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My Monday Pickup $250 Rollergames/Restore

By nerdygrrl

5 years ago

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#1 5 years ago

This guy had been on CL for the last few days and a few of the local fellows said they were heading out to grab it. I hadn't seen any victory posts so on a whim I decide to write the seller yesterday to see if it was still around. He wrote me back at 6:45 this am to say that it was. I tried asking about the boards, the PF etc, but he knew nothing about the machine. He didn't have many details about the cab, just that others had looked at it and said the inside was rough. He had found it in a house that he was renovating that had been foreclosed on and was just hoping to make a few bucks. Normally I would have walked away, but I had worked through the weekend so I was looking for a little adventure, I decided what the hell, got in my car and made the 2 1/2 hour drive to take a look.

When I walked in you could tell the cab had been sitting in a damp basement, there was some mildew showing on the cab, it had the tried and true odor of funk, and some of the wood was separating. Oy, what did I get myself into? The cab had an adjust failure, so I knew the batteries were shot, but just how shot was the question. I asked for the key to open up the head to take a look at the boards, but he didn't have it (face palm). I took off the glass, lifted the PF and was met with a fairly horrific sight, mold and mildew all around. You could feel the dampness in the body of the cab. I quickly assessed the cab, the PF was in great shape and the back glass was solid, and all the displays worked. I didn't feel comfortable with his asking price of $350 and asked he was negotiable, he was so we agreed on $250 and loaded it up.

All in all not a bad pickup, I'm pretty excited about it. If I can get it up and running for another few hundred it will be a win. Really the cab is the worst of it and that is 90% odor so any and all odor removing tips would be greatly appreciated. I had some time to strip it down today and let it sit in the sun for a few hours and I am hoping to repeat that again tomorrow. I am hoping to get a fiberglass pencil to try and clean up the legs of the various bits that puke has hit and give it a test fire this weekend. Worst case scenario I have to send the MPU off to my board guru.

Link to full album: http://s1209.photobucket.com/user/nerdygrrl/library/Rollergames


#3 5 years ago

Nice score Mel!, I was the guy who was scheduled to pick it up on sat morning however I got drunk on Friday night. If I wasn't on a boat miles off shore I might have made it. oops!

Im glad you grabbed it. Keep us posted!

#4 5 years ago

Nice score, does not look that bad. I think you did good.

#5 5 years ago

I hope so, I have purchased a few other project machines in the past year and the costs of bringing them back to life have far exceeded their worth, but at least they are alive. It will be great to get this one up and running. and into the lineup.

WB, he said quite a few folks were either a no show or balked when they looked at it. I guess I owe you and your drinking buddies one.

#6 5 years ago

Great score and great game! Congrats!

#7 5 years ago

For $250 bucks you can't lose! I love the feeling you get when you find these buys.
Good stuff!!

#8 5 years ago

yep good pickup

#9 5 years ago

great find and price cant find those very often!!! congrats for taking the risk ! you got the REWARD!!

#10 5 years ago

Good find @ a nice price.

#11 5 years ago

There's a mildew/funk remover that I used for a space shuttle that I picked up that had been in chain smokers basement for like 15 years....

Think it was called "malador"... Terry from PBL told me about it but he didn't carry it.. Bought it from some pinball related company online that he pointed me to...

Works ok/good


#12 5 years ago

I love getting games at a low price no matter what condition. Nice Job!

#13 5 years ago

I love your tweet updates on this project

#14 5 years ago

Nice score! Congrats!

#15 5 years ago

great score! Fun game.

Rock Rock Rockin' Rollergames.

After you hit the jackpot on multi, my wife thinks it says "Get Fudked" even through it says "kick butt"


super addicting and has that "one more game" feeling for me when playing well.
Be sure to get you upper flipper mag shot tuned in.

#16 5 years ago

Even if you sink a grand into that baby you'll make a profit if you sell it.

Send boards out for repair though. I'd send all.

#17 5 years ago

Playfield looks good (Mylar).
I think it looks like some work, but a nice buy

Btw. I don't think the acid damage looks that bad? Are you sure its not only the battery holder that is damaged?

