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#60 4 years ago

I think its pretty cool and the filters are a nice touch

but I have all the games already and play my nes on a crt so its not really for me.

I'm working on beating battletoads right now. I can get through the turbo tunnel now but that game doesn't get any easier after that.

I love NES and think this mini great for kids and parents to play together. the marios are timeless.

and for the average person they aren't going to deal with emulators or collecting, they just want to play some of the games that they played as a kid.

but scalpers suck m'kay

#62 4 years ago

I do have a NIB original NES still LOL

#71 4 years ago
Quoted from Rascal_H:

You guys have me excited for the alternatives. I've been planning to do the wii mod option because I have one just laying around.
Like I said, this was for a friend who's birthday is tomorrow. She's a busy thirty-something mother of 2 who probably wouldn't be interested in the other available options. I definitely am though!
I just bought N64 last weekend. The only game I have is WWF No Mercy lol.

I still play No Mercy with friends, the 64 is such a great party console

#79 4 years ago
Quoted from BradKreisler:

I prefer to play my RGB modded top loader NES on my XM 29 plus. Everdrive N8 - Heaven right there.

RGB mods do look amazing.

besides my nes I've been slowly converting my systems to S-video.

I'm a jealous of the monitor it must look great

#82 4 years ago

is the micro usb for power only or could it be able to transfer data?

I read that NES classic is actually more powerful than a Wii specwise

#133 4 years ago

Not that I'm getting one but why did they included Super C and not Contra.

they are 2 of my favorites on the system and you could say Super C is the better,

the first contra still my favorite and arguably the more popular, at least when I have people over and they want to dig into old games

#137 4 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

I highly recommend trying the Japanese version of Contra on Everdrive or Emu...it has a Ghouls n Ghosts style map screen, cutscenes and way more background animation than the US version!
» YouTube video

I love that version the moving trees are a nice touch

but I wish I had a famicom for Castlevania 3 so I could get the extra sound

1 week later
#223 4 years ago

man you guys make me want an AVS bad but that is a lot to spend on a system when I have a pile of NES's. I have a stack of nes and other systems I should sell

I like my NES on my CRT but it would be nice to play NES games upstairs without lag and looking crappy

plus its kind of a PIA to play my famicom games on my nes with the converter

3 weeks later
#334 4 years ago

nothing is more nostalgic than the flashing grey screen

1 week later
#408 4 years ago

the dreamcast emulates Nes games well. I wanted to play some gunnac yesterday and remembered Nester for DC
a cheap option if you still have a dreamcast laying around

yes I'm a dreamcast nut

my Dreamcast(definitely my favorite system) and NES(2nd) libraries are the largest in my collection out of any of my systems. I have around 100 games for each. Coleco and Snes and tied for 3rd as my favorite consoles

I prefer the dpad on dreamcast over my xbox or wii controller for 2d games

New games still come out on dreamcast which is a plus

Dreamcast still thinking in 2016

#420 4 years ago
Quoted from northvibe:

you get the usb-gdrom?

Thought about it, but I love how loud the dreamcast is when reading a disc.

I would like to get one same with some everdrives but I'm stuck in the past and like my carts/disc.

I do want the region free bios cause I love me some imports

#427 4 years ago
Quoted from chuckwurt:

Should I get a separate USB controller for genesis nintendo and Super Nintendo for my raspberry pi or is there one kind of controller that works great for all of them?

I use a corded 360 controller or arcade stick on my pc

they also have converters to usb for each type of controller

#429 4 years ago

you can also take a cheap usb keyboard, use the board and wire your original system controllers to it.

a bit of work but that's how I have seen some arcade sticks/controllers get made

I made a nes controller like that years ago

#431 4 years ago
Quoted from Pinballerchef:

9/9/99. I was a huge DC supporter back in the day....even took off work to get one on launch day. I even still have the original Ready 2 Rumble disc with all skipping issues. I remember the first time I played Daytona USA online on dial up against other people and I was like WOW.....this is fun! When the DC was dying out I bought a bunch of games for dirt cheap as they were just getting rid of stock and found there was a ton of great games to own....fun times! I still have all my collection.....even kept my Samba De Amigo with two sets of maracas controllers and Typing of the Dead with keyboards. I haven't bought any of the games that people kept making for them but I know the system is still be kept alive.

yeah I got a dreamcast right before they discontinued it. Lots of good deals then. my brother got it at launch and would show me these awesome games and the emulators for it and I was on the search ever since but as a kid with no job I had to wait

I got it at a flea market on vacation with the 3 2k1 sports games for 35 and I picked up Shenmue for 5 on a whim cause it looked cool. best game I ever stumbled upon. It really blew me away at the time.

