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#2213 5 months ago

Hey guys. I hope you don't mind me posting in here.
I know I play my retro games mostly on my PI or miniconsoles. But, I love retro games.
Two of my favorite games of all time are Berzerk and Frenzy. Just love those games so dang much. Big fan of robo-genocide. So I really like blowing those steelplated heartless bastiches to hell!

Anyway. Been playing berzerk and frenzy for about the past 3 years and never really got too good at it. But, lately I made myself a handheld pi, and its amazing just to turn on and play a couple of quick games on.

So I been working my scores up and up and up. Well I finally got over 10k on Berzerk. 10,990 was my final score. Won't lie got a bit lucky at the end. I died with 0 lives left at 9,980 and just needed one more robot to get the 2nd and last extra life in the game. A robot is worth 50 points.
Well Evil Otto caught me and smashed me... And right before the game was going to end he also smashed into a robot and so I got the points and the final extra life.

Then had a pretty good run until once again I got cornered by evil otto.
My best game to date. And I've been averaging around 4k-6k per game now. Much better from the 1,500-3k range that I use to be in.

As for Frenzy... I have yet to get to 6k in that game. Been really close. You get extra lives at 3k in frenzy and its uncapped the number you can accrue.
Just having fun for now. And so good to finally get decent in both games. Not a good or great player yet.
Hopefully soon.

Lastly... I do want to get a berzerk and frenzy cab in my house someday... Just not right now. No room for one. But, when I sell my current house and get the next one I shall get me one(hopefully a unit that has both in it).

Edit. Finally got over 6k on Frenzy... I know I can do much better though. I'd like to get to 20k on berzerk as thats the reset level for the maze. And I'd like to get into the 30k or 40k for frenzy. As again... No limit in the lives for that game. I'd like to stack them... But, evil otto is a bit more dangerous in Frenzy(even though you can destroy him in it). He just appears a bit sooner and there are more enemies in the game. So you gotta really be moving and on your toes.

#2215 5 months ago
Quoted from xsvtoys:

Those 2 games are fun. What's cool about this all being "retro" now is that we can play these games as much as we want and finally find out how far we can go. Of course these games were originally made to suck quarters as quickly as possibly so they became difficult in a short time after you started a game. Back when we played them for real, unless you were a fanatic with a lot of money in your pocket you would never really get far. Think how many quarters you would have had to put out to get to where you are right now. Enough to buy a Pi probably!

No doubt about it. It was much harder to get good at arcade games. With that being said there were still a few games I did get good at. Mainly because they were my go to staples.
I would be given about 4-8 dollars at an arcade... A few lucky times I got a whole 20.

Going to an arcade was as much about walking around and enjoying the sights as it was getting to play the games.

I would play lethal enforces. Got good enough to beat the 1st level eventually. And when I could beat the first level consistently and then die... I'd just start it over and not continue. As it lead to more gameplay time... I did that trick for a few games.

Knights of the round was another game that I would go to when I needed a long game with few quarters. I would generally continue once in that game and then I'd walk away... And maybe come back to it one more time at later. As again... I could play that game for a decent amount of time on just 1 credit.

Same with Wrestlefest. I once got to the 2nd to last match on just one quarter. I got to the championship match once with 2 quarters... I don't think I ever beat the game though at the arcade. But, I could generally get 2-3 matches regularly on it.

And I'm generally pretty good at beat em ups as well. So I would mostly put money in those... Stay away from fighting games... But, I did play some... And back in the day I was good at Raiden. As I had it on my TG16. So I would put a few quarters from time to time on the vertical shooters.

Loved narc. But, that game kicked my butt!!! But, I still loved it.

#2216 5 months ago
Quoted from xsvtoys:

Those 2 games are fun. What's cool about this all being "retro" now is that we can play these games as much as we want and finally find out how far we can go. Of course these games were originally made to suck quarters as quickly as possibly so they became difficult in a short time after you started a game. Back when we played them for real, unless you were a fanatic with a lot of money in your pocket you would never really get far. Think how many quarters you would have had to put out to get to where you are right now. Enough to buy a Pi probably!

I forgot one other thing that makes retro video game playing so much easier today. Youtube and also online walkthroughs.

