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The Munsters Hype (Because every evening its Halloween)

By Macca101010

4 years ago

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Post #550 Munsters Premium and LE cabinet art Posted by pinsanity (3 years ago)

Post #8004 0.96 Code change summary Posted by PanzerFreak (3 years ago)

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#269 3 years ago

Al Lewis and his look-alike:

8ee7aac4899fdec1795dadb9e72b4fdd (resized).JPG

#277 3 years ago
Quoted from Multiballmaniac1:

My guess is this will be way better than Deadpin, cough Deadpool.

That would be great as Stern has done a nice job with Deadpool! A Munsters theme is more appealing to me personally though.

#289 3 years ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

BM66 is a good pin, but it it is not a good fit for me. Deadpool may have me rethinking this and I'll be comparing it to whoever is designing Munsters.

Some guy named Borg. Hopefully, he's good.

#296 3 years ago
Quoted from brett:

TWDLE and Tron, enough said!
Between Borg and Munster theme, I’m in.

And IM and MET aren't bad either!

Yep - really looking forward to Munsters. Can't wait for the "Bicycle Girl"-like shot on Spot under the lifting staircase!

#337 3 years ago
Quoted from Peanuts:

Here are the different works of Christopher Franchi for Moebius on The Munsters.[quoted image][quoted image]

Very cool as well as encouraging - thanks!

#635 3 years ago
Quoted from TomT:

Can someone pm me the pics?

Quoted from PinballManiac40:

They are on the last post of page 11.

Or just view this thread's gallery (see top of page).

#637 3 years ago
Quoted from PinballManiac40:

Some people just read the last page of threads so I imagine some may not even see the thread's gallery either. Just an observation.

Yep. Unfortunately, more users apparently need to make themselves aware of the various features offered on Pinside that will save them time (and frustration in many cases) in the long run.

#706 3 years ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

You won't see this until EXPO mid October.

If then. Word on the street is November ... ish.

#711 3 years ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

Reveal i heard yesterday is at Expo in Oct. Probably shipping not long after that.

Beware of counting on "Expo reveals". Just sayin'.

#785 3 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

I grew up with The Munsters and love the theme, but I'd have to play it first. It could be super fun and funny, or it could be GB-linear or SW-mathchess with Dwight at the helm.

My potential concern with a Dwight Sullivan code is completeness. This issue obviously isn't unique for his games and his time availability is not ultimately his call, but I understand that both GoT's and GB's code feel unfinished. Not sure as far as SW's. In contrast, although he can take quite a while to finish, you can be confident that a Lyman Sheats code will be complete in the end.

#794 3 years ago
Quoted from rubberducks:

GoT's overall concept and rules are his best work.

He stated in a recent interview that he's most proud of his SW work.

Quoted from rubberducks:

I own an ST, and even after the minimal update a few months ago, with the 'VE', it's buggy and feels unfinished, even if rules are overall decent.

He doesn't consider ST as one of his games as he supposedly only helped out by finalizing code that another designer had created - rather than contributing anything creative of his own.

#798 3 years ago
Quoted from starbase:

Unlike Iron Maiden and Deadpool it seems to be a little weaker license then Sterns recent releases.

Perhaps, but campy 60's/horror is good stuff! I'm betting that this game will "fit" great between my Batman 66 and Scared Stiff.

2 weeks later
#1054 3 years ago

Five things I'm confident with regarding Munsters:

1) It will be the next Stern issue (duh)!

2) It will not be revealed at Expo!

3) It will look great next to my Batman 66 (and my Scared Stiff too)!

4) It will not disappoint for fans of the show as well as campy 60's horror art & bitchin' custom hot rods!

5) It will be a BIG hit for Stern!

3 weeks later
#1451 3 years ago
Quoted from Apollyon:

Actually, all those who said Munsters would be first were wrong as Beatles info was released today.


#1597 3 years ago
Quoted from NoQuarters:

I won't be disappointed. Munsters is happening.
It's the 3rd cornerstone. John Borg mentioned in the facebook factory stream that his game is coming next month.
Beatles was a Kapow - those can drop anytime. Munsters is still on track.... Late November, Early December - it's coming.

My Munsters LE is going to look great next to my TRON VE Christmas morning!

#1604 3 years ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

I bet one thing - Monster Bash will be funnier than Munsters. Those lines are great in MB!

Don't underestimate Herman.

