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NBA Fastbreak Fanatics Club!

By Rascal_H

6 years ago

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#765 10 months ago
Quoted from KozMckPinball:

Brand new maple plywood bottom cab for my restore project, fully trimmed NBA Fastbreak manufactured by Paul Maletich At VirtuaPin....
Paul does a fantastic job. He's got a very busy shop, well worth the wait.
[quoted image]

Added 97 days ago: Paul did not make the decals.

Paul and VirtuaPin are great. I have purchased some parts from him for my vpin cab. Good stuff.

#767 10 months ago

So happy to say that I just joined the club. Not only the NBAFB club but the pinball machine club in general. I have always loved pinball and play quite often at the local brewery. My project before getting a real machine was building a virtual cab. Everyone warned me that as soon as I finished that project that I would end up with a real machine and they were right.

Anyway I'm having one issue with my machine that I haven't found an answer for in this thread. My million dollar shot doesn't work. At startup I have two errors saying to check the right outlane switch and the right loop return switch. When I test these switches individually they report as working. When the third ball drains in the right outlane million dollar shot doesn't activate. The game just ends. Any ideas?


#769 10 months ago
Quoted from FlippyD:

Sounds like a flaky switch. Could be a few things:
1. Switch itself is just unreliable and needs to be replaced
2. Diode on the switch is unreliable and needs to be replaced
3. Some wiring connecting to the switch is flaky and you need to reflow solder there
4. The wiring or a connector is flaky, a visual inspection usually can rule this out, sometimes the IDC connections need to be pushed back in.
Take the glass off and manually test the switch with your finger, see it working in the switch matrix, then start a new game and push the switch. It should make the sound effect for a drained ball.
If you can get the switch to trigger the ball drain sound effect, then drain another and try to see if Million Dollar shot will trigger on ball three.
I've had switches that can be made to work manually, but after sitting a while the switch itself stops clicking. My suspicion is it might be a similar issue and the solution is to replace the switch.

So I checked the above. It seems to be something with the wire that sticks up through the playfield (not sure what the real name of that piece is). With my finger I can always get it register in the matrix and play the drain ball sound or kick off Million Dollar Shot. If I roll the ball down the outlane it doesn't seem to register. Seems like I could bend that wire to make it more sensitive but that's probably not right solution.

#772 10 months ago
Quoted from FlippyD:

Ding ding ding! We have a winner!
That would be called "adjusting the switch". Follow your intuition here because it is on the right track!
If you over adjust it the balls might have trouble rolling over it and a slow one could get stuck. So be gradual with your tweaking and you can always go the opposite direction if you over do it.
An amazing amount of pinball repair work boils down to making very subtle adjustments to pieces of metal. Often 1mm or less can be the difference between something working just right, or not working at all.

LOL. Awesome. I'll follow my intuition.

Thank you!

#773 10 months ago
Quoted from rockwell:

Hey FB'ers! Question...I am trying to replace (well, add for the first time, I suppose...mine has been missing since I got it) the little guide bracket that holds the blue bumper bit by Crazy Bob's. I ordered a new bracket from Marco, but hell if I can figure out how to align it and make it work. Nothing looked right. Here's a couple pictures of what I've tried. Anyone have a decent image of that piece that might shed some light on it for me? Thanks in advance!
[quoted image]
[quoted image]

My machine is missing the blue rubber and bracket as well. Does anyone have the links for the metal bracket? I can't find it on Marcos or on pinball spare parts. The blue rubber is currently unavailable at Marcos but I'm on the notify list. In the meantime I stuck some 1/4" self adhesive foam to the inside of the ball guide.


1 month later
#781 9 months ago

Question about multiball modes and the number of balls. Currently on my machine all multiball modes are three balls. When I play the Fastbreak at the brewery Shoot Around multiball is two balls.

How many balls should each of the four multiball modes have?

My machine is currently throwing a Switch 34, Trough Ball 3 error. I wondering if that is screwing up the ball count.



IMG_1298 (resized).jpeg
#783 8 months ago
Quoted from SimpleSkin:

My machine is currently throwing a Switch 34, Trough Ball 3 error. I wondering if that is screwing up the ball count.

