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My Dy-no-mite Strato-Flite

By mrm_4

20 days ago

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#1 20 days ago

Picked up a Craigslist find Strato-Flite back in April to put in my queue of projects. Now that my Xenon is wrapping up I’m going to work on this beast.

Not really sure how far I’ll go with it but I figured I might as well capture the progress with a thread.

Here’s the initial photo dump…

FCE55003-642A-4865-BF1C-4D4E2D6BE5BF (resized).jpeg5C81258E-61C5-4CF1-868D-1E1C3DFF22E1 (resized).jpeg63EA4255-3537-4E51-B067-5B76916EC22F (resized).jpeg2197AACA-4EC2-409D-AB08-5B0998688A11 (resized).jpegAA2AC2E7-1C48-4FED-8124-9E5B77D95C39 (resized).jpeg614DFC7A-FA88-46AB-9DF3-926701026D59 (resized).jpegF35767DE-9DDE-4DCA-A497-D01F5BAE753D (resized).jpeg5C7C77EA-E86C-45D4-9738-032A26888631 (resized).jpeg016DB523-A47A-453F-98F2-2AFA365321D9 (resized).jpegDF6C013E-C047-46EA-8BAB-F885E0329561 (resized).jpeg452AB5EA-275C-46C1-8FEF-1DD769633FA2 (resized).jpeg7C32A348-D057-4EE4-B3A2-03AED5BFC62E (resized).jpegCC69C995-22A3-4DAE-A418-84AD90078A9A (resized).jpeg889AE1B5-A264-474A-9AE4-54BA31E6606E (resized).jpeg847E69C6-D444-4F44-BD1A-9360EA0E3F17 (resized).jpeg461C2339-4738-4EC4-BAC4-211054CC3A4C (resized).jpeg20FDA526-6B52-44E2-819D-8429548C87C0 (resized).jpeg59ABEC61-2678-4E7E-994E-82208BCD8863 (resized).jpeg86DA9AAB-8CDD-4A98-AD2B-352269EB7D05 (resized).jpegCC70054A-A2C7-4F12-81BB-8818A93B12EB (resized).jpegB3E18C28-7CD8-4679-8B89-5E84234CBCF3 (resized).jpeg9B6A9D2B-1C0F-4A32-A300-61CF6FA29053 (resized).jpeg6996669B-0EEF-4A51-8548-0DF9B5B18E4F (resized).jpeg9ED90CC0-EEE4-4D2E-9456-C8E9F914DDAF (resized).jpeg8773F55D-93D4-43B4-93D9-604BB6126A86 (resized).jpegD1ED3E49-CB51-4646-8EF7-F2BCB894825F (resized).jpeg
#2 20 days ago

I owned super flite, it is a fun game to play.

#3 20 days ago

Love Williams EMs. Not that long ago people turned their noses up at 4-Player machines.
Now, a nice machine like yours is highly desirable.

#4 20 days ago
Quoted from PinballAir:

I owned super flite, it is a fun game to play.

When I was testing the switches I was trying to put together the rules. Looks like it’s pretty fun. It’s unplayable at the moment so like most of my projects I won’t get to actually play the title for the first time until the projects done. I’m gonna look up some game play videos on YouTube later.

#5 20 days ago
Quoted from phil-lee:

Love Williams EMs. Not that long ago people turned their noses up at 4-Player machines.
Now, a nice machine like yours is highly desirable.

Some how I ended up with two Williams EM 4-player machines. My other is Shangri-La and I love that one so I imagine I’ll be hooked to this one as well.

#6 19 days ago

If you need anything, I have a Strato head for parts. No glass and nothing else, just the head with parts.

#7 19 days ago
Quoted from Wmsfan:

If you need anything, I have a Strato head for parts. No glass and nothing else, just the head with parts.

Nice! As I tear into it I’ll keep you in mind thanks!!!

#8 18 days ago

Top side tear down begins.
All pieces are getting some time in the pinball parts hot tub.

35C8EA27-1EAD-43E9-BADB-809AEA78A4BF (resized).jpeg

FEE192A3-DED4-4638-8F29-45773651BE7D (resized).jpeg

I stood up the posts to dry, I took a pic few hours later and I noticed when I went to toss them in a bag I had a helper.

