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Need advice for failed transaction & money kept by member on this site

By jusflyinby

1 year ago

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    #1 1 year ago

    Hi everyone, I could use some advice or at minimum use this as a warning for others. I understand this is a long post but I think it's important to touch on these points. Hope you'll stick thru it to share your thoughts!

    Back in September of 2018, I made a deal with a user here for their Transformers Decepticon LE. Unfortunately this pinsider lives on the Western side of Canada and I'm in NY, so we had to make arrangements for remote payment, shipping etc. I spent a lot of time discussing and coming up with a plan with this person, via phone, email, pinside PM's, the whole deal. I wanted to make sure he was legit and went thru his feedback. He sold many items before with good feedback (Mostly, turns out someone recently is dealing with this same BS as me). He sent plenty of pictures and even a video of the machine that all appeared to be legit. From what I could research these weren't photos of someone else's machine lifted off the internet.

    After several conversations, I eventually was convinced he's a genuinely good dude and this was the real deal, so settled thru verbal agreement (I know, stupid me) to send 1/2 payment (+$2,000!) via bank transfer (I know, stupid me again). I considered it a trust exercise as he was iffy about sending a machine without full payment but I convinced him I was already taking the bigger risk as is, and shouldn't take the full risk. He wouldn't take paypal, but that wasn't unusual as I notice many people here refuse to use that service as well as it tends to favor the buyer.

    After 1/2 payment, things started going south. The responses started coming much further apart with each one just being excuses of delays. It finally got to a point where he stated the machine has shipped but was 'stuck at the border' where it stayed for many, many months. He was in charge of shipping and states his broker messed up the paperwork and caused problems. That's not that far fetched, so I remained hopeful. However time kept passing and his responses were becoming even more few and far between, consisting of “Howdy hope all is well, don’t worry I’ll call you soon and we'll figure it all out! Hang in there!". Eventually he claimed the machine was back in his possession and stated we'll come up with a new plan. But here we are, two years later, and there's still no plan and nothing but "I'll get back to you" responses that never pan out. Meanwhile I’m out 2 grand.

    Maybe I'm nuts here, but I'm still remaining hopeful that he's a good dude who's just not in any particular hurry and is truthful when saying he has limited internet access (though he refuses to call or answer the phone…). I mean, he did send to me separately the pin's game specific purple legs, coin box, extra LE parts, new side decals etc. that are all in my possession. If this was an intentional scam, a lot of effort was put into it…

    I wrote the admins here for some advice and they had suggested I make a post in this forum. Perhaps see if anyone here in the community knows this person and would be willing to sort of step in and ask them what is going on...

    If you stuck with me this long thru the post and have any advice, thank you. Would appreciate your thoughts. If you happen to know AUTODLR thru this community and have thoughts on how to get in touch with him and get this moving, that would be even better. Feel free to PM me. But I worry I have no recourse except for giving everyone here a warning before entering an agreement with Derek.

    #29 1 year ago

    Wow, I honestly don't know where to start. I didn't expect this much support and understanding! The reason I waited so long is because I know how the internet works, and I didn't want to be that guy that starts a witch hunt, but also figured I didn't have any recourse and was embarrassed of my mistake. But seriously it's just gone too long. I even warned him several times in our conversation that I will take it up to the community and see if they will sort it out, to which he was quick to say "no no don't worry I got you covered!"

    Anyway my timing is poor but I know a few of you had questions on here. I'll respond back when I have a bit more time to do so later tonight, stand by pls!

    #38 1 year ago

    Isochronic_Frost - Hello! Yes, we seem to be few and far between out here, especially as evidenced by the lack of machines around! I'm also on Pinball 518 FB page as well, so there are a few floating around the capital area.

    PinMonk - yep that's the ad

    Loganpinball - Thanks for the cred! And yes, I see he's basically on this site every day. When I confronted him on that he said he gave his login info to his brother who likes to creep around on here or something like that...

    arcademojo - Thanks for posting the details

    jj44114 - Exactly, he seems truly like a nice dude, but it's like things got hard and he just gave up on me or just plain is in no hurry to rectify the situation.

