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Sorcerer's Apprentice: New Game Revealed by Multimorphic!

By solarvalue

63 days ago

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#2 63 days ago

Plus the morse code has already been decoded... august 21, 2021!!

Is there a second clue in that last photo? hmm..

#7 63 days ago
Quoted from solarvalue:

I think you mean August 23.

Hm.... another clue!!

#8 63 days ago
Quoted from solarvalue:

Here is the last Multimorphic post with the original image on the right, spot the differences?
[quoted image]

I really don't see anything beyond what we've already identified:

- hamburger -
- telegraph
- dot matrix printout with morse code (I think it's dot matrix printer paper, not sure)
- MM logo up top
- CCR logo in carpet

#10 63 days ago

Only 13 hours and 49 minutes to august 23!

#15 62 days ago

Today’s the day! Food Truck racer?

#39 61 days ago

I got a few games in earlier - it is really fun! I don't have Lexy Lightspeed but I imagine it's more similar to that game than CCR. Heist is probably the most traditional 'familiar' pinball code.

This game is REALLY interesting! I'm having to re-learn the CCR playfield since I've not had it in my game for a while, but the shots are fun. It's like a pinball RPG almost. Modes are "spells" and then you have to travel to a certain land to defeat 3 bosses who guard a dungeon. Haven't made it very far yet. Definitely more of a sniper-shooter type game than a flow monster but that's only if you care about progressing quickly. The bandits are hilarious! There's a lot to this one, great work.

#54 61 days ago
Quoted from punkin:

Little concerned listening to Gerry say that each game you have to take the same path to reach the objectives in the same order.
That's why i sold Pinball Magic. Great game but the same objectives in the same order every ball is not fun.

It's really not like Pinball Magic at all. I thought I was going to love that game, but I hated it - there's never been a more linear game. This one is NOTHING at all like it.

#56 60 days ago
Quoted from punkin:

Can see this being an expensive bait for me, more i hear the more excited i am.
I'm already cancelling LZ to pay for it, but may have to cancell Elvira too.

Er… hang on, we should talk. The P3 is awesome, unrivalled, and possibly unstoppable at this point - but everyone is upping their game. Elvira is one of the best games in 20+ years, and may be Lyman Sheats’ swan song (see what I did there?)

#58 60 days ago
Quoted from punkin:

Yeah, i understand, all though i've never played one. If it's half as good as Deadpool it'll be outstanding.
I'll see where my funds are at at the end of the year, which is when i'll be asked to pay for them.
Thinking this P3 is going to soak up most of my pinball budget for the next few years at least. I also have a Haggis Mermaid ordered, so there may be some hard decisions on what to keep and what i can live without. Have a 51 Williams woody Control Tower on it's way to me as we speak as well.
I do have a few machines here i don't really want. Have two Gottliebs here and i'm not a Gottlieb guy.

It’ll work out. The P3, even if you don’t like half the games - the rest are great! Up to you which ones you like best.

#62 55 days ago

Even though I’ve been busting SA for a few days now (finally got BOTH Fire and Ice in a game!! Lol), I’m psyched for the livestream. MM keeps next-leveling…

#73 54 days ago
Quoted from punkin:

Watched the first 20 mins or so yesti. Gotta say the game looks pitched above my skill level. Having to make 3 or 4 shots in 15 secs or so multiple times to achieve stuff would be most likely be beyond me and just doesn't seem like fun to me.
Don't get me wrong, i like hurryups, but that's too hard looking for a below average player.
I like hit and hope too, but there's gotta be some hope.
The game sure is pretty though.

I thought so too, I'm not a great player - but I already had the game, so I kept trying...

Turns out you just have to strategize and hit the "add time" shots first. Kevin's way too good of a player so he's nailing most stuff on the first try, makes it look easy/hard

#78 53 days ago

One thing I really enjoyed in the stream was the explanations of the fire / ice / lightning and why the modes were programmed with the rules they have (fire is persistent, ice melts, lightning moves around), and the whole process of making the game. Fantastic release

#83 52 days ago

What a cool idea for user engagement !

Hey I’d be happy to record callouts for any future idea

I do not envy who has to dig through Pinside threads to find all these quotes haha

1 month later
#93 2 days ago
Quoted from gstellenberg:

We'll have Sorcerer's Apprentice and Heist (and we'll swap to others) at Expo next week. Hope to see you there!
- Gerry

I know you guys are the experts, but I HIGHLY recommend ensuring you have a safe place to put the glass when removing playfields - that was the number 1 time suck for us at the York show recently. Good luck!!!! Your upper body will be sore on the 2nd day

#100 1 day ago
Quoted from northvibe:

I have tile floor in my basement now, but i've collected the 3d printed glass corner holders. PBL has them or there is an open file you can print yourself. And I leave them in all my games. It is scary when you don't have a good place to put glass! Common problem when I repair on route.....

Those corner things were invaluable! Our issue was just an awkward place on the floor and having to walk all the way around the machines to put the glass down. Not the end of the world but made swaps take a lot longer

#103 1 day ago
Quoted from Zitt:

Today, I took delivery of my CCR + SA playfield.
I ended up doing some day job work in the late afternoon... then installed the software updates and packages after 7pm.
Apparently - For some reason; I had removed the balls from my P3... months ago ... and promptly forgot.
So; after doing the software upgrades - I incorrectly assumed I had f'ed something up... then Multimorphic's technical support called me on the boneheaded mistake:
[quoted image]
After installing the balls - I remembered two things while playing Sorcerer's Apprentice.
1) I very much suck at pinball.
2) Gerry is a mean pinball designer who loves to make brutal, "play better" layouts.
Right now SA is my favorite... but I played some career mode CCR and again reminded me that I suck at pinball.
The moral of the story?
Check balls

Get familiar with the profiles and save your game… a LOT

#105 18 hours ago

Do yourself a favor Zitt and replace the rubbers in the game with some that actually have a CHANCE of gripping the ball and helping you get it under control.

The punishing game rules + required laser precision make it difficult for casual players and families to understand any of these games. And by "casual players" I mean anyone who's not winning tournaments. The rules are hard, the layouts are hard, the physics are hard. Make the games in your home fun, so it's not just this clique of ace players. Also, profile saves, although this will not translate to the average player, but at least you'll know.

#107 18 hours ago
Quoted from RebelGuitars:

You’ve got to get Ranger in the Ruins. Highly addictive and a great price!

No doubt!

#110 6 hours ago
Quoted from Zitt:

[quoted image]
People keep sending me money... So I spend my "pinball time" packing orders.

I'm considering it... But really; given the the cash I spent for CCR+SA, I need some time to recover.
By then; the licensed theme will probably be announced.

The problem isn't grip really. At least not right now.
My most frustrating problem is that the scoop on the CCR module is firing right down the middle. So much that it's annoying as hell; it takes sometimes 6-10 shots with ball save to actually get the ball on a flipper by then the mode timer is "done". It annoyed the wife too.
I'm almost positive it's a level problem... so I haven't checked with Multimorphic for support.
I thought I saw levelness at some point (proably in Canon Lagoon); but I couldn't find the screen in SA to check. Diags didn't have the screen either.
So; gstellenberg ... we need an update to the diag program to put the level meter on screen.
But I'm sure he's already thought of that... and I'm just being obtuse and forgetting where that screen lives officially. Maybe it's on Lexy but not on SA?

The level is in the package manager, but it’s a little hard to dial in - or at least I’ve never figured out how to use it effectively. Use the PinGuy app instead.

Some of the CCR playfields actually do need an adjustment to that scoop, so don’t discount that possibility. There is of course a document about it (thanks TJ!)

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