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Museum of Pinball-Updated Game List

By Azmodeus

3 years ago

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    #1 3 years ago

    Chuck at the Museum of Pinball in Banning posted an updated game list.

    If you are like me you may begin to drool while reading...

    what a collection of games...

    "As of 11/10/18 this is our list of pinball machines. Add JJP WOZ ECLE to the list.

    649 total pins

    1975 "300" Gottlieb EM
    1971 2001 Gottlieb EM
    1971 2001 2nd machine Gottlieb EM
    1970 4 Queens Bally EM
    1971 4 Square Gottlieb EM
    1975 Abra Ca Dabra Gottlieb EM
    2013 AC/DC (LUCI Premium) Stern SS
    2012 AC/DC Let There Be Rock Limited Edition Stern SS
    1970 Aces & Kings Williams EM
    1993 Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends Data East SS
    2017 Aerosmith (LE) Stern SS
    1984 Agents 777 Game Plan SS
    1975 Air Aces Bally EM
    1996 Airborne Capcom SS
    1975 Aladdin's Castle Bally EM
    1980 Algar Williams SS
    2018 Alice Cooper nightmare Spooky Pinball ... SS
    2018 Alien (LE) Heighway Pinball SS
    1980 Alien Poker Williams SS
    1961 Aloha Gottlieb EM
    1965 Alpine Club Williams EM
    1992 Al's Garage Band 2nd machine Alvin G SS
    1992 Al's Garage Band Goes On a World Tour Alvin G SS
    1983 Amazon Hunt Gottlieb SS
    2014 America's Most Haunted Spooky Pinball ... SS
    1974 Amigo Bally EM
    1985 Andromeda Game Plan SS
    1970 Aquarius Gottlieb EM
    1980 Asteroid Annie and the Aliens Gottlieb SS
    1971 Astro Gottlieb EM
    1971 Astro 2nd machine Gottlieb EM
    1975 Atlantis Gottlieb EM
    1991 Atleta Inder SS
    1995 Attack from Mars Midway SS
    1984 Attila the Hun Game Plan SS
    1984 Attila the Hun 2nd machine Game Plan SS
    2001 Austin Powers™ Stern SS
    1976 Aztec Williams EM
    1982 Baby Pac-Man Bally SS
    1990 Back to the Future Data East SS
    1989 Bad Cats Williams SS
    1988 Bad Girls Premier SS
    1969 Bally Hoo Bally EM
    1976 Bank Shot Gottlieb EM
    1965 Bank-A-Ball Gottlieb EM
    1988 Banzai Run Williams SS
    1981 Barracora Williams SS
    1970 Baseball Gottlieb EM
    1991 Batman Data East SS
    2016 Batman (66 Limited Edition) Stern SS
    2008 Batman (Costco Version) Stern SS
    1995 Batman Forever Sega SS
    1966 Bazaar Bally EM
    1985 Beat the Clock Bally Midway SS
    1996 Big Bang Bar (1996 version) Capcom SS
    1974 Big Brave Gottlieb EM
    2010 Big Buck Hunter Pro Stern SS
    1961 Big Casino Gottlieb EM
    1980 Big Game Stern SS
    1987 Big Guns Williams SS
    1974 Big Shot Gottlieb EM
    1974 Big Show Bally EM
    1972 Big Star Williams EM
    1992 Bike Race Petaco SS
    1986 Black Belt Bally Midway SS
    1981 Black Hole Gottlieb SS
    1977 Black Jack Bally SS
    1976 Black Jack Bally EM
    1980 Black Knight Williams SS
    1989 Black Knight 2000 Williams SS
    1981 Black Knight Limited Edition Williams SS
    1984 Black Pyramid Bally Midway SS
    1992 Black Rose Midway SS
    1980 Blackout Williams SS
    1988 Blackwater 100 Bally Midway SS
    1978 Blue Note Gottlieb EM
    1982 BMX Bally SS
    1974 Bon Voyage Bally EM
    1989 Bone Busters Inc. Premier SS
    1985 Bounty Hunter Premier SS
    1975 Bow and Arrow Bally EM
    1965 Bowling Queen Gottlieb EM
