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my project sure shot - a larger case for the purity police!

By manitouguy

4 years ago

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#1 4 years ago

hi all - here is another project on the heels of my recent 'spin out protector decal' exercise ...

I have mentioned elsewhere that i am looking for a gottlieb orbit donor machine for my future 'lunker' re-theme to test my ideas by extending my vinyl decal experiences (c37 fix, strange world center decal then spin out) to cover an entire playfield ... to see if will actually work as hoped

in the mean time - the other day i could not resist picking up this sure shot wedgehead locally

sure shot.JPG

i have always loved the backglass art and pool theme on sure shot but cannot stand the orange and green cabinet graphics, nor the bright blue, yellow, red swirl design of the playfield .. i have always felt it just didn't do justice to the backglass art and colors ... ... ...

i typically only buy wedgeheads that are of really really nice quality and condition (just my thing, i am picky about backglasses and playfields being 'near perfect')

so this one was a bit out of character - although it is pretty nice, backglass quite good, it just isn't up to the standards of my others - quite a bit of paint loss at the two kick out holes, the typ pool ball wear, but also some graining and slight paint loss on the general playfield too

pf uncleaned.JPG

i haven't yet given it a full wipe down but you can see it here

cleaned a bit.JPG

pool balls uncleaned.JPG

upper uncleaned.JPG

at any rate - i bought it for $450 (likely too much? but gotta save the wedgheads!) with the consideration of first cleaning up the playfield and restoring all the parts, so we have a 'reasonable sure shot' and then having a go at a full playfield decal exercise (re work the colors and art to 'better suit the spirit of the backglass'

now if i can keep my buddy jason here from strangling me for such an idea ... thought i would ask others opinions on this 'project' from my fellow em pinsiders - and if it gets too hot in the kitchen i may just let jason rescue it from me until i find a nicer one ..!!!

i am going to try and do this as another non-permanent 'mod' keeping faithful to the original style and intent - i will start by totally redrawing the 'original playfield' in illustrator, that way i have a 'correct' full pf overlay should i choose to use, or if others might need - and parts like ball decals and arrow decals to help clean up other''s sure shots out there too - then i will modify that to what i 'like' as a new playfield

should be fun to see what i come up with and what others think ...

but first ... check out the crazy mods the previous owner did!!?? i am trying to figure them out but not sure what he was up to ...

i noticed two added buttons on bottom of machine .. and when game is plugged in only the backglass lit up

buttons under.JPG

the first fuse i checked (15amp 25volt) in first slot at score motor was blown ... i changed it and hit the start button

score reels reset to zero and a ball launced into plunger lane .. i thought cool that is it, its back to life

then, no flipper responses and i looked back in to see the same fuse i just replaced blown ... when i push the large button on cab bottom ... it fires the coil up at ball trough!??!!!?

big button fuse.JPG

big button ball trough coil.JPG

i may start by desoldering the mods (wires to from large button to that fuse, and up to ball trough coil) and from smaller button on cab underside, to coin door per photo below ... and then work from there - thoughts??

lil button start.JPG

lil button door.JPG

and here are a few more pics of the guts .. if any of you eagle eyes spot any other oddities be sure to let me know please and thanks!!

inside lower board.JPG

playfield underside.JPG

playfield underside 2.JPG

put your seat belts on for this one ... is this a 'no no' ... will i get my wrist slapped or be banned from the em club ..? or do we want to see a sure shot the way it 'should have been' !!?!? will Jason end up with my sure shot !!?!

voice away this should be a healthy debate

cheers, Ron

#2 4 years ago

"get a rope"

#3 4 years ago

To me, as long as any modification is easily reversible then no problem. I want a machine to look original on the outside as much as possible and the inside modified if need be only to replace or repair something that is no longer available and it has to be as good or better than original specifications. Sometimes moving a Knocker or adding an extra bell is fine too as it can be changed back easily if need be.


#4 4 years ago

As far as Sure Shots go, that playfield's not too bad. Let Jason have at it. It's a nice restorable game (I think).

As for the previous owner hacks, get those all out of there first before trying to debug anything.