I actually got Shenmue 2 the next year for Christmas. My poor mother had to import a DC game for her son obsessed with a failed system

I actually just picked up typing of the dead a couple weeks ago(been wanting it for a long time). My Wife loves that game and can kick my ass in it. I'm a decent typist but not like her.

samba is a blast

#465 4 years ago

today I found a master system that got misplaced at my shop. dirty as hell but should clean up nice

nice set of games with it, pumped to play some rtype

it also had a Powerglove & Sega arcade stick in the box which is a cool bonus.

I was suppose to start the kitchen back splash since the tile came in yesterday and I got the new countertops installed.

but wife said I could start sunday so I'm cleaning and playing master system tonight

also getting a neo geo mvs next week or so I felt my pins needed an arcade buddy, plus the wife loves puzzle bubble

1 week later
#534 4 years ago
Quoted from VGC1612:

Big Neo Geo fan here,probably my favorite system

have had my mvs for a week.

I'm in love

#630 4 years ago
Quoted from InfiniteLives:

i have a launch ps3 that i waited in line for like 20 hours for hah, missed a day of college classes for it. It runs so loud now like a jet engine I cant watch a full movie on it without it sounding like its going to explode. Even streaming netflix on it makes it sound like a 747. I hardly use it. I've cleaned out the dust and everything in it, not sure why its like that, maybe all of them are? anyone else have that problem with the og ps3?

I got my ps3 like 3 months after launch, traded my launch wii for it when those we HTF

my og ps3 stopped reading discs like 3.5 years after launch.

My buddy's og is loud as hell like you describe. he got his 3 months after I got mine

I think they are just noisy

#644 4 years ago

got some sweet gaming stuff in today at work. its from an abandoned storage locker, bought 3 yesterday.

but was so pumped when I found a NEO GEO Pocket Color. and a few not so exciting things that ill add to my collection.

one of the perks of my job

I have owned a MVS for a little over a week and then find a pocket color. Its funny how life works sometimes.

now if I can find some games. I need a magic drop pocket. MD3 is becoming my favorite puzzle game lately, and I love my puzzlers

#700 4 years ago

Well I'm glad I got a Wii U still for Zelda cause I probably will just wait for the game library to fill up a bit

switch looks alright, nothing shown really made me excited. I've had all the Nintendo systems since the NES as a kid so ill have this sooner than later.

Mario in a realistic world just looked weird but I love the 3d Marios so we will see

#705 4 years ago

I have one of these.. I never had anything but Metal Slug for it. I don't understand the fascination. It's a turd compared to a GBA.

Yeah GBA blows it away no question.

but I have a soft spot for snk and failed systems plus it was free

...well damn near close to free

#733 4 years ago
Quoted from TigerLaw:

Paper Mario was available at launch for the Wii per my memory. That was a pretty good game too.

it came out like a month or so after

Zelda will come out on Wii U. They know they will still sell over a million on it, and its been finished on the wii u for a while know.

#796 4 years ago

Found a powerglove box with poster in a locker just after finding a power glove a month or so ago

too bad my glove is a large so I'll just throw this out

I might have to hook mine up and experience the terribleness

P1180032 (resized).JPG

2 weeks later
#919 4 years ago

I couldn't agree more on nintendo's naming the last few years.

Also their marketing has been terrible during all that

Good move on their part for forking out the cash for the super bowl commercial.

#924 4 years ago
Quoted from j_m_:

really? paying $XXX for a commercial for a product that is already pre-sold out everywhere? yes, it creates awareness for those not in the know, but honestly the kids of those parents are well aware of what is coming out via social media and other outlets already
heck, the master collection of the new switch zelda title was sold out at 5:00am EST after going on sale just hours after their global video stream press event back on january 21st (with the other special edition selling out before noon the very same day
nintendo may have made some errors in their naming and marketing, but they've not had any problems whatsoever in generating buzz when it comes to launching new hardware

I think they want to keep the buzz rolling, unlike the Wii U. exposing the switch to a demographic that might not care about games anymore or even social media, but played Zelda as a kid helps. plus the commercials so far seem to be aimed at the "young hip" adults.

also with how much money in cash Nintendo has you need to spend some on advertising. Why not during the most watched TV event where some people only care about the commercials.

I cant even remember a wii u commercial

#963 4 years ago

I almost beat super C yesterday. Been trying for a while, Regular contra I have done without dying but Super C is a tough one.