    1965 Bowling Queen 2nd machine Gottlieb EM
    1969 Bowl-O Bally EM
    1993 Bram Stoker's Dracula Williams SS
    1996 Breakshot Capcom SS
    1977 Bronco Gottlieb EM
    1976 Buccaneer Gottlieb EM
    1980 Buck Rogers Gottlieb SS
    1965 Buckaroo Gottlieb EM
    1991 Bugs Bunny's Birthday Ball Midway SS
    1977 Butterfly Sonic SS
    1998 Cactus Canyon Midway SS
    1991 Cactus Jack's Premier SS
    1970 Camelot Bally EM
    1970 Camelot 2nd machine Bally EM
    1966 Capersville Bally EM
    1974 Capt. Card Gottlieb EM
    1975 Capt. Fantastic Bally EM
    1975 Capt. Fantastic Alt Backglass Bally EM
    1985 Captain Hook Game Plan SS
    1976 Card Whiz Gottlieb EM
    1981 Catacomb Stern SS
    1982 Caveman Gottlieb SS
    1981 Centaur Bally SS
    1981 Centaur 2nd machine Bally SS
    1977 Centigrade 37 Gottlieb EM
    1966 Central Park Gottlieb EM
    1971 Challenger Gottlieb EM
    1971 Challenger Gottlieb EM
    1974 Champ Bally EM
    1979 Charlie's Angels Gottlieb SS
    1991 Checkpoint Data East SS
    1964 Chris cross pop up Chicago coin EM
    1980 Circus Gottlieb SS
    1980 Circus Brunswick SS
    1977 Circus Zaccaria EM
    1997 Cirqus Voltaire Midway SS
    1987 City Slicker Bally Midway SS
    1977 Cleopatra Gottlieb EM
    1977 Cleopatra Gottlieb SS
    1978 Close Encounters of the Third Kind Gottlieb EM
    1978 Close Encounters of the Third Kind Gottlieb SS
    1977 Combat Zaccaria EM
    1985 Comet Williams SS
    1985 Comet 2nd machine Williams SS
    1995 Congo Williams SS
    1978 Contact Williams SS
    1978 Contact 2nd machine Williams SS
    1994 Corvette Midway SS
    1994 Corvette 2nd machine Midway SS
    1982 Cosmic Gunfight Williams SS
    1979 Cosmic Princess (Australia) Stern SS
    1968 Cosmos Bally EM
    1968 Cosmos 2nd machine Bally EM
    1980 Counterforce Gottlieb SS
    1980 Counterforce 2nd machine Gottlieb SS
    1962 Cover Girl Gottlieb EM
    1962 Cover Girl 2nd machine Gottlieb EM
    1965 Cow Poke Gottlieb EM
    1992 Creature from the Black Lagoon Midway SS
    1966 Cross Town Gottlieb EM
    2008 CSI Stern SS
    1992 Cue Ball Wizard Premier SS
    1985 Cybernaut Bally Midway SS
    1985 Cyclopes Game Plan SS
    1968 Daffie Williams EM
    2007 Dale Jr. Stern SS
    1966 Dancing Lady Gottlieb EM
    1973 Darling Williams EM
    2018 Deadpool (LE) Stern SS
    1974 Dealer's Choice Williams EM
    1982 Defender Williams SS
    1974 Delta Queen Bally EM
    1956 Deluxe four bagger (Bat Game) Williams EM
    1994 Demolition Man Williams SS
    1984 Devil Riders Zaccaria SS
    1982 Devil's Dare Gottlieb SS
    2017 Dialed In Jersey Jack Pin... SS
    1967 Diamond Jack Gottlieb EM
    1971 Dimension Gottlieb EM
    1990 Diner Williams SS
    1970 Dipsy Doodle Williams EM
    1977 Disco Stern EM
    2011 Disney TRON Legacy (Limited Edition) Stern SS
    1968 Dixieland Bally EM
    1968 Dixieland, 2nd machine Bally EM
    1992 Doctor Who Midway SS
    1968 Dogies Bally EM
    1979 Dolly Parton Bally SS
    1968 Domino Gottlieb EM
    2017 Dominos Spooky Pinball ... SS
    1971 Doodle Bug Williams EM
    1990 Dr. Dude And His Excellent Ray Midway SS
    1979 Dracula Stern SS
    1978 Dragon Gottlieb EM
    1978 Dragon 2nd machine Gottlieb SS
    1981 Dragonfist Stern SS
    1971 Drop-A-Card Gottlieb EM