#5 4 years ago

ok, ok, ... i just cleaned the playfield w rubbing alcohol and novus, not yet waxed ...i wasn't shy, i scrubbed the hell out of it to lift a ton of ball swirl and dirt (i should know better but hey, i was planning on doing a full overlay right ..!)

i think it is too nice to diddle around with ... it wasn't nearly as bad as i thought ..what i thought was planking and paint flake was mostly dirt??

a few spot decals at the kickout arrows and the balls, maybe the lower pool table or the yellow there .. and it will come out looking spanky ... but man they got lazy using their vats full of standard gottlieb colors 'for '76' - this table should have had colors to match the darker backglass blues / greens

could have been so much prettier in my opinion

sorry for the low light pics, it's late and my apt has crap lighting at best .. will see what it looks like when morning comes ...

pf cl 1.JPG

lower pf cl.JPG

md pf cl.JPG

up pf cl.JPG

it may be, just may be saved from a mod ..
i am still so tempted .. Jason you're not getting it yet !!

#6 4 years ago

That Playfield is in pretty nice shape and should be kept original, I think you should call Jason. A little bit more love and that will be a real nice machine.


#7 4 years ago

" 'All those tubes and wires' , 'you blinded me with science' " The extra wires and cabinet switch, are they for putting credits on the machine?

#8 4 years ago

Darcy, the big button actuates the ball kick out to send it into the plunger trough ..?? and also seems to blow the main fuse

the small button might be for credits ... not really sure yet

but going to desolder them both out of there in short order

Ken, yes i will keep this one stock ... it is too nice to monkey with

i had a chance to pick up a 'mint' sure shot for 700 a while back, and kind of wishing i had .. but will get this one as nice as i can and maybe play it for a bit then pass it on when i nicer comes along ... right Jason

looking forward to playing it .. have never played a sure shot

#9 4 years ago

Looks very nice.

All I would do is make KO vinyls as would be a good reversible mod and I am sure a lot of owners would put a KO vinyl yo protect the game.

#10 4 years ago

Why don't you get a local woodworking place to make you a new playfield. If they had the old one as a pattern, it shouldn't be too difficult. Then you can put your overlay on that and still keep the original.

#11 4 years ago

nick - a reasonable idea - i should look into that cost wise but i too at heart am a 'purist' when it permits

if i can get this play field reasonably nice - which i can tell it can be, then i will leave it with 'original look'

i will do the pool balls as decals, as well as the arrow heads / bumper circles and likely the yellow region and lower pool table at some point too

man i can't stand the orange and green cabinets, luckily when up against other pins you don't notice so much

#12 4 years ago

My Sure Shot playfield was pretty much a mess and was lucky to find a nice one so I did a swap. I still have the old one as wall art, but if you'd like it to try your repaint/re-theme, your more than welcome to have it. Let me know and I can send you some pictures.

#13 4 years ago

You are officially banned for life from the pinball club manitouguy.
Ha ha ha ha ha Just kidding
Yea, I'm with Pinman that any mod is doable as long as it's reversible. If I ever sell a pin that had a custom mod I've done then I'd remove it first before market. Like Dirt Flipper said, first remove any previous owner mods before troubleshooting.

That original PF looks pretty good to me, in your pics. That's going to be a nice machine for you manitouguy.

#14 4 years ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

All I would do is make KO vinyls as would be a good reversible mod and I am sure a lot of owners would put a KO vinyl yo protect the game.

I had ball wear around my kickout Holes on my Sure Shot and touched them up and then applied the 1-7/8" Mylar circles you can buy from Marcos. Looks great and sealed for life. Actually I now install these Mylar circles on all my machines with Kickout Holes even if these is no real wear yet. I install Pop Bumper Mylars or replace bad ones even if a machine did not have them originally as well. A little preventative pinball medicine goes a long way for preservation of these great toys so they last decades more for others to enjoy.



#15 4 years ago

Ron I appreciate you cleaning it all up for me, keep up the good work buddy.

#16 4 years ago

Tuffano, thanks very kindly for the offer - i will send you a message with my email so you can send me some pics - not sure if i will keep on with that 'project' idea right now or move on to some other projects as my playfield is coming together quite nicely

Jason ... you're welcom ... i will also make sure to play if for you once i am done cleaning it up for you ...

now, question - tonight putting playfield back together and i notice that 40 of the posts are 1" but 3 of them are 1 3/16" (a bit higher) ... where are the slightly longer ones supposed to go????!!!??

regards, Ron

#17 4 years ago

If you were closer I would give youmy sure shot playfield
Perfect condition for decaling

#18 4 years ago

The 3 longer ones are used under the playfield as spacers for the ball rack light socket bracket.