You only really had the big expensive walkthroughs in the past and maybe some in video game magazines, and your friends. Now, I want to learn tricks or tips I can google the games.
It really makes old school games a bit easier and also pinball rule knowledge easier to learn as well.

Now, I did learn quite a bit on Berzerk and Frenzy myself. And other retro games. But, to actually read other peoples tips and tricks and maybe watch other people play, it gives you a certain insight that you might not get from just your own gameplay experience. Like in Venture. I didn't know you could shot and destroy those walls that move in and out in some of the rooms, until I watched an online video of it.

With that being said... I don't view any of that as cheating or unfair advantage. I don't have the time to mine a game for its secrets like how I did when I was a kid.

I'm a really, really amazing Comix Zone player on Sega. I can beat it in under 18 minutes. I think in my youth I had a 16 minute time. I'm not certain. All I will say is I'm really, really good comix zone player and that's a glitchless speedrun. Going to be hardpressed to find someone with a faster time... And yeah... They do exist. Just saying my times really good. And I did that pre internet. All just by playing the heck out of the game.

Its probably my favorite Sega game.

2 weeks later
#2226 4 months ago
Quoted from VALIS666:

What's a good place to submit your retro and classic games scores (including MAME/emulated)? Twin Galaxies has always been a bit sketchy, plus they require video, not just photos. Have to appreciate the depth of their data, though. Highscore.com seems decent, just a little underused. They also take real pinball and Pinball FX3/Pinball Arcade, but not Visual Pinball, as far as I can tell.
Anything else?

Brag about them here.
I just bested my Berzerk score by about 1k... Could have been better. I had 2 stupid deaths that I shouldn't have had... But, still was my best game to date. So I'll take that.

And Frenzy. I've gotten over 12k now for my high score. Still a long way to go until I get to 40k. But, its a goal. I also remembered my goal of beating all the Streets of Rage games.
However, for Streets of Rage 3. I will only be playing Bare Knuckle 3. As the american version is way too difficult. They just made it harder for the sake of it, and its one of the rare instances of the Japanese game being easier than the western one.

#2228 4 months ago
Quoted from timtim:

Damn that last level in sor3. One day I'll beat it.
Even tho I'm npt thrilled about the art style I can't wait to play 4

I think the game looks good. Blaze looks amazing. But, Axel looks a bit bad. His tied around the waist jacket looks bad, and I hate the beard. Don't know if they're going for hipster meets the 90s tude or rad era... But, its bad. I know a lot of hipsters. They don't even lift bro.

The other thing that scares me is the combo system. I hope its revamped to something that would/could be cool. I'd like a beat em up to do a fighting engine like batman arkham series. Make it value combos and timing. Put some skill into it. I love Dragons Crown. That is one of the very best beat em ups ever. But, even that game the combos could be stiff and brain dead.

A good beat em up should have skill to it. Something the first 3 did have... I'm ranting... Anyway. I'm sure Streets of Rage 4... If and when it comes out will be well worth the playthrough. And I can't wait to play it. I just hope it does come out. Been a lot of radio silence since its announcement.

2 weeks later
#2229 4 months ago

Well, I completed one of my goals and I cycled through the rooms for frenzy. The rooms are random, but they have 4 special rooms that appear in the game. And I not only made it through all 4, but I started going back through them.

26860 was my score. Nowhere near a world record. But, every 3k is an extra life and I got 8 of them. Not too shabby. I did get a bit of luck here and there.
For Berzerk I think my high score is still only around 15k. At 20k berzerk enemies cycle back around. I've mostly been focusing on frenzy though.

Very similar games. But, different strategies for both of them, sure some common elements are in both of them. But, still a slightly different feel. And once I feel like I'm getting burnt out on one of them, I switch to the other. Might be time to start Berzerk back up.
I'm a bit sad that I passed on a home unit for this. I found a good price for a unit that had both of them on it... Ohh well... When I get more space.

1 month later
#2234 89 days ago

So I just bought and beat all the campaigns in Duke Nukem 3d World Tour 20th Anniversary(PHEW long title, great game though and well worth spelling it all out).
And I had a lot of fun playing it. I bought it digitally for the PS4, and while I don't really like digital only games. I didn't know about hte physical version and that actually costs almost 3 times as much money.