EAA5DF53-DAC8-4F94-91CF-95E74ED77D86 (resized).jpeg

#9 18 days ago

These stand up targets are pretty gross.
I ran them in the ultrasonic.

9C7CD0C1-9741-475D-AF95-6E3A8F5222C5 (resized).jpegDE104F44-267A-4DFC-BDE2-2B49F1FF4DEB (resized).jpeg9049D23C-FA24-495B-928A-8B29DBED9708 (resized).jpeg

Then soaked them in a evaporust and it didn’t do them any justice.

1974156D-D213-4BD7-B98D-364F7F7F8EA5 (resized).jpeg

Figured I’d toss one in the tumbler with the rest of the metal and this is what I’m left with.2163E69A-6DF8-4771-AB86-8EDB71D968E4 (resized).jpegF2AA2FCB-AB5F-46B0-A6F5-0354890C7F23 (resized).jpeg

Ran the rest of them through and wow

E5FCACF3-8E9C-46D1-A57A-2FC53EBEE76B (resized).jpeg
#10 18 days ago

I love tumbler day!

D5DEE8C5-419A-455D-BD2B-1E692F2172CB (resized).jpeg
#11 18 days ago

These little guys needed a different approach. I avoid running them in the tumbler because of all the media getting packed in them.

EF288C7A-B8B8-440D-AB05-6DE61598CE06 (resized).jpeg

So I run them through the drill with mother’s mag. C86C9BD1-719A-4F08-A220-6B07C9D24144 (resized).jpeg

Really makes a difference

A344C709-2A28-4A9E-B5BE-081E4E94C210 (resized).jpeg

You can tell which ones are in line for the spin2869832E-5E7D-4AD2-8D6D-D99EA0909011 (resized).jpeg

#12 18 days ago

Apron cleaned up really nice, glad I don’t have to do anything with it other than print out some score and instruction cards

55434AFC-54A4-4A81-90D9-4DE5E235BAE7 (resized).jpeg
#13 18 days ago

Plastics cleaned up really well. No cracks, flat as a board and barely any scratches.
AAD56983-7BED-41E1-BEF4-2EB2DDEA32EF (resized).jpeg
And out of all my games these pop bumped caps are by far my favorite!445A982F-52D9-4336-8705-12CC936F3D7E (resized).jpeg

#14 13 days ago

Playfield is coming along.

First this nasty hole needed fixed
EE22C98D-0E59-45FC-9531-CC45A8337D49 (resized).jpeg
So I drilled with a 1/4 inch bit and put a dowel in place

Spent some time trying to clean up the shooter lane. I tried to get it perfect but it not happening.

6CC178DF-5151-4960-AD03-DEE60401C8D6 (resized).png
1CAC5F60-E80A-42ED-8516-22BA8AD3349C (resized).jpeg
It cleaned up really nice and Novus 2 REALLY shined it up. I haven’t even waxed it.
F940BA80-4847-4ED6-B7D3-36BD5F6C578F (resized).jpeg745B64F5-AB22-4B07-97D4-CE04D85C91DB (resized).jpegB170D063-B408-45EF-9FD2-EDE966B35513 (resized).jpeg
Filled all the black back in
D6EC39C5-E949-420C-A6C6-518DAD1A8265 (resized).jpeg
Now I’m trying to color match the magenta
945C37CB-E7B1-411E-89F8-95906EB2305D (resized).jpeg

1 week later
#15 6 days ago
Quoted from mrm_4:

I love tumbler day!
[quoted image]

What do you like to use in your tumbler? Everyone seems to do it a little different.

#16 6 days ago
Quoted from Murphdom:

What do you like to use in your tumbler? Everyone seems to do it a little different.

Corn cob and a nice swirl of this stuff!

I’ve also learned to ultrasonic and evaporust anything going in there first. Everything coming out for this game is looking really nice.

9E25AAF2-775C-42DC-AF21-42A91253C5DB (resized).jpeg
#17 6 days ago

Lacquered the rails today

059F2EB2-DCC5-4D54-A231-052EDE982977 (resized).jpeg
#18 6 days ago

Hardware for the pops turned out nice. I’m going to make new sleeves for the coils. They really needed to soak in the ultrasonic for a while.

