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Stern Insider Podcast - GODZILLA is here!

By C2CPinball

8 years ago

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#201 7 years ago

I wonder what Nate has in store for episode 100?

1 week later
#202 7 years ago

Episode 99 "Who's Building What or The Wife Life"
-Rundown on all the games being built
-Highlights of 1999
-We got hitched!

#203 7 years ago

Congrats Nate and Theresa.


#204 7 years ago

Episode 100 "No Pyro, No Steve Ritchie On A Zipwire or Meet Me At The C Division"
-At long last...
-Gearing up for PAPA 17


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image (14).jpeg
#205 7 years ago
Quoted from C2CPinball:

Episode 100 "No Pyro, No Steve Ritchie On A Zipwire or Meet Me At The C Division"

Congrats on 100 episodes!

#206 7 years ago

Congrats on 100 episodes, Nate...oh, and getting married to the "lovely Theresa" too. We all know which one is more important.

#207 7 years ago

100 shows in a little over a year! That's dedication. Congratulations on your centennial.

#208 7 years ago

Congratulations Nate, on both the 100 and getting married.

#209 7 years ago

Congrats Nate! Can't wait to listen to 100

How is TFTC? Once you get past the odd artwork the game really is great.

#210 7 years ago

Big CONGRATULATIONS from the Aussie pinheadz who love listening to your show Nate...100 excellent episodes is simply amazing!

#211 7 years ago

Listened to every episode since the first one. I think i saw the post when you put it up on pinside late one night.
i figured "How entertaining could this be, just one guy talking about pinball?" 100 eps later... still wait patiently for every one.

How bout another "Call the People" episode sometime with some late night pinsiders?

Congrats on getting to 100 and on your recent nuptials!

now go kick some a$$ in the C-division!

#212 7 years ago

Episode 101 "ABCs of PAPA or I Need To Work On My Ball Control"
- My first two days at PAPA 17
- Thoughts on the C/B Divisions
- Steve Bowden FTW


#213 7 years ago

Episode 102 "All Hail King Cayle George or Don and Escher Steal the Show"
-New PAPA World Champion
-Don from The Pinball Podcast
-Escher Lefkoff on the show


#214 7 years ago

ok, where is 103 nate?! I'm so bored at work without your voice

#215 7 years ago

Episode 103 "To C Or Not To C or PAPA 17 Closing Thoughts"
-My final thoughts on Divisions at PAPA
-Why Josh Sharpe needs to win it all
-Unrelated mailbag


#216 7 years ago


#217 7 years ago

Episode 104 "Zombies, Grr, Ahh, Dead or Thumper Bumpers!"
-The Walking Dead
-Going Up, Going Down
-Random Number Generator Game Review


#218 7 years ago

yeah Nate yeah!

#219 7 years ago

Thanks for mentioning the Finger Lakes Pin-Golf Open!

1 week later
#220 7 years ago

Episode 105 "NYC Mania Strikes or Donate To Pinside"
-Not Live From New York City
-Crazy Forum Static Mania


1 week later
#221 7 years ago

Episode 106 "Super Deep Zombie Bite or All Dead In Here"
-All Walking Dead Talk
-Theresa Does NOT Want This Game (scared)


image (17).jpeg
#222 7 years ago

Episode 107 "Are The Walkers Killing It or Can It Be Expo Now"
-How fast are Walking Dead LE's selling?
-MMr promo video
-JJP Milestone and look ahead at heads


#223 7 years ago

Episode 108 "Your Free Pinside Shirt Awaits or I Test Drive An LE"
-Interview with Robin van Mourik and Ryan Claytor
-Trips to Lanes and Games and Pinball Wizard
-Mustang LE in the wild

Twitter - @c2cpinball
Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/coast2coastpinball
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#224 7 years ago

Hey just letting you know I really dig the podcast, much appreciated!

#225 7 years ago

Thanks for having us, Nate. Love your show and also all that cool artwork you make for each episode!

#226 7 years ago

Who won?

#227 7 years ago

The winner is Charles Tennyson! You guys are quick. The first 3 entries came within 2 hours of the show posting.

Thanks for the kind words guys. It's a labor of love. I do it for the kids. Some other cliche.

1 week later
#228 7 years ago

Episode 109 "Second At PAPA, First In Your Heart, or An Evening With Josh Sharpe, Again"

-Josh Sharpe returns to C2C
- Changes to WPPR Points
- PAPA, Expo, Raw Thrills and more


#229 7 years ago

Nice interview with Josh Sharpe, thanks.

However, I was also really looking forward to hearing your thoughts on all the latest developments. More specifically, what is your response to The Big Lebowski reveal and the latest Walking Dead videos? Hope to hear your analysis on the next episode!