1 month later
#2902 3 years ago

Munsters will come. No speculation.

Enjoy your other game(s) in the meantime and have a merry Christmas!

#2935 3 years ago
Quoted from RobOOZE:

I'm thinking about it.... it's still stapled to the cabinet and maybe want to keep in there. Love the group and pinball fans. Maybe tomorrow

C'mooooooooon - just a little peek! No big deal. A quick scan and pdf of the full doc will do!

devil on shoulder.gif

#2942 3 years ago
Quoted from RobOOZE:

Sorry, Can't release the Manual. Enjoyed the Zima comments.
[quoted image]

Now, now - no need to make a hasty decision on this. Have a few more Zimas first.

#2956 3 years ago
Quoted from RobOOZE:

I work for a stern dealer and have a good relationship with Stern and don't want to jeopardize it. I'll ask Stern tomorrow if I can put it out. They are probably say No, but I'll ask.

That's cRaZy tAlK!

2 weeks later
#4285 3 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

....LE is gorgeous, and confirmed my order. ... Can't wait to get this thing and play it!!!!! (I do think the B&W looks pretty cool as well, but the "cabinet casket" artwork, custom rails, shaker, and great color do it for me).....Hooray!!!!

LE is gonna look GREAT next to BM66!

#4403 3 years ago
Quoted from Amused_to_Death:

For me, I think I'm going to drop from LE, what I thought might be B&W, to the Premium. Having watched the show while it originally aired in the '60s, the Premium is how I remember the Munsters. ...
I've had the hots for Lily since Moses left her to go find a burning bush, so seeing her front and center on the Premium's translite is definitely a plus. What's cookin', Lily? ...

Quoted from Who-Dey:

I too think the black and white just "fits" this theme the best. All models look amazing and are just beautiful in every way though. ...

I personally prefer Lily (and the rest of the playfield art) in color. Having the original TV clips in black & white is fine enough for me and also helps to set them apart from the game's artwork on the Pro and LE.

It's nice to have choices though - to each their own!

Munsters-LE-Details-15 (resized).jpg

Munsters-Premium-Details-07 (resized).jpg

#4451 3 years ago
Quoted from Budman:

Take a close look at Sterns official video showing highlights of each game. Notice the art blades on each model especially the Pro. That would have to be a Pro add on as I don’t see art blades included. So you could really mix and match blades on any model if you so desired. You could put colored blades on the Premium to brighten it up and dress up the Pro with LE blades.

LE blades not available as add-on unless you pull them off an LE game or have a connection at Stern.

#4630 3 years ago
Quoted from Guinnesstime:

I have to say, this photo makes me REALLY like the Premium the best. I hate everything about the LE Cabinet. Everything.[quoted image]

Glad you and others like the Premium best - that makes more LE's available for those of us that disagree with you regarding them!

#4633 3 years ago
Quoted from cletus:

BTW, the Premium IS better.

Nuh uh.

My dog would probably agree with you though as he can only see black & white. The poor pooch will never get to appreciate the true colorful beauty of the playfield that is exclusively the LE's:

<cue angelic chorus>

Munsters LE (resized).jpg

#4716 3 years ago
Quoted from pinmister:

... I thought Houdini was going to be awesome-and we all know where that ended up.

We sure do ... SUPER AWESOME! I too am looking forward to Oktoberfest and share many of your thoughts regarding JJP games.

As far as Munsters goes, I think it looks fantastic and DeadFlip's latest Premium stream at Stern really has me intrigued with its rules and gameplay! Regardless of its many layout similarities to AC/DC and numerous previous Borg designs which are inevitable to a large degree unfortunately.

#4795 3 years ago

Still in for an LE. Even more so after viewing the Premium stream last night.

#4835 3 years ago
Quoted from Guinnesstime:

They look fantastic.
metaluna5 any challenges in creating B&W? Did you know you were doing that ahead of time or was that a last minute, game-time decision?

Christopher Franchi talks about this on this past week's Special When Lit podcast episode with the Munsters design team:


#4854 3 years ago

Stern increasing LE production quantity to 600 according to Kaneda. Anyone seen/heard this officially?

#4877 3 years ago
Quoted from Mike_J:

I just purchased an LE and I couldn't care less.
If all of the toys I buy held 50% of their original purchase price, I'd be ecstatic. I'm not losing any sleep if they're worthless the day after I take delivery.

