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The Munsters Hype (Because every evening its Halloween)

By Macca101010

2 years ago

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Post #550 Munsters Premium and LE cabinet art Posted by pinsanity (2 years ago)

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#1609 1 year ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

Not necessarily. How can you know how deep and fun the game will be? Don't assume just because its NEW that the code will be "better" than Monster Bash. I bet one thing - Monster Bash will be funnier than Munsters. Those lines are great in MB!

Believe me the code of Monster Bash r, Medieval Madness r and Attack from Mars r is simple. It was done over 20+ years ago and MM, MB, AFM are simple games, I realized after playing them here in Tokyo last night. Not that MB is not fun, it is, but there is almost zero depth to it. Munsters will be far and away more dynamic and deep. How do I know? History of owning a very similar table known as Batman 66 tells me. Munsters will relate to the many show clips and funny story lines it had. It will definitely be deep, just like Batman 66 is deep. I play Batman and it’s grest fun and deep with code .98 and soon 1.0. Yes I know Stern blew it making us wait so long after releasing the table to get code right. Don’t think they’ll make the same mistake on Munsters. But Batman is now worth the wait.

Monster Bash is a beginners primer in pinball. I lit up everything the second 100 yen input into the game on MB. Got frank up, exposed Mummy, got drac out and rocked the band. I could not ever do that with a modern game of the 21st century. Way too much depth that will last for years. MB gets boring fast. Hit left ramp, hit right ramp. Hear some funny lines. After you’ve heard them once, no longer that funny.

Munsters will have many with all its depth and several years fun programming. Around 100 episodes to choose code from. MB has no such depth or history catelog to choose depth. No LCD fun. That’s why they’re pricing it so relatively low $6k. Actually should be no more than $4k, on a simple old game like that. Now if Stern will put some quality into Munsters and not overcharge us. Here’s hoping.

Why do people so get into nastalgia and not use their head on spending money on pinball? It’s like saying you like driving your 20+ year old car more than a modern 2018 that has all the bells and whistles of modern technology. It doesn’t make sense. These old games like AFMr, MBr, MMr all get old quick in a home environment. They weren’t meant for the home like modern JJPs and Sterns, with all their depth and going back for one more game feeling.

The old games were meant for arcades where people play them for 10 - 20 minutes and then try another one. Very short bursts of play. Why would anyone want to spend $6 to 8k to have that kind of game sitting in their house, over 21st century tech???

#1617 1 year ago
Quoted from ShinyBall:

I enjoy driving my 20+ year 1970 GTO much more then my wife's "high tech" bells and whistles 2017 car. So that analogy don't wash in my garage.

Have to give that to you as a rare exception! GTOs are cool, but they drive like tanks! So analogy works!!

#1635 1 year ago
Quoted from CubeSnake:

It's a near-certainty that Stern WILL indeed overcharge you AND as an additional gift, be of inferior quality. Sorry Stern, but the record you've made for yourselves speaks volumes...incomplete code, absolute amateur quality "artwork", McDonald's happy meal toys strewn about the playfields and, oh let's not forget cabinets with the durability of a soap bubble. Trust me, if there is a way to foul up such an awesome theme as The Munsters, Stern will be the guys to do it!

Couldn’t agree more! It’s unbelievable what they give us for the high dollars we give them. JJP on the other hand gives us a great deal more in light shows, sounds, motorized toys that interact with the ball, quality, code and depth. Although I wish their prices we’re lower as well.

4 weeks later
#2150 1 year ago

My main issue with all Stern tables, is the lack of interactive toys. If I’m going to pay Sterns high asking prices, it better be more than artwork underglass. They better have worlds under glass, loaded with interactive toys like JJP. Im not trying to turn this into JJP vs Stern. JJP has upped the game for sure. An empty play field is not very pinball like and especially in the 21st century. I know the pics are low Rez and maybe the high Rez will change minds, but the PF looks rather empty and more in the vain of the Beatles table. I love the Munsters show. It’s a classic, so I really want to like this table. Will hold full judgement till complete reveal and play is shown. Stern is smart to piece meal the reveal to us.

I own Batman 66 and love the table theme integration. But it has some motorized active toys. Penguin crane is one of the all time best and the bat cave turntable another quality motorized toy. Munsters beside it would look nice. So here’s hoping full reveal looks better and full demo shows more motorized toys.