And man I had a real blast playing through this game. I don't think I ever beat even the first campaign when I was a kid. For Christmas my brother(one of 5) got Duke Nukem 3d and I got Daggerfall. And I was upset!!!! Until I started playing Daggerfall and fell in love with it. We all did. Still I would play Duke Nukem quite a bit, but mostly the first two levels. The ones with the strippers and porno theaters. And I would run around seeing what duke could interact with, and what he could destroy.

Actually in the early first person shooters, that is what I did most of the time. I would see the interactivity of objects, and I would see what objects I could break. Now we take all that for granted. But, back in the day... Man, that kind of stuff blew my mind!!!

While I loved my playthrough of Duke Nukem 3d, if I was being honest I think I enjoyed the heck out of classic Doom and Doom II a lot more. They're better balanced FPS games and also the level designs not only standout as being better in I think every category. Better aesthetics, better design, quicker easier to navigate, and while doom always will ambush you... I think for the most part it was more fair than Duke Nukem 3d was. Too often you'd get an enemy teleporting in behind you, or to your side and they'd get a hit on you before you can respond. Also the hit scanning in duke nukem is a bit more than Doom was. Some enemies are almost always going to damage you.

Duke Nukem had some cool and fun levels, and at the time basing the stuff in the real world(for the most part) was a bit unique. I just think the sci fi/macabre hellish landscape of Doom holds up better. And also I think the level design in regards to the keys were handled a LOT better in DOOM than Nukem 3d. Just to me sometimes progressing in a level was such a slog. And really had too many puzzles and hidden areas that you had to find. Doom... Had some head scratching moments for me. But, they were more clever, and less cheap than the Duke Nukem moments. I had to look up 3-4 times online how to progress as I just was wondering. And one nuclear code at area 51... I just noped out of. I didn't want to spend 50 minutes entering combinations.

But, you know I still had a blast. And there are things I like about Duke over doom. Duke has a bit more creative weapons. The shrink ray is fun and useful, the freeze gun is cool, flamer pretty fun, and I like the pipe bomb. Also I like the jetpack and the medikit. But the jet pack is the coolest. It can make some levels super easy or fast. I wish the hologram wasn't glitchy and actually worked. But, in duke nukem 3d... I think only one enemy type will attack it.

And I like the fact that Duke Nukem's levels had multiple layers to them. Doom mostly is flat levels. It was the limitations of the engine. Couldn't really do rooms on top of rooms. But, Duke had plenty of rooms stacked right on top of each other. I don't really like all the water bits. In fact the underwater queen fight was my least favorite fight. But, still... At the time to have that kind of 3d vertical environment was pretty unique and amazing.

And since this is a pinball forum... I kind of would like a Duke Nukem pinball machine. That be a blast. Duke, Babes, and BALLS OF STEEL!

#2236 89 days ago
Quoted from xsvtoys:

All so true. I don't worry so much about which is better, I'm just grateful we have both of them. And Quake also. I still get so much fun playing all of those. Hard to believe after almost 30 years. A testament to the brilliance of the original designers.

Quake is one of the rare early 3d games that is actually still fun to play to this day.

A lot of the early 3d stuff did not age well. And I'm sad to say that at the time, I was so enthralled with the 3d technology that I thought 2d sprites and 2d platformers and beat em ups were antiquated.

Now, I'm kicking myself for being so dumb. I loved the Die Hard Arcade beat em up, but truthfully, Knights of the Round, TMNT, Dungeons and Dragons, Cadillac and Dinosaurs, X-men and really any of the retro vintage 2d beat em have stood the test of time much better than that Die Hard game. I still do like it though.

But, back to my point... The early 3d games just didn't have all the interface issues figured out yet. Stuff we take for granted to this day. We needed those games, but they didn't age well... Which is why I like the not just remastered versions, but the versions where they tweak and enhance the original gameplay.

I do want to find another retro fps to play through. But, I think I need to setup my computer gaming station, as I think I exhausted the PS4's retro fps library. I was hoping Blood might have been remastered, or the original wolfenstien. I know Rise of the Triad has been remade, but that is on steam. Don't get me wrong I do enjoy modern FPS, beaten and loved all Bioshocks, and I know I will be buying Doom Eternal shortly. But, the original fps just have a unique feel that modern ones tend to lack. They're more about the go, go, go and SHOOT, SHOOT, SHOOT, and SHOOOOOOT!!!!

