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The Munsters Hype (Because every evening its Halloween)

By Macca101010

1 year ago

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#4320 11 months ago

Ordered the LE
This theme kills because well,it’s tge Munsters.
Addams Family-great fucking game wish I had it.
BUT 50 cool points taken off for being based on the movie imo.

There is no Disney Munsters to make you hate “the new Munsters “ or some crap.

Great great theme LE with the coffin cab WOW
Go right next to BSD
All I want to know is does DRAGULA move????

#4785 11 months ago
Quoted from John_I:Good God I hate when people start saying this game is the same as that game, etc, etc. Here's one for you: this game uses steel balls and has four legs and a plunger. Oh my god the humanity.
This game is a breath of fresh air in many ways and a few negative Nancy's have to drag us down.


#5123 10 months ago

If they are going add machines to the LE run-total bullshit.

Everyone had the opportunity to plop down 500 to hold yours as I did then paid in full.

Some people I imagine gave them a deposit then sold some games to pay for it.

I don’t believe this is true,because of the source,but if it is,again,total bullshit.

Telling somebody what to think is telling somebody not to think.

The LE on any game is just a collector piece.

What if they went back and changed camaros over to all be SS.
It would be total BS.

I will go to a premium from a LE,because to me,and this is just to me,I wanted that one and was lead to believe that all there was going to be

#5124 10 months ago

This extra LE thing no way is true.
The less there is of something the more desirable it is end of story.
It adds more value .
You are paying for the privilege.

Those that bag on this idea I am sure just have a case of sour grapes.

#5145 10 months ago

Consider the source of this manufactured pinside rumor.
Just sayin
That shit isn’t happening no way

#5218 10 months ago

Not a fan of adding games to a LE line in a title.
I get it,your paying for some extras and a bunch for the privilege to have limited issued game and I think it should be respected .
I get they can make some extra cash but you could say that they could just sell more premiums
50 more in the U.S. isn’t too bad.
Still pumped for the game

#5549 10 months ago

I know shit about pinball outside of the games I have owned so take it for what’s its worth but I would like to hear a review on gameplay from somebody who is already on a list to get the game
I appreciate a pro player review of gameplay for sure .
I had WD and loved it but waiting 2 years to see last man standing was intriguing in and of itself but I didn’t kill me that I didn’t get to it when I went to sell it.
I did miss having the walking Dead in the basement though
I am really looking forward to this game and would like to hear some love on gameplay
I love the shadow
Last time I played 350 mil first ball
Doesn’t take away from the game
All I need to know is ,is this thing really fun and fast,smooth,etc

#5669 10 months ago

I get all this .
Kinda not worried on my LE at all.
Game looks sick.
So some guys are picking apart the gameplay.
Ok,I’ve havent owned a lot of games maybe 30ish but every time I think I have the perfect game for me it’s going g out the door.
Never had a perfect game.
Usually when I see a review claiming a game to be perfect it’s usually a “perfect game” to them.
I personally think the shadow is the best game ever. Obviously just my opinion.Me and the wife would play for hours tons of fun .Moved on the get Star Wars Premium

Thought it was amazing,the X moving around and all that,even when everyone was crapping on it big time.
Wife would never play it and she loves Star Wars as much as anybody.
“I don’t want to choose all this crap before I start I just want to play pinball,have fun and score the most”
I think this game,if the negative feedback is true,is gonna be a lot of fun around my place.
Can’t wait the LE looks just amazing.
Anyone looking for a reason to drop out of a order for the game because some guys don’t like it cmon now.

I do know I have never seen this many guys selling off machines to get this game and the excitement on it is unparalleled.

Keep the faith
Stern doesn’t hire morons to make their games.

#5683 10 months ago

I am trying to keep the shadow greatness quiet until I find another within 8 hrs driving from me ha ha.
I always wondered if the right wingers ditched it cause of Ballwin .
You can’t turn his voice off.
The game is stupid good hyper fast.
Total adrenaline from go for me.