#2356 1 year ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

I agree competition is healthy and I'm glad theres multiple companies making pins but LCD's were inevitable regardless and SM, LOTR's SPParty some of Sterns best games came before JJP exsisted. There is no threat right now from any boutique manufacturer.

You’re right there is no threat because Stern’s copy and paste system, can’t be threatened. No other maker makes such simple no frills pinball tables than Stern. The great thing about Stern is their motto is: how good is good enough, cause we don’t care. I was at a pinball arcade and realized after playing a dozen Stern’s that they all began to blur and seemed to play and be near the same table. Just a couple ramps, with some plastics thrown here and there for a theme and relatively no motorized toys. DP with a slinky bash toy and IM with a lifting ramp. Not much at all in interactive toys. If the asking price were what they were just 7-8 years ago, then such a sparse amount of goodies is fine, but when the asking price is double that of 7-8 years ago, shouldn’t we expect a great deal more?

Even Stern’s boutique tables like Beatles and Primus cost an incredible $8,000.00 for not much at all. Cannot believe anyone would be sucked into paying that kind of money for so little in return. Those tables should only be no more than $3k to $4k tops.

We all need to vote with our money and just say no to Stern’s policy of giving very little in game toys, quality and code depth versus what other makers give us for our money spent. That would return pricing away from gouging us to being fairly priced again like it was just 7 years ago. When Tron could be purchased NIB for $3,800. Hoping Munsters will reflect a change in offering and fair pricing, but it probably won’t. Maybe if Beatles Boutique table does poorly Stern will rethink their strategy and return us to the good ol’ days of pinball. They would flourish if they did and make even more money than they do now.

Added 22 months ago:

Addendum: played a lineup of Sterns last night and don’t think they play the same. Maybe the day wrote the above, felt like the lineup I was playing seems similar. Stern makes good tables that are fun to play. I own some as well.

1 month later
#3413 1 year ago

If Stern keeps raising prices, location pinball tables, here we all come!

Cutting out all the middle men would be good, but distros wouldn’t like that. They say after sales service is important, but I end up fixing most any and all issues myself and I think most people do too.

Maybe Stern needs to consider a direct ordering system along with direct download system and lower or keep prices down. With modern online shopping, do we really need to pay for all the old infrastructure???

#3466 1 year ago
Quoted from fosaisu:

Would you save money by having a friend in the US buy for you and then ship to Australia? Or with shipping and import tax are you back to the same price point again?

Wish that would work. To some degree it could, but with the chip on the board that prevents booting up...
The distro here is a good bunch, they’re not a problem. Just wish high pricing was really considered an issue by Stern. The Beatlewitch table pricing demonstrates that they don’t care. Honestly, $13,500.00 for Beatlewitch here is outrageous! Of course we want everyone to be paid for their efforts, but there is a breaking point. Can it keep going up and have people stay in the hobby?

#3530 1 year ago

What time will be the stream and what is the link?

#3536 1 year ago
Quoted from Macca101010:

Haha...I might just change the title of this one to: The Munsters Club (Because every evening its Halloween)

Yes change name to Munsters Club. Don’t want 4 or more threads.

#4343 1 year ago
Quoted from iceman44:

I think this pin can rival GB in sales

Actually Batman 66 is Stern’s best selling table of all time, we’ve been told.

#4347 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballaddicted:

Not sure if you are joking or not butt,
ACDC is Sterns best ever selling game.
BM66 is not even close..

The person that said it was Stern’s best selling machine of all time is Joe Kaminkow, if he can be trusted. You’d think he’d know sales figures?

#4348 1 year ago
Quoted from vid1900:

The best selling Stern is Meteor, with almost 8,000 made.

Any guesses how many Munsters will sell?

#4617 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Nah not really because the money you save can go toward another game! This is a very strong pro.

Agreed, here in Oz the price difference between the pro and the LE is a whopping $5,150.00!!! Pro sells for $8,850 and LE $14,000.00. A premium is, $11,500.00. Incredibly high prices here in Australia. (I know some are going to cry exchange rate, but a dollar to us is still a dollar. It wasn’t that long ago when an Auzzie $ was worth more.) You can buy a brand new car here for the LE price. In fact I did not long ago.