Value-wise, I agree. However, if true, I think it sucks in principle. Customers, including me, were informed by Stern prior to our purchase that production of this LE would be limited to 500. To go back on that, once most sales are complete, is disingenuous.

#4913 3 years ago
Quoted from Marcdaddy:

Why complain about 500 or 600? It's not even out yet. If you had 1 in your basement and it said 1/500 and they they expanded it that makes sense. If anyone is upset Dont buy it then leave a few for the rest of us, or better yet go buy a Jetsons then you can guarantee that you are 1 of 40

Whether this is enough to make me cancel my LE purchase or not is NOT the point. It's a matter of following through on a sales agreement. Period. Just because it may be perceived as irrelevant by Stern or others in the big scheme of things, that does NOT make it okay. Or any less dishonorable.

If I can't trust Stern to honor the limit that they set, as well as promoted, on a "Limited Edition" model prior to my purchase, how can I trust them on any future sales promises? (yes - a rhetorical question)

#4998 3 years ago
Quoted from jawjaw:

... Why not bump the number up if demand is hot? How is that a f-ed up thing? Stern is in the business to sell pins. I would bump it up to 1000 and watch them fly out the door.

You understand that Stern told PROSPECTIVE buyers that the LEs would be limited to 500 right? Does it not strike you as unethical to then increase this number AFTER the vast majority of those 500 purchases have been made?!

Or perhaps you feel that it's okay for Stern to disregard whatever they've previously promised, whenever they wish, in order to sell games because that's what they're in business for!?

#5028 3 years ago
Quoted from Blacksun:

... Doing this after the fact is deceptive.

Exactly. Justifying this by saying it's just business does NOT excuse it. Businesses can be run ethically and still make a profit.

#5038 3 years ago
Quoted from jawjaw:

Unethical? I don't recall Stern ever making any hard "promises" to anyone. Their website might say 500 but where in writing are you "promised" 500?

How about the game features matrix stating 500?! How about the plaque on the featured LE game stating 500?!

AND how about Zach Sharpe clearly telling prospective customers at CES, in the DeadFlip videos, that there will only be 500 LE's made?!!!

Never mind that a limit of 500 was also conveyed to all distributors and passed on to prospective customers contemplating dealer availabilities and cost options.

Quoted from jawjaw:

It's called the limited edition and it is still limited whether 500, 600, or 1000. If you are buying it solely on the reason there will be only 500 and not 501, then maybe you should rethink your purchase.

I personally didn't buy an LE based on the stated 500 limit and the exact number is irrelevant to my point which is ANY increase in production beyond the amount told to prospective buyers before the game was sold out (or nearly so) is unethical. It's the principle of the matter - you don't promise your customers one thing and then just choose to ignore it in order to make more $$$.

#5044 3 years ago
Quoted from NeilMcRae:

Limited editoon isn’t really true if the number is >100
500 or 600, not an iota of difference, i can’t believe the noise this is causing!

Maybe you can't because you're apparently missing the point that its an UNETHICAL business practice and as such, shouldn't be dismissed as inconsequential. NIB pinball addiction reality or not.

Regardless of whatever its impact is on the game's final value, the 500 game limit stated by Stern, up until the LE's all but sold out, has IMPACTED the purchase decision and price paid by prospective buyers evaluating the model's remaining availability. Accordingly, any reneging by Stern on this previously stated limit is not only wrong, but a bad precedent that will factor into customers' future game purchase considerations as well.

#5075 3 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

Wrong, Stern haven’t put the LEs on the line yet have they? Until they are on the line nothing is set in stone and Stern know this which is why every feature matrix they have ever produced always says “subject to change/adjustment”.
[quoted image][quoted image]
And I speak from experience as a BM66LE/SLE buyer I have been in this situation where Stern increased the numbers last minute, but it honestly didn’t bother me, it makes no difference to the value of your game, unless you where buying it because it was limited to 500, personally when I buy my LEs the number being produced doesn’t even factor into it, 100 or 1000 of them as long as I’m getting the game/features I want that’s why I’m buying to begin with and I’m happy.


