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My MM playfield is on the way back from HSA

By BShing

7 years ago

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#1 7 years ago

Just got a chance to look at the pictures: http://www.hsapinball.com/HSA_PINBALL/hsa143.html
It looks amazing! I can't wait to see it! I purchased a replacement playfield from Gene several years ago and it always bothered me that the one I bought had more purple in it than the original. If you look at the comments Brian says mine is one of the rare playfields with more blue in it. Does anyone know how many of these were made? My game was an import that (I think) was in Spain. It had plastic stick on sheeting to protect the cabinet decals which were in horrible shape when I bought it in 2005. Manufacture date is September 30, 1997.
I fought the impulse for years to put the replacement playfield in because I liked the original blue better. I always thought the colors on the reproduction playfield were off when I compared them side by side. Now I might have to swap the playfield out again!

#2 7 years ago

That is awesome work! Man that PF had some play on it.

#3 7 years ago

Wow, that is nice, and it's cool as it's different with the light blue instead of the purple. I was just looking at my original MM playfield and it's the more common purple variety.

#4 7 years ago

Did he make stickers again and clear over them?? They'll cover big area's with stickers!! I had a TAF playfield from HSA here and that's what he did!! Scanned a playfield with no damage and made stickers!! OMG! The seams where the color changed is where the sticker started/stopped! Most people can't figure it out!!

#5 7 years ago

Do you have pictures of the pf with a sticker? Would be nice to see that.

#6 7 years ago
Quoted from absocountry2:

Do you have pictures of the pf with a sticker? Would be nice to see that.

Yes it would.

#7 7 years ago

Really, a sticker? Haven't seen that one yet. Pics would be great. I've had several Playfields done by Brian and his team now, all exceptionally done. Just picked up my Embryon this weekend, which was trashed. The restoration is truly exceptional given some spots were completely worn.

#8 7 years ago

I suspect we will hear if they were stickers or not. If I was accused of using stickers on a high end resto and it was not true, I would be looking for a public apology and slander charges. If true that would not be the case.

People cannot accuse people/business of these kind of things without backing it up.

#9 7 years ago

That is amazing work, very well done.


#10 7 years ago

That looks great. I'm glad to see that you opted to save a rare playfield instead of writing it off.

#11 7 years ago

I was curious if HSA used stickers on pf resto's as mentioned above. The short answer on TAF stickers is he has never used them. He has cleared over the work others had done with an overlay. He will no longer do that even if the person wants it done. Here is his complete answer with permission to post here.

"So to answer the questions about the recently restored playfields that I just finished (Bob's Medieval Madness and Aaron's Embryon):

Bob's MM http://www.hsapinball.com/HSA_PINBALL/hsa143.html - No overlays or stickers were used to cover playfield wear. Some of the insert text was silk screened back on the playfield and the rest of the playfield was either airbrushed painted or hand painted back on.

Aaron's Embryon playfield http://www.hsapinball.com/HSA_PINBALL/hsa142.html - Again no overlays or stickers were used. Everything was hand painted or airbrushed.

Addams Family - ??? I have restored a lot over the years. I can not remember using any overlays or stickers to cover any wear. I do, however, remember doing a few Addams Family playfields from several years ago that was basically a clear coat only job and the owners used Jeff M (Classic Arcades) mansion overlay to cover it. They installed it and I clear coated the playfield basically. I will no longer do this EVEN if they request it.

I have anyways been a person against using playfield overlays and large decals to fix a playfield. I get emails all the time from people wanting me to clear coat on top of a playfield overlay and I tell all of them NO. I do know that the other guys will clear coat over playfield overlays. Actually one of the other guys just did an Earthshaker overlay. It's actually on the other guys website.

Every restorer (myself, Playfield Renovations, Bill Davis, etc) has used insert decals or water slide decals to fix inserts. I do try to avoid using insert decals and I now have small silk screened masks that I use to fix the more common inserts on certain playfields (MM, MB, etc).

Even heavy worn playfields like this EK http://www.hsapinball.com/HSA_PINBALL/hsa122.html - is restored without using any stickers, decals, overlays, etc.

The one thing to remember about me (HSA) is that I am not a ONE person operation. I run an auto body shop and have access to a real spray booth. I have a staff of artist who do my airbrushing and paint touchups. My current artists are much better than my old guys that I used to use 5-8 years ago. I have changed some of my procedures and the type of products that I used to increase the overall quality of the restorations.

Brian @ HSA

#12 7 years ago

I looked and my MM has the light blue playfield also. I assumed they were all that way, have not looked closely at many others. I was going to replace the playfield at some point, but is it rare enough one should have it restored?

#13 7 years ago

Great work, but why not have the before & after photos next to each other?

#14 7 years ago

Gary up in Detroit has the game right now. Again I never said "Overlay". That's completely different animal. This is a high quality scan of the TAF playfield. The scan is then printed on a "Sticker" and trimmed, seams matched where black meets black. Trying to blend the sticker. Problem is that sticker has a very fine line of white all the way around the edge. Hence the seam. It's not an overlay and these playfields were done and sold Circa 2007. This all started when the bar code scan was all the rage. Anyone remember that? Most of you guys don't know what I'm talking about. It was used to cover up the white space one IPB TAF's so they looked OEM. It went further with scans of wear spots. Sand, fill, sand level and install sticker and clear over it. They're out there watch out!!

#15 7 years ago
Quoted from Exejet:

Again I never said "Overlay".

You are correct, you said "sticker." Brian from HSA said overlay, not me. If you pay attention to the details you will see I posted his reply. I asked if he ever used "stickers" and referenced this thread. I simply posted his reply.

He has never used overlays or stickers but had clear coated work from others that had done that in the past. It was at the customers request to coat it and will no longer do that even if requested.

#16 7 years ago

Not sure why my work is getting pulled into this, but I can honestly say that I'd be surprised if he uses overlays and stickers on any of his work. Judging by the exceptional job he did with my Embryon, I can tell you that its definitely not an overlay. In fact, many parts were hand painted as oposed to airbrushed given the detail needed. I've seen quite a few jobs from him and all are at the same level.

Don't hesitate to use HSA for any restoration or clear coating. Your product is in safe hands from my experience. I would consider any comments about overlays or stickers with caution.

#17 7 years ago

My MM Playfield was also done by HSA and he did a phenomenal job!!!

The one featured on his website is actually mine


#18 7 years ago

My HSA,MM playfield was just finished this week,hopefully shipping it to me soon
I don't have pics of mine yet though.

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