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new iron man

By tatman9999

9 years ago

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#1 9 years ago

Picked up my new irpn man today. Going to set up between spiderman and batman dark knight. Will post some more pics after i get it set up.

P1010179.JPG P1010180.JPG P1010181.JPG

#2 9 years ago

one more pic


#3 9 years ago

I played Iron Man last night for the first time. Sorry to say its one of the worst pins that I've ever played. i thought it was boring. Very plain. But that my own point of view, congrats on the new pin I hope you like it better then I do. Also your game room is sweet, it looks like you live in the chicagoland area, as do I. If you ever need a friend the help you play all those pins, Im avalible

#4 9 years ago

goughs417 any time you want to come play my pins you can. I live in plainfield. I played iron man before i bought it.It is fast free flowing.Add the right ramp update post will take care of the drain. I like it.The more you play it the i like it. did you play it with the new code?

#5 9 years ago

Dude .. don't you ever clean and wax your car ??

#6 9 years ago

never wash or wax my car.To busy waxing my pins.

#7 9 years ago

Very nice tatman9999. I love to hear a review when you get to no the iron man.
gr udo

#8 9 years ago

I played it at GameWorks so I m not sure. i live in naperville, not far from you at all. I only have Whirlwind and Taxi in my collection so far. So maybe I will.

#9 9 years ago

Congrats on the pin let us know how she plays - I had a 2 sec thought about buying a new pin - Might look for a spiderman I know you have both give us a run down of what you would get LOTR, SM, BDK, IM if you could only have one - also know I have a ToM, STTNG, BSD, so something that fits in the middle of those

#10 9 years ago

Congratulations on Ironman tatman,you will have to keep us posted on how you like it over time. Fusion I have STTNG and Blackknight and I am going to get Spiderman next,really think they will fit together being Steve Ritchie masterpieces!

#11 9 years ago

What a wonderful feeling..... unpacking a brand new game! Ironman is a pretty machine. It's kinda hard to see with the glare-shine coming off the car and the garage floor, tho.....

Yes, please let us know how you like it next to SM. I think Ironman is actually pretty different than SM, so you'll have some variety. Congrats!

#12 9 years ago

Dying to see Iron Man with one of those custom toppers.

#13 9 years ago

iron man topper should have it in a week.

#14 9 years ago

Never seems to dissapoint with the quality look of those Stern toppers.

#15 9 years ago

Topper looks great!!

#16 9 years ago

Congrats on this brand new pin, Tatman!
Curious to hear how she stacks up against Spidey.

And yes that topper does look awesome!

#17 9 years ago

I played about 20 games last night. I like it alot it is a lot faster than spiderman. Spiderman is one of my fav. games. Iron man is my kind of pin lots of flow and fast. Multiball is crazy fast and the maginet reminds me of gnr. The speed is faster than Johnny mnemonic with out the hand to slow it down. The sound and music is outstanding. Not sure about the monger in the middle (might be somthing wrong with it)keeps going up and down,stops half way then it goes up agian.I watch videos online and did not see that. Stern did a great job. Will be adding a shaker thursday when it shows up. It is to new for me to rate it. The code is not done yet. If i have to rate it aginst spiderman. spiderman is a 9.5 all day to me. Iron Man would be 8.75 but it is not fair to iron man until the code is done. Because batman dark knight was a 6 to me until last weeks update 2.94 now the game is up there with spiderman. I am adding leds to Iron Man today. I would recomend this pin to anyone that like free flowing pins. still moving my game room around alittle messy still but here is a couple of pic

011.JPG 013.JPG 014.JPG

#18 9 years ago

couple more pics

015.JPG 016.JPG 012.JPG

#19 9 years ago

Is that a cup holder ? .. LOL I guess that's one way to keep peoples drinks off the glass.

#20 9 years ago

I have a cup holder on every pin. They sell them at pinball life for $10.95 well worth it. Great for beers

#21 9 years ago

Tatman... Just a couple of questions. What do you do for a living and are they hiring?
I really need a game room like yours.

#22 9 years ago

I own a import auto shop. I work on mb,bmw,rolls,vw,audi,porsche,and all other imports. Not really hiring only 3 people working for me. some day hope one of my sons will,17,16 and two 15 twins, all boys.

#23 9 years ago

That explains it.

#24 9 years ago

Good lord thats one kick butt gameroom tatman!

I've been dying to try out the new Batman DK software update. I mean...the game is already great....but it sounds like the new code makes it a killer game.

I wouldn't count out the Iron Mongor problem having something to do with the code. There was a similar issue with the buck in Big Buck Hunter Pro in earlier software revisions. Give Stern some time to "iron" out the kinks for Iron Man.

I have yet to try out Iron Man, but if its faster than Johnny Mnemonic (the reigning king of pinball speed)....then Iron Man must be a freaking adrenaline rush to play.

#25 9 years ago

How's your scores so far? I got 26million the second game I played on it set to medium difficulty (i think?)