#5147 3 years ago
Quoted from Aurich:

Yeah sure. I could modify the story to say that I didn't anticipate the demand and saw dollar signs and made the edition larger before I shipped, but really it's not about the letter of the law, it's principles, right? Some people don't care, clearly, and are rolling their eyes. That's fine. But to me at least just because there's money involved doesn't suddenly change the equation. That's all I was getting at. I didn't make millions of dollars lol, but it was good money, I could have dicked people and bought a new Stern if I did more. That's temptation for some at least.
If you agree to sell your pin to someone, and another guy comes along and offers you $200 more, what do you do? If you sell it out from under the guy you promised it to so you could pocket a little extra cash and they call you out here do you get dogpiled? Hell yeah, eat those downvotes, and don't be a greedy dick.
I don't take deposits, it's a bad idea, I go by faith. Don't like sitting on the money. Sometimes it burns me and people flake out, but I've never not found another buyer, so oh well. But IMO once you take money, that's that.
Now it's complicated, because there are distributors, and they take the deposits, not Stern. And I dunno if that's a per distributor thing or what. But Stern likes the money those distributors send them, so to me at least it's all the same. Once money has held the line it's weak sauce to change it. If a part doesn't work out, and you get a POTC disc situation, well that's different. You can bag on JJP for being dumb about announcing shit too early, but I don't think it was an ethically scumbag move to change it, just stupid. There's shady, and there's dumb. And then there's both, and you get Jpop.
I have no idea what Stern is doing, whatever, we're just talking about principles in general. Is it cool do change things because "that's business" or not? I'm on the side of the fence that says money ain't everything. I like making it as much as the next guy, my next mod is gonna be expensive, I'm not shy about it. But I also believe in providing value for that dollar, and standing behind my product. I've sold a lot of mods to a lot of Pinsiders, and I'm pretty confident they'd all say they were happy with how I took care of them. That's all I can control as best I can.

Oh c'mon Aurich - you're just a "butt-hurt whiner". Of course, it's a lot easier for me to just jump on the Pinside mob bandwagon and say that rather than bother to actually read your post and understand your point. No - I'd rather just assume that you simply bought an LE to flip it and are upset the value will decrease.

How dare you give a shit about integrity in the hobby and business - you goddamn flipper! Stern needs all the $ it can possibly get so it can give it back to pinheads!!!

#5160 3 years ago
Quoted from Eskaybee:

... Growing up i absolutely couldn’t stand it when the Munsters went color. The B&W show is where it’s at, hence i say Premium B&W is the only way to go to own this game at home. IMO.

Aren't you that guy who prefers Pro models too?!

Well anyway, if antiquated TV show images translated to obviously better pinball machine artwork choices, I might agree more readily. However ... I can't in this case. Not when the majestic beauty of the LE's full color is so clearly superior.


munsters-le-cabinet-ff (resized).jpg
Munsters-LE-Cabinet (resized).jpg
munsters-le-details (resized).jpg
Munsters-LE-Playfield (resized).jpg

#5163 3 years ago
Quoted from ShinyBall:

1965 C O L O R
[quoted image]

Oh yeah - color RULES! (lunchbox art is totally different than antiquated TV)

Early Franchi too?

#5167 3 years ago
Quoted from Rolls-Royce:

... BUT!...If the Premium and the LE were at the same price I will choose the B&W for the same $US 8,999, AND!....If Stern decides to make another 100 in B&amp;W and called those SLE, of LE(Classic Version), LE/B&amp;W, or whatever I don’t mind if they charge 12K or 15K for a Pinball like that.

If there are more pinheads as enthusiastic about the B&W as you Rolls-Royce, Stern may have really left some money on the table!

#5207 3 years ago
Quoted from JodyG:

If Stern's goal in adding 100 LE's was to make a certain podcaster lose his shit... JOB WELL DONE!!

On the scale of Kaneda extremeness, I don't know that his latest episode exactly qualifies as "losing his shit". Whether one agrees or disagrees with his expressed opinion that Stern's, after the fact, LE quantity increase and lack of public communication thus far are "BULLSHIT" though, I think he deserves credit for 1) breaking the news and 2) it being correct info. Especially since so many on this thread chose to dismiss it as being incorrect given the source.

#5350 3 years ago
Quoted from NeilMcRae:

Overwhelming view from EAG, epic art, lower playfield is a miss, game is way too easy, needs urgent code work, perhaps even a rethink! Great shots and fun to play but really shallow.

You're harshing my Munsters buzz man.

#5362 3 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

That's true, but everyone who loves Pinball Arcade doesn't spend $9000 on games they've never played. Only LE hype marketing &amp; those susceptible to it is what moves those machines.