    1987 Dungeons & Dragons Bally Midway SS
    1974 Duotron Gottlieb EM
    1989 Earthshaker Williams SS
    1982 Eclipse Gottlieb SS
    1961 Egghead Gottlieb EM
    1977 Eight Ball Bally SS
    1985 Eight Ball Champ Bally Midway SS
    1980 Eight Ball Deluxe Bally SS
    1980 Eight Ball Deluxe 2nd machine Bally SS
    1980 Eight Ball Deluxe 3rd machine Bally SS
    1975 El Dorado Gottlieb EM
    1975 El Dorado 2nd machine Gottlieb EM
    1972 El Toro Bally EM
    1981 Elektra Bally SS
    1989 Elvira and the Party Monsters Midway SS
    2004 Elvis® Stern SS
    1980 Embryon Bally SS
    1976 Evel Knievel Bally EM
    1976 Evel Knievel Bally SS
    1976 Evel Knievel 2nd machine Bally SS
    1988 Excalibur Premier SS
    1970 Expressway Bally EM
    1971 Extra Inning Gottlieb EM
    1978 Eye Of The Tiger Gottlieb EM
    1987 F-14 Tomcat Williams SS
    2007 Family Guy Stern SS
    1972 Fan-Tas-Tic Williams EM
    1974 Far Out Gottlieb EM
    1983 Farfalla Zaccaria SS
    1975 Fast Draw Gottlieb EM
    1981 Fathom Bally SS
    1981 Fathom 2nd machine Bally SS
    1980 Fire Mountain Zaccaria SS
    1987 Fire! Williams SS
    1971 Fireball Bally EM
    1985 Fireball Classic Bally Midway SS
    1981 Fireball II Bell SS
    1980 Fireball II Bally Midway SS
    1970 Firecracker Bally EM
    1980 Firepower Williams SS
    1980 Firepower 2nd machine Williams SS
    1983 Firepower II Williams SS
    1992 Fish Tales Williams SS
    1979 Flash Williams SS
    1979 Flash 3rd machine Williams SS
    1980 Flash Gordon Bally SS
    1975 Flicker Bally EM
    1980 Flight 2000 Stern SS
    1970 Flip a Card Gottlieb EM
    1974 Flip Flop Bally EM
    1962 Flipper clown Gottlieb EM
    1962 Flipper Cowboy Gottlieb EM
    1961 Flipper fair Gottlieb EM
    1996 Flipper Football Capcom SS
    1996 Flipper Football 2nd machine Capcom SS
    1965 Flipper Pool Gottlieb EM
    1972 Flying Carpet Gottlieb EM
    1973 Fore Bally EM
    1971 Four Million B.C. (german) Bally EM
    1971 Four Million B.C. (usa) Bally EM
    1994 Freddy A Nightmare on Elm Street Premier SS
    1974 Free Fall Gottlieb EM
    1975 Freedom Bally EM
    1975 Freedom (rare edition) Bally EM
    1981 Freefall Stern SS
    1980 Frontier Bally SS
    1968 Fun Land Gottlieb EM
    1990 Funhouse Williams SS
    1979 Future Spa Bally SS
    1969 Galahad Bally EM
    1980 Galaxy Stern SS
    2016 Game of Thrones (le) Stern SS
    1969 Gator Bally EM
    1961 Gaucho Gottlieb EM
    1970 Gay 90's Williams EM
    1986 Genesis Premier SS
    1979 Genie Gottlieb SS
    2016 Ghostbusters (Limited Edition) Stern SS
    2016 Ghostbusters (Premium) Stern SS
    2016 Ghostbusters (Pro) Stern SS
    1991 Gilligan's Island Midway SS
    1998 Godzilla Sega SS
    1983 Gold Ball Bally Midway SS
    1986 Gold Wings Premier SS
    1977 Golden Arrow Gottlieb EM
    1998 Golden Cue Sega SS
    1979 Gorgar Williams SS
    1986 Grand Lizard Williams SS
    1983 Grand Slam Bally Midway SS
    1984 Granny and the gators Bally Midway SS
    1977 Gridiron Gottlieb EM
    1969 Gridiron Williams EM
    2017 Guardians of the Galaxy (Premium) Stern SS
    1994 Guns N' Roses Data East SS
    1976 Hang Glider Bally EM
    1987 Hardbody Bally Midway SS
    1978 Harlem Globetrotters On Tour Bally SS
    1991 Harley-Davidson Bally Midway SS
    1999 Harley-Davidson® (3rdt Edition) Stern SS
