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The Munsters Hype (Because every evening its Halloween)

By Macca101010

1 year ago

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#4255 11 months ago

Game looks cool from what I've seen so far, lower playfield seems packed. However, won't consider purchasing until Ghostbusters code is completed. Not spending thousands more for a new game when the last game I spent thousands on doesn't even have its code completed.

#4600 10 months ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

So, is Munsters of Rock the end of the game?
Seems like a pretty short/concise set of rules, compared to other Sterns.
Nothing wrong with that if it's kind of like Iron Man but it doesn't seem to be this way. [quoted image]

There has to be more modes then that otherwise it will have a very shallow ruleset. The picture mentions 5 character shots. I wonder if there will be modes for each of those characters?

1 week later
#5657 10 months ago

Is there a summary of the ruleset? Does the game center around modes for specific characters, are there multiple levels of character modes, are there modes based on season, is there 1 or more wizard mode?

As a potential home buyer rumors of a simpler ruleset are concerning. Even the deepest games offer easier modes upfront but then have multiple layers of depth and strategy to keep people always coming back.

#5660 10 months ago
Quoted from J85M:

One of the best write ups so far
Also the premium deadflip stream with Dwight is pretty informative.

Thanks! That really helps.

So there's 5 main areas on the playfield representing the 5 characters. Each character has a mode or multiball associated with it. Completing the 5 modes grants access to Munster Madness. There's then level 2 and level 3 modes for each of the 5 character modes and level 2 / 3 Munster Madness wizard modes. However, there may not be a lot of variety in level 2 and level 3 modes based on the comment belows. I really hope there's more variety between each level of the character modes. Star Trek does a great job of offering variety with the level 1-3 modes with each mode offering unique animations, sounds, and shots. I hope something similar is done with Munsters.

"Level 2 is very similar to level 1. In addition to some rules being slightly different, the scoring is higher, the timers are a bit tighter and more challenging. Level 3 and beyond is exactly the same as level 2 except the scores will be a bit higher."


"Level 2 is, for the most part the same as level one but harder. It’s also worth more points.
Level 3 and beyond is the same as level 2."

#5702 10 months ago
Quoted from Squizz:

Bahahah, Look at the wait for Ghostbusters code
Cannot see myself waiting for years on Munsters to be updated. Sorry
I think already enough people are worried about the way the code is headed.
In theory the idea for all to see Munster Madness was maybe a nice thought, but it's just going to get old quick for home buyers.
But boy I hope I'm wrong

Same. I won't consider purchasing Munsters until Ghostbusters code is finished. Code brings these games alive and if the games code isn't going to be finished / polished there's no point in buying them other then to have a 6k-$10k box of lights to stare at.

With the way Ghostbusters code has been handled I currently have 0 trust that Stern won't do the same thing with Munsters.

#5719 10 months ago
Quoted from Fytr:

From the Head2Head interview it seemed like Munsters was much closer to complete at this point. I highly doubt you'll see large changes in the overall structure of the rules, just tweaks and refinements from here on out (maybe another wizard mode added or something too).

Sounds like Munsters is purposely going to have a more simpler ruleset. Not sure why Stern is going this direction with one of their cornerstone games. The concept of having 3 levels of modes for the 5 characters sounds cool but only if there's unique rules, sounds and animations for each level. Just doubling points and making players hit X number of more shots sounds repetitive.

Personally I would have liked to see the 3 modes per character offer unique rules, sounds and animations. Have each level based on a different scene / event from the show for that character. Same goes for each wizard mode level versus just making Munster Madness more difficult.

1 week later
#6010 10 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Do you think the theme played a part in you not liking the game? Just wondering because i cant imagine it not shooting pretty good being a Borg game.

Yeah looks like the game should shoot well. The rumors and now reports of simple code are concerning. A modern game can pull off basic code just fine if it's not about progressing through story based modes or modes that surround characters from a theme. TNA does this great.

However, in my opinion 5 modes on a modern pin based off of a TV show and costing $6k-$9k is not enough. For the price Stern is charging the level 2 and level 3 modes for the 5 character modes should all be unique with their own unique assets.