4150BC58-6B3C-46E5-BF0A-975A54A6E288 (resized).jpeg
#19 6 days ago

Painting went alright. Trying to match the teal about killed me though.

I needed to paint quite a bit of this one jet. 631AE1A1-3DFF-44BA-9B13-92AAEEB0BFE2 (resized).jpeg9298C2E0-9B78-4A96-9EA5-23BC18F17236 (resized).jpeg

The burgundy turned out greatA76C3B06-9FC1-4612-A8BA-ED58C7E7B5FD (resized).jpegA8B0FB6D-06B1-4857-9D4F-90DFEB9799F3 (resized).jpegDFCC0D8F-9CE4-415A-99B9-DC4FA6234585 (resized).jpeg45A002DF-F513-4A5E-94E4-5F282A7F6C42 (resized).jpeg17FCCCE5-2715-4A5F-B288-EB448C696B08 (resized).jpeg
I’m not trying to make it look absolutely perfect, I just want the major stuff cleaned up. It’s going to look great under a playfield protector. I might make it flawless and clear coat it in the future but I’m not feeling it right now.
I’m good with it, time to move on.83BC2C3B-C201-4BB9-8E79-D67023EBE4A0 (resized).jpeg

#20 6 days ago

Put the light socket cleaner in a drill and went to town on the sockets top side and below.
329AE159-4E54-4871-AAEE-413421E0B94C (resized).jpeg
Keeping incandescents in this baby. I really miss that warm vintage glow that LEDs just can’t accomplish (yet)AA8D89A4-C51E-4B93-99E2-731D94904B3B (resized).jpeg

#21 3 days ago

Alright it’s time to get the topside reassembled for the most part. I have this little helper that’s been living in the game the past several days. Surprised it’s still alive or that I haven’t accidentally crushed it.

77708EA1-057A-4B2A-AC23-56AEBAD35D55 (resized).jpegD34C4816-E545-416A-9809-02C26CEE23D6 (resized).jpeg
#22 3 days ago

Cleaned up the metal for the upper arch, didn’t go too over the top just wanted it clean and to shine a bit with out making it look brand new.

9D97E55C-DA50-44C0-BEBB-F85286A31F2D (resized).jpeg
#23 3 days ago

Playfield protector installed and top half back together!

07D549B1-F8DE-4409-B797-82B660B95CD5 (resized).jpegA2EB272A-BFCA-477E-BD48-C807B00EB16E (resized).jpeg0535E944-93F1-4A04-B76F-3F27898D123A (resized).jpegB0686FFD-77FA-4B59-ACF0-69E46E884F9A (resized).jpeg
#24 3 days ago

Forgot to mention I needed to create some coil wrappers for the mechs that I cleaned up. Pinball Rebel didn’t have A-22-550, so I decided to just do it myself. I’ll continue to replace as I go throughout the rest of the game.

34887E8B-8DE3-4CD8-8F22-A1FDAD68A318 (resized).jpeg187AEAF1-F497-4751-AFC6-8D857B42297C (resized).jpeg6406A1BF-0DF5-4602-8682-32B78F242AFD (resized).jpeg
#25 4 hours ago

The bonus unit was as gummed up as I’ve ever seen a stepper unit get. Thing couldn’t advance either way because of the filth.57FD660C-9AB5-42B1-AD8A-AC83A767B38F (resized).jpeg0042A36C-ED80-488A-8D22-E2230F47F1F1 (resized).jpeg

A5AA0732-BBAD-4AF3-B9A7-27469DB78676 (resized).jpeg

All parts got the ultrasonic. That water is disgusting after 2 runs at 480 seconds.
ADE97375-0D8B-4F62-85E1-DC17AC852A3C (resized).jpeg
After hours in the tumbler and some new paperwork I have a respectable bonus unit

258D62DE-8D34-41AF-9EAE-351B72FA4521 (resized).jpeg

4F4B34D1-5963-44E1-BC7C-4E98628AF827 (resized).jpegB14F2922-358F-4A2D-A17F-6D22302D783E (resized).jpeg14C4510E-0C1D-4EB5-B905-88403E8902A1 (resized).jpeg

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