    1982 Haunted House Gottlieb SS
    1987 Heavy Metal Meltdown Bally Midway SS
    1979 Hercules Atari SS
    1971 Hi score pool Chicago coin EM
    1968 High Deal Bally EM
    2001 High Roller Casino Stern SS
    1986 High Speed Williams SS
    1973 Hi-Lo Ace Bally EM
    1978 Hit the Deck Gottlieb EM
    1976 Hokus Pokus Bally EM
    1971 Home Run Gottlieb EM
    1972 Honey Williams EM
    1992 Hook Data East SS
    1985 Hot Firebirds Lowen SS
    1966 Hot Line Williams EM
    1977 Hot Tip Williams SS
    1979 Hot Wheels Zaccaria SS
    1980 Hotdoggin' Bally SS
    1966 Hurdy Gurdy Gottlieb EM
    1991 Hurricane Williams SS
    1985 Ice Fever Premier SS
    2008 Indiana Jones Stern SS
    1993 Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure Williams SS
    2018 Iron Maiden (LE) Stern SS
    2010 Iron Man Stern SS
    1995 Jack·Bot Williams SS
    1971 Jackpot Williams EM
    1977 Jacks Open Gottlieb EM
    1977 Jet Spin Gottlieb EM
    1970 Jive Time Williams EM
    1995 Johnny Mnemonic Williams SS
    1978 Joker Poker Gottlieb SS
    1988 Jokerz! Williams SS
    1996 Jolly Park Spinball SS
    1969 Joust Bally EM
    1983 Joust (table) Williams SS
    1983 Joust (table) 2nd machine Williams SS
    1973 Jubilee Williams EM
    1993 Judge Dredd Midway SS
    1973 Jumping Jack Gottlieb EM
    1973 Jumping Jack 2nd machine Gottlieb EM
    1972 Jungle Gottlieb EM
    1973 Jungle King Gottlieb EM
    1981 Jungle Lord Williams SS
    1977 Jungle Queen Gottlieb EM
    1996 Junk Yard Williams SS
    1993 Jurassic Park Data East SS
    1977 Kick Off Bally EM
    1975 Kick Off Bally EM
    1972 King Kool Gottlieb EM
    1967 King of Diamonds Gottlieb EM
    1973 King Pin Gottlieb EM
    1969 King Tut Bally EM
    1984 Kings of Steel Bally Midway SS
    1979 Kiss Bally SS
    2015 KISS (Limited Edition) Stern SS
    1971 Klondike Williams EM
    1975 Knockout Bally EM
    1986 Lady Luck Bally Midway SS
    1987 Laser War Data East SS
    1993 Last Action Hero Data East SS
    1978 Lectronamo Stern SS
    2015 Legends of Wrestlemania (Limited Edition) Stern SS
    1992 Lethal Weapon 3 Data East SS
    1981 Lightning Stern SS
    1981 Lightning 2nd machine Stern SS
    1972 Little Joe Bally EM
    1990 Little Pro (Bat game) Bromley SS
    1981 Locomotion Zaccaria SS
    1998 Lost In Space Sega SS
    1978 Lost World Bally SS
    1978 Lost World 2nd machine Bally SS
    1977 Lucky Seven Williams EM
    1979 Magic Stern SS
    1984 Magic Castle Zaccaria SS
    2017 Magic Girl Zidware SS
    1974 Magnotron Gottlieb EM
    1963 Majorettes Gottlieb EM
    1971 Mariner Bally EM
    1981 Mars God of War Gottlieb SS
    1977 Mars Trek Sonic SS
    1995 Mary Shelley's Frankenstein Sega SS
    1966 Masquerade Gottlieb EM
    1977 Mata Hari Bally SS
    1976 Mata Hari Bally EM
    1977 Mata Hari (plastic PF) Bally SS
    1977 Mata Hari 2nd machine Bally SS
    1994 Maverick The Movie Data East SS
    1997 Medieval Madness Williams SS
    1981 Medusa Bally SS
    1967 Melody Gottlieb EM
    1978 Memory Lane Stern SS
    1978 Memory Lane (cabinet only) Stern SS
    2013 Metallica Master of Puppets (Limited Edition) Stern SS
    1979 Meteor Stern SS
    1969 Mibs Gottlieb EM
    1978 Middle Earth Atari SS
    1987 Millionaire Williams SS
    1970 Mini Cycle Gottlieb EM