A lower playfield, with artwork not as good as a pro IMHO, is not worth an extra $5,150.00. Getting 95% of gameplay, for nearly 40% less cost, is a no brainer. Go Pro!

#5346 1 year ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Uhhh not so fast.
The reason they are growing and expanding are a couple of things.
JJP came along in 2011 and raised the bar substantially and brought more people like myself back into pinball.
Stern then did a deal with venture capital guys so that they could expand and grow to meet the increasing demand of the hobby since 2011.
AND they started listening to customers and doing more with great themes, great art, excellent code and hired more people!
Growth begets growth. Go big or go home.
This is why Stern can now dominate the market. 300+ employees, great designers, artists, coders, marketers, and as important assembly line workers.
Yeah it was JJP's entry into the market AND then the venture capital guys that allowed for a huge growth cycle that has helped build Stern into what it is today.
Not some BS tiered structure of selling pins.

Would have to agree with this. JJP’s hat being thrown into the arena, has been good for pinball all around. Competition always makes for a better product from other companies. It’s marketing 101 and is the real reason for people like me entering the fun. Without JJP, it would be a different world.

As much as I like Stern, they have had a habit of only doing good enough, rather than great, till JJP. Stern has hit a triple with Munsters and will be a home run if the code continues to flow and get better for more depth. At these high prices without deep code, why buy for the home, when location play for a shallow game works just fine? Paying only a few dollars for the fun of a shallow game makes sense, rather than upto $9k for a game at home you’ll get bored with.

#5726 1 year ago

I see the attraction to Munsters for sure (it’s a nice looking game), but price is a major factor. A pinball game at these high prices, better have deep code and be packed out as far as mechs and toys or it’s not worthy of a home purchase.

At current day high prices, I’ll have fun with it on location. If I’m paying $6 to 10k, it better have visible value and deep long lasting code, so no one gets bored in my home. I’m paying for a world under glass, not just mainly art and lights under glass.

#5810 1 year ago

Not sure why anyone would call the well done BM66 turntable anything but one of Sterns best Mechs. The crane works well with the TV series for sure. Layout is great fun and shoots well, if you adjust the left orbit bumper. Where else do you get such innovative game play and code from Stern, except BM66? If one can’t understand that, they’ve probably not had much time on the table. I’ve owned one for more than half a year and have lots of time on the table, so I get what Stern was trying to achieve. It’s great fun for the family!

#6019 1 year ago

MBr was good in its day. But it’s old shallow code and game play by today’s standards, doesn’t hold a candle to what Munsters will end up becoming. Like windows 95 versus today’s windows code. World of difference. The LCD original Munsters show IP assests alone, blast it past MBr simple dot matrix screen. This adds to the over all experience of fun and excitement.

Munsters will be heads and shoulders over MBr, it’s just a matter of time and updates. Stern won’t be outdone by MBr, since they have a vested interest for at least the next 3 to 4 years of sales.

#6048 1 year ago
Quoted from Wotto:

Squizz, that target and the DRAGULA ultimately made up my mind not to proceed with a 12k AUD Premium. They WERE the deal breaker for me

What is Squizz?

Must say the price in Oz is ridiculous for sure. It would have to be real special table to spend that much. Way over priced.

#6137 1 year ago

I suppose I’m expecting too much after Batman 66 coded by Lyman. I’ve just been watching Munsters and there are a ton of things that could be added to make a great story line like Batman has, with places that make sense for a pause. Example: transition to lower playfield so screen can be watched, as video pauses for transitions to the bat pole etc. Kawabunga Batman!

#6148 1 year ago
Quoted from MapleSyrup:

The only thing crazier than buying an LE before you’re ever flipped a game, is letting somebody else’s impression of said game determine how you feel about it.
This place gets nuttier every day.
This machine is super fun to play.
If you don’t love it, then sell it after enjoying it for a while. How much of a hit are you realistically going to take?! A couple of hundred bucks? You might make a bit of money, or break even. Nobody knows.
The question isn’t, “Is it 8K worth of fun?!”... The question is “Is it (hmmm, anywhere from $300 to me making a few bucks) worth of fun”
When was the last time somebody bought an LE and sold it for ZERO dollars?! The “value” discussion is so pointless. It’s totally out to lunch.
This theme is perfect for pinball. The Black and White Premium is a standout design wise, and people are clamouring for LEs.
Another Stern Homerun, and the accompanying Pinside freakout!!
I can’t wait to play it again.

