last JJP code update was at the end of January for Willy Wonka and it wasn't that big of an update. 4 months is a long time for no code updates. I know JJP doesn't like to release updates that often so I'm thinking something has to be built up. Maybe code updates have been held back until the wifi / network update feature can also be released.

#293 5 months ago
Quoted from shaub:

Isnt that the truth.
Them: "The greatest thing to ever happen to pinball is coming soon!"
Us: "Are you gonna tell us about it?"
Them: "... I dunno"

Lol. JJP needs to announce whatever they are going to announce and soon after putting out that teaser. If you put out that type of teaser announcement then something else needs to follow within a week, not weeks or months, otherwise the hype quickly wears off.

I'm hoping that the big announcement is online player profiles, online tournaments, leaderboards, etc for all JJP games where results / stats can be viewed on a mobile app. That would be huge.

#342 5 months ago
Quoted from Pinhead1982:

Derail this thread slightly - sorry!
What would you do
Turtles LE
Wait for JJP game announcement (although GNR & Toy Story don’t appeal to me much)
Rumour of Elwin & Joe K on BTTF - if that’s anything like BM66 quality - (code) I’m in..
3rd World problems I know..

I'll go with Back to the Future in a heart beat as long as all 3 films are covered with full assets. That's one of my last dream themes.

#402 5 months ago
Quoted from Shredso:

Another teaser to piss everyone off. This was posted on their Facebook.
[quoted image]

It looks like GNR was all just a diversion to the real game Back to the Future Trilogy Pinball! 30,600 amps = 1.21 gigawatts, and 4/27/20 is in the past so yet another indicator.

Now there's a theme that would make me drop almost $10k on a pin again.

#432 5 months ago
Quoted from JY64:

30,600 watts = 3.06 gigawatts

I was just joking, didn't do any math. Looks like there's enough energy to go back or forward in time twice!

#456 5 months ago
Quoted from Thunderbird:

You’re dreaming on your dream theme and asking way too much. No company in 2020 and beyond is going to buy full assets and leave us with an empty PF like SW, at least I hope not. BTTF will be awesome if it really is coming. Interesting, TWIP does not have it listed as a possible future title.

I don't think I'm asking for too much. These games are crazy expensive and should come with full assets if based on a license. Hobbit, Batman 66, Star Wars, and Ghostbusters are a few modern titles that have what many would consider full assets. If Stern or JJP did Back to the Future and based it only off the first film and can't use Michael J. Fox's likeness it would be a huge disaapointment in my opinion.

#461 5 months ago

At this point my NIB dollars are waiting to see what GNR looks like. TMNT looks cool but I can't justify a $9k+ price tag for a Stern LE, there just isn't enough features, code, and quality there in my opinion for that price. I don't know if any new game is worth $9k+ but I do feel JJP offers the most for your money at that price point when it comes to features, code, and quality.

On another note I hope JJP does away with the stupid high LE counts with GNR. Stern has the right idea making LE counts 500. There's nothing limited about an LE count of 5,000, that takes away from the collectibility of buying the higher end model. I like what JJP did starting with Wonka in regards to offering a standard edition at $7500. Personally I would have liked to a see a premium model at $8500 that comes with the Wonkavator ball lock and is feature wise the same as the LE. Then the LE could be on its own at a reasonable LE count of 500 or less for $9500.

#467 5 months ago
Quoted from KingBW:

I heard a rumor (for what it's worth) that Slash gave them the license very cheap or free so that they could put more into the game. I don't know if that's true or not, but he does love pinball.

That would be great! Really looking forward to seeing what Eric has come up for a design on this game. Also pumped to hear about Keith's next crazy deep ruleset.

#533 5 months ago

Latest teaser (yes just joking lol)

white-leviton-electrical-outlets-receptacles-r52-05320-00w-64_1000 (resized).jpg

#542 5 months ago
Quoted from PinballManiac40:

Well, this will be very interesting if true. Kaneda reports the new JJP GnR pin will have 22 songs in the game.

HELL YEAH! That would be amazing. 22 Keith Johnson modes here we come None of this 6 song BS for $6k - $9k.