I also finally got a copy of Contra Hard Corps the other day. never played it before and I have to say I'm impressed.

now the only contra's I'm missing are the playstation ones which isn't a bad thing

one of my favorite series for sure, and now I'm on a little sega genesis kick

#965 4 years ago

I have the ds one but I need the 2 on Gameboy.

I did finally get a Gameboy player for my gamecube so now im keeping my eyes out for some GB games.

I still play my GBA a lot but I wont lie Its mostly for tetris as weird as that is for 2017. Played it a bit after lunch today.

I have heard good things about operation C and its cheap so Ill probably pick it up some time.

I'm trying to get all the contra's and now all the pricy ones are out of the way. Yes I have Contra Force, which sucks compared to contra but I kinda like it even if its not really a contra game.

sorry for the long post

1 week later
#991 4 years ago


now on to the next contra or maybe ill just finish battletoads. damn elevator level takes all my damn lives.

#999 4 years ago

been debating if I want to deal with the switch crowds picking up Zelda on wii u tonight or if I should just wait till the morining

#1011 4 years ago

in the back of my mind I hope getting Zelda on wii u will make me buy and play the few games I still want for the system.

honestly I haven't played my wii u since like October or even longer

#1043 4 years ago

I got it Zelda for wii u at midnight launch and have almost 20 hours in it. Its really good, its got some flaws but they are so easily over looked. I haven't played a game this much in such a short time ever and that is saying something

I wish I wasn't at work now.

there was a snow storm and like only 20 people at the launch. I actually could have gotten a switch but passed

My buddy went to a target a bought a switch today. they are out there if you want

#1051 4 years ago

man I have been loving Zelda. I got the master sword last night

Found it on my own which was satisfying

but I only have defeated one divine beast.

#1064 4 years ago

There should be a new Prime on the switch. I would prefer a more traditional Metroid

Retro studios hasn't put out a game since DKC tropical freeze and have been working on a game since before it was released.

my guess is that its the next metroid

1 month later
#1175 4 years ago

Puyo Puyo Tetris Today

I might be the only person excited about this but who cares

#1177 4 years ago

Yeah I'm getting for ps4 since I haven't got a Switch yet

Was about to import it but waited a bit and heard it was coming stateside.

I'm confident that I'm a good tetris player but need practice with puyo puyo.

I am jealous of you switch owners and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. I still play 8 on my wii u. It almost makes me want to get a switch just for that.

Wife got me Mario maker the other day, I usually don't like level creators that much but damn that game is fun.

1 week later
#1218 4 years ago
Quoted from Pinwizkid:

Not sure if this is even remotely relevant on this 25 page long thread, but here is my Sharp X68000 that I do a lot of 16-bit retro gaming on! Though pinball was my first love, this thing has become my most prize possession.

That is just too cool.

I always wanted to play with a X68000. its just an awesome machine

#1227 4 years ago

Nintendo has so much cash they can fail for decades

but they make money still so they will be alright. They are no SEGA

There has been this Nintendo hate sprinkled with doom and gloom for years now

#1243 4 years ago
Quoted from Frax:

More back to the point of the thread...
If anyone's interested in my opinion of Puyo Puyo Tetris, I'll be able to tell you tomorrow. It showed up today and going to be having a throwdown tonight!

Ive been liking it. lots of fun modes
the story is lame and way to "cutesy" but it is challenging and mixes it up

The tetris stuff has been a breeze in this one but Damn I'm finally getting back into my Puyo Puyo Groove.

#1245 4 years ago

Tetris attack is the shit

#1253 4 years ago

katamari was a lot of fun

#1258 4 years ago
Quoted from Rascal_H:

Maybe pod too much but picked up 47 Atari 2600 games for $40.
Now looking to pick up some kind of vintage cartridge rack/display for them.

PS. Zaxxon is TERRIBLE on Atari haha.

Keystone and Kaboom are some of my favorites. kaboom gets very addicting

The game I play the most on my atari is Turmoil which I paid 75 cents for. one of the best parts of Atari is the price

1 month later
#1280 4 years ago

Mario looks so weird but I cant lie I'm very executed.

Ill have to bite the bullet bill and get a switch by October

I love 3d marios

#1282 4 years ago

Glad to see final fantasy VI beating out VII since that is how I feel.

but seems like a good list

I have a terrible problem of getting really far in RPG's and then never finishing them

and yep dragon warrior was my first RPG. My nes came with Mario bros 1 dragon warrior and renegade.

