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Interview with artist of Star Wars Comic Art on Stern Insider Pinball Podcast

By C2CPinball

6 years ago

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#80 5 years ago

Just listened to Ep. 53. While I don't care for Avengers to begin with I played a pro model while I was at Disney World last month and, at first, I thought it was one of those "cheap" consumer models that Stern sells. Yea. It's pretty bad.

4 months later
#144 5 years ago

Absolutely wonderful to hear Clay! Thank you for doing this interview.

3 months later
#206 5 years ago

Congrats on 100 episodes, Nate...oh, and getting married to the "lovely Theresa" too. We all know which one is more important.

7 months later
#412 4 years ago
Quoted from c2scanada:

I thought this thread was to notify us of a new espisodes of coast2coastpinball

Yea, but it's logical to contain C2C Pinball discussion to this one as opposed to starting a new one.

Regarding the "off topic" posts, I think that in matters that are quite serious like the Predator one, it may be more prudent to keep discussion "on topic." However, I consistently follow threads like the Claigslist EM listing one. Sometimes, post after post of new listings can get a bit old and breaking up the monotony with some humor is beneficial. Especially, for the "crazies" that think their random trashed 70's Williams EM is worth 2k.

2 weeks later
#485 4 years ago

Sheet....Nate! I just downloaded the Bowen follow up. New one up already! You're the man!

4 months later
#751 4 years ago

Ep. 187 was tolerable (and decent) most of the way through and then she lost me at the "black lives matter" comment. You know they roasted a pig and wrote the officer's name on it? And then they ate it! WTF!

#754 4 years ago
Quoted from kayluh:

People eat pigs all the time. Some of them might have even had names. What people shouldn't do is murder innocent civilians.

It's the symbolism of the act.

#768 4 years ago

I'll say one more thing before I'm done with the subject because, like most of you have said, this is a PINBALL forum. C2C is a pinball podcast and I can accept and understand the pinball related opinions. Even if I don't agree with them. Like Robertson's roasting of KISS. That's fine. I don't necessarily agree but...it's related to the subject. Sh!t, I didn't even mind Greet's opinion of Whoa Nelly. Though I wish they would have got into the fact that it, originally, was just a fun project for Dennis and Greg in Dennis's garage. Do you really think they thought it was going to end up a production game from Stern Pinball?

However, the above comment I mentioned from the interview just REALLY got under my skin. Why? For the exact reason that's been stated above. It had absolutely nothing to do with pinball and when I was listening to it on my way home from work... A career choice I made over 12 years ago that's been vilified for the past year as if police officers are some kind of evil persons hell bent on hunting down every minority as if they were the reasons for society's misery. Do you realize what the Ferguson incident has done to the future of law enforcement in this country? When I decided on this career for myself in the 90's, the future of policing candidates were college educated individuals like myself. For the foreseeable future...that is GONE. I know this from personal experience. One of my friend's son (a smart kid who's a senior in high school) was interested in this career. His guidance counselor was trying to talk him out of it. Not necessarily telling him that. Just the "are you sure you want to pursue this?" mentality. I see it where I work too with new hire's. Dumb. Angry. Easily provoked. Why would anyone with a college education want this job anymore?

The point of this was...I just wish I didn't listen to this episode. Really. I love C2C and have been listening since #1. F*ck, I listened to Jeff and Don before that, Rob and Steve before that, Clay and Norm before that....

Pinball is what I want to hear about on a pinball podcast. The lesson for me is to be more careful before listening to an interview in the future.

1 week later
#800 4 years ago

I'm afraid that, once you've uploaded a photo to a website, you're f*cked. Unless that site has restrictions to prevent hi-res downloads or any copying of a photo at all, it can, and will be taken by someone. Granted, if you see it used in an unauthorized sense, well, you can go after the user for either removal or a monetary compensation. Otherwise, don't post anything on the internet thinking that no-one can or will use it somewhere else.

#826 4 years ago

Elwin doesn't seem like he wants to do interviews. Maybe he's one of those guys who Nate said have told him they have nothing to talk about.

#841 4 years ago

Downloading. Can't wait to hear Theresa say "meh"

#865 4 years ago
Quoted from aingide:

Everyone at Stern should listen to that 5 minute clip of Theresa's reaction. It's an agenda-free view into the mind of someone who LOVES GoT and is confounded by what Stern has done with this game.


2 weeks later
#951 4 years ago
Quoted from toyotaboy:

Everyone needs to back off Nate. Nate seems to try to do his show unbiased like a news report, not some sort of investigation reporting where he grills them. Also you have no idea what the stipulation or agreements he had to make to even get John on the show. John tends to not want to be on any media, he didn't even agree to be on the TILT battle to save pinball DVD. The fact that he agreed to be on a podcast for 2 hours while he currently has 30 people sueing him probably means there's little he could talk about publicly. I know this might paint him in a better light than he deserves, but John can't control what Nate decides to comment on the next show. I just hope Nate talks about some of the feedback on the next episode.

Honestly, I'm impressed that Nate got him for an interview. Clay tried for a long time with no success.

8 months later
#1768 3 years ago
Quoted from Nevus:

Glad to see you back Nate. I really enjoy C2C in its standard setup. I felt like the change over time was part of the growth of the show. Not being personal etc here, but you sure hint and tease a lot about things you say shouldn't be mentioned yet. Why not just not mention it?
I'm not sure the WWP is my thing, but I will definitely give it a few episodes. After all, it's summer and pinball podcasts are my listening material when I mow the grass. I have a big yard!
+1 on Frank F... I mean Msch.

I'm in agreement. Even on the big yard too! I miss the original C2C but, as Nate's always said, it's his show. He can do what he wants with it. It's been obvious for more than a year that he's really gotten into the competition scene. And more power to him. Even though it's not always as apparent, Stern has been a big supporter of competitive pinball too. It only makes sense for him to promote it in the best way possible for him. Good luck, Nate!

One other thing, Nate. A little while ago you mentioned some podcasts that YOU listen to. One of the those was a video game one called the Giant Beastcast. THANK YOU SOOOOO much for mentioning this! My all time favorite video game podcast, Epic Battle Cry, died about two years ago and I've been looking for something with that same sense of camraderie that exists between the hosts which makes a podcast so interesting, not to mention, hilarious. Even though it's a video game podcast these guys go off on tangents about real life stuff all the time. Even my wife, who has no interest in pinball or video games for that matter, can listen to them. Thanks again, Nate!

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