    1969 Mini Pool Gottlieb EM
    1968 MiniZag Bally EM
    1968 MiniZag 2nd machine Bally EM
    1989 Monday Night Football Data East SS
    2001 Monopoly™ Stern SS
    1998 Monster Bash Williams SS
    1973 Monte Carlo Bally EM
    1986 Motordome Bally Midway SS
    1982 Mr. & Mrs. Pac-Man Pinball Bally SS
    1960 Music Man Williams EM
    2014 Mustang (Limited Edition) Stern SS
    1980 Mystic Bally SS
    2005 NASCAR® Stern SS
    1997 NBA Fastbreak Midway SS
    1997 NBA Fastbreak (2nd machine) Midway SS
    1978 Neptune Gottlieb EM
    1978 Neptune 2nd machine Gottlieb EM
    1976 Night Rider Bally EM
    1980 Nine Ball Stern SS
    1973 Nip-It Bally EM
    1978 Nitro Ground Shaker Bally SS
    1978 Nitro Ground Shaker 2nd Machine Bally SS
    1995 No Fear: Dangerous Sports Williams SS
    1997 No Good Gofers Williams SS
    1964 North Star Gottlieb EM
    1990 Nudge it Gottlieb SS
    1978 Nugent Stern SS
    1971 Odds & Evens Bally EM
    1975 Old Chicago Bally EM
    1979 Old Coney Island! Game Plan SS
    1979 Old Coney Island! (do we have 2 machines) Game Plan SS
    1962 Olympics Gottlieb EM
    1968 On Beam Bally EM
    1968 On Beam 2nd machine Bally EM
    1968 Op-Pop-Pop Bally EM
    1982 Orbitor 1 Stern SS
    1972 Outer Space Gottlieb EM
    1973 OXO Williams EM
    1965 Paradise Gottlieb EM
    1978 Paragon Bally SS
    1987 Party Animal Bally Midway SS
    1968 Paul Bunyan Gottlieb EM
    1990 Phantom of the Opera Data East SS
    1981 Pharaoh Williams SS
    1978 Phoenix Williams SS
    1986 PIN·BOT Williams SS
    1983 Pinball Champ Zaccaria SS
    1980 Pinball Lizard Game Plan SS
    1995 Pinball Magic Capcom SS
    1981 Pink Panther Gottlieb SS
    1969 Pirate Gold Chicago coin EM
    2006 Pirates of the Caribbean Stern SS
    1993 Pistol Poker Alvin G SS
    1968 Pit Stop Williams EM
    1971 Playball Gottlieb EM
    1978 Playboy Bally SS
    1989 Playboy 35th Anniversary Data East SS
    1968 PlayMates Gottlieb EM
    1978 Pokerino Williams SS
    1989 Police Force Williams SS
    1985 Pool champion Zaccaria SS
    1990 Pool Sharks Midway SS
    1994 Popeye Saves the Earth Midway SS
    1977 Power Play Bally SS
    1973 Pro Pool Gottlieb EM
    1978 Pyramid Gottlieb EM
    1980 Quicksilver Stern SS
    1990 Radical! Midway SS
    1977 Rancho Williams EM
    1983 Rat Race (table) Williams SS
    1986 Raven Premier SS
    1977 Rawhide Stern EM
    1994 Red & Ted's Road Show Williams SS
    1999 Revenge From Mars Midway SS
    2004 Ripley's Believe It or Not!® Stern SS
    1990 Riverboat Gambler Williams SS
    1974 Ro Go Bally EM
    1974 Ro Go 2nd machine Bally EM
    1969 Road Race Gottlieb EM
    2017 Rob Zombie's Spookshow International (Standard Edition) Spooky Pinball ... SS
    1989 Robocop Data East SS
    1988 Robo-War Premier SS
    1988 Robo-War 2nd machine Premier SS
    1978 Rock Star Gottlieb EM
    1967 Rocket III Bally EM
    1968 RockMakers Bally EM
    1968 RockMakers 2nd machine Bally EM
    1982 Rocky Gottlieb SS
    1971 Roller Coaster Gottlieb EM
    1980 Roller Disco Gottlieb SS
    2002 RollerCoaster Tycoon Stern SS
    1990 Rollergames Williams SS
    1980 Rolling Stones Bally SS
    1971 Round Up Bally EM
    1968 Royal Guard Gottlieb EM
    1996 Safe Cracker Midway SS
    1996 Scared Stiff Midway SS
    1980 Scorpion Williams SS