#1287 4 years ago

Rpg's were a great way to get kids like me to read back in the day.

and another confession is I always put subtitles on all my games if it has an option

1 week later
#1289 4 years ago

found NHL 94 CIB for a buck yesterday. I know its just a sports game and maybe worth anything really but man it really is one of the best sports game. had a lot of fun playing it as a kid.

now only if I can find mutant league hockey for a buck

#1297 4 years ago

snes mini announced

has a finished star fox 2 on it

nice list of games only dud to me is Kirby dreamcourse but its an alright game

#1298 4 years ago

the list is

•Contra III: The Alien Wars
•Donkey Kong Country
•Final Fantasy III
•Kirby Super Star
•Kirby's Dream Course
•The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
•Mega Man X
•Secret of Mana
•Star Fox
•Star Fox 2
Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting
•Super Castlevania IV
•Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts
•Super Mario Kart
•Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
•Super Mario World
•Super Metroid
•Super Punch-Out!!
•Yoshi's Island

#1344 4 years ago

Wii U pro controller is one of my favorites

the 80 some hours of battery life is nice too

3 weeks later
#1389 4 years ago

Alright I caved in and bought the HD Retrovision Cables for Genesis and Snes.

My ps2 looks great through the Component on my CRT, I'm very excited for the Sega.

Been playing a lot of Genesis lately and picked up some good games over the weekend

GUNSTAR HEROS IS SO GOOD. never got around to playing it before but got a good deal on one complete and mint.

#1396 4 years ago
Quoted from northvibe:

Try sonic 2 and let me know if you get video.....

Will do.

now I need to RGB mod my 64

#1400 4 years ago

Got the cables today.

Just wow it looks so amazing on my crt tv

Also sonic 2 played fine for me.

I just can't get over how good my genesis looks I'll be up late tonight.

Plus I got a vector man an a shinobi 3 for 5 bucks today

3 weeks later
#1420 3 years ago

Even if its on new consoles....

Sonic Mania Is The Shit

1 month later
#1553 3 years ago

I only want one with yellowing plastic or I'll pass

1 week later
#1572 3 years ago
Quoted from Frax:

Super High Impact

when I got my snes as a kid (birthday gift) in 96, it had Mario world, super rtype, and high impact. My one older brother would always get me used "older game systems", I cant thank him enough today.

Me and my best friend that grew up down the street still quote this game today lol. Not the best game but it was fun once we figured it out.

the next day I bought starfox and still have that music stuck in my head today.

#1574 3 years ago

So in the last two weeks I got for free an Intelivision, Fairchild Channel F, and a Galaxain coleco tabletop. I guess when it rains it pours

plus for a good deal I got a pc engine core grafx with games. very excited for this, should be here tomorrow

fun times. yesterday at the store they had mick and mac for master system for 3 dollars. had to pick it up cause I don't come around cheap master system games often and it is a PAL exclusive.

I'm such a nerd

2 weeks later
#1593 3 years ago

been lots of consoles in my area

pro controllers are harder to find though

#1606 3 years ago
Quoted from MinusWorlds:

Yep! Haha. It was NintendoAge. I’m the one that posted the pic of the case of sealed Stadium Events lol.

That was great, loved hearing about all those case's of games. people and their Game "investments", I knew there had to be boxes of sealed games out there.

Quoted from benheck:

Just picked this up. Now I can play Rondo of Blood in a language I don't understand, with a controller cable too short for my American home!

I love the interface CD setup. I just got a core grafx but no cd yet, might be too much for me.

2 of my older brothers had Turbografx 16's when I was a kid(they were out of the house) and I loved playing them. Ironically the 2 crush games mostly. so I always wanted some NEC Hudson love for myself and couldn't pass up a good deal on one with games

I would say watch out cause the cd units are finicky but you Ben Heck and ive seen you fix crazier things on your show. Plus the gear that breaks is 3d printable nowadays.

2 weeks later
#1630 3 years ago

Is this retro gaming?

Got this today for a good price. Almost complete just missing the scotch tape and dice. Even had the original batteries.

Just crazy 100 bucks In 1972. Got to love analog gaming

20171118_233010 (resized).jpg

1 month later
#1666 3 years ago

Dreamcast is still my favorite

I got one in 2001 and got most of my collection during the purge of software

Its the first system I played online, it helped me developed a love for shooters(shmups as some people call them), expanded my NES & Genesis tastes thanks to emulators, picked up the import bug that still sticks with me today, improved my typing with typing of the dead, and hell I even watch the whole xmen cartoon series and more with VCD's on the damn thing.

It has an amazing lineup, Like others I will still pull out the Power Stones and many others DC gems, and yes you can make arguments that others systems are better but it has that special part in my heart. I'm just glad I can still get new games for it today.

