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Sorcerer's Apprentice: New Game Revealed by Multimorphic!

By solarvalue

65 days ago

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#61 57 days ago
Quoted from RebelGuitars:

I’m really enjoying SA and looking forward to tomorrow’s stream. I somehow lost my saved progress, so starting over obtaining the spells.

Looks like we introduced a bug when adding a new P3 framework feature that only SA uses so far. It affects restoring a saved state and then saving it again (regardless of whether it's the saved to the same name or a different one). We'll get an update out after addressing a couple more issues.

Quoted from RebelGuitars:

But once you have them, the modes are really cool! I’m sure I’m just scratching the surface. Expecting to learn more of the rules from Kevin and Gerry tomorrow night.

I'll be chatting with Kevin on stream, so bring your questions!

- Gerry

#71 55 days ago

Great job with the stream, Kevin, and thanks to everybody for tuning in. There were some great questions in chat.

- Gerry

#77 55 days ago
Quoted from punkin:

Having to make 3 or 4 shots in 15 secs or so multiple times to achieve stuff

All but one or two of the 16 main spell modes defaults to either 45s or 60s, usually for 3 or 4 shots. The hardest one (IMO) is the learn ice spell, which gives you 15s to hit *each* shot. I think that's the one you're referring to? Hit one and the timer resets. So it's still 45s for 3 shots, but the short per-shot timer is pretty intense.

Tip: Stack Black Magic Multiball onto a mode, and the timers go away (the mode continues until you complete it or until MB ends). That's a huge advantage for the Learn Ice mode.

There are a bunch of operator settings for mode timers and other things. If the defaults are too difficult or not fun, change them. Set the options however you want so that the game's fun for you.

Quoted from Cheeks:

The game is tough for sure! After viewing last night and hearing Gerry talk about the ending, I'm pretty sure I'll never beat the Sorcerer.

There are settings for sorcerer battle too. Well, there were. Looks like we hid those when releasing, but Greg and I just talked, and we'll unhide them in the next release. That'll let you adjust the things like the time length between sorcerer attacks and the damage each of you inflict on the other. Then you can make the sorcerer battle easier, and you can always make it harder again after beating him a couple of times.

We're working on a couple of issues reported by customers. So we'll likely have a new release pretty soon. Among a few other subtle things, we're adding a ball save for the right ramp releases and fixing a bug related to failed launches. Oh, and a save state bug. Currently if you save, restore, and save again, it'll corrupt your save point. That's already fixed here and will be in the next release.

Quoted from Cheeks:

It would be cool if there were two varieties of Fire, Ice, and Lightning to mix things up.

Cool idea. We'll discuss.

Quoted from Cheeks:

Kevin was doing some next-level spell switching last night.

No kidding. He made it look like he didn't even have to think about it! That's some impressive muscle memory.

Quoted from Cheeks:

I'm really LOVING this game. Very, very well done.

Thank you! Thanks for your comments on stream about the good price/value of the game.

- Gerry

#80 54 days ago

SA fans: We're going to add more voice callouts in a future update. Toyguy offered an initial recommendation for a new insult, and we'd like to run with the idea that all of you can participate in the brainstorming.

So... let's hear all of your favorite callout ideas for SA. We'd like to add some theme-relevant insults and also some additional variations of any others you think need more variations. This should be fun!

Please list your callouts here. Just list the quote and where you think it should be used:
eg (from Toyguy): "You have the accuracy of a blind goat herder" : After not hitting anything for a while.

Just please take it seriously... don't suggest silly things you don't think would fit, and please refrain from using profanity. Do suggest things that will enhance your immersion while playing.

We'll take inputs for about a week. Then we'll filter the list and have Ryan record them.

- Gerry

#87 49 days ago

We've got a great list of quotes to consider. Please keep them coming for a few more days.

No new quotes will be in the next maintenance release, but we'll get them in in the following release.

I absolutely love some of the suggestions!