#6084 10 months ago
Quoted from NorCalRealtor:

In what ways? JJP fans love to say this, but often struggle explain it.

Really? The cabinets are built far better, the entire head of the cabinet is still made out of wood, a proper lockdown bar is still used, oh and the power button is still in a convenient location. I just pulled those off the top of my head really quick, can add many more.

#6109 10 months ago
Quoted from Hazoff:

Again with the wood. Stop please ur killing me.

Yeah, your right. A crappy grade of plywood is better! I mean besides being prone to splitting at the seams it helps make the cabinet lighter. That's a smart move by Stern. What the hell is JJP thinking offering a quality product. Crazy!

#6488 10 months ago
Quoted from Whysnow:

please stop recommending that spray and wax crap. Most contain silicone and are NOT what you should be putting on a pf.
Regular 100% caranuba wax is the right stuff

Just curious as JJP has recommended Wizards Mist N Shine for years. Is that considered a safe spray wax to use on playfields regardless of manufacturer?

#6510 10 months ago
Quoted from flynnibus:

Complete bullshit.
The purpose of the game is to entertain... HOW it does that there are diffrent ways. Your theory suggests it’s a 1: 1 correlation between code scale and worth. And what is entertaining to one type of consumer is not the same to all consumers.
Your post is just copycat thinking verse creatives who devise the winning formulas.
Hobbit is the poster child for mawr is better! But it’s not.
Correlation is not causation

The Hobbit's code was a mess prior to the last string of updates and a lot of owners were very unhappy. However, JJP really came through with several huge game changing updates over the past 6-9 months to tie all of the modes together, apply a ton of polish, fix bugs, add a super wizard mode, change how other modes are qualified, etc. I guess the lesson learned there is that if you are going to make a game with a ton of modes everything needs to tie together in interesting ways versus just saying "this game has 30 modes".

With Munsters I don't think 5 character modes is enough for $6k-$9k. Adding level 2 and level 3 modes to the character modes that just require more shots or need to be completed in less amount of time all while lacking their own unique animations and sounds isn't fun in my opinion. Deep and unique code adds value to a game and is part of the overall cost of a pin. I just don't see a lot of value being offered with Munsters due to the current state of its code. The level 2 and level 3 modes should at least offer their own unique animations and sounds.

#6761 10 months ago
Quoted from Squizz:

Well that confirms it, Level 2 and 3 will be the same but adjustments for timers and scoring

Yup...I don't understand. For $6k-$9k level 2 and level 3 modes should be unique with their own unique animations and sounds. Bummer. Still looking forward to playing the game on location.

• At the end of MUNSTER MADNESS the five major areas all reset allowing the player
to begin advancing to the next level of each.
• Level I is relatively easy to complete.
• Level II, for the most part is the same as Level I but harder. It’s also worth
more points.
• Level III and beyond is the same as Level II.

#6775 10 months ago
Quoted from Spacemanratso09:

My Munsters LE will never leave my possession so pumped fun fast flowing game love Borg designs grueling waiting for that thing the backglass is fucking ridiculous

The LE model does look really nice, looking forward to seeing one in person.

Quoted from Who-Dey:

I dont mind someone saying that they dont like the game, even i have said things about the game that i dont like. What pisses me off is you got the same 3,4, or 5 people that come in here and constantly talk about how much the game sucks. Why cant they just say the code sucks one or two times or maybe even ten times and move the F on? Why waste.your time in this thread every damn day on a game that you think sucks? Thats stupid!

No one has really known until today whether or not the level 2 and level 3 character modes are substantially different then the level 1 modes. $6k-$9k is a crazy amount of dough to drop on a pinball machine and for that price I would expect there to be more variety with the level 1-3 modes. As fans of the theme many of us would like to see more content pulled from the show for each character and used in the level 2 and 3 modes versus just reusing level 1 mode assets. What's the fun in having to hit more shots or having less time with the same clips and audio playing? None in my opinion. Having a new scene from the show play out with different shots along with different animations + sounds for level 2 / 3 modes just sounds like more fun. The same thing goes for having a unique wizard mode as each set of modes is played versus just playing a more difficult version of Munster Madness each time.