1 week later
#642 5 months ago

Just a heads up, the first episode of the JJP podcast is out. Looks like part of the link turned into an emoji lol but it still works.

The first thing that surprised me is that Leonard Abess is not (or no longer) the owner of JJP but his son Brett Abess, didn't know that. I'm glad the Abess family owns JJP as you can tell how passionate they are about pinball and wanting to make the best pinball machines on the planet. Any of your typical investment firms would have ruined what everyone loves about JJP. Brett seems very passionate about pinball and trusting the industry legends and newer employees at the company. Really looking forward to all future games by JJP.

3 weeks later
#762 4 months ago
Quoted from JY64:

I am halfway through JJP third podcast now I understand why people bitch about some of the Stern Fan Boy podcast but let's be real this podcast is like watching someone pat themselves on the back

Of course, a manufacturer podcast isn't going to bash their own product. I'm just glad JJP acknowledges all pinball manufacturers, including posting pictures on social media of collections with Stern games in it. Stern however just acts like JJP and all other pin manufacturers don't exist.

2 weeks later
#885 4 months ago
Quoted from PtownPin:

Wonka definitely has speed/flow ....

Agree. All JJP games have flow, there's just more interactive items, features, and shots on them compared to Stern games where the ball doesn't slow down as much because let's face it...there's not as much in a majority of them, especially pro models. Any game will play fast with two ramps that return the ball directly to the flippers with little else on the playfield. JJP fans are not paying $8k - $10k for that type of experience lol.

2 weeks later
#1046 3 months ago
Quoted from JY64:

Blaming a long wait for a JJP game to come out on Covid that's funny. Long waits are what JJP does they do not run smoothly and do not put out games in a timely manner

JJP moved to a new factory during the worst pandemic to hit the US in 100 years. Those two items affect game development and production. Also, JJP games take significantly longer to complete then say Stern games as there's far more that goes into them (features, toys, code, etc). With JJP now being backed by a family that has a passion for pinball they may not care about rushing out a new game but rather making sure they get it right.

#1047 3 months ago
Quoted from WizardsCastle:

And who is doing communications for JJP?
Stern is killing it with updates and new products, and over at JJP... Crickets!
People staying home, looking for new ways to entertain themselves and their family, and barely a peep from JJP.
Whoever is on communications there needs to maybe look at Stern and get some ideas.

Yeah JJP has been radio silent when it comes to game code updates. A new JJP game code update hasn't been released in 6+ months...That type of time gap between code releases is unusual for JJP. We know they have been working on WiFi updates for a while but there has to be something more there. I think JJP has been waiting to release code updates for multiple titles until whatever they are working on (new game, platform upgrade, etc) is complete.

#1060 3 months ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

That's nothing but excuses. Of course expect some delays, but not one picture yet or sneak peak of a feature? Just a 3 month teaser vid
Now I agree JJP games have much more going on but if Stern made a pin with all that going on it wouldn't take any longer than any of there other games.

Yeah good point. The only thing I can think of at this point is JJP wants to announce the game, and start shipping games immediately. It's possible JJP could have revealed the game months ago but then we would be waiting 6+ months like in the past for games to ship.

#1065 3 months ago
Quoted from Joe_Blasi:

but when does the passion for pinball people get over ruled by the money men?

Yeah who knows. With JJP the owners are passionate about pinball and are financially backing the company. This isn't a situation where a private equity firm bought JJP and is driving profit above everything else at all costs. I don't think the JJP owners want to lose money but with that much wealth they may not care about maximizing profits in the same way as other companies.

1 week later
#1162 3 months ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

I agree but heres the problem. That extra cost doesn't automatically mean its more fun to play. If it was I could see it and for alot of people I'm sure it is. I think JJP needs to downsize, concentrate on more streamlined game and have a model that can compete with the Stern Pro. I mean if they are making good money doing what they are doing then great, continue on. I wonder what POTC would look like if they had to make it with the Stern Pro budget? (take it easy fanboys just a thought) Obviously not as loaded but I think I would still enjoy it. I would prefer it with the rocking ship and canon. I like shot but don't any spinning pirates or colored lights and all that. Ah who cares.