P.S. Sorry for bumping this thread everyone, I know what a let-down it is when you open the thread up only to see someone's stupid comment rather than a new episode.

#230 7 years ago

Thanks solar.... I have been trying to get a show together this weekend on the TBL reveal and other topics, but life just keeps getting in the way! Thanks for listening!

#231 7 years ago
Quoted from solarvalue:

However, I was also really looking forward to hearing your thoughts on all the latest developments. More specifically, what is your response to The Big Lebowski


IFPA/PAPA tournament points change info? meh

#232 7 years ago

Episode 110 "It's For Real Dude or Olympus Is Calling"
-The Big Lebowski
-Wrath of Olympus
-What does it all mean?
-Music from TX Sector!

#233 7 years ago

Episode 111 "Layover Seattle Style or Do Girls Wanna Have Their Own Fun"
-Seattle Pinball Museum
- Women's Division?
- Mailbag


#234 7 years ago

Episode 112 "My Own Virtual Reality or Long Island City Love"
-Back to Sunshine Laundry
-I Want To Like Virtual Pinball (but, meh)

Twitter - @c2cpinball
Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/coast2coastpinball
Email - [email protected]


#235 7 years ago

Wow! Nate's on a roll.

1 week later
#236 7 years ago

Episode 113 "EXPO 2014 DAY 1"
-Recap Day 1 Pinball Expo 2014

#237 7 years ago

Finally caught up again with listening to 104-112; this past week.
So glad Ep113 is now here waiting for me;
can not wait to hear Nate's impressions of his 1st Expo.

#238 7 years ago

114 should be better than 113. I was so exhausted last night, and when I realized some of my audio from the show was unusable (tried to get too cute with technology), I was bummed. Sitting here in the Seminar room, awaiting Rick and PPS.

There is SO MUCH going on here, I can BARELY keep it all straight. So much fun. Great time for PINBALL.

#239 7 years ago

Listening to 113, thanks for the quote from Dutch pinball about building a coffin. Hope to see you at MGC next year.

#240 7 years ago

Nate, 113 was a great show, fantastic to have your opinions fresh from the show, thanks for staying up to do it.

#241 7 years ago

Episode 114 "EXPO 2014 DAY 2"

-Recap Day 2 Pinball Expo 2014"


#242 7 years ago

Jacks interview was great. Thanks for keeping posted this Expo.

#243 7 years ago

Episode 115 "EXPO 2014 DAY 3"
-Recap Expo Day 3

#244 7 years ago

Episode 116 "Echoes from Expo Part 1 or Big Juicy Lebowski"
-Big Lebowski
-The Walking Dead
- Big Juicy Melons
-The Hobbit


#245 7 years ago

Woo hoo
the wrap-up podcast to Nate's Expo experience,
after he has had time to rest and digest it all.

#246 7 years ago

You know, Nate, you have been very dismissive recently whenever people say that they want original themes. Well, given what we know now about the restrictions placed on Jersey Jack for the Smaug toy, I can't help but think that my desire for an unlicensed machine are well founded. I want the only limitations for designers to be their own imaginations and physics. Not style guides, fussy celebrities or demanding rights holders. That's something you can only get when you own it all.

#248 7 years ago

Interesting take... I think I am really trying to point out that the game has changed. If a company chooses to work with an original theme, a few things happen....

1. They have no room for error. There likely won't be a clamor for the game based on theme alone. The game MUST play good, look great, and have developed rules.
2. They need to put a lot of thought into their original theme. It's not enough just to say "We are making a game about a futuristic warrior hero or whatever... There needs to be a story, characters, an entire "world" needs to be created.

What worries me, is that a few of the games right now with original themes right now are from companies that likely cannot afford a major flop. They might have been better off with a theme people are super excited about. This will drive sales, drive excitement, etc.... Then they can focus on the art and the actual game, without trying to also create an entire "theme". I think the Full Throttle response versus the Alien response is a great example.

I am ALL FOR original themes... I think RAZA and Magic Girl have so much potential... I am very excited for these games... I am BUYING AMH.... Because Ben/Charlie created an awesome vibe and little world under the glass for me to jump into...

I really think I was wondering out loud if the pinball audience truly wants orignial themes or not. I think they want the right ones done right... and would much prefer the right license done right to a less appealing original idea.

#249 7 years ago

Original theme + unknown designer + unknown programmer is the hardest sell.

#250 7 years ago

Episode 117 "Echoes From Expo Part 2 or Wrath of Atomic Madness"
-Full Throttle/Alien
-Lexi Lightspeed
-Wrath of Olympus


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