You are making Gary feel proud...

#6298 1 year ago

Like hearing all the feedback positive and negative, all good. Please would some of you stick to better, even classier language. Let’s try and keep the swearing out of this forum. Sounds like a bar room at times. Lol

#6344 1 year ago
Quoted from Squizz:

TBH: I love the theme, layout, shots, artwork, flow, lighting.
I can live with the Lily not being a 4 bank drop target - tho penny pinching as this would have been better!
BUT the CODE for todays players Really????
Dwight wants the game close to the start button (His words not mine)
This is just wrong, wrong, wrong!
we don't want SHALLOW code (In your face) when we are spending this type of cash!
We live in 2019 now not in 1999 when these type of rules were the norm.
20 years ago this would have be great.
It'll be like Ford, Holden, Mazda etc releasing cars today that are going back to the old gen because it worked back then.
No need for power steering, no need for ati lock brakes, no rear demisters, no cruse control, no automatics etc etc etc.
Next thing we will see from Stern is electro mechanical rules being added.
Come on get real......

Well stated Squizz! Don’t let them beat you down. Carguments are simple similarities to pinball that everyone understands. Shallow code is for lazy or rushed programmers in 2019. With the 70 plus episodes available to Stern there is no reason not to have similar depth as done by Lyman in Batman. Can you imagine what Batman would be like if it was a spell this character name and area for each of the villains, with video not really associated with the game play?

I love the Munsters and watched everyone as a kid when it came out in the 60s. Could have been so much better if Lyman had done his code/depth magic with such a great theme. If people can’t understand that, they’re living in denial.

If we were paying last century prices for games, then shallow code is fine like they did then. But since we are paying outrageous prices in this century, shallow gameplay is inexcusable! Valued added is of major importance. If not, charge me $3,500 and I won’t complain, but $9,000.00??? Come on!

#6401 1 year ago
Quoted from jawjaw:

Sorry, but that's just a dumb argument. People are paying outrageous prices for old, beat B/W games with shallow code. They are so in demand, CGC is making good money selling remakes of games with shallow code like AFM and MB. Stern had zero problems moving every single Beatles at a fat premium price. Obviously the market is not driven by so called deep games. Look at how slow JJP is getting out their deep games and how much do they cost? Games are fun not because of the coil count or number of lines of code. Games are fun because of how everything is designed as a whole. Not everyone wants a game that needs a 200 page instruction book to play and modes you will never see. Lyman is not going to work on every single game and Stern is not selling a nib for $3500. That's just ridiculous. It's obvious Stern designed Munsters to be an easier game with easier goals a lot like MB. Calling that inexcusable is even more ridiculous.

What your saying is dumber than dumb and makes little to no sense. Re-read what I said. You’re misquoting it Gary. Lol

#6431 1 year ago
Quoted from jawjaw:

Gary? Uh, ok. How did I misquote you when I just quoted your entire post? You said "shallow code is for lazy or rushed programmers in 2019" and then "shallow gameplay is inexcusable". Is that a misquote? If I am Gary Stern than yeah, I would be insulted by that. I don't have to run a pinball company to know that the ultimate way to know whether a pin is designed well is sales. I don't plan on buying one but sounds like it is selling extremely well.

Fair enough.

#6492 1 year ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

It's pretty easy to boil down..
Look at a game like TWD... brutal play and complex rules as to why/when things happen. The casual to middle of the pack have no idea what is going on and the game gets a general 'meh' from a large portion of the population. But player players love it. The difference between mediocre
A game like munsters is simple and easy to get to the 'satisfying' rewards. It's pretty... the theme is relatively accessible as well. So it will be appealing to a WIDER audience than TWD was... even if TWD is a "better' game.
Point being... what defines "good" or "best" depends on what you are trying to achieve or what you value. Not everyone values the same things, or to the same degree.
It's why games like Theatre of Magic still demand a premium vs other games that are significantly "better" games in terms of rules, strategy, toys, sound, etc.
TL : DR - "Different Strokes for Different Folks"

Are you sure you’re not on Stern’s payroll? Lol

You’re trying to explain away a currently shallow coded game as okay. Again it’s only okay if they charge a great deal less.

