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My first pinball was ...

By awarner

5 years ago

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#151 5 years ago

Terminator 2 for $1500. I remember getting it home and setting it up. Then on the first game the kick back was not fireing I thought it was broke for sure. I called a tech in and everything. All it needed was a simple switch adjustment. I fix stuff like that in my sleep now.

#152 5 years ago

My first was a beautiful Williams IJ...loved it so much got an Addams Family a short while later. Both were under $2500. Those were the days.

#154 5 years ago

First purchased pinball was BOP for $1650 <<still have it. First EVER pinball was Stern's Wild Fyre (won in a competition), got bored with that sucker REAL quick

#155 5 years ago

First game was The Shadow, about 18 months ago. Of course that's far too hard for guests, so I was forced (I didn't want to, really...you believe me don't you?) to buy a Triple Strike soon after.

I'll have to sell both soon due to moving overseas...but not before I've nailed The Final Battle. LOTR is the first game I'm getting after moving, but I'll be buying another Shadow at the first opportunity.

#156 5 years ago

Monster Bash! (At the time this was my grail machine and still the last one that would leave me. Despite not being a deep game as my other pins I just love this one, simple but catchy rules, great sound and loads of fun toys.)

I always approach things "top-down": Get the personal favorite first and see where it goes from there. Otherwise I'd always be thinking "but I would rather have...".

#157 5 years ago

Mata Hari

#159 5 years ago

No Fear bought in 2012. Still have it.

#160 5 years ago

Gottlieb Super Spin

#161 5 years ago

First game I owned was one I inherited from my Uncle, who was an operator in the 70's. It's been in my possession for more than 30 years.

Sea Hunt, Allied Leisure.

#162 5 years ago

Mine was a jungle Lord with no backglass for AU$800, I did find a backglass for it and still have it. Will probably be the last one to leave here.

#163 5 years ago

Breakshot and I still have it! Got it back in 2004 or 2005 and never looked back.

Knew nothing about pinball. Called on an ad in the local newspaper, the only pinball ad at the time I believe...(this was before craigslist).

Me and a buddy went to pick it up with his truck. I remember the guy giving us 'newbies' or 'future pinball owners', pointers on how to play pinball. Let's just say the tilt was off and he was a big dude.

And so it began. Many, many, more to follow...

#164 5 years ago

First machine I played: Hurricane
First machine I enjoyed: The Party Zone
First machine I bought: Star Trek

#165 5 years ago

First machine I had in my place (but owned by my brother): Dr. Who
First machine I owned part of (half): Fishtales
First machine I owned wholly: Met Pro

#166 5 years ago

Mine was in April 2011: Secret Service in Digital Stereo!

#167 5 years ago

I love hearing the stories guys; keep 'em coming! It's interesting to see how some people parallel you purely by coincidence. I'm sure a few of you know I got out of collecting last year and sold the bulk of my machines off only keeping 4 pins (DW, BOP 2.0, TSPP, and Bad Cats). Funny about "Getting Out" though. It's really hard to do. I've been almost as active as ever. Anyway, I still have most of my 2nd game - Doctor Who. I found a lower cabinet that was nicer than mine so I transplanted it in 2000 I think.

#168 5 years ago

1st was Eight Ball Deluxe. Owned it for roughly 8 years. MISS THE HELL OUT OF IT>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

#169 5 years ago

WH20 for me...I've have opportunities to trade or sell but I don't know if I could ever get rid of it!

#170 5 years ago

First game played: Honestly can't remember. I remember playing Fish Tales, WCS, BOP, Addams, STTNG in the local Putt-Putt and Plano Super Bowl. I know I played Atari Pinball on the 2600 and Pinbot and High Speed on the NES probably before I ever played a physical pinball game!

First in home environment: Parents bought a Cyclone in the early 90's for our gameroom. Miss the hell out of that game.

First I purchased: Space Shuttle, 500 bucks working, very nice backglass...4 years ago in June.

#171 5 years ago

My wife insisted we round out our game room with a pinball machine. I had no experience with these machines as I only dealt with MAME video games. So I did some research and bought a Blackout in 2010 from a pinball guy 5 minutes from me. When I got it home I was overwhelmed by all the wires but very intrigued.

Well fast forward and today we have 8 machines in the game room and 7 more to restore. All the games that I purchased have been projects with Blackout being the only working machine. Blackout got sold in 2013. I will say that was the perfect 'first machine'

Mike V

#172 5 years ago

300 dollar firepower that wouldn't boot. Year and a half later essentially done with restoring it , out quite a bit money on it but learned so much. Gone thru a BG in the meantime and picked up a TAF and DE TM. Wish I had more room

#173 5 years ago

Lady luck, 1982.

#174 5 years ago

My first pinball I got at the age of 17, a 1974 Williams Dealer's Choice. I was supposed to pay $50 for it, but when I came to pick it up I was told to take it out and keep my money They were glad it was gone. Sold it about 5 years later.

In 2000 my interest in pinball relived due to me moving to a larger appartment, where I had room for a game. First game then was a Zaccaria Pinball Champ. Poor choice as I only bought it because it was cheap. It was hardly any fun so sold it within a few months. By then I also needed the space as buying games seemed the new hobby and I had about 9 pinball machines in my appartment

#175 5 years ago

No good gofers 1,450
Bay watch 450
Bought both at the same time

#176 5 years ago

one of those cheap xmas pinball toys that was about 2 feet long and maybe 1 foot wide back around 1980ish

#177 5 years ago

Who Dunnit. Got it in 2006 at the local MOMA auction for $1,300 plus fees. Traded it years later for WCS.

#178 5 years ago

Party Zone. Still have it too. Its a fun game but that music just wears on ya.

#179 5 years ago

A Gottlieb Spirit of '76 which I saved from the trash in 1988. I still have it.


#180 5 years ago

High Speed, May 2009.

Still have it!

... and still have to do the much needed CPR playfield swap.

Great game. Keeper. Pic below of my first two pins.

#181 5 years ago

Haunted House

#182 5 years ago

TZ for $2K retail

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