    Crash - Cool, don't know if it'll prompt anything but worth a shot, haha.

    Bigbossfan - Appreciate the help!

    wtuttle - Awesome, PM Sent!

    ImNotNorm - Would figure mods could cross reference the IP and see it's the same guy? Good feedback from some or not, would think swapping screen names is likely for shady purposes.

    Call me gullible or thick headed, but this guy just does not come off as a scam artist. He's either absent minded or just plain doesn't give a hoot to get my money back or finish shipping the machine and just thinks he can take however long is necessary to do so. I'm really doing this just to light a fire under his ***. I mean I have the machines legs, coin box, and several of the parts sitting at my house. What type of elaborate scammer would send me some of this stuff just to make it feel more legitimate? If he did, dang, kudos to him, you fooled me!

    AUTODLR - If you're paying attention, call me so we can avoid going down that legal path, let's get this settled!!!!

    #50 1 year ago
    Quoted from Mike_J:

    Has anyone outside of the op contacted him via pm to let him know this thread exists?

    I believe Crash did above and suggested others should maybe try the same thing, not sure if happened or not.

    #79 1 year ago
    Quoted from onemoresean:

    I bought some plastics from Diablo back in 2017.
    He would only give me good prices if I left him positive feedback for each transaction.
    Here’s the declaration from diablo.
    I blocked the address but can pm it if needed.
    [quoted image]

    The parts I received came from that address from AUTODLR...

    #80 1 year ago
    Quoted from onemoresean:

    I bought some plastics from Diablo back in 2017.
    He would only give me good prices if I left him positive feedback for each transaction.
    Here’s the declaration from diablo.
    I blocked the address but can pm it if needed.
    [quoted image]

    Here's the one I received for the table legs that were sent to me. Not exactly the same address... but... and the handwriting too...

    Declaration Snapshot (resized).jpg
    #88 1 year ago

    For the sake of transparency, someone here (name removed at their request) was successful in getting responses to his PM's by the seller's brother who wrote the following:

    "Removed because I was just informed sharing a PM is against site rules"

    I will continue to remain hopeful but reserve my celebration. I've been fed the same lines from the beginning, a lot of promises that never add up. WTUTTLE has the entire timeline. I'm sorry it had to come to this just to get it moving, but hopefully this pressure from the community will be that final push to get it to a close.

    Once again, appreciate everyone's support and your help getting it here.

    #97 1 year ago
    Quoted from vdojaq:

    Wait, clarify this for me(and anyone else that might be going huh?) A pinsider was able to get PM's from the seller's(AUTODLR) brother? Well, what are the excuses being given?

    Sorry it made much more sense when I could actually quote his response. Let me clarify:

    A pinside user in this thread contacted AUTODLR thru PM. He was successful in getting a response from AUTODLR, but the person responded stated they were actually the seller's brother that saw this and is responding on Derek's behalf. Keep in mind Derek has told me and others (and as mentioned in this thread) that his brother uses this name along with him. Two messages were sent:

    9/13 - The brother stated he helped ship the machine. He states it was undervalued on the customs documentation and was pulled aside into a 'bond' area, where it collected storage fees up to +$1200. They were told to pay the fees or the machine will go to auction. They paid the fees and shipped it to a friend in Ontario who was supposed to drive it to me but that plan fell thru. He acknowledges I have some of the parts so prefers the machine is sent to me. He states his brother is currently "up North" working and will talk to him when he gets back. He states they are very determined to have the machine in my hands and even stated they were considering to call it even when I receive it. He reiterates that their is no ill intent here and that it will get resolved and he will 'pass the message'.

    9/14 - The brother passed the word to Derek. Derek told his brother he will be off for three weeks starting Wednesday. He asked that Derek contact me and get the deal completed by shipping the game. He stated he will assist in this matter to resolve the issue with zero balance due as he mentioned before. If this cannot be done in a timely fashion, he suggests the money be refunded back and we shake hands. He points out that several of the pieces are already in my hands (Which I stated several times in these posts). He repeats that no ill intention was meant on the deal and that perhaps too much time passed and things should have been looked after sooner than later. He then tells the pinsider to pass this info to me.