- Gerry

#88 44 days ago

We're taking quote suggestions through the weekend. So get your remaining ideas in soon!

We'll review on Monday, decide on a final list, and then get them recorded.

- Gerry

#89 42 days ago 09-13-2021
<Requires CCR module driver>
- Added: Operator setting to stop Learn Fire mode from resetting its state when re-entering
- Added: Various operator settings for sorcerer battle
- Added: Operator setting for hits required to defeat a bandit
- Added: Subsequent shots to workshop ramp wards now drop the ball immediately
- Added: Attacking the sorcerer while he's preparing to cast his own spell will reduce his power by 50%
- Added: Short ball save on right ramp ward/magnet releases
- Added: Logic to select a different name for bandit and sorcerer if the current player profile name matches the selected name
- Fixed: Ball count got out of sync when launches to the ramp failed
- Fixed: Saving additional progress on a restored state would corrupt the game status
- Fixed: Bazaar Ice/Lightning balls getting stuck on the right ramp / required spell not changing to lightning
- Fixed: Low health sfx/callouts not playing correctly
- Fixed: Backbox player health during sorcerer battle not intializing properly
- Fixed: Mismatched chest/gem animations on BB vs playfield LCD
- Fixed: Cancelling out of "add player with profile" left the feature menu in a bad state
- Fixed: BMMB spell graphic not being removed after BMMB ends
- Fixed: Confusing description of operator setting that allows white buttons to rotate the potion lane
- Fixed: Bandit Thwarted bonus was carrying over across games
- Fixed: Modes not fully ending when entering service mode during gameplay
- Fixed: Long profile names overlapping other fields in the apron LCD
- Fixed: Long profile names overlapping big scores in game summary
- Fixed: Profile settings were appearing too far down the screen
- Fixed: Team game text slightly overlapped the score box in the apron LCD
- Fixed: Flippers getting stuck up during twitch-connect invert flippers attack
- Fixed: Activating shield no longer gives 3 points

Be sure to update both the app and module driver!

Note - this update does not have any new callouts. Those will come later.

- Gerry

SA_NEW_CODE_HD-R2 (resized).jpg

1 month later
#92 3 days ago

We'll have Sorcerer's Apprentice and Heist (and we'll swap to others) at Expo next week. Hope to see you there!

- Gerry

#94 3 days ago

We gotta get to work on that telescopically retracting glass...

- Gerry

#104 2 days ago
Quoted from Zitt:

I had removed the balls from my P3... months ago ... and promptly forgot.

Quoted from Zitt:

Gerry is a mean pinball designer who loves to make brutal, "play better" layouts.

Sounds like "play more often" applies here too!

We designed the CCR playfield to be high speed and flowy for the racing concept. It definitely punishes you when the ball gets out of control.

Make sure to turn on Sorcerer Apprentice's "insult callouts" in Settings/Audio. It sounds like you'll get to hear a lot of them. The next software update will have over 50 more callouts, many of which were requested here.

- Gerry

#111 2 days ago
Quoted from Zitt:

My most frustrating problem is that the scoop on the CCR module is firing right down the middle.

Quoted from Zitt:

So; gstellenberg ... we need an update to the diag program to put the level meter on screen.

Agreed - we do need to add it into Diags. As Rob said, it's currently in the apron area in System Manager (and LL-EE).

Please let me know if it turns out to be a misaligned scoop. There's an explicit step in the assembly instructions to align the scoop, install the partially built playfield into the launch fixture, and test launch a bunch of times for no STDM launches before continuing assembly. I know for sure that step wasn't skipped on your p/f. So either your machine isn't level (easy fix) or the scoop angle relaxed after assembly, possibly when traveling sideways (screws perhaps not tightened enough).

Here's the CCR section in our support wiki (login required): https://www.multimorphic.com/support/projects/customer-support/wiki/Cosmic_Cart_Racing
Among other things, it has the article Rob mentioned about realigning the scoop.

- Gerry

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