After checking the manual it reads that Shoot Around multiball is a two ball mode. The switch 34 error was causing the "problem" Now that I have fixed that error my Shoot Around is now two balls. There goes all of my high scores. They are all invalid as they were all made with three ball Shoot Around.


1 month later
#800 7 months ago

Nothing important to say. Just had serious fun on my Fastbreak! Love this game.

IMG_1556 (1) (resized).jpeg
1 month later
1 month later
#825 4 months ago
Quoted from dscapo:

Has anyone had an issue with the ball getting stuck under the net, resting against the switch? It seems that so much momentum is lost going through the net that the ball doesn’t have the velocity to make the switch.

Is your Defender mech working as intended? Is the Defender blocker the ball?

#829 4 months ago
Quoted from dscapo:

I believe it’s working correctly. Often the defender isn’t directly in front of the net but the ball still hangs up on the switch.

Just took a closer look at mine. So you think the switch below the basket is holding the ball? Have you checked the wire form of the switch with your finger? Is it stiff? Sounds strange to me that the switch could hold the ball. Let us know.

#831 4 months ago
Quoted from dscapo:

It may just need the wire form adjusted so it doesn’t sit so high out of the playfield. Just was curious if this was a problem with anyone else’s machines.

Sounds like the right plan. Here are some pics of my switch if they are useful.

IMG_0470 (resized).jpegIMG_0471 (resized).jpegIMG_0472 (resized).jpeg
1 week later
#834 4 months ago
Quoted from Jimmylad:

Hi, my Fastbreak doesn’t give me a multi ball on Shoot around multi ball only one ball even though it launches into the mode. It does however pay three ball in Around the world multi ball.
Is this normal or an issue I’ve never owned or played one before and my tec is unfamiliar with the game as well. He seems to think it might be a cpu type fault or perhaps a game code problem.
I’ve done the usual things like have the boards tested and repaired as well as replaced ball trough Opto s. Have hit a brick wall on this one and hoped that I could check in with other game owners to figure out.
[quoted image]

I recently had issues with Shoot Around Multi Ball but it was the opposite of your problem. It was giving me three balls instead of two. My issue was that my receiver and transmitter boards on the ball trough were misaligned. Are you having any switch errors there? Do you have enough balls installed? LOL. Should be four. Sorry this is not really helpful just sharing my recent experience.

#838 4 months ago
Quoted from Jimmylad:

It plays three balls in around the world multi ball and only one in shoot around multi ball. Is three correct for around the world multi ball or should it be 4. It has 4 installed. No switch errors being reported….

Three balls for Around the World and two balls for Shoot Around is the correct number of balls.

1 month later
#844 3 months ago
Quoted from DK:

So there is a list of the answers for the NBA trivia is on the bottom of this site:
I swear i've ran across a question or two that i've never seen on this list. Is there a more complete, comprehensive list somewhere online?

Once you've played it as many times as I have you'll just remember them!

#849 3 months ago
Quoted from AFM95:

I ended replacing the batteries, which reset the high scores and cleared out other items such as the time/date. I was able to get a high score with the Pistons with one ring after that.
I was surprised that did the trick, since it was holding other high scores, and recording new ones, just not for the Pistons.
Thanks for the help Santis.

Wasn't there a rumored "easter egg" that prevented the Pistons from getting three rings? Some kind of Chicago/Detroit rivalry or some such?

2 months later
#857 34 days ago
Quoted from Spacemanratso09:

Joined the club today pumped[quoted image]


#860 33 days ago
Quoted from Spacemanratso09:

This is a great game wow
Very well done

Yours looks to be in very good shape. I haven't seen that clean of a back box since the 90's! Enjoy.

3 weeks later
#887 10 days ago

That diverter when down sends the ball into the pop bumpers. When up (buzzing sound) it lets the ball enter the orbit.

#889 9 days ago

I'm having an issue with the strength and/or consistency of the shoot 1 and shoot 2 units. The passes in shoot 2 don't ever make it left or right but it makes the basket every time. Shoot 1 can pass (gravity assist) but it rarely makes the shot. This is a new problem since I repaired my game by replacing both the Power driver board (original is going out for repair) and the CPU board (original was majorly corroded and flakey).

Any thoughts?


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