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Sorcerer's Apprentice: New Game Revealed by Multimorphic!

By solarvalue

65 days ago

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#22 63 days ago
Quoted from DCFAN:

Is that a licensed title? never heard of it

No. The licensed theme (with Danesi beats) is still forthcoming.

#34 63 days ago

I've only played a few games so far. I'll be honest, the first couple games had me thinking, "meh." I had NO CLUE what I was doing.

**Full disclosure, I'm in the middle of trying to resolve some flipper issues, which curbs some enthusiasm from any game.**

BUT -- after about 4 games or so, I am officially deeming this the SA playfield, that is also used by CCR (and I like CCR). This game is pretty dope! I still barely know what I'm doing, but it's freakin cool.

"Shoot the floatie?" WTF?!?

And I got some burger thing (now I know why it was in the teaser picture) and some associated high score or something. My head is still kinda spinning about what's going on, but in a good way.

Hopefully there's a lot more easter eggs too.

Undoubtedly this game will go unappreciated by most, but it's really fun already. AND A STEAL AT $500! Are you kidding me?

#46 63 days ago

Heist is great, and is objectively the best game on the system. Not surprisingly, it gets all the P3 pub.

I'm probably Lexy's biggest Stan. That game is criminally underrated. Unfortunately, there's not a ton else going for that module.

But with the addition of the new game: CCR, SA, and RitR together make this playfield the best bang for your P3 buck.

Even if you only had the CCR playfield (I swear I'm gonna start calling it the SA playfield soon), you could still have a case study in what makes the P3 awesome. With only this single playfield, you still have so many diverse gameplay experiences: CCR arcade mode (local and online), CCR career mode, SA, RitR, and ROCs.

Before today, CCR was the hardest module for me to recommend to someone (not counting CL), although RitR really helped close the gap. As much as I love my girl Lexy, SA pushes the value prop of this playfield past Lexy, and depending what you're into, possibly even Heist.

I've been waiting for a FULL software-only re-theme game for one of the playfields. I didn't expect that to happen where the add-on exceeded the original. I hope we continue to see a lot more of this. Not sure the relative development costs of this strategy, but for consumers, it's an amazing deal.

1 week later
#74 55 days ago
Quoted from punkin:

Watched the first 20 mins or so yesti. Gotta say the game looks pitched above my skill level. Having to make 3 or 4 shots in 15 secs or so multiple times to achieve stuff would be most likely be beyond me and just doesn't seem like fun to me.
Don't get me wrong, i like hurryups, but that's too hard looking for a below average player.
I like hit and hope too, but there's gotta be some hope.
The game sure is pretty though.

The game is tough for sure! After viewing last night and hearing Gerry talk about the ending, I'm pretty sure I'll never beat the Sorcerer. That said, the individual modes are not *that* difficult. Each one lets you add time (15 sec?) by hitting the captive ball. As long as the timer is under 15 seconds remaining, I believe this can be done indefinitely. Modes are still not a gimme, but it makes them totally fair in my opinion.

Once it gets to the 2-spell modes, things get tougher. I think these are super cool, but you need to be able to switch the spell with the other buttons. Kevin was doing some next-level spell switching last night. I typically go for most/all of the first spell, then switch to the other spell and finish them off. And don't even get me started on using the shield amongst all of this. It definitely requires some finger gymnastics, but is a really novel concept that I'm digging for sure.

My only complaint about the game is that everything is gated by the same 3 basic modes. So, you end up playing these modes ALL the time, and don't get to play the 2-spell modes nearly as often. I really wish there were 2 versions of each of the base spell modes to add some variety. I think the entry-level spell modes are fun and well done, but I'll end up playing them so often that I can see getting tired of them. It would be cool if there were two varieties of Fire, Ice, and Lightning to mix things up. Switching between which base spell mode you got would really add some longevity to the early game. I guess eventually I might create a save point where I've collected the 3 spells, but I don't love the idea of needing to do this just to skip something repetitive.

Other than this complaint, I'm really LOVING this game. Very, very well done.

#85 53 days ago

Oops, originally posted these in the wrong thread.

Insult ideas:

Everyone makes mistakes, but you're really abusing the privilege.

If having bad aim was a crime, you'd already be sentenced to death.

Somewhere there's a village searching for their idiot.

Did someone teach you how to miss as a joke?

You know you’re supposed to *HIT* the arrows, not avoid them, right?

Should I be using smaller words so you can understand?

At first I thought you were just bad at this, now I wonder if you’re actually trying.

You remind me of what I left in the chamber pot last night.

It's pointless to insult you, because you'll die before you figure it out.

I heard you were terrible, but I had no idea it could get this bad.

How do I put this so even you will understand…you stink at this!

Do you need to move closer, or are you going keep trying from there?

Your aim is so poor I’m going to hold a charity festival for it.

You couldn't hit the broad side of a camel.

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