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Music Pin Opinions - ACDC vs MET vs AS

By GhostThruster

3 years ago

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Topic poll

“Which music pin is your favorite?”

  • Aerosmith Pro 24 votes
  • ACDC Pro 37 votes
  • Metallica Pro 82 votes

(143 votes)

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#1 3 years ago

Hey all,

Now that we currently are able to get all 3 of these games NIB, just curious as to your favorites and why? If you could only have one of these music pins (assuming you like all of their music equally), which would it be? For sake of argument (and my wallet) let's compare the Pros.

#2 3 years ago

Metallica.....the best music pin...

#3 3 years ago

Met Pro
Best Stern game overall imo in the last 7 years. Great layout, great art, great rules, fun to play.

AC/DC is also a great game.
AS - solid pass on this one.

Get a nice used home use MET for $4500 and you will not be sad is my advice.

#4 3 years ago

If it was ac dc premium I would voted for it but because it's the pro I vote for Metallica because ac dc pro looks like crap with Angus Young's face.

#5 3 years ago

This will be a flawed poll for the simple fact that many more respondents will own Met or AC/DC - but only played AS a few times.

From someone that owns all 3 -> AS is my pick

#6 3 years ago
Quoted from T7:

This will be a flawed poll for the simple fact that many more respondents will own Met or AC/DC - but only played AS a few times.
From someone that owns all 3 -> AS is my pick

This is true for sure. I have played a lot of Met and AC/DC but only got to play Aerosmith at a show. My order would be

1st AC/DC
2nd Aerosmith
Last Metallica

#7 3 years ago


#8 3 years ago

When it comes to pro vs prem there is a big difference between AC/DC but if your talking just pro Met pro gets the nod. It's almost as good as the prem, some like it even better. I admit I have played AS pro & prem but not much. Met pro you can pick up at a really good price.

#9 3 years ago
Quoted from jake35:


While certainly a fun game, I don't think it comes close to Metallica. I own both, and owned AC/DC for a couple of years. I played AC/DC a little more than GnR, but play Metallica 10x more than that.

I have only played a couple of games of AS, and I couldn't hear it at all. I am hoping to find one to play. Beating Metallica will be a tall order though. It really is a great pin.

#10 3 years ago

Give me Aerosmith all day long!!

#11 3 years ago

If it's pro's Metallica. If it's premium then it's AC/DC All day long!

#12 3 years ago

If Pro I'd rate them AS, Met, then ACDC

If Premium it's ACDC, Met, AS

#13 3 years ago

Lots of comments about ACDC Premium. What makes the Premium so great? ACDC is the only pin of the 3 I haven't played.

#14 3 years ago

MET pro all the way. Had ACDC, gone because I enjoy Metalica's music much more and I only want one music pin (unless they ever make Megadeth). Rules are top notch on MET and I actually have a chance to obtain EOTL.

#15 3 years ago

Met pro is my vote. Also own AS.

No interest in ac dc.

#16 3 years ago


#17 3 years ago
Quoted from MikeS:

If Pro I'd rate them AS, Met, then ACDC
If Premium it's ACDC, Met, AS

Seriously? The lower pf on AC/DC is atrocious. Premium it is still MET, then AS, then waaaaaaaay down there AC/DC.

#18 3 years ago

Wait for Spooky's Alice pin, no play field issues.

If you must go Stern then go AS as it seems to have less chance of PF issues.

#19 3 years ago

Met pro then add the lighting kit that gives met pro the same rgb lighting as the premium for around 300 bucks. Turns it up to 11!!

#20 3 years ago
Quoted from Coolpinballdino:

If it was ac dc premium I would voted for it but because it's the pro I vote for Metallica because ac dc pro looks like crap with Angus Young's face.

The new ACDC Pro does not have The Angus face. Smart move Stern.

I heard the Met Pros are all sold out.

#21 3 years ago

I own met and AS currently. I've had AC/DC premium in the past. My vote is Met. Of course the other pins are very fun too so no bad choice here.

#22 3 years ago

I see others don't care for the Angus face either - I thought it was just me. I'd pay the extra $1,500 or so just to not look at it.

#23 3 years ago

I don't find AS as fun as the other two. A fine and fun game, but not at the level of the others.

So that leaves us AC/DC and MET. And that is a really hard choice, because they are both great games. I think the question becomes simple at that point... Bash toys? If you like bash toys, MET is your game. You can play it hitting nothing but bash toys and have fun. Hit Sparky, then hit Sparky. Then hit Sparky to collect jackpots. It's fun. But the real stuff happens when you play towards Crank It Up. In CIU MET adds the perfect amount of pressure. It's hard enough to start that when you're playing it
You know a drain is more costly, and it messes with your head. The rules just keep on giving. Wonderful game.

AC/DC is the grandfather of this group, but the old guy still has a trick or two. Everyone seems to have a different strategy on AC/DC that they play. The Pro is awesome now that they got rid of the Angus face. But the game can also be brutal. It's all about risk vs reward. AC/DC is a points game. Meaning you are not on some quest, you are on it to build up and collect a massive jackpot. And then you try to get them even bigger. The mistake people make sometimes owning it is to get locked into one small feature of the game that scores well for them. That can make it one dimensional for them. They fail to realize that if they just hit start and plunge the ball on the random song that started gives you new objectives to go after.

