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Name A Pin title you like--that most despise.

By ejg10532626

5 years ago

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#53 5 years ago

Chicago Coin Astronaut. Gotta have a real bell!

#55 5 years ago

Popeye. I have never saved Olive...

#56 5 years ago

Street Fighter II. I will never sell it.....NEVER!

#57 5 years ago

Road Kings
Future Spa

#58 5 years ago

Love me some Baywatch

#61 5 years ago

Along with Tom: WMS Spanish Eyes but also WMS Super Star.

#62 5 years ago

I wasn't aware that POTC was despised by most people. Generally speaking I think most people look upon it pretty favorably, as in a good (but not great) title.

I mean I know we are using the word "despised" here all in fun. In reality most pinball enthusiasts don't literally despise any pinball machine; it's just a matter of degrees how much you like a certain machine. I don't despise any machine unless it eats my quarters without awarding a credit.

#64 5 years ago


#65 5 years ago


I love it

One day i will own it again

#66 5 years ago

Streetfighter 2, have always liked it a lot!

#68 5 years ago

Ironman game is AWESOME, but, the theme sucks!

#69 5 years ago

Hyperball. Love it.


#70 5 years ago

Bugs Bunny
Roller Coaster Tycoon

#73 5 years ago

Transformers is pretty underrated

I also love my WOF.

#74 5 years ago

Transformers is pretty underrated

I also love my WOF.

#76 5 years ago
Quoted from ejg10532626:

Bally - Spy Hunter.
-Bagatelle left reminds me of EM days.
-There's an alternate rule-set switch that destroys the "saucer all day" approach to the game.
-My growing up arcade had it summer of 88...and I loved the video game too, so has nostaligia.

Everyone trashes Spy Hunter, and the main gripe is that the flippers are off center to the right a little bit, and the two outlanes are to the left. The flippers are only slightly off center, and you can close one of those 2 left outlines with a well timed plunger shot.

I agree that switching the ruleset to make the saucer match random helps the game to be more challenging, and I like the music/sound effects. It's fun!

Lot of other games on this list I wouldn't consider overall "disliked", shouldn't that imply more than 50% hate or something like that? Games like WOZ, Mustang, POTC, Nascar, Comet, Judge Dredd...

#78 5 years ago

I like Super Mario Bros ....not a popular title
Also like Hollywood Heat ...... another game most hate

#79 5 years ago

Would Gold Ball qualify? I've never seen much love for it, and there's one downright hateful non-review on it on this site mirrored at the IPDB. Sure it's right on the edge of the cut when Bally started to make cheapo tables people seem to not be thrilled with, but it's actually solid. The game is actually quite fun, IF and only IF you install the Bally Service Kit or Home ROM v12 because then the GOLDBALL lights in the center if all lit give you the ball and you can earn it on various spots of the table. The stock game you never earn it, it's a gift of magic luck 1-15% per quarter if it feels like happening which is garbage. Played with the kit the game has some really fun earnings potential since that triples the score and you can earn it. It's not an easy table either as it's open and fast, designed much like an EM so it lacks all the bells and whistles with just some lanes up top, 4 targets, 3 pop bumpers, a spinner, and a couple star roll overs, and little else other than 10pt sensors on the rubbers along the sides.

#80 5 years ago

W?D and Hurricane are also two I've enjoyed enough to keep for a few years now.

#81 5 years ago

Dolly Parton - Inline Drops, nice rippable spinner, short ball times. And I actually don't mind the hokey theme. Yeah it's no Fathom or Centaur but for the price they go for it's not a bad game.

SWE1 - Everyone hates this game but it's really not that bad. The layout is pretty unique and there is decent flow, tons of modes and a fun standard multiball, and it's Star Wars (although I could do with less Jar Jar).. Although it is my 17 month old son's favorite game. It's still in the bottom half of games produced in the 90's but it's nowhere near being one of the worst.

#82 5 years ago
Quoted from oldskool1969:

Ironman game is AWESOME, but, the theme sucks!

IM is one of the best themes in all of pinball.

#83 5 years ago

This was a must-own for me.

I like the P2K format and only two titles were ever made. Both must-owns and both purchased NIB.

I re-arranged my gameroom to squeeze in one more pin and chose Mustang Boss premium over MMrLE.

The best use of the big DMD display. Good enough to own but didn't make it into my main pinball room.

Purhcased NIB on closeout. Good enough to own but didn't make it into my main pinball room.
And I'll add to the list:
Barb Wire: the last Gottlieb pin (and low produciton) Really different from all my B/W games.

#84 5 years ago

Easy answer for me. Stern Rolling Stones, pro. Good league and tourney game. Rules are fairly deep. Great flow and music is decent too. Multiballs are fun with add-a-ball features and shot multipliers. I still can't understand the hate for this pin!

#85 5 years ago

Big Hurt. Helluva game!

#89 5 years ago

XM Pro is one of my favorite pins but not many seem to care for it. The layout is great with tight challenging shots that reward you with fast as hell flow when hitting combos. Like the art, dots and it has a deep well thought out ruleset. Not really sure why more don't seem to like it but that doesn't stop it from being one of my favorite.

#90 5 years ago

Gilligan's! Love the game. It is simple, but I do find it very fun, and I love the rotating island toy.

#91 5 years ago

bally -vampire..

#92 5 years ago

I'll go with Batman The Dark Knight. Not that it is despised, but I love it a lot more than most.

As for a game way off the top 100 list, I'd say I actually enjoy Strikes 'n Spares. Not exactly typical pinball, but a fun game nonetheless.

#93 5 years ago

EDIT: South Park. Game gets a bashed all the time but I honestly love the theme and the gameplay is tough. I can count how many times I've been to the wizard mode on one hand.

#94 5 years ago
Quoted from ejg10532626:

Name a pin title you like but that most despise.

Quoted from fisherdaman:

SWEP1 ... cant stand it

You didn't understand or answer the original question.
You were supposed to name a game you do like, but that many other people don't.

#95 5 years ago

Any game that I'm about ready to shop out.

#96 5 years ago

+1 on Stern IJ. Also Genesis.

#97 5 years ago

road kings is pretty good. i bought it with low expectaions based on what I read but I gotta tell ya theres a lot going on in that bad boy. My gal hit a time lock the other night and it quintupled her score.

#98 5 years ago
Quoted from littlecammi:

You didn't understand or answer the original question.
You were supposed to name a game you do like, but that many other people don't.

Thanks for the heads up. I've updated my post.

#99 5 years ago

Mine has to be Wheel of Fortune. I think its a blast, its nice to see a different flipper area other than the standard layout, and when i started getting serious into pinball i played one a ton that was on location.

#100 5 years ago

Avengers, what can I say, love the theme and the tight shots.

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