Appears Munsters is a great location table. Throw in some dollars, have fun. Danger of shallow code in a home environment is boredom setting in, unless deep code is there like Batman keeping you coming back. Batman is a good example of all types of players being satisfied. No one has to make up explanations for shallow code on Batman, because Lyman doesn’t do shallow code. Price is somewhat justified with Batman for home.

#6690 1 year ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

I know people (i.e. the Law) make fun of doing a coil count, but let's be honest... you know that is a factor in BOM and assembly time/cost. Each coil = a mech and more things to install/code/wire...
From a player perspective, coils = interaction. It is the chance to flip a ball, a diverter to change a ball path, a vuk to move it somewhere else.
Stern typically has 16 coils on a Pro model.
Classic B/W games are always 20+
The continual comparison of Mun to TAF is silly from a player interaction and game play perspective...
14 coils on MUN. 24 on TAF
[quoted image][quoted image]

Thanks for this information. Very good point you’ve made. This info alone makes me rethink buying a Munsters. They’ve cheapened the table. It maybe fun, but if Stern is going to charge me such high prices for almost half of a TAF table, I’ll be buying a TAF remake in the future.

Do you happen to know how many coils Batman 66 has?

#6697 1 year ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

actually 16 coils plus the visor motor.
More than the most Stern Pro.

The only joke is some of the continual knee pad wearing fan boys... You would gain a little credibility if you were actually honest that Stern continues to focus on cutting bottom line and often it is impacting the quality and fun factor of a game.
Prime example... Munsters is good. It surely would have been better with a few magnets in that vapid open space on the center of the Pro model. However, they were not thinking about the value of a feature rich game. They count coils and set a BOM limit for each game. They have been clear on this and that some designers will add things to a prem/le model as compomise they will pull something from the pro.
Coil count is a nice number to examine what is being invested into a game. It is not the end all be all, but it does tell you something with a simple single number...
That reality is enough for some people to "click" and relaize what they are spending 5600 on and had been rationalizing up to this point.

Right on the money with no pun intended. Lol! Accurately stated, “knee pad wearing fanboys” are a plenty in Pinside Sterndom!

Time to get real Stern slurpers: if coil count doesn’t equate to fun factor, then why do the most fun games usually have the highest coil count? The reason we play the game is because of things that interact with the ball. Coils are the main things that do that. Reduce that number and it reduces the overall fun experience significantly. Ending with just ramps and a bash toy or two. Boredom sets in with the same worn out fan layout, with everything placed at the back of the table as we’ve seen over and over from Sterns copy and paste program.

Stern tables are getting emptier by the release. Code can only make up so much in the fun factor area. Stern needs to be more responsibile in the cost accounting versus what they charge for the tables. Look at their recent history. They come in with great titles and skimp on everything and way overcharge for the final product. Beatles, comes to mind? Pretty soon we are going to be discussing how fun the table will be to mod, because it has great artwork and a few lights, but not much else. But because it has extreme nostalgia for the Stern fanboys, they’ll bow to the stripped down table that has great artwork and a beloved title and pay $9,000.00.

Meanwhile, Pappa Stern continues to see how much milk he can get from ol’ Bessie, while he keeps cutting her hay rations. Admittedly, Stern acquires the best IPs and has kept pinball alive, but how are they going to increase the home buyers is the big question, with machines more suited to arcades? Where people play for 10 minutes and don’t care what coil count is and ball interaction in relation to the price. After all, they’re only paying a buck and not nearly $10k, after shipping and tax etc, like us home buyers.

I do like the overall Munsters package at a much lower price, if they’re going to give me a much lower product value in terms of mechanical interaction. Otherwise, I’ll Just enjoy it with a few dollars on location.

#6702 1 year ago
Quoted from westofrome:

AFM has at least 17 (plus the motor)
Ball trough
Auto plunge
2 flippers
2 slings
3 pops
4 Martians

Nice and a good game for sure! How many does Batman 66 have for comparison?