#19 4 years ago

thanks Tuffano! never thought about the underside!!

today i will re-glue the inserts in, planning on just using good old white glue ..

last night when i went to change a flipper bat out, the set screw just sheared off, i guess in the past it was cranked on plenty when someone else kept trying to tighten ... now i am not sure how to get that out ..

got the two mod wires off and resoldered the originals .. at coin door i need to reconnect the two cut wires .. do i need to (and how do i) remove the cloth cover from the wires? just get a wire stripper??

regards, Ron

#20 4 years ago
Quoted from manitouguy:

do i need to (and how do i) remove the cloth cover from the wires?

Just push the cloth covering down a ways. A needle nose pliers helps sometimes for grabbing and holding the wire, and then pushing/scrunching the cloth down enough to expose the wire. Push it down more than you need, and then after soldering, slide some back up.

#21 4 years ago

thanks dirt - these are fine wires and i can't even see any bare wire .. clean cut and cloth goes right to ends

i'll give it a try

#22 4 years ago

Man, broken set screws are a pain in the A...I've had to deal with two of those and was successful one time using an Easy Out...do a google on Easy Outs. The other time the Easy Out didn't work so ended up drilling out and re-tapping the hole for a little larger set screw.

I guess third option is to find a replacement flipper pawl.

#23 4 years ago

Both the flipper cranks in my Gottlieb Spirit of 76 snapped off. I drilled them out and ordered new cranks form PBR. I should have went all the way with a full flipper rebuild while I was at it.

#24 4 years ago
Quoted from tuffano:

Man, broken set screws are a pain in the A...

that's putting it mildly...

#25 4 years ago
Quoted from ccotenj:

that's putting it mildly...

I've only had that happen once. Back when I was using screwdrivers to adjust those set screws. I think they can torque the screw heads off center more likely to cause this problem. Since I've been using nut drivers, no more problems. You can put much more force on the screw where you want it-in proper alignment.

#26 4 years ago

well, after a trip to pick up some tools ... a mini hacksaw, a 'micro grab it' damaged bolt removal bit set ... and a new cordless drill ... $$$ ... i was able to remove the flipper on my first go

i had never used the grab it bits and so first followed the info and used the small bit for the no 8 set screw - basically you bore into the center of the screw then flip the bit and tap into that ... it was seized and wouldn't wind out .. maybe i didn't put enough wd40 (oh yeah add that to the shopping list) - so then i went one size up and another

that was enough for the flipper shaft to slide out from above, but in doing so i drilled ever so slightly against some of the threading in the bushing thingy - so now will have to go see if i can get a replacement on of those and likely flipper shaft too

costly little lesson but hey i guess i learned some more in the doing !!

i've nearly completed the redraw for all the center pool ball decals i plan on using for this one - i'll post an update on that later -

cheers, Ron

#27 4 years ago
Quoted from stashyboy:

I've only had that happen once. Back when I was using screwdrivers to adjust those set screws. I think they can torque the screw heads off center more likely to cause this problem. Since I've been using nut drivers, no more problems. You can put much more force on the screw where you want it-in proper alignment.

i learned that lesson the hard way....

@the op... it probably isn't a good idea to use wd-40 anywhere in a pin, even for this... a little bit of overspray or dripping could result in a very bad thing...

#28 4 years ago

ok, really close on the individual ball decals now .. not exact but really really close

a bit more color matching on these yet, then the arrows at kick out holes to draw up


i have reglued all the inserts in place, replaced all bulbs with new ...

moving along

#29 4 years ago

Looking good buddy.

#30 4 years ago
Quoted from manitouguy:

last night when i went to change a flipper bat out, the set screw just sheared off

I religiously replace the crank arm screws with socket head cap screws on these games. I've had to cut one too many off in the past after the original screws sheared off. I believe it is a #8 by 3/8" long. I usually buy them in batches of 50 or 100 from Fastenal. They cost $0.14 each. More if you buy them at the hardware store.

Cheap insurance.

Mike O.