If JJP made Pirates like a Stern Pro you can say goodbye to the large moving Pirate ship toy and say hello to a stationary chunk of metal with some cheap flat plastics attached to it representing the ship. Pass.

#1171 3 months ago
Quoted from Napoleon:

Toys do not equal fun. Turtles Pro is fairly spartan, with only the magnetic spinning pizza mech, yet it's fast and fun as hell, and has gotten way more play in my house than any other pin I've owned. My son's friends play it all the time, and they only occasionally played the other titles.
My local arcade owner bought a Pirates. He was all about how lavish it was. He sold it in under a year. It died on location.
Let's hope JJP knocks it out of the park with G&R in terms of mechs and fun.

That's great, I'm glad you are enjoying Turtles. Personally I don't think a spinning pizza disk and little else is worth $6k. If I'm paying $6k - $9k + I want a pin that's loaded, with deep / unique code, high quality animations, top build quality, etc.

#1202 3 months ago
Quoted from yancy:

Shh, let JJP keep making expensive stop & go games. Leave the fast paced, fun, "cheap" games for Stern.

A Stern premium and JJP standard are about the same price. A JJP standard such as Wonka standard has more in it, higher quality animations / code, and better build quality then any Stern premium in my opinion. Then there's the $9k+ Stern LE's that are about the same price as a JJP LE but again doesn't come with as much.

There's a reason almost all Stern games are so fast paced...there's not a lot in a majority of them. Buttery smooth plastic ramps that return the ball directly to the flippers shouldn't be a highlight for $6k - $9k+ pin. Personally I want a game loaded with interactive toys and features at those prices as that is what justifies these all time crazy prices for me. Stern makes fun pins but they don't justify the price tag in my opinion.

#1210 3 months ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

You r correct sir.

Exactly and they are more fun as a result. U old timers just can't handle the speed.

Flow at the sacrifice of interactive toys / features is overrated at today's crazy prices. I'm not paying $6k - $9k+ for a couple ramps, 2 orbits, and a single toy.

1 week later
#1376 89 days ago
Quoted from zaki:

jjp situation does not look good if it's true GnR is shelved. they have not released a new game in a year now, pandemic or not. look at the facts here. their history is not that good the last 3 years. are they going to survive? this story of the market isn't there for GnR doesn't make any sense. neither does the whole story pirates being discontinued. pinside is the ultimate source of pinball players. there are a ton of people on here that would buy a pirates pinball. your going to expect somebody to believe there was a bigger demand for dialed in and the hobbit over POTC? not believable for a second. i believe it was stopped for the cost of making it and playfield issues we all read about. if you recall, it was shown in October 2017, never to be released until summer 2018. their were problems from the start with the spinning area, it broke at several arcade shows.
at this point, i would ask if they are ever making another game. their hype video months ago led to nothing and here we are near September with the competition putting out games (stern new one tomorrow?, american's hot wheels, etc.). don't know if the toy story game is real or not, but it's a horrible theme for a game. it's a child's movie, for children 5-7 years old. they don't buy pinball. i don't get that at all. no way more folks would want a toy story game over a guns and roses.

JJP is going out of business again? Take a look at their Facebook page, games are now being built (Wonka) at the new factory. JJP is owned by a billionaire family, they are not going anywhere anytime soon.

#1431 89 days ago
Quoted from cscmtp:

you should skip the Hobbit. Incredibly boring with almost no satisfying shots. yes, beautiful to look at, and integrated well as far as the movies go, but pop ups and multiballs get old fast.

For 3+ years now you have been constantly bashing The Hobbit every chance you get, it's old. Did the game commit a crime against you or land on you while moving it? lol. Also, you sold the game well before the code was even close to being completed.