#6762 1 year ago
Quoted from PanzerFreak:

Yup...I don't understand. For $6k-$9k level 2 and level 3 modes should be unique with their own unique animations and sounds. Bummer. Still looking forward to playing the game on location.
• At the end of MUNSTER MADNESS the five major areas all reset allowing the player
to begin advancing to the next level of each.
• Level I is relatively easy to complete.
• Level II, for the most part is the same as Level I but harder. It’s also worth
more points.
• Level III and beyond is the same as Level II.

Sounding more and more like a great location game. For the home? Meh, not even close for $6-$9k.

Maybe a year or two down the track if Stern rethinks code like they did with Batman, then maybe home might be nice. We’ll wait and see. They’ll be making this for the next 3-4 years.

#6855 1 year ago

Marketing is the key issue here between the two companies. Stern is hands down better at marketing.

If it were based on table layouts alone JJP wins hands down every time. Remove the beloved IP from any table and look at what is left?

JJP is packed to the max with toys and layout galore. Best example is DI. No one can beat Pat’s layout, done by one of the best designers of all time. Look at all the superb toys in that game. Never hear anyone bashing any aspect of DI, only the theme. Which is beyond understanding as the theme is a third in the trilology of disaster themes done by lawlor. A brilliant theme by most thinking. If Stern would have done DI, it would be number one and loved by everyone. Why? Because Stern marketing is so much better and the company already has a huge fan base by comparison.

Borg is a good designer, but remove the beloved Munsters theme/art and what is left? A bare bones empty playfield, with nothing new and exciting. It’s basically empty!

#6874 1 year ago
Quoted from Wotto:

Did I see Munsters mentioned somewhere in this thread.....?

Welcome to the pinball public forum, where we discuss everything but the subject at hand. Lol

#6891 1 year ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Yes he was Mike! I met him out in the LA summer basketball league in the late 80s
He was just chilling out in a folding chair at Loyola Marymount gym watching hoops and talking to anybody who came up
No idea he had a restaurant

Are you talking about Al Lewis?

#6898 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinchild:

Munsters Pro arriving to home in 10 minutes!
Can't wait.its like waiting for a fix...
Ever 2 minutes I'm looking out the window.
Is it here yet is it is it is it?

Good fun! Can’t wait to hear your detailed review.

#6940 1 year ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Looking fwd to wonka also especially if its pat l.... but i dont have my hopes up that it will ship in a decent time after being shown

Will ship April, that’s why it’s taken so long to show, so delivery and reveal are close together. Show at TPF and it’s Pat’s new table. A regular body. Looking forward to it!

#6943 1 year ago
Quoted from Skyemont:

I heard its Eric's game.

Nope, TS is Eric’s. They see saw each other. DI Pat’s, POTC Eric, then Pat again with WW, then close year out with Eric TS. If all goes well on production line. Think they’ve finally got it figured out after 8-9 years at it.

#7133 1 year ago
Quoted from Tranquilize:

Put some time on the pro tonight. The music, LCD and art package are awesome. Gameplay was old hat Borg to the extreme, with the meaningless side shots being the biggest disappointment. I heard it was shallow, but it is crazy shallow. Zap and jackpots are cool, but that can only take the game so far. Spot is neat but kills flow. Aside from that, you get one magnet bash... All time worst for toys. Definitely will play it on route, but unlike many who have posted the opposite here, I'm glad I listened to the nay-sayers. I'd be very unhappy if I bought this machine. Clearly many others see it differently. Just my two cents.

This confirms what I’ve thought from seeing it at release. Haven’t been able to play it yet, but this review demonstrates my issues with Stern. They charge big time money and give us very little to almost nothing in return. The same old worn out fan layout time and time again. IMDN was a breath of fresh air because a different style layout, but with a couple of toys that break down a lot if buying the premium or LE. My guess Sterns reason for bailing out on any motorized toys is because of not wanting to spend money for service and warranty issues. Stern has very high margins from my understanding and that’s good for them, but bad for us if it’s not balanced with value packed tables. Easy solution is make them of quality parts like Williams did.