#2239 88 days ago

Well... I really should have been writing today to get scripts done for my artists.
But, I had to be on call to man a helpdesk phones for my work... Only like 4 calls the whole day for all 10 of us manning them. I did of course respond to my emails, and tomorrow I actually will go into a site to do some actual work...

Anyway, I took advantage to play some games today. And while one of the two games I beat today is not retro per say, it kind of is a reboot of a retro sega classic. I beat Toe Jam and Earl Back in the Groove two times today. Was really happy. It plays very much like the original sega game. In same ways original is better, and in some ways this one is better. I feel like rocket boots and Icarus wings were a lot more common in the original. And that made it so much more fun!

But, the big thing that I am most happy about is that I got to tick off a bucket list game completion today. I finally beat Super Mario Bros. 3. Yes, I used the warp whistles and yes, I used some walkthroughs... But, otherwise I beat it fair and square. I did use save states. But, only to speed up the reloading after I died. I did not use them in levels. There are infinite continues, and also world 8 has stages that reset that will give you the flying leaf once you beat the stage. They do this because they want you to start each level as racoon mario. So... Yeah.... It would have taken me a heck of a lot longer without using them. But, hey I legitimately beat each level.

I really can't remember if I beat that game when I was a child. I know as a family we did beat it, but I'm not certain if I ever actually beat it. I know we beat it more than a few times as we all would gather round and watch the person finally beat the game. And I'm quite pleased. As I haven't really played any retro platformer consistently for a long, long time. I think a few hours of sonic here and there, and only a few stages on Mario Brothers 3 total for the last few years. So a bit rusty. And the controller I used stunk... But, hey... I beat. And I am HAPPY!

Now I get to pick another retro game to play. Don't know what will be next.

1 month later
#2247 47 days ago

I just got my Turbo Grafx Mini and played it for about an hour or two and here are my thoughts...

Has a good game selection. A few games I'd prefer like both legendary ax games. I wish they included an english patch of snatcher(that be worth it for the price... but nope...) Also, I wish they had a english patch of the legend of the valkyrie game. That seems like fun, but I don't know what to do, so I can't play it. Will look for a patched version for my pi though...

So of course if I own a pi, why would i waste money on a mini console. First. I think their interface is generally better and more user friendly. Save states are easier to use. I do use save states from time to time. I use them mostly to practice on games so I can beat them without cheating. That's how I beat super mario 3 and I hope to get good enough to beat super mario bros. Just need to get a bit more consistent with some of the levels.

But, the real reason why I buy the mini consoles is I like to support and show the companies there is a market for the retro games. Not just the old ones, but new ones. So new retro games, as the old games have a certain charm to them that modern triple a games do not have.
And also, some games just don't emulate that well.
I can't get rondo of blood or lords of thunder to work on my pi. Tried for many hours.

Both of them work great here. Sure I Rondo of Blood doesn't have an english patch, but its still playable. Funny thing... I own that on my ps4 as I got it with Symphony of the Night. But, its nice to have it on the mini console.

But, I think the sega one was a bit better. Even though the sega one only had one streets of rage game on it. Kind of stupid if you ask me!!!! But, then again. I have all those on my pi... But, I still think the games are not as good as the ones on the sega mini or the snes mini, and the nes mini. I don't own any of hte nintendo ones yet. Maybe later this year, I'll collect them. We'll see. It depends on when I have the spare money.

#2249 47 days ago
Quoted from Luckydogg420:

Mines coming soon. So the TG16 mini is an amazon exclusive, and I wasn’t able to preorder it from their .ca site. So I ordered it from amazon.com on oct 2, shipping was going to be in April. Covid came in March and my shipping was delayed until Jan 2021! A couple days ago my shipping changed to june 2-5. Can’t wait, I’m excited.
I have the NES, SNES, and SEGA mini already. My plan was to mod each to have the top ~100 from that system. I’ve only done the sega so far. You tubers have opened the TG16 up and i think it runs the same board as the sega does, so it should be hackable with project lunar in time.
I’ve been close to getting the PS1 mini on multiple occasions because it can be a good system if you hack it too. I like the idea of the C64 mini, but doubt that I would actually use it, maybe the one that comes with a joystick would be cool.
The AT-Games Atari flashback machine gets good reviews, and even though I put hundreds of hours into some of these games as a kid I have no interest in going back to play them on a 2600 mini system.