    This is honestly the most detailed information I was ever provided. I was told the machine was stopped at the border but for reasons unclear, I knew he wanted to send it to me via a friend but that fell thru... But that said, I must have 100 unanswered messages and false promises of calling me, or emailing me, or getting in touch with me. It was all cryptic and incredibly frustrating as days, then weeks, then month's passing with "No worries, we'll get it figured out!". Then not answering the phone, not returning my voicemails. I can't believe this is what it took to get some info in any sort of reasonable time frame. All I kept asking for was communication...

    I also PM'ed AUTODLR a little earlier today once I had these messages, hoping his brother would see the message. I reiterated that I had no intent of creating this situation but to PLEASE contact me so we can just get this resolved.

    #112 1 year ago
    Quoted from marlboroman:

    Whenever you want and once USA/CANADA border opens up again, why don't you take a road trip to Montreal I have a NIB Decepticon LE I think #31 I'll make you a hell of a price, it will lighten the 2k blow you had to take from a shit for brain Canadian! Brand New signed playfield no sloppy seconds and no scam

    Haha, I'll keep this in mind.

    #132 1 year ago
    Quoted from Zitt:

    Why haven't you submitted feedback of the seller on his page?
    It seems 2 years is more than enough time... hell; after the runaround for a couple of months would have been appropriate.

    Right, wrong or indifferent, I've been holding it as leverage. He continuously told me how important feedback is and that he will do whatever it takes to get the machine to me, even if he discounted the price or would waive the final additional payment, to ensure I wouldn't leave bad feedback. He had my money and the machine and I just thought I had no other recourse but to hold the bad feedback over his head. In my mind if I had moved forward with reaching out to the community or dropping the bad feedback, he'd have no further motivation to complete the transaction.

    I under estimated how much help the community here could offer and now wish I did say something earlier.

    #143 1 year ago

    Update: Seller's brother has PM'ed me to discuss arrangements for a refund and 'fair compensation' for the troubles. As Winston mentioned above, I provided a deadline of 10/1/20 for this refund or delivery of the machine.

    #151 1 year ago

    Hey everyone just wanted to say I'm not ignoring your advice and comments. Right now at this point I'm working directly with and at the advice of Winston, with whom I've been talking to daily. Parameters/deadlines have been set with the seller to rectify the situation, otherwise we're ready for that next step. We have a plan in place.

    Thanks for the support!

    #157 1 year ago
    Quoted from vdojaq:

    I got it! He is going to send you a money order for $5000. You get your $2000 refund and $1000 for your "troubles", but PLEASE send him back the $2000 difference.

    Haha, no... We're not playing that game!

    #168 1 year ago

    Need some more advice, seller offering money order for the amount paid plus interest and by the agreed to deadline. Is this a safe way to receive my cash back?

    I'd cash whatever amount ends up on the check, nothing goes back from an 'over-payment'.

    #171 1 year ago
    Quoted from ImNotNorm:

    Google "money order scams."
    Or better yet...read Vid's guide to not getting ripped off.
    This fucking schmuck is jerking you around. He can PayPal or wire you the money directly. Why would he go the convoluted money order route? We all know why....
    Have wtuttle serve the fuck out of him!

    I've been googling all sorts of payment methods and unfortunately it seems so many have an 'out' of sorts:

    -Accepting a wire transfer makes me vulnerable as I need to give up private banking info so he can send it, which I plain do not trust him with that info.
    -Paypal I've seen on here time and again and even in this thread itself that banks can reverse a 'friends and family' transfer. Google returns the same results.
    -Money Orders it appears once you cash the check the sender is sh*t out of luck unless they file a criminal investigation against you claiming you stole the funds somehow.

    I'm definitely trying to research and investigate on my own, I just want to make sure I do not make a mistake again and see if anyone has any better ideas or experience.