Seeing Stern offer a high level of mode variety in a game like Star Trek across it's 18 main modes (6 modes each with 3 levels) but then not doing something similar with Munsters makes me as a potential buyer that I'm not getting as much value. I think it's a fair criticism and considering this isn't a fan / owners thread is the place to openly discuss it.

#6778 10 months ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

Level 2 does have different animations according to some people who have seen it ...

If that's the case that's really good news and will add some variety between the different mode levels.

#6875 10 months ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Ask yourself why Stern outsells JJP x 5
Some like DI and POTC. Most don’t.
As for “quality”, it depends on how you define it.
All I read about are problems out of the box
And one big route operator says his JJP pins were blown out at 12k plays. Sterns were rocking along at 25k
When I buy Wonka it won’t be because of “quality”, it’s theme and yes code depth. Which I like!
I hope they turn the corner

Ford sells probably 100x as many cars as Ferrari. Does that make every Ford better than whatever Ferrari puts out? No. Does Ferrari selling less cars than Ford Ford automatically mean they are not successful? No.

JJP is targeting the high end pinball market, they don't have a pin in the Stern pro price range which is what generates a majority of sales for Stern. I don't see the logic in saying JJP pins suck just because Stern has sold more pins. JJP doesn't need to sell as many pins as Stern does to be deemed successful. Also, JJP's operating costs are likely a hell of a lot lower than Stern due to a much smaller factory and staff.

1 week later
#7435 9 months ago
Quoted from JodyG:

Ghostbusters owners would like to have a word with you.

The best thing about the reports of a more simple ruleset for Munsters is it means a Ghostbusters code update will be here that much sooner No more concerns about Munsters code from me! lol

1 week later
#7767 9 months ago
Quoted from snaroff:

I've been a Stern NIB customers since 2004 and I disagree with you. Stern does stand behind their games, however on "aesthetic" issues, it's always subjective.
Here is a post I made regarding my IMDN PF: https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/iron-maiden-issues/page/10#post-4450797
Hard to know if my IMDN PF is comparable with the case above, but Stern did nothing (and both my distributor and I have great relationships with Stern).
These are hand-built games and not every example is going to be aesthetically perfect. If the issue effects gameplay, I am certain Stern will take care of the issue.

I can see where Stern wouldn't replace your Iron Maiden playfield as it appears to be planking which occurs on a lot of games. The issue posted here with the bubbles around the Munster Madness insert is unacceptable and hopefully Stern sends a full populated playfield to the buyer or exchanges the game.

#7790 9 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

The game has been out for like one month so give them time. Anyone who buys a NIB game that wants a finished code should definitely buy an older title that has been out for awhile. I dont know if a code can ever be considered finished honestly. Theres always going to be complaints from some people no matter what.
This game is brand new. There are code updates coming. Will they be good enough to satisfy you? Who knows? We go through this same thing with every single game. I wish games shipped on day one with a complete code but thats just not the way it is unfortunately.

I hope that's the case as there are still a ton of people waiting for Stern / Dwight to properly finish Ghostbusters over 2 years since the games last code update...

#7837 9 months ago
Quoted from Shapeshifter:

90% of lower and upper playfields are designed to give a game 'more' but they rarely work.
So many recent games have been a bust in this area.

Personally I think that is due to Stern minimally coding their upper / lower playfields which is a bummer. Why? They can't have the rules vary that much between pro and premium / LE games. Well they probably could but usually don't spend the time to do so. ACDC premium / LE is a good example. The lower playfield is used for a couple modes, is never used in multiball modes and has only a few rules coded for it. Same goes for the upper playfield in Aerosmith premium / LE. Munsters premium / LE appears to have more coded for it thankfully then past Stern mini playfields.

#7878 9 months ago
Quoted from Tranquilize:

Dimples again... this shit is normal. Some PF do dimple more, but it doesn't affect the friggin' game, and you can only see it at certain angles. Let it go FFS. If you want to complain about Stern, complain about the crap Chinese metal for mechs, the crap leg plates, the lack of a knocker, the lack of sewers, the crap wood, the crap board strategy etc. etc. etc., but for the love of GOD, STFU about dimples. This game is a game of physics, and Stern cannot be blamed for physics, just pretty much everything else.

