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Stern Insider Podcast - GODZILLA is here!

By C2CPinball

8 years ago

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#42 8 years ago

thought you had retired

1 year later
#400 6 years ago

Robin and team have really bent over backwards for people like myself that would rather keep their experience on Pinside pinball related. The "tilt" rules, being able to block autoloading of pics, drains, member blocks are all there to make the forum more efficient for the user.

I don't appreciate topics fraying as often as they do, but the organic nature of this place is as random as it's members. I do like that.

4 months later
#654 6 years ago

I sadly missed the Sharpe's talk as I was in the booth for Project Pinball at the worst time, but glad I'll get a chance to listen. Nice meeting you at Pinburgh. Great weekend.

1 month later
3 weeks later
#921 6 years ago
Quoted from highdef:

I love how people expect Nate to be the Walter Cronkite of pinball news.

Jpop is a toxic guest so treating him with kid gloves is probably what people find annoying. I understand the tact Nate needed, so don't fault him for his approach, but he must have known that there would be a camp that would want a more aggressive interview.

#979 6 years ago

Jpop buyers saw a lot of exciting things during the roller
Coaster ride that John put them through. They didn't just toss money at the guy. He baited them with pics of exciting and cool shit but that was just the curtain. I don't blame a one of them.

#1007 6 years ago

What "other podcast" are Nate and Josh referring to that did the Elwin interview? Sounds awesome!!

#1033 6 years ago
Quoted from ZenTron:

I don't think Men & Women are equal when it comes to playing Pinball:
1) Men are taller which gives them a better perspective/view of the playfield.
2) Men are stronger which allows them to nudge/slide save better.
My first group at Pinburgh I played with the #1 ranked female in the world Helena Walter. I would say she is taller and stronger then the average female.
My close pinball buddy is ranked in top 16 womens ranking and ive watched her play for many hours. Ive been able to make nudges/move games around to save balls where she is simply unable to. Her primary success comes from knowing the rules, accuracy in shot making and being able to control her nerves.

Completely disagree with this. I play with some men that only break 120lbs wet and they put up some of the biggest scores I have ever personally seen. And then when you look at some of the kids playing today the whole height, strength argument goes out the window.
Same rule applies to everyone, play better.

#1043 6 years ago
Quoted from ZenTron:

Ill respond once and leave it at that since i don't want to clog this thread up. Will there be exceptions like Escher who was born and raised with pinballs in his house? sure. Will there be people who don't nudge at all but are very accurate who are great players? sure.
Being stronger and taller IS an advantage and that is my point. If you disagree that this is an advantage and shorter/weaker people are better pinball players, we'll just agree to disagree and im ok with that.

so we agree that gender has nothing to do with it?

1 week later
#1072 6 years ago

I've never considered Expo to be about the freeplay area. It always seemed to be geared more to the industry so it is highly dependent on new announcements and such. The last couple of years the industry was buzzing so Expo was as well, this year not so much.

3 months later
#1425 5 years ago

Would love to see Neil Shatz or Rick Stetta as guest.

#1439 5 years ago

My bad. Stern posted it on their IG account.

#1446 5 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

FB too now. I don't think it's much of a secret.

Stern's secret keeping is notorious.

3 months later
#1678 5 years ago
Quoted from bb2j3z:

With Nate gone, really big gap in pinball podcasting....

If these aren't on your radar...

Broken Token
Game room Junkies
The Pinball Podcast
Spooky Pinball
Skillshot Pincast
For Amusement Only podcast
Buffalo Pinball's Bro do you even talk pinball
Coinbox podcast
Tilt Thru podcast
Boom Go Double Flip podcast

#1682 5 years ago
Quoted from cooked71:

He's just being modest......but agree they're one of the best.

Quoted from dmbjunky:

You didn't mention That Flippin' Pinball Podcast. They're seriously one of the best.

I appreciate that.

And Pinheadz Podcast as well, not sure how I forgot them as they are one of my favorites.

It's a lot of work to put a podcast together and especially with guest. The output Nate had with C2C and Nick from FOA wears me out just looking at the number of episodes. It really is a lot of work to put out a decent product. I dint blame anyone form needing a break of a change in format to keep it interesting.