#31 4 years ago

last night i finished the decals to address the kick out hole wear and pop bumper areas (although not much wear on my machine i decided to include them in the decal too)

sure shot decals.jpg

i'm being lazy and hadn't done a decal for the middle pop bumper ... i might get around to that or not

will switch gears for a bit and start a sure shot thread in the em tech section - hopefully someone can help me figure out how to get this one started up!!

regards, Ron

#32 4 years ago

I know it's off subject, but do you think you could make me three decals for the pop bumper circles for my cover girl. I need self adhesive Mylar / Vinyl of the key lines and yellow area. Even something I could clear over would do. I can take the dimensions off my play field as the images are not square on. I shall use the loose PBR protection circles over them, but mine are worn, it would be great to have them looking good again.

covergirl bumpers.jpg

#33 4 years ago

hi nick, when i get through the other half dozen projects i have on the go i am sure i can help you out

i assume the pic posted is not your bumper area? but an example?

post a pic of yours - does the wear go into the checker pattern at all?

#34 4 years ago

I'm in no rush. Yes, that image is of a NOS play field somebody was selling a while back. No, the damage doesn't go in to the checker pattern, it's just the yellow and black line pattern that is worn, plus some wear in the cleared timber around it. The red surround and checker there is fine.. I do have wear in the lower checker pattern, by the flippers, they all seem to have problems there. Anyway, I'll take a few pic's of mine and post them, see what you think.

2 years later
#35 2 years ago

Hi all, reviving a dead thread here...! I recently bought an amazingly rough sure shot. The playfield sucks. Attached is a picture of the playfield after I have almost completely stripped it. Wondering if anyone ever made a full playfield art set for this baby, maybe of you guys had a bare playfield popbumperpete or tuffano? Hope you guys can help a guy out!

IMG_20170326_125034 (resized).jpg

#36 2 years ago

Playfield doesn't look that bad to me....little bit of Novus, some Wax, and she's good to go..

#37 2 years ago

Geez, what's the rest of the cabinet look like? Field looks like it was submerged in a flood.....!

#38 2 years ago
Quoted from stashyboy:

Field looks like it was submerged in a flood.....!

Or used as a floatation device.

#39 2 years ago

Surprisingly the cabinet is not too bad, pretty dirty and has that 'patina' that some folks like/don't fix... The BG was stored separately and is much cleaner and way nicer.

Inside seems most/all of the em equipment is present and in pretty good condition, just needs a good cleaning.

IMG_20170321_075139 (resized).jpg

IMG_20170320_132303 (resized).jpg

IMG-20170321-WA0000 (resized).jpeg

#40 2 years ago
Quoted from squeezebox:

Inside seems most/all of the em equipment is present and in pretty good condition, just needs a good cleaning.

Are you pulling our leg?

The underside of that water damaged playfield should also have a small amount of damage at the holes. Most of the underside of a playfield with that much damage should have plenty of corroded metal. The wood work for the head has very little damage. More photos would be great! The playfield must of been sitting separately from the rest of the game, in an open carport or porch.

#41 2 years ago

The unit sat in a warehouse basement that leaked badly when it rained. There was no glass on this unit when I got it. Not sure how the top got so damage but the inside seemed to stay fairly OK. You can see the underside pictures of the playfield. It seems pretty good to me. Just bought a switch adjuster and a burnishing tool, got to start going through it one switch at a time. Looking at the playfield it seems the front end is the worse for wear and the top two plys seem to have separated pretty badly.

Glad to discuss it, but I really need some help with playfield art for the replacement playfield too!

#42 2 years ago
Quoted from tomdotcom:

Playfield doesn't look that bad to me....little bit of Novus, some Wax, and she's good to go..

"Can easily be touched up with a Sharpie!"

#43 2 years ago
Quoted from squeezebox:

Surprisingly the cabinet is not too bad, pretty dirty and has that 'patina' that some folks like/don't fix... The BG was stored separately and is much cleaner and way nicer.
Inside seems most/all of the em equipment is present and in pretty good condition, just needs a good cleaning.

Playfields don't come much worse than that one. It's amazing the rest of the game is in reasonably decent condition, and it's totally amazing that the playfield underside components look that good. I once found a "Free Fall" that had a totally shot backglass and very badly planked playfield. The game was in a very damp basement. Strangely, all the metal underneath the playfield was in immaculate condition!

#44 2 years ago

now thats some planking lol

#45 2 years ago
Quoted from rollinover:

now thats some planking lol

Literally... :O

Looks like the poop deck on a ship. "Shitty" pun not intended but perhaps should be...

Hopefully you can find a nice replacement, good luck with it!

#46 2 years ago

lol walk the plank matey! a whole new level..... literally

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