See... I think a pi 4 would be more preferable than a ps mini... But, honestly if I didn't need to hack it. Then I might have bought one, but it was so messed up.

The c64 mini. Sounds cooler than what it would be. There just really are not that many classic games on the c64. It has a fine version of thrust. It has a few decent platformers and most of the other games just haven't aged well... I played a few games on it. Not for me. Which is fine.

I'm torn on the atari. As I love the atari. One of my favorite games ever is commie mutants from space. Its basically space invaders meets breakout. But, it has some really cool game options that can give you powerups like slow time and shield. Really cool stuff for a 2600 game.

7800 had ninja golf. Amazing game. Best game on that system. But, really only about 10 or so unique games that are any good for the console. The rest were arcade ports or games that were better on the nes.
But, really it just depends on the game list for the atari... And also if it has paddle controllers. I'd buy one just for a paddle controller. They don't have any usb ones. A shame!!!!!

#2251 46 days ago
Quoted from Luckydogg420:

If you can find a deluxe version they have paddle controllers. [quoted image]

Well, that might just be worth it... Of course I'd want to hack it to put my collection of atari roms on it. But yeah... I might keep an eye out for that.

Thanks for the heads up.

#2253 46 days ago
Quoted from Backyardace:

My Turbo Grafx Mini gets delivered tomorrow. I’ve only played a few of the games on the system so I’m looking forward to some new games to play. Any tips on the best games?

So I played through most of the games. Not all.

The one game that really sucked is moto racing. UGHHHH... I can't figure out the gas button.
Which brings me to one minor gripe about this system(minor its a great mini console and well worth the money even though it is expensive).

The sega mini had the option to look at the game manual. There is no such option here. And really that would be welcome. As it would be nice to get a little depth and detail about the games. Now with that being said... I'll answer your main question... Ummm going to be lengthy. Just like Styx I've got "Too Much Time on My Hands"!

First before we get started remember that there are two sets of games. American games and then Japanese games. To switch you hit the down button on d-pad and then you go over to the console and make the change.

On the American side my hands down favorite game is Lords of Thunder. Its a horizontal scrolling Shoot em up game. I'm not a big shoot em up fan, as its probably one of my lesser favorite game genres, along with the RPG genre as well... Which is a bit of a bummer as the T16 was mostly famous for it shoot em ups and RPGs and this mini has a lot.
But, Lords of Thunder is really, really well done and while I don't think it is the best horizontal shooter I've ever played(just because I don't love em, doesn't mean I haven't played a good chunk of em), it really is up there. For starters I like that you're not a boring space ship or jet, but a mech!!!! And the enemy designs are amazing and fun and lots of variety. Along with their designs are unique attack patterns. And the level designs are unique as well. Its really refreshing as this game plays so different from most in the genre. And I like the melee attack. I wish you could do it manually, but 2 buttons.. .So I get it. Game play is fantastic. And the music is amazing. You'll be hard pressed to find a better horizontal shoot em up than this. My only beef. Is a charge attack would ahve made this game better and probably I'd say the best ever. Just a minor gripe for an amazing game.
And again I've never had much luck getting this to work on my pi, so... Works great here!!!!!

The 2nd best game is Dracula A.... something... Rondo of Blood basically. Its on the Japanese side, and again its a turbo cd game and again another game that I never could get to work. But, trust me. You don't need to read or speak Japanese to play it. Its amazing and its one of the best Castlevania's of all time. Won't talk more about that one. As its Castlevania and that is all you need to know.

Ninja Scroll on the American side is a really amazing game. Its a near perfect arcade port. I mostly played the arcade version in the past, as the sound is better. But, this is a great version and its a amazing.

On the ninja side of things is Ninja Gaiden. Its on the Japanese side and its Ninja... something or another... I don't know much about it. I only played it a few minutes, but it seems like a port of the first one on the T16. Don't know the differences. But, again. Its Ninja Gaiden... Awesome game.

