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The Munsters Hype (Because every evening its Halloween)

By Macca101010

3 years ago

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Post #550 Munsters Premium and LE cabinet art Posted by pinsanity (3 years ago)

Post #8004 0.96 Code change summary Posted by PanzerFreak (2 years ago)

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#66 3 years ago

Its going to be unusual to see black and white video on the LCD. I wonder if Stern will opt to have the translite black and white too to match?

#68 3 years ago

If so, then no video clips from the 2 series since they were both shot in black and white. I think part of the nostalgia and charm would be the TV clips.

Quoted from PinballManiac40:

I am betting the whole game including the LCD animations will be in color. Got to have a game that pops to catch people's attention.

#118 3 years ago

So if this is Borgs new game, could it possibly be the EXPO reveal?

#124 3 years ago

They could use both from the series, they look similar and quick clips nobody would know the difference.

Quoted from wdpvideo:

Beverley Owen's was only on like 10 or so episodes. So I think they would use Pat Priest, back in the day "wow" but
not a TPF looker anymore, but as we age, who is?

1 week later
#171 3 years ago

Flames,lol! You might get red LEDs flashing, but flames, um....no. Borgs a creative guy, I'm sure we'll see something cool!

Quoted from swillie:

Would be great if the under the stairs dragon would actually blow flame out its nose. The Pinball Amigos could pull it off...cmon Stern!

#177 3 years ago

Yep, I get it, but its not practical in a pinball machine. I hope we see something clever.

Quoted from spfxted:

Flames are easy! Ever see those lamps with the flames? Just LED's, a fan and red and yellow material. Looks great!!

2 months later
#704 3 years ago

You won't see this until EXPO mid October.

Quoted from pindude80:

Anyone have any speculation about when this will be officially announced and pics of it? I've been thinking about getting a Maiden, but am a fan of the Munsters and wouldn't mind seeing what it looks like before I pull the trigger on a Maiden.

3 weeks later
#956 3 years ago

You'll have to wait for EXPO for news on Munsters. Why would Stern release anything before the reveal?

#999 3 years ago


Quoted from MK6PIN:

So do we think this gets announced just before Expo, during, or after?

#1104 3 years ago

Gosh I hope not!

Quoted from Psw757:

I don’t recall a comment on it being a rehashed layout but it was said that it will be a classic layout.
If rehashed, the only classics would be a repurpose of pbr or who nellie correct?

#1166 3 years ago

You realise dominos wasn't a stern? It was a spooky contract game.

Quoted from Psw757:

Well then give us another example of a stern that is a classic design(old school) and apparently a rehash machine.
Pbr,dominos,Whoa Nellie or something from the earlier 80's?

#1192 3 years ago

Light up eyes?

3 weeks later
#1574 3 years ago

I doubt it since Beatles jumped ahead of Munsters. Beatles will have the new release spotlight the next 3 months

Quoted from NoQuarters:

You'll see Munsters end of November or Early December or so.
Hold steady.
Game will be out long before Texas show and appearance by Butch. (That is not the reveal) But that cameo with Butch should be fun nonetheless.

#1603 3 years ago

Not necessarily. How can you know how deep and fun the game will be? Don't assume just because its NEW that the code will be "better" than Monster Bash. I bet one thing - Monster Bash will be funnier than Munsters. Those lines are great in MB!

Quoted from Who-Dey:

That may be true about the code PW but dont forget that MB has a shallow code also and its finished. Munsters will most definitely ship with a lot better code than MBR has.

4 weeks later
#2022 3 years ago

I love Borg games and this would fit in nicely with my collection! Go Borg!

#2031 3 years ago

If spot pops up in the bicycle girl area (TWD) would there need to be a lower playfield?

Quoted from konghusker:

No lower play field or is that only in premium/le models if at all? Looks sweet either way.

#2059 3 years ago

It says: "Spot Bash Toy under coil driven lift ramp decorated as staircase."

Quoted from Raegor:

It does say "Spot Bash Toy under coil driver off? ramp decorated as staircase".

#2061 3 years ago

wrong Marilyn!

#2159 3 years ago

Probably pictures from Chris Franchies phone....

Quoted from Whysnow:

So, since there is really not much to talk about with partial pf.
I want to know the juice... Where and how do these get leaked?
intentional? testing someone? real leak?

#2199 3 years ago

I would imagine Stern got all episodes and voices with the license, just like BM66.

Quoted from Lermods:

A big question is whether it will have the show voices. It will be really bad if it doesn't.

