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#1 5 years ago

Only got to play for an hour last night... but so far, amazing. Very fast game. Man, the outlane is brutal (but currently at the widest setting) and SDM from the martian targets and left ramp is rough. I was worried that SM and AFM wouldn't make sense in a three-pin colleciton, but not seeing that much redundancy as of yet. Hilarious callouts. Shaker integration is phenomenal. Can't wait to hook up the subwoofer. Loving it!

Any recs on the playfield angle or other settings tweaks?

pins_1.jpg pins_2.jpg

#2 5 years ago


#3 5 years ago
Quoted from ninjabones:

ny recs on the playfield angle or other settings tweaks?

pour large bourbon - start game - don't stop playing until you rule the universe

#4 5 years ago

rock on man! nice lineup.

#5 5 years ago


Simply one of the best pins ever made:)

#6 5 years ago

my favorite game, nice flow , just fun to play!

#7 5 years ago

Congrats great pin, I love mine. What mods are on it? Shaker is a must.

#8 5 years ago

As of now, I have cliffy protectors on the SOL, target bank protectors, ramp protectors, LEDs, and the shaker. I have SM and LOTR hooked up to my sub... so I'll have to pick up another sub in the near future to complete the package. Waiting for Matt McKee to do another run and will likely pick up a topper as well.

The cabinet has brand new Treasure Cove decals; however, they must have tightened down the legs too much as there is some wrinkling around the two front legs. Not sure if that can be fixed. Any suggestions welcomed. I guess I could just get the bigger leg protectors, but I hear that just moves the wrinkles out to a new location over time.

All plastics are in good shape. Some minor cracking and wear on the ramps, but the decals are original and look great. Inserts are decent. Playfield looks fantastic in the seller's photos, but it had been restored and I'm not a big fan of whoever did the clearcoating (must have been done in a sawmill)... as the ridging over the inserts is more than I would like to see and with sidelight you can see a lot of dust/particles in the clearcoat. However, I am somewhat of a perfectionist and perhaps over-critical. Is it possible to smooth it out with an abrasive polish and orbital power buffer (without removing the playfield)? Again, suggestions appreciated.

#9 5 years ago

Congrats! I just picked up one as well, but I've only played a handful of games since mine needed shopped.

Pictures of the job in progress:

#10 5 years ago

Great lineup. I want a Spidey. Now you just need a Shadow! Wait 'til ya see my AFM Topper I am making for mine.

#11 5 years ago

Just get the color dmd for it now!

#12 5 years ago

AFM is, in my opinion, the best pin ever made.
For mods I got the 6 small saucer led kit installed as well as the lighted back board and the Green large saucer.
Have fun.


#13 5 years ago

very cool... where do you get that lighted backboard. I think I saw one back board with a cityscape that looked cool too.

#14 5 years ago

Can i get some pics of the car that 930 hood belongs too.

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