#18 5 years ago
Quoted from tezting:

Btw. I don't think the acid damage looks that bad? Are you sure its not only the battery holder that is damaged?

It's bad enough. There are certainly some questionable areas I have indicated here, but hard to see with a photo. Really, the best way to see it is with high power magnification. Sometimes that isn't even enough. It doesn't take much. If you can see it, chances are it's also elsewhere that you cannot see as well such as in component bodies, and it migrates along the copper traces. At minimum, the board will need to go through a thorough a detailed anti-corrosion wash process and the parts that really look affected should be replaced. Then you go from there.


#19 5 years ago

Gotta love the slice logo on the playfield. Hope you get it rolling!

#20 5 years ago

Cheap-o method : Hit that inside of the cabinet up with some Tilex and let it sit out in the sun for a day or two to kill the mold/mildew. That made a huge difference in ones I've gotten with similar smell/mold. They didn't look quite as funky as this one does though. Then when that is done, clean out the crap, get one of those bags of activated charcoal they sell at lowes and throw that in there with it closed up. After a week or so of that bag being in there, smell is gone unless you put your nose right up to it. Then you just gotta scrub the crap out of it, then paint.

If you can, and since it probably already has moisture damage, an ozone generator will work to remove the smell entirely, at the expensive of extra oxidation. You would be better off partially rebuilding the cab and elbow grease though. At a minimum, replace the bottom wood, then scrub the crap out of the inside with something like simple green.

#21 5 years ago

That board has some corrosion damage. How bad, I can't tell from the pics. Potentially, it can be cleaned up, but there's no guarantee, especially without inspecting it.

Here are some pics of a recent repair for a customer, who thought the board had no corrosion damage.


And another 'clean untested' board that came across the bench last week..


Depending on how bad the corrosion is, replacing it might be more cost effective... I'd be glad to take a look at it if it's above your comfort level.

#22 5 years ago

Good old Craigslist. The guy told me he was showing it Saturday morning and that if it didn't sell I was next in line. Never heard back from him. He also told me $500.

Glad it went to good hands.

#23 5 years ago

tb0ne, oh man that sucks. From what he told me he had multiple people cancel on him Fri, Sat, and Sun and others who just walked away. When I wrote him Sun I did not expect it to still be around. I was shocked when he responded at 6:30 am on Monday.

The board damage was worse than I originally thought. There is foil lifting off of the board and a great deal of the transistors, resistors and chips have corrosion on the legs/solder points. I'll post some detailed photos later so I can get some opinions, but it looks as though 1/2 of the components would need to be removed and cleaned.

Thanks for the tip on the Malodor, someone else also recommended it. I am going to try and hunt down a can and give it a try.

The PF is in really good shape. The only real "flaw" is that the mylar is starting to come up off of the inserts. Once I sort out the board issue and get everything tested I will work o stripping and cleaning the PF>

#24 5 years ago
Quoted from nerdygrrl:

tb0ne, oh man that sucks. From what he told me he had multiple people cancel on him Fri, Sat, and Sun and others who just walked away. When I wrote him Sun I did not expect it to still be around. I was shocked when he responded at 6:30 am on Monday.

Quoted from tb0ne:

Good old Craigslist. The guy told me he was showing it Saturday morning and that if it didn't sell I was next in line. Never heard back from him. He also told me $500.
Glad it went to good hands.

Consider yourselves lucky. These kinds of deals NEVER show up here in Ohio!

#25 5 years ago

This was a rare deal. The guys do demolition/construction and they found it in a house that had been foreclosed on. They didn't really care and enough people came and saw it and passed that he came down on his price. The inside was pretty fuzzy, it looked like someone slayed a Yeti in there and you couldn't get into the back box to look at the boards so most of the local guys passed.

#26 5 years ago

We'll, there will be a price to pay besides the cash, not limited to sweat equity.

...but you save another classic pin from the dump. Bless you.

#27 5 years ago
Quoted from nerdygrrl:

tb0ne, oh man that sucks. From what he told me he had multiple people cancel on him Fri, Sat, and Sun and others who just walked away. When I wrote him Sun I did not expect it to still be around. I was shocked when he responded at 6:30 am on Monday.