2 weeks later
#1881 74 days ago

Some people could care less how many games Stern releases per year. Modern Stern's come across as similar in regards to a majority don't contain many interactive features, they contain rather basic animations, there's a lack of detailed 3D molds (heavy use of flat plastics), all have some combination of dull filler "super" modes, and they often lack enough modes that offer great mode choreography. There are some exceptions but they are few and far between. JJP games on the other hand all feel extremely unique and come across as a spectacle. I'll take quality, depth, and variety over quantity any day...especially if I'm spending $7k - $9k+ on a pin of all things. JJP is driven by passion first, profit second while Stern is the opposite.

#1907 74 days ago
Quoted from cscmtp:

Integration is over rated if the pin isn't fun to shoot (Hobbit)

Here we go again with the Hobbit hate from ya, it never ends, 3+ years now. You must be really bitter that you sold the game when it was still on pre 1.0 code. You never got to see the integration you speak of lol.

#1943 73 days ago
Quoted from JY64:

You are correct it never ends but it is over 6 years now as the original ship date on the game was 2014 and they were still on the prepay model so money was spent on TH in 2013 "About Jersey Jack Pinball, Inc.
Jersey Jack Pinball, Inc. was founded in 2011 with a passion to build premium, no-compromise pinball machines. Games built with passion and games that are fun to play which will become treasured for years to come. The first game that Jersey Jack Pinball, Inc. is building is The Wizard of Oz Pinball Machine. The game is now in full production with more than 700 games shipped as of December 2013. More games are popping up in commercial locations and in home game rooms all around the world. The company is in development of The Hobbit Pinball machine which will ship late in 2014."

Thank goodness The Hobbit wasn't rushed out after its initial reveal, it was a mess. JJP took community feedback, redid the artwork, modified a shot on the playfield, and added more detail to molds. A few years later they again took community feedback and went and above and beyond with several game changing code updates. That's incredible.

Speaking of 2013 WOZ is still receiving code updates 7 years later.

#2026 72 days ago
Quoted from JY64:

Back when WOZ came out this would have gotten 20 down votes I think so many less shows the high prices of JJP games have hurt them

Yes, JJP games are now $7500 - $9500 while Stern's that have half the features and half the code are $6k - $9k+...

#2035 71 days ago
Quoted from smalltownguy2:

You spelled $12,500.00 wrong.

You spelled $15,000 wrong. Need that piece of Elviras old couch!

#2036 71 days ago
Quoted from Skyemont:

I guess my question is who is getting the new JJP game this month? I’m in on a CE of either. Doesn’t matter. I like JJP games.

I still need to see the full game and hear about its ruleset design. Its interesting that JJP hasn't released a single code update for any game in over 6 months which makes me believe its been all hands on deck for the new pin.

#2118 71 days ago
Quoted from nogoodnames222:

Just a reminder, this thread was created because JJP put out a video saying: "You asked for INNOVATION, we answered. Everything is about to change!"
If they let 4 months go by and then announced the re-release of a game that came out years ago that'd be quite the marketing strategy... realistically it'd just make me a little concerned that things aren't going well behind the scenes at JJP, though I'm glad to see they've got the new factory up + running despite the economic hardships of 2020.
Back to what this thread is supposed to be about: what kind of 'innovation' are you hoping or expecting to see out of JJP? I originally thought the teaser was leading up to online leaderboards/head to head play for their full catalog of games (would've been really nice for us JJP owners during quarantine). Maybe it's animated inserts? Who knows.
I think one thing JJP could potentially do to set them apart from other manufacturers would be to offer 2 different game-modes, home and location. A few of their games (at least POTC + Hobbit) seem to be 'too deep' to really shine on location. Would it be worth having the full, rich JJP code/rules we've come to expect, along with a more stripped down version that can be easily explained for location play? It's probably (almost undoubtedly) not worth the programming time, but I think it'd be neat.

I still think something big software related is coming for all JJP machines, not only Wifi updates, as there hasn't been a single JJP code update in over 6 months. Something is going on.

JJP has tried a more basic ruleset for some on location play, it was a redemption ticket mode. I think Stern tried it too and neither really took off. Having a basic ruleset for location play may appease 5% of players, the non pinball players, but then push actual pinball players away. It was cool they tried it.