A theme you've been particularly waiting for, beautiful art package, cool features, and a killer display all help too!

#5373 3 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

That's Munsters for me! I'm still waiting though! It helps that the Premium package is my favorite, but I'll never buy a launch hype LE ever again.

Yeah that was also TBL for me! Ironically, that was the first hyped game I ever went for and the only one I've been burned on so far.

#5515 3 years ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

People who have played it say it's way too easy and shallow.

Someone please play the Premium/LE version and report back that the lower playfield is essential and the overall gameplay is FUCKING FANTASTIC!

The gameplay field reports from Europe and Colorado so far are starting to bring me down.

1 week later
#5919 3 years ago
Quoted from ViolinSteve:

I bought the boxed set last week. Watched a few of the first episodes with my 15 year old son. He thought it was funny, but after the first three episodes, he asked, "Dad, what's the deal? Is the plot of every show just them trying to get Marilyn laid?"


I love the Munsters theme and have a game on order, but there's a reason the show only lasted two seasons.

#5972 3 years ago

Regardless of play (which I'm confident will be very fun), the Munsters LE is FRIGGIN' BEAUTIFUL with the lower playfield filling in the playfield. SO HAPPY to have one coming!!!

#5976 3 years ago
Quoted from Spacemanratso09:

Gotta have grandpas basement part of the show

Really! What is the complete Munsters experience without Grandpa's basement laboratory!!

#6016 3 years ago
Quoted from NeilMcRae:

MBR by a country mile.

No Munsters destined for the Domino Arcade?

#6027 3 years ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

His fault or not, it's what comes with a Dwight machine - less polish, unfinished features. Better than Lonnie, but still unacceptable. People just need to know that going in instead of fantasizing about a smorgasbord of new Munsters rules and features post launch that likely aren't coming. The Level 2 and Level 3 rounds being the same only harder, especially, is totally BS given the shallow content and easy gameplay.
They DO have a lot more jr coders in at Stern nowadays, I hear. Dwight doesn't have to do it all. He can handle the big picture stuff, and let the juniors execute the details. If he's not already, he needs to learn to delegate. ...

Dwight stated on his recent Head2Head podcast appearance that once he's done with Munsters, he hopes to finally be able to revisit his past games, as he has supposedly wanted to do for quite a while now. For the sake of Munsters, let's hope by "done", he means truly done from a satisfying gameplay standpoint.

#6242 3 years ago

There is apparently a healthy demand for LE's. I cancelled my LE purchase yesterday and it was listed on Pinside shortly thereafter by the distrib for an extra $1,000 over MSRP and apparently sold quickly.

A beautiful game that I hated to let go. I hope to pick up an HUO at a decent price down the road.

#6269 3 years ago
Quoted from Rolls-Royce:

I wasn’t expecting to read this especially from you Tuna

The LE is still on my wishlist. LOVE the theme, (color) artwork, and sound, but I'm not typically an LE buyer and decided not to commit the $ until I at least play a Premium/LE.

#6418 3 years ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

For me the #1 reason i want Munsters is because of the theme. #2 the game is just gorgeous. #3 it shoots good and its fun to play. It also has really fun animations and the music is fun. Its just one big fun experience. Its hard to explain but man its just a lot of fun and i want one bad.

Yeah, yeah, yeah ... but is it FUN?!!!

2 weeks later
#7527 3 years ago
Quoted from Rum-Z:

Somewhere, someplace, buried in all this Munsters and pillow discussion, someone claimed that their LE was recently shipped with a lock bar and side rails that had black finishes that were noticeably mismatched in finish texture and/or sheen.

Any pics of these mismatched LE lockdown bar and rails?

#7589 3 years ago

Love those LE's!

lseries-powerload (resized).jpg

#7625 3 years ago

Munsters LE is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL looking game in my book!!!

That said, time and hands-on gameplay experience will tell whether the code delivers or not and the NINE THOUSAND dollar price is warranted. In the meantime, my $ has been redirected toward a JJP Pirates purchase. ARRRRR!

#7662 3 years ago
Quoted from EricHadley:

What color titans should I install on my LE?

Quoted from EricHadley:

Sorta feeling translucent on this one

Why bother - aren't you that guy that's selling his entire collection?

#7666 3 years ago
Quoted from EricHadley:

Nah I guess not. So I need help with titan color!

WELL THEN ... translucent is a fine selection given all the colors within The Munsters!

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