Hearing your description, I'm pretty sure I would have passed and been annoyed that I drove the hour to get there - so it all worked out in the end

#28 5 years ago

I started a new thread concerning the PCB. I'm not sure it I should just neutralize and clean, send out for replacement or get a repro. Pics and thread can be viewed here https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/rollergames-pcb-clean-repair-or-repro#post-1924568

#29 5 years ago

The weather out here this weekend was stunning so I decided to try and get as much done on the cab as possible. After a few days of airing out, the cab was still funktastic. So yesterday I decided to strip it entirely as there was just too much funk hiding in the nooks and crannies. I gave it a couple of serious sprays with a bleach/H2O combo. This tx seemed to have the best effect, but it still smelled like a swimming pool with a hint of mildew. Given the nice weather I decided to go ahead and seal the aroma in and painted the interior of the cab.

I also gave the wiring harnesses a good scrubbing and attacked the rusted hardware with a wire wheel and finished up with a coat of paint. It's not ideal an ideal situation, but I felt like this was the best method for now. Hopefully, down the road I can find a nice donor cab. I still have to address the mounting plate for the boards as it is practically rusted through. Does anyone know if these are universal or do I have to find a RG specific plate?

I have a nice clean replacement CPU en route from the good doctor pinball and hope to have this all fired up shortly.


#30 5 years ago

You are pretty determined aren't you? Bet you wind up with a good playin' RG yet for a pretty cheap price.

#31 5 years ago

I have that ground plane (the thing the boards go on) you can have it if you want to pay shipping and packing.
That really needs to be replaced.

#32 5 years ago

Eh, to really clean and attack the odor the cab had to be stripped and since I had everything out I figured I might as well have at it. Leaving all of that rust untreated just seemed silly. The cab strip and clean is fairly straight forward.

I'm more terrified to start on the PF. The topside will need a full tear down and deep clean. I am still debating if I should remove the mylar then as it is started to come up. As per the underneath every single socket is rusted to heck and will have to be replaced. Fun, fun, fun.

#33 5 years ago
Quoted from tracelifter:

I have that ground plane (the thing the boards go on) you can have it if you want to pay shipping and packing.
That really needs to be replaced.

Woah, thanks for the generous offer. I'll toss mine on a scale on Tuesday and get some shipping rates to see if it's doable.

#34 5 years ago

nice cant wait to see the end result!

#35 5 years ago

Kind of sick last week, but got the cab painted, bits painted and tumbled. Today I reran the ground braiding and harness and got most of the cab hardware back in. I was hoping to test fire today, but that is definitely not going to happen. Hopefully I can at least get the PF back in (though my back is screaming nooooooo).

Before and after cab body.

IMG_4704.JPG IMG_4890.JPG
#36 5 years ago

looks much better!!!

#37 5 years ago

Can't wait to see how this turns out! Great thread!

#38 5 years ago

Thanks guys. This will definitely be a long haul kind of thing. I think the cab body may be salvageable, but the part the head rests on and the back are delaminating like crazy. I'm not sure if it's something that can be recut and replaced or not. As for the head it's pretty shot, lots of rot and delamination. I'll keep an eye out for a donor cab-rumor has it PPC will have decals coming out on the horizon. It's sad the machine prior to being folded up and stored was kept in really nice shape.

I managed to get the PF installed and everything rewired. I fired it up and she was speaking Swedish. WTH?! I disconnected J1 (left display) and the right is displaying properly, but if I disconnect the right display the left is still all harble garble. When I picked up the cab, both displays were reading properly. So it's more than likely something I did during the tear down.

It's not going into attract and it's blowing the F3 fuse on the driver at start up. My new CPU isn't here yet so I will try and sort out what I can. It's hard to say if the problems are the result of battery pukeage or something else. Thankfully I have tomorrow off to try and diagnose. For now it's time for some wine and going through this here Rollergames manual.


#39 5 years ago

Awesome find! I just picked one up yesterday. I need a new EOS switch on the top flipper and it's still fun to play.