It's still thinking even in 2017

#1669 3 years ago
Quoted from northvibe:

Ya! Dc was so awesome and unappreciated at the time. An arcade unit in your house?!
I have two dc’s, one for backup, just got the usbgdrom from overseas so I can save the gdrom. Hoping retrovision makes a hd plug n play cable.

I'm hoping for the retrovision cord too, couldn't be happier with their other ones.

Yeah I need to get a gdrom, I really want the one for Saturn that they have.

3 weeks later
#1677 3 years ago

Genesis has been my most played system for the last 2 years. Still playing my original. Its like the only systems I can still find deals on games, well and 2600

I miss the old sega

#1684 3 years ago


Some of the best digital pinballs

1 week later
#1695 3 years ago
Quoted from Jason43:

Just picked up a Power Base Converter for my Genesis to be able to play Sega Master System games. Never had a Sega in the day. Anyone have any recommendations for games I should pick up?

streets of rage 2, your welcome. I'm trying to beat the third one but damn its a tough beat em up

but besides that series Rocket Knight is fun, Contra Hard Corps(it may be my favorite contra), and Mega Turrican are great. these games I still play regularly.

plus the genesis has some fun shooters, the thunder forces are great(one of them is called lightening force in the US), good port of truxton. and Musha is fun if you want to blow 200 bucks, plus there are many others

Gunstar heros is great as are the other treasure games, like Mcdonalds and Alien Soldier(but this you'll need to import, get a hack, or run on an everdrive)

Shadowrun is the best RPG for the system IMO

but for the master system there isn't nothing that stands out. I like Rtype for it and play California Games for nostalgic reasons. There are some great imports for it tho

sorry for the long post but I'm a SEGA dude and the mega drive is one of my favorites.

sorry that a lot of the games I listed are a little pricey and that I tend to ramble about old games

1 week later
#1712 3 years ago
Quoted from Jason43:

Worst game ever, or the best?

got to play desert bus on sega cd

6 months later
#1760 2 years ago

For the rom warriors

tenor (resized).png
1 month later
#1808 2 years ago
Quoted from woody24:

I'm going through my house and trying to create Ebay, Craigslist, Yard Sale, Goodwill, and trash piles. I've hit a road block with my old PC games. Old as in late 90's, early 2000's. Pre-Steam.
Is there any value in them, or should they just go to the trash. Original boxes for majority.

Boxed is key but 80s and early 90s would have been better. But there is some bit of value depending on games.

I have been building up my pc game collection over the years. But it's mostly point and click adventures games and others from my past. Like I got a star wars dark forces 2 for a buck a couple months ago since I had it as a kid.

But like 5 years or so ago you would have had to throw them away, now there is a market but it's not close to console games

Sorry for my usual long as post about anything video game related.

#1821 2 years ago

Well my brother was at an auction and sent me this pic and not knowing much about games. I was on my way when he said not too many people were there and stuff was going cheap
2018100495171820951538688064481 (resized).jpg

#1829 2 years ago

Yes I got a good deal on the snes games and bought the rest of the game lots. Lots of high end ps1 games and some good Sega stuff.

But I did help an old lady that fainted at the grocery store the day before, while everyone else just stood and did nothing. So maybe it was karma lol

And for the sealed games ebay is the way to go. I wish they weren't sealed cause those are the main systems I import for

#1833 2 years ago

Wish I could go

3 weeks later
#1866 2 years ago

Awesome score man. I have manuals but no system.
One dude was picking up at my work. We both know games and go to auctions. But he got a killer cd and 32x lot he showed me... and wouldn't sell me any of it

#1887 2 years ago
Quoted from benheck:

Maybe it's already been mentioned on here but if you're a fan of the Castlevania series you MUST watch the new show on Netflix!
It's basically the characters of Castlevania 3 with the backstory and motivations from Symphony of the Night. Easily the best video game adaption by a country mile.

I watched it and last season cause im a castlevania fan. But laughed my ass off when my brother in law who isn't a gamer was telling me about it without know it was a game series. I took him straight to my Nintendo made him play.

he denies its anime because he's to manly lol
He really liked it and binged the series without knowing it was a game. Which is pretty cool and shows how good it is.

#1891 2 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

Well, it is produced in the US which I guess technically makes it not “anime” in the traditional sense of being produced in Japan.

I knew I'd get called out on that lol

#1897 2 years ago

Anyone play the new tetris. I am in love lol

2 weeks later
#1942 2 years ago
Quoted from Luckydogg420:

An early PSX (model 1000, 1001, and 1002) has a really good sound processor chip, so people have been using them as audiophile quality CD player. These ones are hard to find, and can be $100. But it’s is a win-win situation if you get a good one.

