My flashers won't work?

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By Pinoob

5 years ago


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#1 5 years ago

Can anyone please help me? I recently purchased my first pinball machine, Twilight Zone and received the complete super LED kit from Cointaker. All my other lights are working but I can't get the LED flashers to work. I have turned them 180 degrees and tweaked the wires. I have not tried electrical tape behind the wire leads. I can't understand why a single bulb won't work - am I missing something?

#2 5 years ago

Were you putting them in with the power on?Check for blown fuses.

#3 5 years ago

Oh and is it safe to work on the game with the play-field raised and the machine on so i can go through the lamp test?

#4 5 years ago

I would not recommend doing that,TZ has no high power shut off and
you can short something out

#5 5 years ago

yes the machine was on. it works if i put the old 906 bulb in then i put the flasher in then they dont work. put the old bulb in then it works. Im stumped!

#6 5 years ago

All the flashers or just some that dont work?

#7 5 years ago

I cant get any to work.

#8 5 years ago

Are you sure you have the correct Flasher LEDS in?Do you have a pic of the
Flasher LED?Im guessing they are the wrong ones.

#9 5 years ago

No I dont have a pic of them the bag says they are 906 and the bulb says 13vdc

#10 5 years ago

Man I read something about that somewhere,can't remember what or where,but we will figure it out,check the cointaker website,and generally the 906 is PLENTY of flash anyway.I'd leave them in.

#11 5 years ago
Quoted from Pinoob:

the bulb says 13vdc

That is correct for the flashers,Are there one or two metal prongs on
the LED bulb.

#12 5 years ago

There is 1 prong on both sides, and the instructions say to spin the for the correct polarity and I did but that is not working.

#13 5 years ago
Quoted from Pinoob:

There is 1 prong on both sides

Try moving the prong slightly over a little bit to the edge with your fingernail
then turn the LED and do the same on the other side.

The LED prongs are not making contact with the Flasher metal sockets.

#14 5 years ago

Yes the 906's are very bright but my girlfriend got me the complete set for Christmas and it is bugging me that I cant get them working.

#15 5 years ago
Quoted from Pinoob:

Yes the 906's are very bright but my girlfriend got me the complete set for Christmas and it is bugging me that I cant get them working.

LEDS are much nicer than the regular bulb

#16 5 years ago
Quoted from Pinoob:

Yes the 906's are very bright but my girlfriend got me the complete set for Christmas and it is bugging me that I cant get them working.

Your bulbs might not be working, but your G/F is a keeper....Good for her.

#17 5 years ago

Ok took my Getaway translite out,I do have LED 906's in the backbox,they are polarity sensitive with one prong on each side of base and I put the machine on individual flash test and they work,I am blinded now-Soo what's up with yours?

#18 5 years ago

Did you get them working Pinoob? Now I am getting bummed,that you're bummed.

#19 5 years ago

Sweet yes i got them working! I had to bend the wires outward to make contact and they had to be in just right. thanks everyone for your help.

#20 5 years ago

Sorry I didn't see this sooner Pinoob. I had to do that to both my games too. Its like some of their lights are just a hair too narrow and the wires needed spread apart. Drove me nuts on my HS2 doing them thinking something was wrong. Its like working on cars: aftermarket parts are NEVER exact swap!

But the results are well worth it right?!


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