Personally I pick AC/DC, but only a little bit over MET. Both are great games, and you would be happy with either.

#24 3 years ago
Quoted from GhostThruster:

Lots of comments about ACDC Premium. What makes the Premium so great? ACDC is the only pin of the 3 I haven't played.

This is very subjective. Everyone has their opinion about the pro vs premium...some say they prefer one over the other due to the pro being faster (has standup targets for ac/dc and t.n.t) while others will comment on the lower play field on the premium and how bad it is. The fact is that the premium has more active parts to it. The bell swings, drop targets, molded train, dancing band, TNT detonator moves, lighting is great, powder coated red trim with lollypop rails, lower play field etc. I believe that this was one of sterns biggest pro/premium jump. And BTW the lower play field isn't that bad like many people say.... it's only activated when you play a song with "hell" in the title. Even then it only comes on when certain shots are hit. I played for a good hour once and it never came on. And when it does it's not that bad. You can adjust the timer for how long it is activated.
Metallica and Aerosmith pro/premium on the other hand aren't that significantly different from each other. Again others may argue this because of personal preference.
My advice is to try and play each game to truly get a feel of what game best suits you. I have played all of these games before and I would choose Metallica pro out of the bunch. AC/DC would be second and Aerosmith behind it. Metallica is one of the best pros stern is risky, rules are great, and working towards CIU is very challenging and rewarding. Good luck with your decision. Either way it's a win because if you tire of the game you will be able to sell it as these games are popular.

#25 3 years ago

3 of Stern's best games. Play them all and pick what you like best. You can't go wrong with any of the. I have all 3 in a row right now.

IMG_20170805_080221432 (resized).jpg

#26 3 years ago

comparing Pro's - Metallica, Aerosmith, AC/DC However if you include premiums into the mix then AC/DC premium crushes the others. (btw- i own all three so im unbiased). also Kiss is right up there once a few settings are changed and could easily surpass them if the code is ever updated.

#27 3 years ago

I would never own an acdc pro, and I will never sell my acdc premium. Big, big difference in how they play and feel. Pro feels cheap and bouncy with all the rubber targets, and cheap looking plastics. If you're only going pro tables then I vote met, as, acdc. If acdc premium is in there, then met, acdc, as, but all 3 very close and a tough call.

#28 3 years ago

Play them all and buy with you like best. I've owned all three(premiums/LE style playfields)

1. Metallica gets the top vote for me-
2. AS gets the number 2 spot, under rated and very fun(if you like Metallica-you'll probably like AS)
3. AC/DC-Could never get into this one-love the band-didn't love the pin. Never could figure out everyone's love for this one. For whatever it's worth, I didn't care for Star Trek either-

#29 3 years ago
Quoted from T7:

From someone that owns all 3 -> AS is my pick

That would be awesome to hear why. I like ACDC for the different ways to play it.

Never thought a music pin could beat it but MET added CIU and more importantly how to spot a shot, complete it, and then lock it in.

I have played AS about 20-50 times on location and have not found that magic. Tell us what you owners know.

#30 3 years ago

I had a met pro, sold it.. now looking to buy another one's an amazimgly fun game and the music obviously is awesome!

#31 3 years ago

Met pro tops it for me.Just got my first chance to play AS a couple weeks ago and first impression was good enough to give it second place.Which leaves acdc in third,Since this thread is pro only I just can't move it up any higher on the list with the angus face!

#32 3 years ago

Since we are talking Pros only:

1. Aerosmith
2. Metallica

If we were talking about Premiums

2. Metallica
3. Aerosmith

#33 3 years ago

I have all 3 but in the Premium/LE models. If you are only interested in a Pro i'd go Metallica. If you can save up a lil n get a Premium then ACDC is the best of the 3.

#34 3 years ago


If NIB couldn't bring myself to buy a DMD game compared to the LCD on AS.

As for gameplay, AS is fun, MET is great but bit wood choppy early on, AC/DC - still not convinced. Could do with a mini wizard mode....

#35 3 years ago

Own em all and for me, it's "K I double Lightning Bolts" all day long.

#36 3 years ago

I'm really considering an AS pro, and am curious what owners of these think about AS? Is it different enough from Metallica, and is it deep enough to keep a long time?

#37 3 years ago

Do you like Aerosmith or Metallica music better? That right there is the difference maker.

#38 3 years ago

I've played quite a bit of Metallica and always enjoy it. I haven't had much time on an AS but the few games I played I enjoyed it. With that said.. I've decided to grab a Metallica

Can't wait to get the in home experience! Dirty bars with low volume really dampens the fun.

#40 3 years ago

Greatest game ever created! OP just save a lil but more and grab this!

4 months later
#41 2 years ago

MET all day long. Awesome code and rules. Beginners love it, but still challenges the experienced player.

Not that AC/DC and Aerosmith are bad they just don’t stack up, gameplay wise. The call outs in Aerosmith can get pretty annoying.

This is just my opinion, I have played both a lot. Being that these are music pins.. and really they all are great, go with the theme and music u like

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