    1970 Scuba Gottlieb EM
    1972 Sea hunt allied leisure EM
    1971 Sea Ray Bally EM
    1980 Seawitch Stern SS
    1988 Secret Service Data East SS
    1980 Sexy Girl Arkon SS
    1995 Shaq Attaq Premier SS
    1983 Sharp Shooter II Game Plan SS
    1979 Sharpshooter Game Plan SS
    1979 Sharpshooter 2nd machine Game Plan SS
    1966 Show Boat Gottlieb EM
    2008 Shrek™ Stern SS
    1978 Silverball Mania Bally SS
    1978 Sinbad Gottlieb EM
    1978 Sinbad Gottlieb SS
    1978 Sinbad (second machine?) Gottlieb SS
    1980 Skateball Bally SS
    1980 Skateball 2nd machine Bally SS
    1973 Sky Kings Bally EM
    1966 Sky Line Gottlieb EM
    1974 Skylab Williams EM
    1971 Skyrocket Bally EM
    1974 Slap Stick Bally EM
    1994 Sleic pin ball SLEIC SS
    1963 Slick Chick Gottlieb EM
    1981 Solar Fire Williams SS
    1981 Solar Fire 2nd machine Williams SS
    1979 Solar Ride Gottlieb SS
    1971 Solids & Stripes Williams EM
    1985 Sorcerer Williams SS
    1999 South Park Sega SS
    1986 Space Hawks Bell SS
    1979 Space Invaders Bally SS
    1976 Space Odyssey Williams EM
    1984 Space Shuttle Williams SS
    1987 Space Station Williams SS
    1972 Space Time Bally EM
    1972 Spanish Eyes Williams EM
    1977 Speak Easy Playmatic EM
    1982 Speakeasy 2 player Bally SS
    1982 Spectrum Bally SS
    1982 Spectrum 2nd machine Bally SS
    2007 Spider-Man™ (Black Suited) Stern SS
    1975 Spin Out Gottlieb EM
    1969 Spin-A-Card Gottlieb EM
    1982 Spirit Gottlieb SS
    1981 Split Second Stern SS
    1973 spooksville allied leisure EM
    1987 Spring Break Premier SS
    1984 Spy Hunter Bally Midway SS
    1963 Square Head Gottlieb EM
    1977 Stampede Stern EM
    1980 Star Gazer Stern SS
    1980 Star God Zaccaria SS
    1984 Star Light Williams SS
    1980 Star Race Gottlieb SS
    1991 Star Trek Data East SS
    1978 Star Trek Bally SS
    2013 Star Trek (Enterprise Limited Edition) Stern SS
    1993 Star Trek: The Next Generation Williams SS
    1992 Star Wars Data East SS
    2017 Star Wars (Premium) Stern SS
    1999 Star Wars Episode I Williams SS
    1997 Star Wars Trilogy Sega SS
    1995 Stargate Premier SS
    1978 Stars Stern SS
    1979 Stellar Wars Williams SS
    1977 Stingray Stern SS
    1970 Stock Car Gottlieb EM
    1970 Straight Flush Williams EM
    1986 Strange Science Bally Midway SS
    1978 Strange World Gottlieb EM
    1993 Street Fighter II Premier SS
    1970 Strike Zone Williams EM
    1982 Striker Gottlieb SS
    1978 Strikes and Spares Bally SS
    1984 Super Bowl Bell SS
    1975 Super Flipper Chicago coin SS
    1975 Super Soccer Gottlieb EM
    1977 Super Straight Sonic SS
    1974 Super-Flite Williams EM
    1979 Superman Atari SS
    1979 Supersonic Bally SS
    1976 Sure Shot Gottlieb EM
    1991 Surf 'n Safari Premier SS
    1991 Surf 'n Safari Premier SS
    1976 Surfer Gottlieb EM
    1967 Surfers Bally EM
    1963 Sweet Hearts Gottlieb EM
    1988 Swords of Fury Williams SS
    1985 Tag-Team Pinball Premier SS
    1993 Tales from the Crypt Data East SS
    1996 Tales of the Arabian Nights Williams SS
    1976 Target Alpha Gottlieb EM
    1988 Taxi Williams SS
    1977 Team One Gottlieb EM
    1991 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Data East SS
    1991 Terminator 2: Judgment Day Williams SS
