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Back To Factory ROM's From Demo Time; Claw Won't Work

By weaverj

3 years ago

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#101 3 years ago

Nope, it never hurts to have extra's, I am trying to keep any extra boards I end up with for whatever reason, too many times I needed a board I had, sold it for less than it costs, and had to spend more to replace it. Hell, if you replace it, I will buy it myself.

#102 3 years ago


At least if you do want to try this route, the board is cheap enough.. if you wanted to split it, I would give you 20 for yours and you could by this one for 40

#103 3 years ago

okay, i'll let you guys know. thanks, again.

i'll update the thread after i try anything else, but it could be a week or two.

#104 3 years ago

an idea; i found this:

U6: Version L-3
Changes from revision L-2:
Made the claw smarter about the coin door interlock
switch disabling the magnet. When the coin door is
closed, the game checks to see if it thinks the magnet
is broken, and if so, tries to check it again.

so a theory i have is try an L-2 U6. maybe i just need the "dumber" claw code.

i e-mailed john about possibly getting one.

#105 3 years ago

Worth a shot, have you switch tested your coin door switch by chance? In switch test you just press in the button, just curious if that is working.

#106 3 years ago

bottom switch registers. top does not. i assume that's it, right?

i now know how alexander fleming must have felt.

#107 3 years ago

actually, the top button is the interlock. should that show something while in switch test? the bottom one says "coin door closed". like i said, top one doesn't show anything on the display.

#108 3 years ago

man, i hope this is it.

#109 3 years ago

Are there wires connected to the top one? I just checked mine, the top one does nothing in switch test, only the bottom. Did you order the rom yet? I still think your best bet is that replacement board from K's arcade, I honestly still think the software is the only thing left that makes any sense as to why it works with demotime but not the current rom.

#110 3 years ago

remember, i had what appeared to be an older demo time rom and it didn't work on that one either. so of the 3 game roms i have, i'm 1 for 3.

#111 3 years ago


#112 3 years ago

looks like the interlock has 6 contacts and i'm on 1,3,4,6.

#113 3 years ago
Quoted from weaverj:

an idea; i found this:
U6: Version L-3
Changes from revision L-2:
Made the claw smarter about the coin door interlock
switch disabling the magnet. When the coin door is
closed, the game checks to see if it thinks the magnet
is broken, and if so, tries to check it again.
so a theory i have is try an L-2 U6. maybe i just need the "dumber" claw code.
i e-mailed john about possibly getting one.

I spoke to my buddy & he was thinking it was ROM related. What did John say?

#114 3 years ago

he didn't have any ideas except try another lx4.

#115 3 years ago

I just do not think it is the rom... if it was only not working with LX4, then sure, but you say you have 3 roms now, and only 1 works. I still think the problem is in that aux driver board. My offer to split the cost of the new one with you stands, I can shoot you 20 paypal as a gift, you order the new one from K's and send me the old one.

#116 3 years ago

i'll order one and see how it goes. i don't mind.

thanks for the help, guys.

#117 3 years ago

Let us know how it goes

#118 3 years ago

new card in: no dice. works with demo time and not the lx-4 :l. i'm depressed.

#119 3 years ago

i was talking to a local guy i just met and he's thinking voltage maybe. not sure i mentioned this before, but i noticed the demo time kicks balls out of the retina scan fairly hard. it will sometimes even hit the slingshot rubber, then bounce directly in the outlane drain. pretty annoying. the lx-4 rom kicks it out way more subtle, and it gracefully drops right into the inlane.

where i'm going with this is maybe the lx-4 is pulsing the magnet with lower voltage, which would work if everything was brand new. not everything is, obviously. most of this thing is still from '94. maybe something somewhere is wore out and when the demo time is in there, giving more volts to everything, it mysteriously works.


#120 3 years ago

Did u try removing or replacing the batteries?
This rom version might be finicky and removing the batteries might do he trick.
My claw was acting up recently too and this worked for me. I have the profanity roms.

#121 3 years ago

What do you mean by new card?

#122 3 years ago

sorry, the driver board.

#123 3 years ago
Quoted from pincredible:

Did u try removing or replacing the batteries?

i pulled them and the power cord for 30 minutes or so once to reset it. didn't try new ones or powering on without batteries.

#124 3 years ago

So, with any other rom, except that Demo Time that does make the claw work, if you go into claw test, does the magnet work at all? If you were to hold the ball there would it be held at all or is it just nothing at all?

Have you done any voltage checks yet, there are several test points on the driver board where you can measure.

#125 3 years ago

i get a magnet error when testing.

have not done anything with voltage. have not checked any readings on the claw.

#126 3 years ago

Ok, so it say's magnet error when you go into the claw test menu. And you put a new aux driver board into the game already.. Ok, time for some research, let me dig around.

#127 3 years ago

Found an old post that mentioned the same problem, turned out this board was bad http://www.marcospecialties.com/pinball-parts/04-12330.. there was also mention of the elevator not moving up and down properly, do you find your elevator is slow or hear any scraping or grinding noise?