The weed of crime bears bitter fruit

#5701 10 months ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

why is everyone so fixated on starting the level 1 mayhem?
You should be talking about who is managing to stack their supers WITH the multiplier up, then starting the payoff mode.
The game has a playfield multiplier that you can reset the timer on! The juice is in the delayed jackpots, multipliers, and then collecting your mini-wiz mode.
It's like BSD or ACDC... the thrill isn't in simply starting the objective.. it's getting the objective with the right things together.

Thank you

#5741 10 months ago

Man the rumbling about rules or strategy.

I went back and watched
the premium game with Dwight this game is stupid fun and ridiculous

Also the screen where it’s keeping track of your progress way better than Star Wars in my opinion.

Holy cow what a fun looking game if you like the theme

#5824 10 months ago

The LE is so dope can’t wait for it to arrive!!

#5836 10 months ago

I’ve been told to look at the end of February for the LE
Long time, crazy

As far as toppers the clock with Raven I can’t beat that would be sick!!!

#5904 10 months ago

It’s not gonna end up a shame because if they do half of what he did on Star Wars it will be perfect.
Hell not even that much.
I know Jack shit but from I am gathering less can be more then just add some here and there.
I think they will add something.
May not be tons but something.

#5975 10 months ago

Gotta have grandpas basement part of the show

#6034 10 months ago

Star Wars is a masterpiece.
People talked hella shit on that the game when that came out.

If I have to pick a character to start a game on Munsters I don’t want the thing.

Different is good maybe even better.

#6057 10 months ago

Man I keep looking at this thing and it looks sick!!!

#6072 10 months ago

I think it’s odd that people are saying Munsters is a rehash of a game from a few years ago but compare it to MBr which is a rehash of a game from decades ago.
Munsters LE-hella expensive no doubt but it’s a very good looking game and the premium looks bad ass IMO
Pro looks tight as well looks like there as much as any other recent game from stern on the Munsters
I guess it all comes down to code or whether you like something or not

#6268 10 months ago

Did I just read a complaint that they would have to wait till midnight to play madness?
Drops,cool but if I wanted another WD then sure
Munsters is great fun and a beautiful pin already only gonna get better.
The LE is sick.
X-men ? Come the fuck on

#6309 10 months ago

Great review they are gonna add shit to the game no doubt

#6312 10 months ago
Quoted from Aussiepinwiz:

I rate Spiderman as one of the easiest games made by Stern. Yet I love it. Lots of fun. But very easy to get to Battle Royale.
Is Munsters a harder game than Spiderman? Easier that Spiderman? About the same?

This.Spiderman hella fun

#6321 10 months ago

So if they ad a wizard mode beyond everything up front this game would perfect.
Great.Hard to judge.No way to know.
I just don’t want another game that I have to hyper super focus from the start.Totally would like a distant mode.
Time will tell.
Again great honest review can’t wait for my LE to arrive.
Never bought one took the chance only because it’s Munsters so happy right now that I did.

#6326 10 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

If you like the Munsters Spaceman you can rest easy buddy because you will be happy as a pig in shit once you get your game. The game is gorgeous brother. I want one so bad that i cant stand it but i gotta wait a month or two. Its so awesome though. You are gonna shit I promise you when you pull that baby out of its box. Your jaw is going to hit the ground.

Hahahahaha Yes!!!!! LMAO

#6327 10 months ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

It would be cool if they added a final (wizard mode) after completing all three levels( 7 sections, all jackpots, cascading hurryups) of munster madness . Then after getting thru all the regular modes again on level 2 a final wizard mode would happen but only if you finished thr madness mode the first time.... if not then pick up where you left off prior.

This seems reasonable and would be perfect IMO

#6332 10 months ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Maybe call it munsters of mayhem.....