Kung Fu game on the Japanese side that you're a really big sprite and its constantly auto scrolling to the right. At first I hated this game. I've played it in the past. But, I never got the controls... Well something clicked and I had a good bit of fun playing it. Is it great... No... But, it is fun.

Bonks Revenge is on the American side. That's the 2nd bonk. Its actually a really good platformer. Has a lot of unique elements to it, to set it apart. Is it as good as super mario bros 3... no... Its on par with the first one though. Has a lot of good ideas, and game looks great.

The first Bonk is on the Japanese side. You don't need to know how to read to play this that one either. Its not called bonk, but look for his face and its the first one.

Air Zonk. That is another Bonk game, but set in the future and its a side scrolling horizontal shooter. Not as good as Lords of Thunder, but its still a pretty dang good one. Unique style and sense of humor... All in all pretty fun game.

And becauase this is Pinball forume. Alien Crush is one of the better console virtual pinball games. I like demon's crush a bit better. But, Alien Crush is fun to play.

Splatter House. This is the only Beat Em Up on this mini console and its a good one. Its not great. But, its always worth playing and fun. I do look forward to beating this one. As I never did in the past and I got to the 3rd stage without dying... So I think if i just practice the bosses more I should be okay.

To me those are my favorites.
Some people love the RPGs, so they'll mention Yves 1 and 2... Or maybe cadash. And I do look forward to playing those. Just not right now. I'm not in the mood for a deep dive retro RPG.

Also, trust me... Horizontal and vertical shooters... There are a lot on this system and a lot of classics. I didn't mention Verticals at all, but trust me, they are there.
Fantasy Zone is on the Japanese side. And that is a classic as well. I don't know how easy the shop is to navigate though... I haven't played that version yet.

And I do like the bomber man games for short plays... And I was surprised at Chew Man FU. That seems like a fun puzzle game. A little like Bomberman but with a slightly different approach.

I plan on playing that one more.

So in hindsight one might wonder why I bought this system. As I'm not a fan of the bulk of the games on it. RPGs and Shootem ups. I really think Legendary ax 1 and 2 should have been included. Those games were unique and really don't need Ninja Giaden that's on the NES.

Still the cost of this system just for Rondo, Lords of Thunder are worth it. Also... I think I might get into Advanced Wars. That seems like a fun turn based strategy game. Only played first map. I think that game might kick my butt!!! Thank goodness for save states. As I think there are no passcodes for the levels.

#2254 45 days ago

Well... I just beat Splatterhouse on my Turbo Mini. Only took a little over a day of casual playing.
Which is funny, because when I was a kid I owned the game for my t16 and I never really got past the chainsaw boss.
I think a few times I did, but I think the last boss I beat was the spinning heads boss. Can't really believe I had this much trouble with the game. As I don't think I am a better player now, than what I was in my youth.

Sure a few games I think I am better than now. But, as a whole I think I might have been just a little bit better. Mainly because I could grind and grind and grind on the games. And I just don't really have the time or desire to grind at old games. I only play causally.

Still as easy as it was to beat Splatterhouse, I still enjoyed it and will most likely play it again.

1 week later
#2263 34 days ago

WOOT WOOT! Just beat Streets of Rage II. Won't lie... I had to increase the lives to 5 and used all the continues. But, I don't like grinding away to get better in video games anymore. The bosses are the only real issues I have... And I'm slowly getting better with them... But, was just really happy that I finally beat it.

My goal is to be all three of the streets of rage games. However Streets of Rage 1... I can only get to the final stage. 3 I haven't really played too much past stage 3-4 as I've just never really focused on playing that one. But, I won't be playing the American Streets of Rage 3, I will be playing the Japanese Bare Knuckle 3 which is a better game. They upped the difficulty and made the enemies damage sponges more in the american release. One of the rare instances of the American games being harder(there are a few... Like the Echo the dolphins are harder in America).

Been focusing during the Quarentine on video games and not pinball. Might want to get back into the pinball groove.

#2266 34 days ago
Quoted from woody24:

Command & Conquer remake on Steam! Brings back old memories. Also includes the first Red Alert.

played those games for days on end. Days upon days...