#2191 70 days ago

When JJP reveals their next game. Sorry couldn't resist Looking forward to the reveal.

"I haven't done this in 20 years".

1_VThs0rDHJxv6VXYWl2Qi_Q (resized).jpeg

#2269 69 days ago
Quoted from JY64:

I will never understand why JJP fans think the only way to build JJP up is to tear down Stern it seams ridiculous to me

"You've passed the final test and are now prompted to Supreme Admiral of the 4th fleet of the Stern Army. Please send $300 for your SLE promotion certificate within 30 days"

#2279 69 days ago
Quoted from Napoleon:

Stern has released 2 games since the teaser trailer. Nothing you can say will every burn as bad as this.

"Your promotion to Captain in the 8th division of the Stern Army has been approved. Please send $50 for your premium award certificate within 90 days"

Got a ways to get to admiral level.

#2598 64 days ago
Quoted from Tranquilize:

As much as I hate to admit it, Stern is killing it. Deeproot flaked out, and GnR will come and go as Wonka did, with some fanfare, but nothing significant. It's all about theme. JJP just can't seem to put it all together. They recycle (god knows why) and choose themes that are either irrelevant (pirates) or love/hate (gnr). Imagine if Hobbit had the gameplay of pirates? It would have been their smash hit. They can't milk woz forever.
I don't claim to be a genius, but theme choice does not seem like rocket-science. Choose something that MOST people like and make sure the game plays great. Toy Story should do this as long as the theme is integrated well, the gameplay is awesome and it doesn't sound like a slot machine.

Stern always has at least 1 or 2 duds a year but can afford it as they also have 2 or 3 hits a year as well. Stranger Things for example bombed terribly, BK SOR didn't do well either, Munsters wasn't well received, and Beatles seems to be a dud.

Stern is only killing it in terms of production and releasing games quickly. Personally I'll take quality over quantity.

#2604 64 days ago
Quoted from JY64:

One out of every three or four Stern games have always been a turd but even their turds sell three times the # of game than a JJP POTC

So that makes Stern games better? Do you think Ferrari cares that Ford sells more cars then them? No. Does that make a Ford Focus better then a Ferrari F8? No.

A company can be successful without having to be the #1 sales leader in an industry. That happens every day with thousands of companies. JJP doesn't need to sell as many games as Stern to be successful.

#2639 63 days ago
Quoted from romulusx:

Do you think that JJP was aware of how weak Deeproot showing was going to be and that’s why they waited for their reveal?

How in the world is JJP going to compete with games such as Food Truck, Rock, and Potato? lol

1 week later
#2914 54 days ago
Quoted from IronMan8Bit:

Seems like the whole back left could be an upper playfield as you really don't need to see those orbits and loops; and it seems to just fit up there perfectly too especially connecting those ramps.
Blue = Upper Playfield
Red = Some type of Ramp/Mech to also interact with that Upper Playfield
[quoted image]

Yeah, I'm thinking a fairly substantial mini playfield is going to go there as well. After seeing Pirates I wouldn't be surprised if there's at least 2-3 shots on the mini playfield.

#3007 52 days ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

I can’t wait until Monday!![quoted image]

No way!

Untitled (resized).png

#3066 51 days ago
Quoted from vireland:

Best music was not Iron Maiden (and I like Maiden music). It wasn't even original music. jjPotC has a FANTASTIC soundtrack. Like, Oscar-level stuff. I would literallly catch myself musing at how awesome a particular theme was while I was playing.
Best theme - yeah, I do not think jjPotC was a great theme so you can have that one.

Don't even waste your time arguing with JY64. He's the biggest anti JJP troll on here, and never says anything good about them. It's been like that for years now.

#3128 51 days ago
Quoted from JY64:

A map vs a crowd of people with lighters wow one is a win one not so much

? lol

Do you just try to find stuff to complain about with JJP games?

#3130 51 days ago
Quoted from SLCpunk2113:

There is zero chance that people have the game already. Kman is full of shit. There would be leaks if people had the game. Period.

Probably could make them sign an NDA, occurs in the video game industry all the time with media that receives preview copies.

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