Nice! I can see it now

#6333 10 months ago
Quoted from Squizz:

Are you serious?
Take code out of the descussion and look at the 2 playfields .
The Munsters looks stripped compaired to X-Men.

Agree just don’t think the two compare but hey I’ve never played Munsters so who knows

#6378 10 months ago

No new code and it’s been like 2 dayd fuck this shit

#6422 10 months ago
Quoted from cpr9999:

—>What are people hearing on actual LE delivery dates?

My guy says 3 weeks I will have it but weather could make it longer

#6468 10 months ago

Can’t get this pin out of my head

#6505 10 months ago

Towing the line? WTF

#6521 10 months ago

Funny to me how one or two guys come troll this thread like they have some sort of pinball insight and believe they know what people who make the games think
If stern called them for work they would shit their pants.

Comparing Munsters to Wheel of Fortune
What a fuck**g joke
Trolling 101

Code this and that and you see them trying to sell their WD
Probably got bored with it

#6532 10 months ago

How does .91 mean done?
Isn’t WD at 1.54
To me midnight madness being there tells me it will be removed when they do the biggest update like Star Wars they took it out when they added a bunch of rad stuff
I would also take this game over Adams Family
I some people bashing code for not being deep and trying to sell their WD at the same time

#6540 10 months ago
Quoted from jfh:

.91 doesn’t mean done and the release numbers are somewhat meaningless EXCEPT that George indicated not too long ago that 1.00 was going to be used to mean essentially feature complete. Given that you can surmise that a game at .91 is close to complete than one at .64

Ok then why is WD at 1.54 or whatever mine is.They updated that thing like a dozen times
And by “indicated” what does that mean?
Again I point to Satr Wars people worship that code and it didn’t start that way when I got it.
Someone can point to one game I choose to look at SW
Kinda just feels like it,not saying it is reality,but feels like some guys just want to criticize the shit out of anything stern related and say we,the buyers of this title,are somehow getting ripped off.

I listened to Maiden in their heyday,saw them live several times loved old Maiden.
But no matter how cool I thought it was they were making a game based on them and how great people were saying it was I didn’t want a monument to their music in my basement,but didn’t go out to try to tell people having fun with it that the art to me is really bad because it’s not Derek Riggs art and Maiden hasn’t made a good record in forever.
Let them have their fun.
I,for one,LOVE this theme and am very happy they made it and am buying the LE and hearing that it’s junk and having someone go so far as to say that they can “tell” Borg is “towing the company line” is laughable to say the least .

You don’t know what people are thinking and you certainly don’t know what’s coming.

Obviously this game has a lot going for it so let people have their day.These guys can wait for the next game and cream all over it cause Lyman is on it or hate it cause he is not.Like it more cause it’s Jaws or Elvira or hate it cause it’s not.

Having your say and having constructive criticism is cool and saying you don’t like the art or whatever is fine.

We all know what the game is right now and to keep coming back to repeat the same trash talk is just trolling

But,of course,I could be wrong and probably am

#6543 10 months ago

I mean it would seem more helpful to add what you think a game needs instead of tearing it down .
Obviously some have way more knowledge as to what would improve these new games

#6667 10 months ago

If your going to compare Addams to Munsters I would like to think you would have to compare premium/LE to Addams

#6676 10 months ago

I get it on the dollars argument but I thought it was comparing coils,shots and shit
My bad

#6684 10 months ago
Quoted from Squizz:Yet to be seen if Munsters does win ( The far better game) until we see final code.
BUT if Munsters doesn't win?
then there is a lot of egg on there face that it couldn't even beat a game that was made back in 1992.

If it doesn’t win it lost out to a top 5 game all time

#6685 10 months ago

Plus if your going to compare the two you have to act as if Addams Family would be new out of the box
If you look at it that way even then I think they are comparable in a lot of ways accept obviously layout
I don’t know much about pinball and I haven’t played Munsters yet but I looks like,just to me only,like MM layout wise I’ve played a bunch of that

#6774 10 months ago

My Munsters LE will never leave my possession so pumped fun fast flowing game love Borg designs grueling waiting for that thing the backglass is fucking ridiculous

#6917 10 months ago
Quoted from pascal-pinball:

So the levels are 90% the same...
[quoted image]

Awesome I am not concerned still pumped

#6946 10 months ago

Why the hell would they make another Guns n Roses pin ?