One of my best moments was a multiplayer match where I had a whole bunch of stealth tanks. Time my attack on the persons 2nd base outpost with a nuclear strike that took out the tesla coils or whatever was used to detech the tanks.
Wiped his base out... and took that part of the map over.

Sadly. I lost the match, because I had to go to the bathroom. Really, really, really bad. Could not wait. And when I came back the guy snuck in a commando on a helicopter and it blew up too much of my main base. If I was there. I would have prevented that from happening... But, I wasn't... Ohhh well... Still a fun moment.

#2273 32 days ago
Quoted from woody24:

I tried to beat Streets of Rage 2 on my Gameboy Zero, and just couldn't do it. Even with max lives and continues. I got close I think.
I loved Beat'em ups growing up. It's what I mostly played in the arcade. But for whatever reason, I didn't own a single one for the Genesis. I have no idea why. I was always super bummed that Final Fight never came out for the Genesis, and never could find it once I got my Sega CD. But I'm slapping my head for never getting TMNT, Street's of Rage, or any other ones. So now with the retro console, I'm going back through and playing what I should have.

I'm doing mostly the same. I never had that much money and could only have a few games at a time.
I got really close to beating the first streets of rage last night.
But, the blaze twins kicked my ass too much.
I actually saved teh last stage before I played it. I had like 4 lives and all three continues and the blaze twins still kicked my ass too much.

With some good practice I beat them and I beat the game. But, only using the solid state save. So it really didn't count. I beat it 3 times so far. So I'm going to do another play through. The twins still suck... And I can't really figure them out too well... But, the other bosses I am pretty with. Even with bad RNG I should still be able to beat it. I need about 3-6 lives for the end boss. He really sucks. But that's understandable. If I had a 2nd player. I could kick this games ass.

#2274 32 days ago

And I was one hit away from one crediting beating Streets of Rage. I had to use one of the three continues... But, I really don't care. Fun game.
Now I beat them all.
I would say whats left is me to go back and grind the Spider-Man Seperation Anxiety and Maximum Carnage games. I am pretty sure I beat both in my youth, but they were hard and a lot of hours went into beating both of them. And I really don't have that kind of drive, energy or time.

During quarantine, I had a bit more time... Hence I finally beat the Streets of Rage Series.

#2276 32 days ago
Quoted from oldskool1969:

mini consoles rock!
[quoted image]

Its a good one. I like the sega mini too.

#2281 31 days ago
Quoted from Multiballmaniac1:

I have snes, nes, and genesis mini. I still need the PlayStation and Turbo. Never played Turbo in my life not sure I need it.
All my minis are hacked with every title. They are so awesome and love playing on my 60” tv.
Tonight I might play tmnt on sega.

I actually like to be closer and with a smaller screen myself. Something around 30 inches I think is fine. I just think it makes the games look less blocky.

I haven't hacked any of mine and I probably won't. I own a pi with lots of different retro controllers for it. So I just play the games not covered on the mini there.

Now, the one thing I'd say is. If you like shoot em up, then the turbo mini is for you.

The one thing I wonder though is... The turbo cd had a nice port of double dragon, and a couple of other really cool cd games did not make the list. Like the 3rd bonk... I wonder if you could hack it and add those games. That would be worth hacking as I only ever had issues trying to get the turbo cd working on my pi. Never could and there are a few really cool cd games not included on the unit. But, it does have 2 of the best. Lords of Thunder and Rondo of Blood.

#2282 31 days ago
Quoted from metallik:

The official mini consoles are OK, they're easy to use and provide a good library of games, especially if hacked...
They are emulators and suffer from controller lag. If you want the best "mini" experience, grab an FPGA box from analogue. These work a little differently from the emulator boxes and deliver lag-free gaming, along with many more options for sound and graphics. They're out for SNES and Genesis.. the NES one is sold out. If input lag bothers you in the slightest, these are the minis you want.. https://analogue.co

They also suffer from audio lag too. But, truth be told I don't notice either of those.

I don't also notice the input lag... Now truthfully... I might need to play comix zone more on the mini console. I mostly play that on my pi or my ps4 genesis collection. And that's a game I can speed run in 17-19 minutes on average. So for those I think it would be something I would notice...
But, aside from comix zone I mostly just enjoy casual playthroughs and try to enjoy the games.