#1694 5 years ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

are you referring to Boom Go Double Flip podcast ?

The worst kept secret other than GB.

1 week later
#1735 5 years ago

He's working on the MMR color update.

#1742 5 years ago
Quoted from epthegeek:

Got a C&D from ABC regarding the logo yet?

The people that outed SkitB are all over it.

1 week later
#1772 5 years ago
Quoted from ifpapinball:

The accuracy is just as important to us as the promotional aspect of what WPPR is all about. Many of the changes over the last few years have been far more about improving the accuracy of points earned at these events based on the quality of those events, while not worrying about what that may do to discourage players to participate.
I've extremely pleased with how the rankings look, especially in that top 100-200 range, and would welcome anyone that thinks they have an idea for a more accurate system. I have a .csv file with 11,542 event results that I can send to anyone interested

Thanks, can you print them out and send them to me?

#1775 5 years ago
Quoted from policano:

Or maybe Taylor would like one page per email?

Josh knows my computing skills are very limited

2 months later
#1898 5 years ago

I haven't listened to the show yet but was wondering if you reversed your opinion on wether you would buy a new Stern or not?

#1901 5 years ago
Quoted from C2CPinball:

On the fence... If I wasn't about to move, maybe? Probably? Eh? Spoke again to a few people since I posted earlier who both all assured me that Stern has figured out the issue, and fixed it... These are people who would have pretty good knowledge, but still... 3rd hand. Making the same sort of calls I imagine a lot of people wanting a GB or B66 are making right now...
Had one Stern dealer who heard me say that I wouldn't buy right now email me with a full guarantee they would take back any game I bought that ended up with problems. You are after all, buying these machines from an authorized dealer network, and not the manufacturer. So that is good.
Multiple people have emailed me telling me that Stern is working with them regarding insert issues. So that is good.
I had really hoped this would be a chance for Stern to show off amazing service and make everyone with issues happy. It seems they are just getting the situation sorted... As I am not really the super impulsive type, and don't need LE's or Super LE's in my life, I would probably just sit tight a little while longer... Let the dust settle. I have little doubt things will get worked out.
I am breaking my whole "Don't post what could be your next show on the internet" rule... just cause I like all the work you are doing Taylor and wanted to respond. Be well.

Thanks. I'm obviously in the middle of that decision and was interested in your take. I too have talked to a couple distributors and have a good understanding as to what Stern's program is and feel pretty good about the steps they are taking to satisfy customers with issues.

I'm still on hold and hope the batches of games shipping now prove that the issues are under control, while I am critical of some of Stern's practices they are a critical part to the growth of this hobby so their success is vital.


#1966 5 years ago

When games were 4-4500 for NIB the focus and BOM should have been focused under the glass. With the price point that Stern asked for GBLE it's laughable they didn't even create colored dots for that game. Spooky on their second title did something Stern never did in their entire time creating DMD games. The worst part of the art package on GB is the freaking lousy looking DMD.

#1970 5 years ago

My point was that Spooky tried something new, regardless of opinion on how it looked. You'd think the only real manufacturer of pinballs would have had some sort of innovative idea with the display over the last 20+ years.

#1972 5 years ago
Quoted from YeOldPinPlayer:

There should be an option when starting a game. Sound and video, "Do you want to watch a short lesson on how to play this game? Press the right flipper for yes." Screen can play a tutorial, playfield lights stuff to follow along, flippers flip when appropriate.
Pinball Arcade app instructions do a decent job.
I too feel the full screen backbox display is nearly useless. If critical game info is up there the game needs to secure the ball and present the info. If you're trying not to drain you can't watch the screen.

With how nuanced the rules are getting more information is better when the playfield cannot display it all. Look at IMs new code and the inclusion of drone targets needed in the status reports. If all of that could be dispalyed on the screen at once it would enable the player to steal a glance than having to get the ball to a dead stop.

1 week later
#1978 5 years ago

Anyone else having an issue with the episode? I get an error message through Podcast garden and it's not showing up on ITunes

#1998 5 years ago

how about Wide World of Pinball?

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