I keep picking these up when I run across them since they are just a ps1 to most people.

2 weeks later
#1958 2 years ago

well I got the retrovision Saturn adaptor, a Japanese sega Saturn, and a rhea board on the way.

my damn buddy made me jealous with his

#1969 2 years ago

Game boy player is great.
There is a interesting homebrew that opens up the options a bit more

1 month later
#2014 2 years ago

Storage locker with 4 boxes in it for 75 bucks....

Knocked off 2 systems I've been looking for at not crazy prices, well one is a computer.

And yes they both have games and accessories.

I guess I'm playing 3do tonight instead of re2

20190129_142236 (resized).jpg
#2017 2 years ago
Quoted from djreddog:

Great score on the Amiga! The best gaming PC ever. I used to own the 500, 600, 1000, and the 2000.

I've been on the search for years. One of my friends growing up had one and I have had it in the back of my mind. I still wanna recap it but can't wait to play the turrican's again

And my one brother had a 3do when I was younger so it's nice going back to those games. Plus it's just 90''s to the max.

3 weeks later
#2025 2 years ago

OK I know this is out of the blue but...

Does anyone have the iso or any other format for

sega ages memorial selection vol. 2 for Sega saturn.

It's like the only one I can't find

2 months later
#2059 2 years ago
Quoted from woody24:

It's that time of year again, where I become obsessed with retro gaming. Got the parts all ready to build a 4th Gameboy Zero, this time with the CM3 Pi board. Also just ordered a BittBoy v3. Was cheap enough to see how well it plays. And if it's terrible, I'm not out a whole lot.
Also just got an GBA SP. Used to have one, then sold it. Now I'm wondering if I had the one with the backlit display, because I don't remember the game looking this bad. But I doubt I did, I got it a year or so after it was released. Now I'm obsessed with finding GBA games. Just ordered a bunch, mainly the pinball ones right now. Will have to swing by the used game stores this weekend to see what I can find.

Lol i finally found one with the good screen.

Gonna throw it in my nes gba. Took me forever to find each one in the wild.

But my god the old screen is pretty bad

#2068 2 years ago

No idea why but my one buddy from auctions sold me a sealed retron5 and a 7800 lot for less than a new retron5.

He got it for a steal but I've been looking for a 7800 for a while, the price was fair l.

Also wanted a retron5 just so I wouldn't have to bring a system up from the game room when the wife wants to play some snes or genesis.

I'm just laughing because I'm playing blood & truth on psvr and 7800 in the same day.

20190528_130056 (resized).jpg
1 week later
#2089 2 years ago
Quoted from statictrance:

Timtim - Not sure how fair the price was and I can't see the other titles due to the glare - but that 7800 version of Double Dragon is a pretty desireable game all to itself. Very nice snag!
If you feel like going rare game hunting for something totally nuts, I totally recommend trying to find a copy of Ninja Golf for the 7800. It's exactly what it sounds like and just as absurd.

Oh ninja golf is on my radar and just up my alley, also looking for a midnight mutants.

4 weeks later
#2100 2 years ago

I didn't want to post these pics they were just stuck in my attach image
Though I did get this last month
IMG950216 (resized).jpgIMG950226 (resized).jpg

#2101 2 years ago
Quoted from andyharsh:

Decided to put my Complete Licensed NES collection out for sale in my Retro Game store this Friday. Going to miss it in my personal collection, but the plan is to replace the games we sell (by putting up trade bounties and stuff like that) and always carry every title as we go, so hopefully the collection will stay together. It'll be fun just seeing the average persons reaction seeing all this in the store for once, instead of it being hidden on my office's shelves [quoted image][quoted image]

Now what I really wanted to post

I might be interested in the gunnac

Also when do you think you'll get the neo geo SD pro mvs boards?

Also that shelf is freaking awesome

1 month later
#2115 1 year ago

I've been digging into famicom lately. I got this fdsstick which emulates the disk drive. For 20 bucks it's a great little device. You still need the ram adapter but no poor sound emulation like the ever drive or power pack.

Love the extra sound channel on some of the fds games.