#6954 10 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

To finally get it exactly right.


Quoted from noob-a-tron:

Also add the Use your illusion albums

Not their best work I hit skip a lot

I get the love for that company completely but theme goes a long way for me when it comes to ANY pinball from anybody

If you look at Lawlors games a lot of them the theme matters
He didn’t create the show Twilight Zone
He didn’t create Adams Family
Like Greed w the bookcase,it spins around it’s fucking rad or the polar bear or the hand that comes out.

But a big part of what makes that special moment is the passage behind the bookcase.
From the movie.
From Addams family.
Not taking anything away from him he’s the master to a lot of folks and he captures that special moment from those stories and puts it on the table
But CSI,Monopoly,Shrek,not the same
I see TZ I am playing it but I am not running across town cause I heard the silver ballroom got Shrek.

I like Borg games.
Not all of them but some of them are amazing to me.

What makes a game special?
Many different things go together.

With this game,I expect mad cap fun with the Munsters family that gets me involved in it and I am getting the impression from some feedback from the guys I’ve talked to,that are pretty good players, that it’s a rad game

Borg and Dwight and Franchi may have captured some of that in this game,moments from those characters and that show plus some more pinball related code,sure would be great and will come not concerned

I fricking hope so I am waiting on the LE
ha ha

Just rambling thoughts thanks for the outlet

#6955 10 months ago

Like whoever made up the theme and designed MM,with THAT theme,to me that’s amazing it just fits pinball and I assume that’s an original theme?
That guy deserves a raise for sure

#6959 10 months ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Was a Monty Python knock off, so sort of original, sort of not.

Ha I was just thinking why they never made a Monty Python pin
What do I know I would like to see Mystery Science 3000 but I don’t think that would work

#6964 10 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Not sure how many of you are watching the Munsters stream still but holy.shit this dude is blowing it up!!!

Was watching Miracle the hockey movie gonna catch it on YouTube ? I hope

#7056 10 months ago

Haven’t been able to play it yet.
Hitting Herman from both flippers sounds good to me Shadow is one of my favorites you can hit everything from both sides.

Different strokes I guess

#7059 10 months ago

Wife keeps telling me a storm is coming
It’s on..
This is why I bought this game
It’s all about score with her gonna be nice to have that competition

All about taking that guy off the top

#7062 10 months ago

Isn’t the Munsters Madness feature on this game just that? A feature?
Still not concerned I would think it will develop over time and maybe put something in back of the game as a true wizard mode
Who-Dey you got to get the lower playfield brother

#7079 10 months ago

Man nobody is touching Dracs now a whole bunch just sitting there this game has turned a lot of things on it’s head

#7085 10 months ago

Translate the translation cause that don’t make any sense

Quoted from cooked71:

I'm drunk & no one wants to play Dracula now that Munsters is here.

Well shit man Dracula were getting snapped up like nobody’s business and now they are just sitting there
2 local here just sitting there

#7153 9 months ago

It’s like a if I am gonna read a new book.
If it doesn’t have more content than a dictionary,I am not gonna bother with it.