#2285 31 days ago
Quoted from oldskool1969:

double check your tv setting is on game as this resolves 99% of peoples issues. It basically doesn't process the signal as much and allows a unhindered sync.


I'll have to remember that in future to try. Most of the time I forget and am too lazy.
But, I am curious about the dude from gamesack. He seems to really put the consoles through the paces. And they don't crap on emulation. They generally just discuss the pros and cons of it realistically. I mean, he is a console snob, but also a realist.

But does this mean that the reason why I haven't been able to beat lords of thunder yet is not due to my lack of skill(still learning game... fun game), but its the mini consoles lag?!?!?


Nah.. Just joking I suck. Give me a month or two of practice and I'm sure I"ll be beating it. Just been focusing on beat em ups lately(and mostly always).

#2300 30 days ago
Quoted from Yokimato:

Today is a big day for me -- after many, many years of collecting (though some years were heavy collecting, some not at all), today, I finished my NES collection. All 677* NTSC officially licensed, plus 10 unlicensed (never cared for these personally), plus my own NES game I developed and completed in May of 2019 that I put on it's own cart.
I had games from growing up, but started to actually collect in 2008/9 in earnest with no real goal beyond just grabbing anything that was nostalgic. It quickly turned into finding games that I missed out on growing up, but were great. It wasn't until 2016 that I decided I was close enough to a full collection that I really did just need to finish it off (though had I priced it out before I did, I likely would have left it unfinished...or my wife would've killed me then... ).
Last game to collect, which I got in the mail today was Nigel Mansell's World Championship Racing. No rationale beyond why that one was last, beyond that all the "expensive/rare" ones were already crossed off and this was difficult to find in the wild (which, I ultimately didn't and snagged it on ebay). When I got down to the last 10, my original hope was to finish it up at MGC this year and put NES collecting on hold in September of 2019 to wait until I could collect it in person. We know how that story ends but felt it was time to complete it when a nice copy came up on my watch list.
For those familiar with Bandai's Stadium Events, it is sadly missing, though for the price, I've made my peace with it. My copy of World Class Track Meet will suffice if I feel the need to break out the pad. I did have an opportunity to buy it for 850$ many years ago and completely scoffed at them like they were bat shit crazy.... if only I had a crystal ball.
What's not pictured is the 2K+ other non-NES games that occupy the room, so when visitors see, they inevitable ask which is the favorite when they see the wall of NES which stands in contrast to the rest. Favorites are: Rescue Rangers (the first one) followed closely by Mega Man 5. That said, it's so hard to narrow down since there's so many genuinely GREAT games from this system.
Had to share the good news with people who would understand, but now it's time to go play some classics! Cheers!
[quoted image]

I got to ask. How many of these have you beaten?
Just curious.

#2302 30 days ago
Quoted from Yokimato:

I don’t actually keep track (maybe I should) but I’d estimate roughly 20%. Doesn’t seem like many but there’s a lot of games. That said, I’ve played 100%.
Tonight I beat Jackie Chan’s Action Kung Fu and my son and I whooped shredder in TMNT2. Granted, I’ve beaten both before, but damn they’re great to revisit.

Heck, I'd think that even 10% is impressive. A lot of those games take skill and time to learn and grind away.
I try to beat one new retro game a month. And even at that pace I won't get through most of the games on my to play list.

The Jackie Chan game looks fun. Arcus makes it look so easy to beat.

1 week later
#2343 17 days ago
Quoted from Mudflaps:

Messing around with CoinOps Next, I discovered TeknoParrot. It’s an emulator with many of the early 2000s fighters and racers. Because I have a racing sim, I’m focused on the driving games. So far, I have:
Outrun 2
Fast and the Furious Drift
Tokyo Cop
Sonic All Stars
Dirty Drivin’
some others
All work great with the G29 Logitech steering wheel and have force feedback. Lots of tweaking and settings to go through, but pretty cool once it works. [quoted image]

making my own racing rig has been something I've been thinking about doing. I do need to finish setting up my upstairs gameroom. But, I should have room when/if I do so.

Any suggestions on what I should get/focus on for when I build my own?

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