    #178 1 year ago
    Quoted from ImNotNorm:

    You really need to read Vid's guide. I'm not sure what the best route to receive the funds are in the U.S. (Maybe use wtuttle as mentioned above)
    But money order scream of duplicity from an already shady piece of shit who refuses to even come into this thread to defend or apologize for his actions. (he logs into Pinside everyday)

    Thank you, you were spelling it out for me and I was still missing it. Just read the portion on money orders. Not going that route!

    #182 1 year ago
    Quoted from northerndude:

    That’s all and good, but a lawyer may not know ways to send receive money. Over border or in country. It if he’s a pinhead, he probably knows more than most lawyers!

    Exactly right, thanks!

    #184 1 year ago

    I've been running everything thru my attorney (thank you again wtuttle!) but he's not available today. I didn't want to let this languish so I reached out to the site for some advice on best, secure forms of payment as I imagine there's several, several years worth of knowledge here in regards to making secure transactions.

    I've taken into consideration everyone's comments and stated that I will not accept a money order. That and google searches show that it's just too easy to forge these documents. Instead I will only take a wire deposit, again by the stated deadline. Now we shall wait and see if he's legitimate and provides the refund.

    I will keep the forum posted of how it goes if anyone's still interested.

    1 week later
    #197 1 year ago

    Sorry I did not forget about you guys or providing an update. Running into another small complication here, will report back soon.

    #204 1 year ago

    Latest claim is, refund has been wired to my bank account as of Wednesday this week. Of course I was provided no proof of receipt of the transaction and zero response when I demanded one. And since transfers can take a few days to clear, especially international transfers (if one ever occurred), nothing has shown up in my account yet and I don't know if its just because it's another total line of BS, or it's still going thru the process of clearing. Derek states the bank advised him to only send $500 to ensure the bank account information is correct, as anything greater, he would have to "sign off on it that they have no responsibility if misdirected" (his words). He then states that once I confirm the $500 hit my account, he will send the remainder of the payment plus interest...


    And here we still are.

    #214 1 year ago
    Quoted from PinMonk:

    Having done a TON of international bank wires, this is total BS. You are given a confirmation number when the wire is made, and they assume you know what you're talking about with the information you're giving them by double-checking the SWIFT code, acccount numbers and account name to make sure they are all as expected.
    This is a total line of BS. Utterly.

    He pointed out that when he got to the bank, they stated I forgot to give him the International routing number or "ISBN" (which is true, I didn't know it was a thing) and that the bank was going to send him back to me to get it but instead researched it themselves, then suggested to send the $500 first to ensure the information was correct. Does that make any sense?

    Quoted from Mbecker:

    The only thing I don’t understand is why continue to lead you on? Just send it or say it ain’t happening and get served. What point is there to lead u on another few days or week??

    Right? Why all the elaborate stories? None of it's going to change the outcome if it's all BS.

    #215 1 year ago
    Quoted from jusflyinby:

    He pointed out that when he got to the bank, they stated I forgot to give him the International routing number or "ISBN" (which is true, I didn't know it was a thing) and that the bank was going to send him back to me to get it but instead researched it themselves, then suggested to send the $500 first to ensure the information was correct. Does that make any sense?

    Right? Why all the elaborate stories? None of it's going to change the outcome if it's all BS.

    #237 1 year ago

    Hello everyone. So you guessed it! We’ve made absolutely zero progress with this guy…

    Legal action will continue to move forward.

    That said, need to share with you some enlightening information.

    It’s been brought to my attention that “Derek Gardener” is (likely) Ivo Martin Jebsen. I imagine some of our Canadian friends from out that way are familiar with that name as I understand he tries to be a part of the pinball community there. For those not in the know, here’s some links to help describe what kind of wonderful character we’re dealing with here:





    Known crook and scam artist will summarize it nicely.

    I understand Ivo, who goes by Martin, sold an LE Decepticon Transformers with no legs and missing coin box last year on craigslist (or maybe it was Kijiji?) to someone else in Canada North of Calgary. The story goes that his wife Lisa was divorcing him, and took the legs and coinbox out of spite, and he needed to sell it for the cash. What a coincidence!!!!