#7156 9 months ago

Dialed in I could never get into
I don’t like games that have like a floaty Elvis on them (I’m all shook up ha ha) and the theme is confusing
High tech? But it’s a pinball? I don’t get it

#7157 9 months ago

You could put a hundred toys in Pirates don’t change the fact that after the first one those movies suuuuck
The movies get worse and worse and Depp gets weirder and weirder

#7191 9 months ago

Theme whore here
Went to Iron Maiden shows half dozen times growing up but I definitely don’t want a monument to their music in my basement
They haven’t made a good record in decades
Plus the art is not Derek Riggs art which looks fake to me
Doesn’t mean it’s not a good game it’s great but a lot of things go into a pinball
If I was totally into Maiden still those things wouldn’t factor in my opinion
I bought the LE cause when I saw it I thought now that looks like a Munsters pin

Theme matters
Some people just feel that monsters are a perfect marriage for pinball

But ah fuck it who cares I just can’t wait for my Munsters pin

#7230 9 months ago

dude get the game
You could sell it you can hardly get one now.i could go get almost any other LE new in box
This thing hasn’t even been out for a month?
It’s the best “looking” pin in a long time for sure and if the code doesn’t develop enough for you then sell
If it does,well then you will have an amazing game

The guys I know personally that have played only the pro are great players say the game is rad
The brain is in its infancy
Dwight is the man he will work on it
Just my opinion bro!
They say look at GB
I say look at Star Wars
I had that thing out the gate,felt shitty about it cause it was hard and guys were ripping it,got impatient now I wish I had it
Can you imagine what the guys buying Gaurdians felt like now look at the game it’s pretty good and this isn’t that
If you buy one of these remakes it’s just a lateral move and sure those JJP machines are nice but the themes they have going not great IMO
Get back off that ledge

#7232 9 months ago

And I totally agree with the above sentiment about guys bashing a game but would pick up the LE on the secondary market in a heart beat
A lot of these guys don’t ever buy NIB games they just meet someone on the side of the highway six months later and get one with a bunch of mods on it and save 1500 bucks
You could end up with one of the games ever just wait and see

#7257 9 months ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Wow. Where do you get one of those?
Have to admit that mine is extremely tolerant and supportive given that she has absolutely no interest in the hobby. But suggesting I buy a new game?? Not in this lifetime.
On another note, just played Beatles and of course loved it. But I’m still not convinced I want to give up on Munsters Le just yet. Haven’t swapped for Beatles ATM - I’ll go and play Munsters again on the weekend.

Dude a lot of people want you to give up on Munsters.

Good luck

#7318 9 months ago

Only pros were damaged

#7334 9 months ago

Holy cow that thing is freaking beautiful

#7354 9 months ago

After rewatching some of the streams on the different versions of the game,I kind of feel like a lot of the bashing on this game is just that,bashing for bashing’s sake.

#7366 9 months ago

Just played the pro as well.It was set up like dogshit.
Very fast at times and I agree with all who have said the animations,art,call outs and music VERY well put together and the use of the big screen is also very good
Game reminded me of MB for sure when I walked up the way it just looked if that makes sense
From what I could tell good mix of stop and go do something and some nice combos
Does have the goofy that’s just pinball bad bounces even though I was trying to control the ball.Posts fly right back at you.
Got my blood going I liked it.

Felt better shooting than DP and Maiden that’s just my opinion and I am no expert
Just a expert on the games I’ve owned

Could see how some would feel the game could be a great one. have no comment on code since it changes and I didn’t get anywhere I was just having to much fun with the characters and staring at it ha ha

#7368 9 months ago

Some things I like being repeated obviously Munsters isn’t for everyone

#7384 9 months ago

I think getting to Munster madness on any decent game would be great more of a feature not the end of the game

#7441 9 months ago

150 pages started over one game holy smokes

#7443 9 months ago
Quoted from MapleSyrup:

If you think these 150 pages have been about ONE game, I’d like to congratulate you for missing the last 149!

Ha ha that’s why I said started

#7449 9 months ago
Quoted from tonycip:

guy sold his after 2 weeks. damn... tired of it already?
and lost 1000

Probably needs a kidney selling his DP as well
Oh well pirates life for him

#7452 9 months ago

Probably shouldn’t have bought it in the first place hopefully he gets the money he needs for whatever

#7453 9 months ago
Quoted from tonycip:

He has pirates.? Id keep that one too

ya man he has that sure

#7520 9 months ago

Back to Monster Bash...I mean Munster Bash...