#26 9 years ago

Wow. We should have a "show of your gameroom" section on the site, with pics of the worlds greatest gamerooms. Once you clean that place up yours will be one of 'em

#27 9 years ago

My gameroom is the best on my block.

#28 9 years ago

Did Stern include any shwag from the Iron Man movies tatman, to place near the Iron Man pinball? You need a poster of the movie, or maybe just a pin-up of "Black Widow" aka Scarlett Johansson.

On a side-note, I hope Stern is still around for the release of The Avengers. Iron Man pinball needs company ("Thor" pinball or "Captain America" pinball).

#29 9 years ago

Make a section for game rooms,I will post mine when it is done. I will have to look for a IM movie poster.

#30 9 years ago


Is IM worth picking up? I may get one tomorrow....would be first game for me.....whadddaaaa think?

#31 9 years ago

I just got home from playing I.M. for the 1st time
-It's good but S-man is still ahead of it but not by much -play it first loren3233

#32 9 years ago

I have spiderman,batman dark knight,potc,lotr,mm,cv,mb,gnr,stnng,and know iron man. Iron man is a very fun game,very fast i am loving it. I just add a shaker motor hit the monger (what a game)well weath picking up.spiderman is my fav. game,havent played it in a week.

#33 9 years ago

Iron Man is a good game. I would buy it if I had more room and I already had a SM.

#34 9 years ago

You know if I was starting all over again with a game room
and I didn't have a lot of skill with fixing pins but had money
I would get - Iron Man, Spider Man, Lord of the Rings and save some room
in case they decide to make a Thor pin with the movie due out next year...
I think that would make a nice modern game room line up

#35 9 years ago

TAT999(whatever your name is)

You bought a BRAND NEW pinball......again..........thanks for the pics.

All I have to say is "HE WHO DIES WITH THE MOST TOYS, doesn't win"

GET SOME FUKIN POPCORN in that machine for cripe sakes......

You have too much money and quit trying to impress. If you get some popcorn in that machine then I might want to talk to you!

#36 9 years ago

Whoa jbscar......whats with the anger man I hope your just joking?
next week you could pick 7 numbers and start the biggest pinball arcade in the North.
Lottery - got to be in it to win it

#37 9 years ago

Whoah Jbscar chill dude!! Tatman your gameroom is fantastic and you have an outstanding collection of Pinball Machines.
Personally i love all the photo's of peoples machines and gamerooms,keep it up!

#38 9 years ago

Whoa Nelly. Maybe he doesn't want stale popcorn in his machine. And maybe he's not trying to impress you. And the amount of money he makes is no concern to anyone but him and the taxman.

#39 9 years ago

Its a pinball forum just trying to show pins,Im not showing plyes of cash or cars,houses.Not trying to impress you. I enjoy pinball and sharing it with the forum. I like see what others on this forum have. Everyone on this forum is welcome to come over and play my pins anytime. I will even have popcorn in the machaine.

#40 9 years ago

You don't have to explain yourself Tatman.

#41 9 years ago

tatman9999 congarts on IronMan - u'r collection is great! btw. how is guns n roses pin? i have a chance to get one soon....

#42 9 years ago

Great pickup.

I like Iron Man quite a bit. It's very fast, it's challenging, and the sound and light show is fantastic. The only thing I'd change about is that I wish the ramps returned the ball to the flippers faster, but that's a real minor issue.

#43 9 years ago

Great room tatman....It's nice to see a room like that with all kinds of different items. How is that IM playing? Any issues yet?

#44 9 years ago

Fantastic room Tatman, it makes me dream.

Until now, which one do you like the most between your Stern's?

#45 9 years ago

I feel I.M. is one of those games that gets better the more you play it,
I'm already feeling like going back to play it again today.
-I think you have a nice line of pins tatman9999 enjoy the hobby

#46 9 years ago

Great game room tatman keep the pictures coming it gives the most of us something to shoot for.Ironman looks great I hope Stern makes a Avatar pin later on with an
LCD display because I will buy 1. Are you listening Gary!!!

#47 9 years ago

thanks i willl keep the pics coming. gnr is a great pin. fav stern is spiderman,then iron man
couple of pics of iron man mods i made add leds to the figures.

002.JPG 001.JPG

#48 9 years ago

Nice work tatman, don't worry too much about jbscar, alcohol obviously has a lot to do with his ridiculous postings.
Moderators - this has been going on for to long, do something about it....

#49 9 years ago

I don't think you need a ton of money for a cool game room if you're willing to do the work yourself. Honestly, how much are floor tiles? A few cents a sq/ft? Look how cool Jar's gameroom looks and I bet he did it himself. This is a hobby that diy pays off big time from fixing your own pins to building your own playroom.

Sorry to digress. I never get jealous of someone else's gameroom, I get some good ideas. I want to post pictures of my homemade room when it's done.

#50 9 years ago

Leigh we do

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