    2003 Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines Stern SS
    1994 The Addams Family Special Collectors Edition Midway SS
    2012 The Avengers (Limited Edition) Stern SS
    2012 The Avengers Hulk (Limited Edition) Stern SS
    1990 The Bally Game Show Midway SS
    1998 The Champion Pub Midway SS
    1994 The Flintstones Williams SS
    1992 The Getaway: High Speed II Williams SS
    1979 The Incredible Hulk Gottlieb SS
    2003 The Lord of the Rings Stern SS
    1991 The Machine: Bride of Pin·bot Williams SS
    1991 The Party Zone Midway SS
    2011 The Rolling Stones (Limited Edition) Stern SS
    1994 The Shadow Midway SS
    1990 The Simpsons Data East SS
    2003 The Simpsons Pinball Party Stern SS
    1978 The Six Million Dollar Man Bally SS
    2005 The Sopranos® Stern SS
    2014 The Walking Dead (Limited Edition) Stern SS
    1994 The Who's Tommy Pinball Wizard Data East SS
    1967 The Wiggler Bally EM
    2014 The Wizard of Oz 75th Emerald City Limited Edition Jersey Jack Pin... SS
    1997 The X Files Sega SS
    1995 Theatre of Magic Midway SS
    1966 Thoro-Bred Gottlieb EM
    2018 Thunderbirds Homepin SS
    1984 Tiger Rag Bell SS
    1977 Time 2000 Atari SS
    1983 Time Fantasy Williams SS
    1983 Time Fantasy 2nd machine Williams SS
    1980 Time Line Gottlieb SS
    1988 Time Machine Data East SS
    1983 Time Machine Zaccaria SS
    1971 Time Tunnel Bally EM
    1979 Time Warp Williams SS
    1972 Time Zone Bally EM
    1990 Title Fight Premier SS
    1975 Toledo Williams EM
    1980 Torch Gottlieb SS
    1988 Torpedo Alley Data East SS
    2017 Total Nuclear Annihilation Spooky Pinball ... SS
    1984 Touchdown Premier SS
    1970 Trail Drive Bally EM
    2011 Transformers™ Limited Edition ("Combo") Stern SS
    1973 Travel Time Williams EM
    1979 Tri Zone Williams SS
    1979 Trident Stern SS
    1973 Tropic Fun Williams EM
    1993 Twilight Zone Midway SS
    1988 TX-Sector Premier SS
    1988 Uboat65 Bell games SS
    1975 Valencia Williams EM
    1971 Vampire Bally EM
    1982 Varkon Williams SS
    1982 Vector Bally SS
    1990 Vegas Premier SS
    1996 Vernes World Spinball SS
    1979 Viking Bally SS
    1981 Viper Stern SS
    1998 Viper Night Drivin' Sega SS
    1981 Volcano Gottlieb SS
    1979 Voltan Escapes Cosmic Doom Bally SS
    1977 Vulcan Gottlieb EM
    1982 Warlok Williams SS
    2007 Wheel Of Fortune Stern SS
    1990 Whirlwind Williams SS
    1993 White Water Williams SS
    1995 WHO dunnit Midway SS
    2015 Whoa Nellie! Big Juicy Melons™ Stern SS
    1977 Wild Card Williams EM
    1978 Wild Fyre Stern SS
    1972 Wild Life Gottlieb EM
    1972 Winner Williams EM
    1975 Wizard! Bally EM
    1978 World Cup Williams SS
    1978 World Cup 2nd Machine Williams SS
    1994 World Cup Soccer Midway SS
    2006 World Poker Tour™ Stern SS
    1980 Xenon Bally SS
    2012 X-Men Magneto LE Stern SS
    1984 X's & O's Bally Midway SS
    1986 Zankor Zaccaria SS
    1969 Zip-A-Doo Bally EM
    1969 Zip-A-Doo 2nd machine Bally EM"

    #2 3 years ago

    You can use this to create a list of games to see and play when you go there. If you want to.

    1981 Medusa Bally SS


    look at this one!

    5409c15e5cd4b01e0fd13c018c030c40f01978ae (resized).jpg


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