#7550 9 months ago

The gold legs are bad ass

#7552 9 months ago
Quoted from Amused_to_Death:

[quoted image]
Let's not forget the original leaked artwork.
I could go either way on this. Send my back box hinge, side rails, and lockdown bar off to be painted gold, or, like Magicchiz, install black legs with gold bolts.

I do like the all gold look but isn’t this a concept drawing?
All gold would have been sweet though for sure

#7565 9 months ago

With the LEs arriving I get its time to bash the LE but that shit looks hella cool

#7590 9 months ago
Quoted from Tuna_Delight:

Love those LE's!
[quoted image]


#7596 9 months ago

The others aren’t invisible Fowler is a great guy loves pinball and is very honest

#7605 9 months ago

This game has a lot going for it

#7630 9 months ago
Quoted from whitey:

I think the Gold looks beautiful and the cool thing is it looks old ? If it was polished brass I personally don’t think it would look good. Looking forward to unboxing er !

Dude the game is amaze balls congrats!
I think I am still a week or two away from getting mine
Don’t mind as I just sprayed the ceiling the room it’s going in
Mud and tape this weekend and get some flooring in there all I do is work on that god damn room before the game comes
The gold is bad ass I agree the game has a “old” aspect sure
Steam punk I’ve heard to describe it
I think the game is gonna end up with a great balance of simplicity and complexity
not concerned you shouldn’t be either

Also I am originally from the bay
Born in Hayward across the bridge from you Bay Area represent

#7633 9 months ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Nothing like heading to the fedex facility at 2am to pick up your munsters....


#7679 9 months ago

No matter how much is in a pinball theme totally matters to me in the end
Rehash pirates is rehash pirates to me so it goes both ways

#7681 9 months ago

I keep hearing about how simple the game is when it’s really not IMO

#7712 9 months ago

The opinion that theme doesn’t matter in the long run may be true cause I’ve never seen so many grown men into Wizard of Oz

#7721 9 months ago
Quoted from Tranquilize:

Please note that I'm still trying to get into this machine. I want it to be good, but Munsters' issue is that it almost solely about score. There has to be some sort of journey to go along with score, and the journey in this machine simply stinks like rotten fish. Get rid of the theme and you have a game that wants you to crank up jackpots and multiplyers to achieve numbers. Do you want adventure? Well, there's a clunky bash toy, a ramp bash that stops flow and freebie targets on the side.
Adventure outweighs scoring by a lot in my books, and the top 100 list reflects this as well. I have more fun on every single system 11 ever made. All this being said, I'm going to plug my local Munsters some more, but I feel it will be like ghostbusters, the other dysfunctional stepchild: there will be no love

The 100 list doesn’t mean anything Maiden is like number 8 or some shit come on

#7725 9 months ago
Quoted from Tranquilize:True. I agree that with its innovative pf, it should be a bit higher. 8 seems like a pretty good spot though....

Ha ha nice one I was think more like 28

#7732 9 months ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Is that some Iron Maiden “hate” I detect. I’m offended.

Nah just a negative opinion from a lifelong Maiden fan

#7733 9 months ago
Quoted from snaroff:

Plenty of games achieve both.

This one does for me

#7735 9 months ago
Quoted from Concretehardt:

Your right, totally bogus it should be in the top 5!

No way Iron Maiden?