20190808_112202 (resized).jpg
5 months later
#2184 1 year ago
Quoted from Deaconblooze:

I've been debating this for quite a while... I'd appreciate some opinions.
I grew up in the 90s, and SNES was my jam. Genesis was also great, and I got the console as a gift from my grandparents as a xmas present - probably the best present of my life.
I have a Trinitron CRT I got for free not that long ago. I have a pretty modest collection of SNES, Genesis, Intellivision, Gamecube.
For Xmas thjis=I got a Genesis Everdrive X7. I also got a Genesis Mini. I have young kids, so the ability to play in front of a big screen with them is appealing. I already have an SNES mini, and it really doesn't get a whole lot of play. Much of that reason is because I don't want to have to read RPGs to them all day long, and they don't really have the dexterity for something like Super Mario World (but maybe I try that again).
Anyway, I like the system, but I'm wondering if I'd get as much (or more) utility out of a Analogue. I was considering just getting one for both the SNES and Genesis, selling off my collection to some friends, and rolling with the everdrives. The problem is that would also mean getting rid of a CRT (probably not hard, but a bit of a potential pain) and the best option for playing the other types of systems (gamecube and intellivision).
The other bit of a problem is I don't have a fantastic place for the CRT. I had it in a closet under my stairs in the basement and played on the floor kid style... but getting someone else to share the experience would be tough. I have a theater room where I could probably put it, but it's a small room, and it would have to be tucked in a corner...and I prefer it to look pretty clean.
So my options...
1. Keep CRT/classic consoles, mini consoles
2. Keep CRT/classic consoles, mini consoles, get analogues
3. Sell CRT/classic consoles and games, return or sell mini consoles, convert to analogues
4. Sell just games, keep everything else
5. Keep all classics, sell everything else.
Thanks for indulging me. I'm probably forgetting some other options.. so feel free to toss out other ideas I hadn't considered.

Since your TV should have component get the HDretrovision cables for snes and sega.

4 weeks later
#2227 1 year ago
Quoted from Diospinball:

Brag about them here.
I just bested my Berzerk score by about 1k... Could have been better. I had 2 stupid deaths that I shouldn't have had... But, still was my best game to date. So I'll take that.
And Frenzy. I've gotten over 12k now for my high score. Still a long way to go until I get to 40k. But, its a goal. I also remembered my goal of beating all the Streets of Rage games.
However, for Streets of Rage 3. I will only be playing Bare Knuckle 3. As the american version is way too difficult. They just made it harder for the sake of it, and its one of the rare instances of the Japanese game being easier than the western one.

Damn that last level in sor3. One day I'll beat it.
Even tho I'm npt thrilled about the art style I can't wait to play 4

3 months later
#2288 1 year ago

Or you could just garbage pick crts like I do lol

Got this 20 inch Toshiba AF last week, the picture was crooked and off center, but so bright and clear. Had to rotate the yoke and use the service menu but worth it. Grabbed this set as one of my backups and for when I play games on my back porch. Still a little off but before it looked like Mario was always running up hill lol

Snes 1chip with retrovision component cables if anyone cares.

Anyone got a pvm or bvm 14 or 20 they want to get rid of?

My phone takes bad pics and yes it's on the floor by the pins, aka where the tools are.

20200609_214721 (resized).jpg
#2295 1 year ago
Quoted from andyharsh:

I may have an a few TV's available soon that have been RGB modified for a SCART connection, around 20" size or maybe a little bigger possibly. I know a guy that is getting into doing the RGB mods for various tv's so I may be getting more. He's also modding some to work on arcades. Also may have an extra PVM around 19" or 20", at least one is a Sony. If you're ever down near Salem let me know if you want to stop and look at any of them.

I need to come down one of these days, I still need to get some terraonion stuff from you.
Especially with the CCAG being canceled.

#2320 1 year ago
Quoted from misterman:

I have this in my closet, think it's unplayed.
[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

I got a NOS NES too, but it's the action set. Yours is cooler and worth more.

Where did you get it? I bought mine off a grampa who got it for his grandson, but the parents got him one. So it just sat in the closet till I got it like 5 years ago.

But the real question is does it still smell new?still one of my favorite smells lol

#2321 1 year ago
Quoted from Yokimato:

Today is a big day for me -- after many, many years of collecting (though some years were heavy collecting, some not at all), today, I finished my NES collection. All 677* NTSC officially licensed, plus 10 unlicensed (never cared for these personally), plus my own NES game I developed and completed in May of 2019 that I put on it's own cart.
I had games from growing up, but started to actually collect in 2008/9 in earnest with no real goal beyond just grabbing anything that was nostalgic. It quickly turned into finding games that I missed out on growing up, but were great. It wasn't until 2016 that I decided I was close enough to a full collection that I really did just need to finish it off (though had I priced it out before I did, I likely would have left it unfinished...or my wife would've killed me then... ).
Last game to collect, which I got in the mail today was Nigel Mansell's World Championship Racing. No rationale beyond why that one was last, beyond that all the "expensive/rare" ones were already crossed off and this was difficult to find in the wild (which, I ultimately didn't and snagged it on ebay). When I got down to the last 10, my original hope was to finish it up at MGC this year and put NES collecting on hold in September of 2019 to wait until I could collect it in person. We know how that story ends but felt it was time to complete it when a nice copy came up on my watch list.
For those familiar with Bandai's Stadium Events, it is sadly missing, though for the price, I've made my peace with it. My copy of World Class Track Meet will suffice if I feel the need to break out the pad. I did have an opportunity to buy it for 850$ many years ago and completely scoffed at them like they were bat shit crazy.... if only I had a crystal ball.
What's not pictured is the 2K+ other non-NES games that occupy the room, so when visitors see, they inevitable ask which is the favorite when they see the wall of NES which stands in contrast to the rest. Favorites are: Rescue Rangers (the first one) followed closely by Mega Man 5. That said, it's so hard to narrow down since there's so many genuinely GREAT games from this system.
Had to share the good news with people who would understand, but now it's time to go play some classics! Cheers!
[quoted image]

Also hell yeah dude congrats.

Love that it's a game like that to finish it off.

What would you say are some of the harder to find games but are not really valuable?

3 months later
#2413 10 months ago

Since its close to October, I just started to play Silent Hill on ps1 for the first time. I know this was mentioned on pinside like 8 years ago in a different thread, but I didn't expect to see this. At first I'm like that's got to be a MM, the you pick up the map and yep definitely a MM lol.

20200923_225450 (resized).jpg20200923_230247 (resized).jpg
1 month later
#2431 8 months ago
Quoted from Luckydogg420:

I used to laugh at the idea of watching someone else play video games; and then South Park Stick of Truth came out. I knew that I wasn’t going to buy the game, but still wanted to see the story and jokes within the game. So, I found a play through video that cut out all of the grinding gameplay and just highlighted the story. It was almost like watching a South Park movie, changed my whole perspective on game play videos.
Now I’ll regularly watch Games Done Quick. Not only is it for charity, it’s pretty amazing watching these pros rip through a game in record time. I don’t speed run anything but watching how these players break the game mechanics to achieve amazing runs is pretty enjoyable. Even the videos breaking down world record progressions, and how the players have improved their games over time with finding new strategies to use are entertaining.

Games done quick is great, love the tas bot sections. Some really crazy things they can pull off. The brain age and smw ones are just nuts

#2435 8 months ago

Only thing i run is contra, not that well but i get just a bit under 11 minutes.

But it was all out of spite for that game kicking my ass as a kid.

#2439 8 months ago
Quoted from Jason43:

I grabbed a non working model 1 Sega cd a couple weeks back and finally got the thing working tonight. I've always wanted one, but christ, what an unreliable, poorly designed piece.
[quoted image]

They look so cool tho. I always get the 2's, never had a 1, but every one of them needed that fuse replaced.

Quoted from InfiniteLives:

nice, my contra time is 11:43 , under 11 is pretty legit! havent ran it in about a year

Its been longer for me, i ran it a few days ago to see, it was 12:09. Honestly restarted the first 2 levels like 10 times, but then i got in the zone.

Ive been trying to beat the hard alucard path on castlevania 3, seriously fuck this game. I have beaten all the classic castlevanias and sotn during covid and saved this one for last. Im glad i got some zombie dust to drink while i get pissed.

#2458 8 months ago
Quoted from InfiniteLives:

we beat Castlevania: Bloodlines on stream last night, fun game! never played it growing up. you can see some of my collection behind us in the vod

Great game, I always loved the tricks the last level does.

1 week later
#2476 8 months ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

That sells for pinball money these days. You could prob get $2k-$3k for it.
If you guys wanna dip into Sega CD without wrestling with crazy collector prices, you can play Sega CD games on the Everdrive Pro or TerraOnion MegaSD...don’t even need a Sega CD attachment....they play off the cart perfectly.

Or just get a pack of CDrs
Not that that’s how I experience sega cd or anything
But I do want one of those carts so I could get my sega cd on nomad

But I’m glad to see the sega cd love, it’s one that I missed out on back in the day but love going through the library. Don’t worry I still have my FMV card, my brother had a 3do back then for some strange reason.

3 months later
#2575 4 months ago
Quoted from Jason43:

Was given back my GameCube,, with the stupid expensive component cables I bought back in the day and a box of controllers. I think the component cables alone will nicely fund the bulk of a new series x....
[quoted image]

I might be interested in that damn cable.

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