#128 3 years ago

Going through the manual, magnet error

This message is displayed when the game is unable to pick up the ball from the elevator platform with the claw magnet, this can be caused my a defective magnet in the claw arm, or the elevator hold switch being broken.

We may have covered this, but when you run the claw test, does the elevator hold box have an x in it when the claw is trying to pick up the ball?

#129 3 years ago
Quoted from weaverj:

he didn't have any ideas except try another lx4.

I'm still willing to send you another one to try... no charge

#130 3 years ago
Quoted from johnwartjr:

I'm still willing to send you another one to try... no charge

want to send me one with ghosting patch? if it works, i'll buy it.

#131 3 years ago

elevator slow or noisy... well, i don't have anything to compare to really. it seems okay. it's a consistent pace and the noise is also consistent during the up/down process.

when there's a ball in the elevator, the hold box in test on the display is solid during the entire autorun.

#132 3 years ago

okay, so i almost just passed out.

had her in test mode, ball in elevator, claw max left. i held door close switch and interlock in. ran autorun. f'n magnet fired, picked ball up, moved it to far left and dropped it on the habitrail!

i closed the door. as i did that, i made sure the plate that pushes the door switches in looked like it was lined up. it did. started a game, got one up to the claw and it didn't work.

so it's not working, but i almost feel like it is. excited. what's next, guys?

#133 3 years ago

i'm busting, jerry; i'm busting!

#134 3 years ago

This is getting exciting....

#135 3 years ago

I hope you get this worked out. It seems like quite a ride. I'm not good at diagnosing anything like this, but if you need any pictures of mine, let me know.

#136 3 years ago

so something is pulling too much juice during game play, cock-blocking (if you will) the magnet? or could it be a weak power supply?

#137 3 years ago

Ok, so in a test run it worked, when you started the game it did not. Did you try the test again with you holding in the button? Also, when you say the hold is always on when the ball is in the elevator, you don't mean even when it is at the bottom as well do you?

#138 3 years ago

yes. after i started a game and it got stuck, i just went into test mode and got the ball out with that so i didn't have to take the glass off. pretty smart, right?

no, the hold is off at the bottom. i can see that during the run elevator and park elevator test.

#139 3 years ago

Ok, so you went into test mode and got the ball out, so it worked 2 times in test mode? When your running test mode, are you holding in the button on the left side of the coin door, the white door button, or not holding it in?

And when the elevator is down, the hold x is not still on right?

#140 3 years ago

correct about 2nd time working, and i think i was just holding in the interlock.

when the elevator is parked, entirely at the bottom, hold x is off.

#141 3 years ago

Ok, now this is a longshot but I am curious, take the glass off, keep the coin door open, hold in the white cabinet switch and start a game, just roll the ball down the cryo claw inlane to start it, then roll the ball up to the elevator, If it works in test this way, I want to see if it works during gameplay this way.

#142 3 years ago

good idea. i'll try tonight.

#143 3 years ago

Great, post the results.

#144 3 years ago

I'm wondering if the 'works with Demo time' isn't a massive red herring, have you switched the ROMs back to see if it still works with the Demo Time ROM? (Apologies if you have, I only skim read the thread)

Before buying anything, I would test 100% every single switch and opto related to the claw operation, if you look in the manual at the switch locations page this will help with that.

95% of the problems I've seen with the claw are to do with the claw opto, due to WMS cheaping out on the opto hardware. I can highly, highly recommend this board if the claw opto board is faulty:

#145 3 years ago

The opto board controls the left and right movement of the claw itself, I agree that replacement is a better option than the original, I bought one myself, and they will soon have the one for the bottom of the elevator shaft, I had sent them my old one which was not working, and just received the new version.

He has never mentioned any issues with the left and right movement, and we have gone though the test options and both left and right do register.. I really thought there was an issue with the Aux board that controls the magnet, but a new one was installed.. This claw working in test mode is new, now it may have to do with the new board he installed, not sure... still going though it.

When he checks in later, will have him double check the left and right movement in test mode again, to make sure they are both registering. Usually you get a claw out of range error message though, and he has not gotten that.

#146 3 years ago

holding in the door switches manually during game play does not make a difference.

#147 3 years ago

claw left/right is fine. i just ran the auto run again. claw right highlights as it's picking up the ball, then goes off as soon as it starts moving. claw left pops on when it's far left as it drops the ball off.

#148 3 years ago

i've swapped between roms several times. demo time works every time.

#149 3 years ago

Yet it works in test mode... Ok, the mystery continues...I will dig around some more, going to see exactly where the voltage for the magnet comes from.

#150 3 years ago

Ok, new thing to check, on the fliptronic board, J-907-6 is a red violet colored wire, this is voltage to the claw magnet, J-902-6 is a yellow violet wire again on the fliptronic board.. Check both of these connectors and make sure the wires are in tight, check the pins on the board for any corrosion, and recheck all 4 fuses on that board..

Do you have an Alligator wire clip, a wire with alligator clips on both sides?

On that fliptronic board Q2 is the big tip 36C, there are 4 of them in a row..

This board is in the top left hand corner. Also, pull the ribbon cable coming from the CPU to the fliptronics board off and double check the pins, make sure not a single one is bent

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