#7737 9 months ago

I will have to play that shit some more

#7753 9 months ago
42687128-8A7F-44E4-9643-1C9A2F6F6066 (resized).jpegB289FD8E-FA1E-4392-8888-65933848F76B (resized).jpeg
#7754 9 months ago

This is the most beautiful pinball I’ve ever seen god this thing is insane
Plus sounds and lighting someone deserves a raise just incredible

#7782 9 months ago
Quoted from Wotto:

I'm still so "on the fence", waiting for Premiums to land in Oz in May/June.
I will only have / can only fit 4 in collection.
Want 4 fairly different games in PF design, shots and play
Currently own DP and IMDN Premiums.
Tough deep games with tight shots but differing layouts, both unique.
Hope to get a BM66 for a more open PF but deep play.
So maybe a simple , not too deep ( could change over time ), open game like MUN will sit beautifully in that small group and offer different play to others. Also having that lower PF would be another point of difference in a small collection

Dude don’t even trip the premium on this is SICK!!! Get it!!!

#7826 9 months ago
Quoted from jfh:

What’s the initial thinking from LE owners on long term playability of the lower PF? Do you think the novelty will wear off?


#7835 9 months ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

Just read through the complete rule sheet and comments. Definitely a lot more going on in this game than I thought.

There is a lot going on for sure and it’s still new
The lower playfield is awesome hella fun the whole game is a blast

#7841 9 months ago

I’ve had the LE for a few days the game is flat out amaze balls.
Picking it apart is great for opening up discussions but all you can really do on the thing is be picky,i have tried I think it has it all.Its a beast.

#7856 9 months ago
Quoted from guss:

Well I'm selling my GOT pro and buying a munsters pro. I hope I made the right choice

Dude there is no choice Munsters all day pro v pro

#7911 9 months ago

I know this isn’t true,but it just FEELS like a couple folks jaw wagging about stern have a huge axe to grind
Like,it feels like you got fired from there or got snubbed at a party once or something
Like start another page called “I know why stern sucks and I can prove it “

I had a issue with my game and got help on it the same day from someone higher up then was necessary which was really nice and I didn’t expect anything so score one for them
Just saying

#7912 9 months ago

This game is off the fucking chain fun bottom line

#7964 9 months ago
Quoted from PiperPinball:

OK I have a MunstersLE on hold.
Is the game really that great?

Dude the game is flat out a blast to play
Liking the theme helps I would imagine
I would put it side by side with any game that is like it and if I took my love of the theme out of it I would say for instance that Attack from Mars I like just as much,just in a different way because it’s a different game.
The LE is real nice and if you like any of the 90s pins you will like this game
If you want a super out of this world layered game get GOT or Lord of the Rings or Batman stuff like that
But really it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks it up to you
If you like the Munsters or monster themes/characters it’s freaking great

#7966 9 months ago

On the owner side thread it was suggested to put your flippers on soft in the basement it really gives it that pinball feel

#7987 9 months ago

If this game had Lyman on it and it was the exact same game his fans would be ok with it and telling me the true value of the game .I get people want more I do.
But some people all they think about is if their stuff is better than others peoples stuff and any new stuff they can get to replace the stuff they have
They want every game to blow their mind and make them wet themselves or it’s “not good enough”
They will say it’s because they like this or that
“I want games to be super deep”
What does that even mean
“The replay value is just not there man”
How long do you want the game to last
2 1/2 hours
Some guys want video games not pinball
If I was Dwight I would release FU code making the game have like 4 rules ha ha
“One rule don’t drain” code

But to each their own

#8007 9 months ago
Quoted from jfh:

Munster Madness was already pretty easy. Not sure why a new version was made easier.

Easy for you not for me you must be a Pinball Wizard

#8009 9 months ago

When the pictures first came out didn’t anyone who is complaining about code see that there was only 5 windows of characters in the windows between the flippers? I don’t get it that’s the first thing I saw
I like the way the game is being built
Great update,fixes a lot ,smooths out alot and gives owners flexibility to change rules themselves to make things harder if they choose
He will add more isn’t the first good update usually smoothing stuff out ?
I didn’t expect any major adds this go round

#8011 9 months ago
Quoted from jfh:

With the code at .96 now I don’t expect any major adds period.