All pinball playfields dimple but modern Stern seems to dimple more severely and easily than others. Something changed within the past 5 years with either the quality of the wood used and or the art / clear process. No one should be surprised by this when Stern has cut costs in so many other areas.

#7880 9 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

CPR laid it out pretty clearly in the other thread, detailing wood type and construction on the PF blanks and why their playfields are harder relative to newer Sterns. Stern has chosen to save $12 and assumes people will buy their BS about it always being this way.
Edit: Here's the post - https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/cpr-playfield-preorders-are-meaningless/page/2#post-4863477
Valuable read for anyone drinking the kool-aid that playfield hardness hasn't been costed down by Stern.

Wow, thanks for that post. That really pisses me off as Stern has raised their prices so much over the past 5 years and cut corners nearly everywhere yet refuses to pay $12 more per game to have a very high quality and durable playfield. BS!

Glad to see CPR taking pride in their products and wanting to give customers value for their money.

#7885 9 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

Exactly. If Stern wants to cut costs on the Pro, I understand - it's the cheapest option out there. But for the Prem, and ESPECIALLY the LEs, they should have the "usual" hard playfields, and $12 cost is not too much to spend on a $9000 retail machine to ensure a great customer experience.

Its pure greed at this point. Stern should have more pride in the products they are selling at the prices they are charging. Instead we see them cutting costs, quality and raising prices.

Maybe signing up for the new paid Stern Insider program gets you a playfield like CPR uses? Lol.

#7997 9 months ago
Quoted from JayLar:

You´re not the only one lurking here thinking the game looks beautiful (!) but hesitating due to the reviews about shallow code. The theme is a dream theme for pinball (horror and comedy) and the artwork is amazing, so I guess if they would upgrade the code including a more storybased or modebased progression-styled play, a lot of people would go ahead and buy it (among those myself). As of now it seems the game is only about stacking jackpots and that´s it.

There's a lot of people, including myself, who feel burned by Stern and Dwight for taking 2+ years now to finish Ghostbusters code. Why spend another $6k-$9k on Munsters if you are a Ghostbusters owner who spent a similar amount and is still waiting on code to be completed by the same programmer? Hell, even if you are not a Ghostbusters owner I would be concerned about whether or not Stern / Dwight will finish Munsters code considering how Ghostbusters code has been handled.

The screenshot from the official Stern rulesheet makes it sound like level 2 and level 3 modes play very similar to level 1 modes. Other then to save time and money I don't understand why level 2 and level 3 modes wouldn't be unique. Stern has the assets from the show, why not put them to use with unique level 1-3 modes that each cover a specific character scene from the show?

Capture (resized).JPG

#8004 8 months ago

Maybe Dwight and Stern have been reading this thread. This is a nice addition to add some more variety to the game.

New Munster Madness level - This is a four ball multiball
- Moved the old Munster Madness to level II and increased the scoring.
- Created a new Munster Madness level I that is similar but simpler.
- There are 5 areas: Herman, Raven, Lily, Spot, and Grandpa
- There are two stages:
- STAGE ONE - Shoot Each Area three times
- Starting with Herman, you will want to shoot each area up to
3 times before the time runs out.
- You can also shoot the 4 lower playfield jackpots.
- You have 10 seconds per area.
- When the timer run out or you complete the area, you will
move to the next area
- When all 5 area are complete or timed out you will move to
the next stage.
- STAGE TWO - Shoot a hurry up at the Electric Chair
- In this stage, all the shots you made in stage one, including
the lower level jackpots, contribute to the value of a hurry
up that starts to count down.
- Shoot the electric Chair to collect it.
- If you collect it or if it times out you will move back to
stage one.
- After stage two the lower playfield jackpots will only light
after each time you hit the current area.
- The only Zap Jackpot opportunities during this multiball are on
the lower level.
- After stage two the lower playfield jackpots will only light
after each time you hit the current area.

#8017 8 months ago

Really glad to see new Munsters code as a Ghostbusters owner lol.

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