    It just so happens when I call his number, several, several times over the past couple years, I get Lisa’s voicemail. Weird that Derek’s wife is a Lisa too huh?!

    You will also note in a couple of those links, other aliases used by Martin include the last name Gartner and Cory Gardner. Sounds strangely familiar to Derek’s last name…

    And finally, from someone whose had dealings with Martin before, they were able to precisely describe how Derek writes an email, with little spacing, no capitalization and not much for punctuation.

    As mentioned before, I understand he’s known throughout that community, and if anyone has any other inside information they would like to share to make mine and Winston’s pursuit a little easier, would appreciate a response or PM. Your information, identity and involvement will be kept confidential as requested.

    BTW, thank you pingod for seeing this and spelling it out earlier. I’m foolish for not catching your original post that would probably have clued us in earlier, but that name didn’t mean anything to me at the time.

    #245 1 year ago

    There's a machine, I just never got it. I have video of him playing it and saying "For my friend Chris in NY". Or he used someone else's in someone's house I suppose, but recall a Transformers was listed and sold without legs and coinbox. Would be quite coincidental.

    In better news, the initial $500 he sent showed up in my account. Maybe there's hope yet?

    1 week later
    #269 1 year ago

    Sorry, didn't forget about the posts. Basically what I can share at this point is, no, he did not refund the remainder of my $2000. Spoke to me the day of the $500 deposit and said now that he knew the money was safe in my hands, he would 'overnight me' the remainder for 'my inconvenience'. That was 7 days ago and I'm sure you're all just as surprised as me that I still have nothing.

    2 weeks later
    #274 1 year ago

    Sorry everyone, I will share when I can.

    1 month later
    #293 1 year ago

    Hi everyone, nothing exciting to report. As mentioned above, this moves at glacial speed and is only further slowed by the pandemic. Regardless, we have no intentions to give up.

    Unfortunately he's cut off any sort of communication now. Not even the typical "No worries, I'm still working on it!" anecdotes and excuses.

    Thankfully a lot of you from the community have PMed me with his information and your dealings, this is all helpful and I appreciate it. I still ask though, if anyone has something else to share, please do so via PM or here.

    At this point this post only serves as a reminder to watch out for Derek Gardner / Cory Gartner / Ivo Martin Jebsen or whatever name he's using now.





    2 months later
    #301 1 year ago

    Unfortunately no updates. As mentioned before, their quarantine restrictions have placed a major damper on our progress

    I do understand this guy is well known around the local community up there, so if you read this and see him, I hope he's being treated in the manner he deserves (a POS scammer) and that he knows I'm not giving this up.

    In the meantime, we already know the machine is gone since he sold it to someone else as confirmed by another member on this site, so best I can hope for is cash. That still doesn't scratch the original itch and desire of getting my hands on one, so if you know anyone who has a Transformers LE at a fair price considering the cash I already blew, shoot me a PM? Thanks!

    6 months later
    #307 7 months ago

    Hey everyone, sorry for my silence and delay, but the unfortunate truth is we have no great updates to share. We've so far been unsuccessful in serving this dude, despite the fact we have his confirmed address, real name, etc... COVID and it's travel restrictions has certainly not helped.

    At this point I'm not sure what else to do than sink more money into this trying to hire a professional to track the guy down. Even then, with a clear case he's in the wrong, I understand there's still no guarantee I'd ever see a dime. It crushes me that someone like this can get away with it so easy, but I just don't know what else to do that's not going to put me out more of my money adding insult to injury.

    I guess best thing I can at this point is be that fair warning to anyone else on this forum. I waited too long to reach out for help because I was blinded by my faith in humanity and the continuous phone and email conversations guaranteeing me that "It was coming". It honestly opened my eyes of the extensive measures a crook will go thru to gain your trust, even when you are nothing but a skeptical pain in the ass to them for weeks, requiring 'proof' and 'documentation' and phone calls etc. before a dime is ever exchanged. You think they'd turn away and go for the low hanging fruit. Not the case. Jokes on me though, I turned out to be his perfect 'mark'!