Those with positive reviews appear to not be wanting to see that the emperor has no clothes or not willing to admit it, because of the beloved nostalgic IP of the Munsters. Make that same table with a no name IP and I bet almost no one would buy it. I’ve wanted to like it because I love Munsters, song and artwork, but no toys and stripped down, no big money going to be spent by value shoppers. What has happened to the pinball market? Is JJP the only ones that know how or willing to make tables with plenty of toys that interact with the ball any longer?

#7135 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

You haven't even played the damn game yet......DUH!!! Do you always let others decide what game that you like and buy?

I’ve played/owned enough Stern tables to be quite familiar with this table layout. Haven’t written my own review because I’ve not played it yet, but can’t see it being too different from other Stern offerings of similar nature. A Borg table with a low budget plays near the same.

#7144 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

How many bad Borg tables are there in your opinion? Also you do realize that there is only so much that a designer can do on a pinball playfield due to the limited area that he has to work with right? I dont know what people expect honestly. Every game that comes out people are like....yep more of the same, 2 ramps, 2 orbits, yada yada yada. Well thats kind of all a designer can do honestly, thats just what pinball is lol. Theres not much real estate to work with on a pinball playfield.

I’ve never said this Borg table is bad. It just appears low budget from a goodies standpoint. Borg probably had more toys and such on it. Stern bean counters and service people said no take them off. Their margin is way higher than you think. I’ve got no problem as I said with them making plenty of profit. Just give us value packed tables like Williams did or JJP does now. JJPs lack of profit comes from other issues, certainly not because of value. I know I’ve spent/spending a great deal with them, but satisfied with getting lots of value in return. Their tables are packed. POTC lack of sales is not from having a lack of toys. It’s packed and a great playing table. The IP is the problem there. The exact opposite of Munsters.

I’m wondering WHO-Dey? Are you on Sterns payroll?

#7149 1 year ago
Quoted from snaroff:

Please. Has nothing to do with "real estate" on a PF. It has to do with time-to-market, risk taking, and inspiration. Two of the most innovative recent designs are Dialed In and Iron Maiden. Pat Lawlor had a long "rest" and was inspired to do great work (and JJP gave him the time & resources). Keith, OTOH, designed IMDN outside Stern with no constraints. Stern took the design and did a mediocre job producing it. Nevertheless, the layout is truly new/fresh.
Is Borg burnt out? Don't know, but he has produced many great games. My personal favorite is TRON (by far). IM, Metallica and KISS are also great Borg creations, though none of them innovate much in the layout department.

Would agree Dialed In is by far the best game to come out in this century. Maybe top of all time. History will prove this out like it did for great Williams tables. 20 years down the road and Dialed In will be highly sought after.

Iron Maiden is good too, just not fan of the theme. Tron is a blast to play and Borgs best, even though the artwork is lacking on that table. As soon as a vault addition comes out, I’m in.

Lack of layout innovation is the area of concern. Come on, typical back at the table fan layout, with two mono targets are not innovation, etc.

#7222 1 year ago
Quoted from Colehvac1:

Dialed inn is a good game, this is a Munsters thread. I don’t see how we go from sterns 5800.00 pro to jjp 9000.00+ it’s not apples to apples.

It is apples to apples. Dialed In LE is $9k and Munsters LE is also $9k too! One table is packed with goodies, the other, not even close.

1 week later
#7745 1 year ago

Pat Priest the actress whose face is on Stern’s pinball table, was the real Marilyn Munster. She starred in 57 episodes and will be at the Texas Pinball Festival with Butch Patrick. Beverly was not much in the way of being Marilyn. She was only in 13 episodes of the Munsters. Pat’s 57 episodes definitely makes her the defacto Marilyn and is the reason Stern only put her likeness on the table.

#7765 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I dont think this is the new normal and Stern has always replaced defective playfields as far as i know. Im sure there will be one or two people chime in and say they didnt replace theirs but they have in fact replaced many many defective playfields and they stand behind their games very well.

Fully agree. Stern is a first class pinball manufacturer. I had a play field issue and they replaced with no trouble at all. I trust Stern to do the right thing. QC is a tough issue because humans can miss seeing things. But Stern stands behind their product and will make it right. I went through my stellar Distributor AMD which is also tops in the business and can be trusted.