Come back in six months and see if your right and you can tell me all about it
I am not a code junkie
I like more but I like the game now
This game always makes me smile

#8012 9 months ago
Quoted from Spacemanratso09:

Come back in six months and see if your right and you can tell me all about it
I am not a code junkie
I like more but I like the game now
This game always makes me smile

You win man.Play Batman 66 forever.
It’s the best game ever made you are right and made the right choice and have a bunch of money to buy another toy

#8014 9 months ago
Quoted from jfh:

I’m glad you like the game. I like it too but am waiting 6 months or so to see if I actually want to own one long term.


#8035 8 months ago
Quoted from ChiroCop:

Just joined this thread. LOTS and LOTS of hate about this machine. I want a Pro REALLY bad, but have not played one yet. For those of you who have a Pro, did it meet your expectations...now that the honeymoon phase is over?
Plus, it now looks like there is new code to make it better.

You better like the theme
If you are pumped for this you will love it
When you “finish the game” as people like to say whatever that means,well what comes next is playing THE GAME again
Like AFM
If you think that tons of code is the only thing that will bring years of enjoyment to you then get something else
Themes like this are usually fun and wacky
That’s my two cents
Best Monster game ever

#8040 8 months ago

Munsters number 3!!!! BOOM!!!
Say whaaaaat??? That’s what I am talking about!!

#8041 8 months ago
4D8736C4-15B5-4FE5-8568-CCFA8DF98FBE (resized).png
#8046 8 months ago

I guess it’s in the “eye of the beholder”
so to speak

#8047 8 months ago

Munsters smokes Maiden

#8049 8 months ago

Maiden is a great game
Most of these games are
Just for me Munsters way more fun for me
I like the way it’s shaping up

#8057 8 months ago
96D0E61E-E5CB-4F95-8B62-27C278D209F7 (resized).png
#8058 8 months ago

“A simple wrong would have been fine”
B Madison

#8064 8 months ago

Belongs in the top 20

#8067 8 months ago
Quoted from iloveplywood:

Well, if you take a look at the ratings it's based solely on the 20 LE reviews (not too shocking LE owners like the machine). The pro reviews are not so hot. Looks like a fun game to me though.

My guess is the premium owners will like it even more

#8077 8 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

ACNC is a brickfest and will no way in hell be as good as Munsters is. That game shouldn't rank in the top 1 million.

LMAO cause it’s true

#8082 8 months ago

The new rules in grandpas lab are great and really add a lot to the game like a game within a game IMO
I can only make to number one occasionally and when I do it’s insane

#8084 8 months ago
Quoted from Colsond3:

You know what they say...
[quoted image]
Actually put a few games up on a Pro last weekend. It was pretty decent...smooth shots. Not as smooth as the orbit or ramps on MET though. Left outlane kicked me square in the nuts. Gotta put a few up on an LE or Prem now.

Man I am telling ya knowing your collection your gonna love the premium/LE good stuff

#8089 8 months ago
Quoted from Squizz:

Bahahaha this is just too funny!
not even close, but thanks for the laugh.

It does sorry to each their own
IM not for me
I am old enough to have seen Maiden in their heyday 3-4 times
Great metal band
The pinball doesn’t do it for me music themes are so flat to me

#8092 8 months ago

Everybody has their own tastes
I like Dialed In but the other titles from them I feel like I should be putting my players card in them
I know the bigger screen is there and lots of gadgetry but it just feels like a new slot machine to ME
Kinda splitting hairs on all these new games

#8093 8 months ago
Quoted from BMore-Pinball:

Just curious if you have played it, because I felt the same way until I did.
Game was not on my radar due to theme and music, but this is more an Eddie/Horror theme pin with rock music playing in the background
Band is nowhere to be found in the art package

I’ve played it and I know it’s great
I would never say it’s a bad game no way it’s awesome just for me out of all the new sterns Munsters does it for me
When I say it “smokes” Maiden I am really just trolling I guess ha ha
I really like Munsters throw back vibe

1 week later
#8116 8 months ago
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