    The effort and hoops he jumped thru to prove this was a real deal, the previous feedback on this forum, the fact he shipped the legs, the parts, the cabinet decals and even a gift to go with it all. Every part down to the smallest piece such as the extra plastics and leg bolts, packed with extreme care. It just blows my mind. Leads me to believe he intended to ship this game, then saw an opportunity to make bank once he realized I was at his mercy.

    Then again, once I discovered his real identity thanks to other users of this forum, I found a number of articles describing what kind of person we're really dealing with here:





    There's nothing more I'd like to do than share with you all his address, photos of his home, his vehicles, his phone number etc. all in an effort to save anyone else from making the same mistake from this crook, but alas that would be violating forum policy. At minimum recognize the name and his alter ego's (Derek Gardener being one). And to those of you who stated he's a known member of the pinball community in Calgary, guy should be at minimum banned from your tournaments let alone arrested, especially with his well documented history of screwing people over.

    That was a whole lot to say nothing, but I needed that opportunity to vent as I come to realization my $2k is gone. Thanks for all the help and support everyone gave to this point.

    #313 7 months ago
    Quoted from vdojaq:

    There has to be someone here on Pinside that actively knows this fucking scam artist and would be happy to serve him at a tournament or some other pinball function for you.

    Well, I have asked those that have come forward and they've not been interested in doing so. They don't want to get involved. However, I'll put it out there again to the general forum. If anyone out that way is interested in lending a hand, give me or wtuttle a PM. We'll provide you the info necessary to do so.

    Quoted from Jecco74:

    That sucks. Would you consider setting up a go fund me? If not send me your PayPal and I'll donate some.

    That would be cool and so much appreciated, but I'd also feel bad asking for hand-outs from my own stupid mistake.

    Quoted from PinMonk:

    I'd contact CTV and offer a follow-up story to show their audience that he's still up to criminal shenanigans. They did the original story. Maybe they'd like a 10 year anniversary follow-up to show he's still actively being a criminal...

    Yeah wow, almost 10 years to the day. Perhaps I'll drop CTV an email and see if they're interested.

    #314 7 months ago

    Another quick comment. If any of you do happen to become aware of his intentions to go to a tournament, meet-up or whatever it is, someone did PM me and offer to serve him. I realize it's a long shot, but it could be something.

    #317 7 months ago
    Quoted from djtkach:

    Apologies if this has already been suggested but there are a number of process servers in Alberta who may be able to assist?

    To be honest? I'm cheap, haha. From what I found, they charge by the day which could add up quickly, depending on their success. I started asking myself how much money do I want to throw at this given how much I'm out already.

    I'll make it a point to search again tomorrow, maybe it's worth a shot.

    #326 7 months ago
    Quoted from wtuttle:

    Just as a follow-up, I did attempt personal service on Martin about two months ago. I carried out filed statement of claim in an empty Amazon box. I have a video of it.

    And yes credit where credit is due, you've gone above and beyond to help and I'm hugely grateful for it!

    Quoted from jokerpoker:

    maybe it’s time to move on in the knowledge that you have put as much information out there about this scumbag, hopefully you have protected others from falling prey to him. Also hopefully someone recognised him and calls him out in a big public place like his local pinball tournament, shopping centre or something like that. I’m sure that would have an affect on him moving around free and easy.

    True, at this point this is what I hope for.

    Quoted from Enaud:

    Probably time to move on.
    I had a similar situation with a pinball scammer. Even took him to small claims court and got a judgment.
    He still disappeared and never paid up. Not worth suing him again due to the time and expense involved.

    Exactly my concern, throw more money at this and continue to stress over it for potentially no return. Sorry to hear about your issue as well.

    Quoted from Dee-Bow:

    This guy didn't disappear tho and still in the community. I travel to Alberta for a large pinball convention (Yegpin) and if this guy is there next year i guarantee that i couldn't just sit there and say nothing to the clown. Id definitely call him out in front of everyone.

    That's the best we have right? Shun the guy, don't allow him to be a part of this community anymore. And if you do come across this clown and call him out in public, please share. Would give me some comfort understanding there was some type of "justice"!

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