#7772 1 year ago

Played only a few games today on the first Munsters Pro in Australia, first impressions:

Was really trying to find all the negative aspects written about on this forum, but couldn’t really find them. The table is a Stern gem.

Artwork: Beautiful and a joy to see one of my favorite themes from a show represented so well. Other companies tables don’t look this good. Meaning, most use clip art, instead of paying for full blown artwork like Stern does.

LCD: Lots of integrated video that puts you right into Mocking Bird Lane. The feel of the show is well represented and the Munsters theme shines. Hope Stern puts lots of different video on additional levels that I’ve not experienced yet. There is so much more video I’m hoping Dewight adds from the show, like Lyman did for Batman.

Game layout: Flow is spot on (no pun intended - lol) and really works well, with all shots exposed for trapped balls to hit off flippers. Like the kitty shot next to Herman. The ramps are innovative and work so well. Even without hitting the ball hard, right ramp 180 is makable at slower speed. Best of all, targets at the end of the ramps, so goodbye nasty bricks. This is a fan layout of course, but has its own unique feel. Borg nailed this one better than the video streams reveal. It has the all important kinetic feel to the shots.

Mono targets are fine, even if drop targets would have been nice, but might look odd to have Lilly drop and Dragula otherwise. They work well with the flow of the game. Dragula is a nice touch and makes for interesting flow. Could use more video variety although for dragula sequences.

Toys: Missing an important toy in the middle, meaning grandpas basement. However, if you didn’t know about the basement, then the play is still good without it. Herman bash toy moves well and fun to hit. Wish for another mechanical toy, but spot under the stairs is fun too. Grandpa’s lab has an additional bash toy that might help satisfy. Could have had raven as an interactive toy. Maybe they’ll do that with a topper.

Lights: Love the light show and was worried about green flashing, hoping Dwight will program a way to tone them down by menu adjustments. Heard even brighter flashing on B&W, which I’d be buying.

Music and call outs: Can it get any better than Munsters theme and associated show series music? Paul Lynn call out sounding voice is quite nice. Other callouts from Munsters family is so good too.

Munsters is a four player party game, if there ever was one. Stern needs to amp up game depth a bit for the one player experience to last in a home environment. I’ve always liked MB, but think Munsters edges it out and seems like a lot more to it with LCD theme integration.

Overall this table is not boring as a few suggest and would fit nicely in any home, as long as Dwight continues to improve the code depth. Needs some wizard type modes to go along with the fab table and theme. The flow is so nice that it feels good to shoot. It has that one more play feel to it, with plenty to shoot and hit. For a pro it feels packed. Looked at other pros near it and they don’t seem as good a deal. Stern makes the best tables as the table quality shows. Upped their game making better now than the competition. Didn’t see dimpling per say, but then again it was dark in the place I played it. Pro table is a good buy!

#7851 1 year ago

I’ve now had well over 50 plays on Munster Pro and stand by my review. In fact feel it’s even better than I felt before. Got to Munster Madness, but want to keep playing. Still think codes needs lots of additional work for depth and better last-ability in a home environment.

Checked out build quality and can now say Munsters build quality exceeds other pinball manufacturers in the business.

Table feels solid.
Using plywood on base
No tinny sound any longer.
Has a nice heavier feel to the table.
Lock down bar far superior to the old Williams style.
Light shows equal to or exceeds others.
Table coating nice and could not see dimpling even with lots of light on table with tons of plays. Hope it stays that way.
Back glass lights well.
Heavy duty armor so no chipping.
Heavy sturdy wire forms.
Parts getting the feel of old Williams quality.
Speakers and sound quality even on Pro is quite good. My Batman 66 speakers were terrible and had to be replaced with flipper fidelity’s to sound good.

Think shooter lane metal should be recessed.

Closely looked over other tables sitting next to Munsters and they don’t seem to be this level of fit and finish. Hopefully new era for Stern. For the first time, thinking Stern is doing some of the best builds in the business.

As customers, we don’t want to do all kinds of adjustments and work on a $6k to $9k purchase, fixing blunders that come off the line. Keep up the good work Stern!

Your care shows and this is what we expect for that kind of money. The bar has been raised. It appears Stern has taken the next big step and has adopted “no expense spared” philosophy. Keep it up and we will support you with our dollars.

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