Can't wait to see this cleaned up. Gotta save the ones we can

1 week later
#40 5 years ago

So my buddy came by the weekend before last to give me a hand with the game. After some tinkering, we (he) got the game to boot up and go into attract mode, but F3 on the driver would blow instantly. Tracked that down to a seized diverter (Thanks Mike). Popped in a new fuse and gave it another go and the pop bumpers and top flipper were machine gunning. Mike suggested that there was nothing more that we could do until my new MPU arrived. So sadly I had to wait. Saturday I got the notice that my MPU from ARAKISSUN had arrived and was waiting for me at the USPS, but I couldn't pick it up until Monday. Thankfully I had a Taxi pickup scheduled for Sunday so it wasn't as painful of a wait as it could have been.

First thing Monday am I rushed out to the USPS, picked up my goods. Popped that baby in and BAM, fully booting, no fuse blowing, no machine gunning Rollergames! Thanks ARAKISSUN!!!! So with the machine booting I started to clean the top of the PF. Everything is coming off pretty easily with simple green. I haven't had to break out the N2 or magic eraser yet. I plan on attacking the top of the PF this weekend and hope to fire up my first game. It's kind of sad, you can tell up until it was folded up and stored the machine was well taken care of. The only real damage was from the moisture and batteries, everything else was pretty darn clean.

After I get all of the kinks started I will start addressing the cosmetics. I hear a certain powder coater is taking orders again so I guess I'll be looking for some color suggestions for the rails, hinges and lock down bar.

IMG_5198.JPG IMG_5211.JPG IMG_5212.JPG IMG_5213.JPG IMG_5214.JPG
#41 5 years ago

Wow. Even looks nice under the apron. Keep going!

#42 5 years ago

Looks like the mylar has kept the pf in great shape!

#43 5 years ago

Yeah the mylar did its job. As I mentioned the cab had been broken don, folded up and resting on its back on a basement floor. The bulk of the damage are the areas that were on the floor and as you creep up the cab there is little to no damage. The top of the PF with the exception of some rusty bits made it out unscathed.

So I started breaking down the top of the PF last night. I managed to remove all of the ramps, habitrails, etc. You can tell this hadn't been shopped out in a while (the black bits are activated charcoal) This is probably as far as I will go with the PF for now. In a couple of months I'll pick up new plastics, and LED's and then do a more aggressive shop job.

I'm hoping to repin the GI either tonight or tomorrow and get this all gussied up. I have some bits in simple green, others in the tumbler and a can of wax waiting here. I'm not sure what to do for the mylar that has started to come up. I am leaning towards just leaving it be for now.


#44 5 years ago

Here's where I show a cheap alternative to polishing Mylar with a 3M Headlight Light Kit.

#46 5 years ago

Wow, that looks stellar! Thanks for the tip. I actually have that kit already. I use the sponge bit when buffing the PF

#47 5 years ago

Nice work, always good to see a project like this being taken on. Stay the course, can't wait to see how it turns out.

Like you said, there's plenty to do on it, but at least your Wall ramp isn't blown out. Mine is so bad I have a Cliffy protector on it just to keep the ball from falling through the gap and getting stuck under the assembly. I really wish someone would remake some of those.

Again, nice work! Good luck!

#48 5 years ago

I changed the title a bit as this is turning more into a restoration thread than a story about my Monday am pickup. I'm also going to have some questions moving along so I thought "restore" might attract some interested parties.

Much to my dog's dismay I dedicated the entire weekend to getting this cleaned, up waxed, and test fired. It took a little longer than I had hoped, but it's all back together now. I fired it up to a couple of kinks that I hope to work out over the week. My trough switches are acting up and my lower lockout doesn't seem to want to fire. I still haven't dealt with the GI input/harness. I decided that was best left to someone with more exp.

IMG_5309.JPG IMG_5282.JPG IMG_5284.JPG IMG_5337.JPG IMG_5338.JPG IMG_5339.JPG IMG_5340.JPG
#49 5 years ago

Fun game. Nice find.

#50 5 years ago

It's ALIVE and playable!!!!!

I am having some weird issues with the ball lock, but nothing serious. I also managed to score a donor cab today. Hopefully I will be picking that up this week and prepping it for PPS's RG decal release.

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