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New BackGlasses added at CPR


1 year ago

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#402 8 months ago


I got mine from bestofpinball.com because they’re in Europe.

EDIT: beaten to it

#404 8 months ago

Can you share pics ?

Quoted from littlecammi:

I was really lucky and got one of the prototype 3-D translites for my CFTBL (that never made regular production) or I would have considered buying a mirrored CPR backglass for it.

1 week later
#405 7 months ago

I got my CFTBL backglass, and I have tried and tried, but it seems like the backglass is too "tall" to fit in the original position. Taking the translite glass and the mirrored backglass, it seems like the mirrored backglass is longer, and I really don't know what to do.

Any ideas...? We ARE supposed to put the trim BACK on the mirrored backglass....right?

#406 7 months ago

Nevermind - got it. The trim was not going down all the way on the bottom lip. All good now!

Before: pasted_image (resized).png

After: pasted_image (resized).png

1 week later
#407 7 months ago

Got my new Stars mirrored backglass from CPR installed. I am VERY happy with it.

The original is ~3/16" thick and the CPR was ~1/8" thick so I could not use the same lift channel and trim. The new 1/8 plastic trim from Marco was really tight to install but I got in on with some force. The 1/8 metal lift trim from Marco was too tight, I needed to widen it to get it to fit the CPR glass and then widen it a bit more to fit with some electric tape padding in the lift trip gap. (a big pain, but its done!)

The first image is my original (left side) and CPR (right side) with the power off. No perceivable difference, other than my lighting and reflections. (The lines around the STARS letters are pink in both even though the original appears more red in that photo.)

The second image is the same with the power on, and in lamp test so the lamps behind all the wording like "GAME OVER" and "MATCH", etc was on. The large orange planet on the left appears to have more detail on my original, but that detail was from touching up, and not originally there.

On the CPR glass, the square shape of the shroud around each word like "GAME OVER" is visible, while shadow of the shroud is not visible on the original, which is one difference between the original and CPR. You can see it in the photos. (Those LEDs flicker in test mode, so the wording looks dim, but it is bright and clear in normal mode and looks fine, also "TILT" looks orange because I have an incandescent bulb there, and I also have some incandescent bulbs behind the ship to accent the orange flames, just FYI.) I might try adding some filters over those controlled LEDs like "GAME OVER" to hide those shroud shadows if I get bored.

orig and cpr power off (resized).jpg

orig and cpr lamp test (resized).jpg

#408 7 months ago

Is CPR ever going to do a Bad Cats backglass?

#409 7 months ago

I see they added TOM and WH20, like I just did....

#410 7 months ago

Thanks for the heads up volkdrive, just ordered mine

#411 7 months ago
Quoted from nightsearcher:

Thanks for the heads up volkdrive, just ordered mine

Have to grab them if you can. I don’t see Creech or IJ on there anymore. They may run them again, but you never know and TOM was a title in demand.

#412 7 months ago

I buy mine as soon as I can , that way I don’t have to kick myself in the head for missing out. They are awesome quality in my opinion...thanks CPR team for all the hard work

#413 7 months ago

The clarity in the TOM backglass looks so good and in focus. It’s been a long time coming . Can’t wait til it arrives

#414 7 months ago

Any chance CPR is going to do a Quicksilver playfield, backglass, and/or plastics?

#415 7 months ago
Quoted from volkdrive:

Have to grab them if you can. I don’t see Creech or IJ on there anymore. They may run them again, but you never know and TOM was a title in demand.

If they were simply out of stock, I would think the titles would still at least be up.

Did copyright owners show up and say "enough"?

1 week later
#416 6 months ago

Got my new TOM backglass today. It’s amazing. To busy painting to put it in though. I’ll let volkdrive post the first pics this time. I’m sure he’ll have one coming today or tomorrow!!

#417 6 months ago

You go ahead! Mine is here, but waiting on trim. They put a lot of mirror effect on this one.

#418 6 months ago

A couple pics of the new TOM backglass

2378C7FD-1C99-40CD-900B-222E8FDC449C (resized).jpeg513553A3-A6A1-4B96-A2FE-FC89FD0C47D9 (resized).jpeg
#419 6 months ago
Quoted from nightsearcher:

A couple pics of the new TOM backglass[quoted image][quoted image]

Even still in the wrap and not lit up, I think its still (with Creech and IJ), one of their best efforts. Looks sharp!

1 month later
#420 5 months ago
Quoted from KevinCPR:

Our red version is made identical on the back to the standard version - except we have the press print the red tint over the score windows, as an added step at the end.
Yes, the original red version doesn't have "High Score To Date" knocked out of the lightblock backside. But ours does. So in other words, our glass is a drop-in choice for *any* Meteor owners. Those who wanted to go in the "red direction" because they simply liked the look, OR because they own a bona fide "red" build of the game from very early in production. Their early backbox won't have a "High Score To Date" bulb behind the glass... therefore it will never light up to show itself.
So both bases are covered with our repro's. Hope this helps.

I finally dug out my NOS red score Meteor glass, it does have the HSTD window but it is in red and light does come through.

4 months later
#421 36 days ago

Anyone have installed pictures of the WH2O mirrored translight installed? On the bubble myself to order. Thanks.

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