2 weeks later
#2543 3 years ago

Yes! Confirmed!

#2716 3 years ago

So if the PROs were shipping on Monday overseas then we should see some videos of owners in 2 weeks? That would be cool!

#2796 3 years ago

From the cell phone pic it looks like Herman is a target and has a magnet in front of it. Can't make out the target type though..

1 week later
#3172 3 years ago

Why would you need extra flipper buttons to control lower playfield?

Quoted from Macca101010:

If the rumour of "There are four flipper buttons on Premium and LE version, with the extra flipper buttons presumably to control lower playfield flippers"
This will be something different and I'll be keen to see how that plays.

1 week later
#3901 3 years ago
Quoted from 3pinballs:

what time and where is the video broadcast today

after 2PM EST

#4548 3 years ago

I was curious about the too and the matrix says Main inserts and zap button are RGB on all models.

Quoted from Concretehardt:

Does the premium have any RGB LED’s?

#4775 3 years ago

Maybe I missed it but was there mention about the rules concerning COMBOS? I noticed combos piling up on the screen but I didn't see which shots were awarding the combos and how many combos there are. I think combos are fun in games and the more the merrier!

#5267 3 years ago

I wouldn't count on big code updates, maybe minor fixes. The game looks complete and fun the way it is, if you find it too easy you can make it harder with the settings. If you don't like the rules now, it's probably not your kind of game.

Quoted from Phatchit:

I think as it is this game looks fun and absolutely beautiful . I bought a pro and can’t wait . I think that the code updates will eventually make this a great game for all players . All simple game play optics are from the current code and I hope this one gets code updates that just add to the fun factor and I can’t wait

#5583 2 years ago

You know I think you were the first person to put SHREK into the conversation (as referring to the mini playfield). Everyone else says the mini playfield is like Family Guy 2 and they totally forgot about Shrek. I actually like Shrek better than Family Guy. Glad you are enjoying it.

Quoted from tbanthony:

Looks fun— I’ll find it on location — but I think I’ll keep my Shrek. I’m afraid the lower play field will feel like a been there, done that to me. Also, I watched Munsters growing up but the Addams family was the better show. I’d rather own TAF. I hope it’s gets a remake someday.

1 week later
#6233 2 years ago

Everything in pinball is related to bill of materials. Did you ever consider Borg dropped the LILY targets and put in the single target to save the BOM for those items and use it elsewhere? It was possible because the single DRAGULA target was needed since other targets wouldn't fit in the left spot and a single target on the right would add symmetry. Like maybe, just maybe that's why the PRO retains all the features of the premium/LE minus the lower playfield. I have to give Borg the benefit of 25 years of experience designing games. I think you are inferring that future titles will have single targets and IMO that is definitely not the case. 1 in a row does not make a trend.

Quoted from Bublehead:

On the Target-gate conspiracy of missing Lily drops and possibly the Dragula standups... with this mentality, will Stern machines end up being a box with two flipper buttons, one big target, one big light, one big buzzer, and one big bell? Then we put money in it to stand in front of it and mash the buttons while the ball randomly crashes around into the target, randomly buzzes the buzzer, flashes the big light, and rings the bell? And every time we get it to ring, buzz, and flash long enough, it cracks off a knocker to let me know I get to do this all over again for FREE!
This is how I, as a player, feel Stern is letting us down with their recent evidence of “cost savings” or “profit maximizing” or “customer gouging”, depending on your opinion of Stern.
I understand the mentality behind the single wide Lily Target when it come to the rules... hit this target 4 times and something happens, which in Munsters is you boost Lily which boosts overall scoring. There is no award for getting LILY in order, so the single target paradigm works, but here’s the rub- usually, in past pinball rules, four bank target banks, either standup or drop, are a way of sequencially making the player be accurate with their shots, give them visual feedback of their progress, and removes that progress if the bank is not completed in the current ball or within a set time.
Here’s some more “cost savings” advice... you can eliminate 3 inserts, 3 lamps, and just put up one LILY insert... flash the insert slowly at first, then faster with each strike until the 4th strike, where you leave LILY lit to show it is qualified. See? Now you save 3 lamps, 3 sockets, 10 feet of wire and three lamp outputs on your already shaky node boards. No change to game play, but way cheaper.
If Stern continues to remove the aspects of playing pinball that some of us have grown to love and expect, then I don’t see me buying many more NIB Stern machines. The “dumbing down” of pinball in the name of “cost savings” is killing off the things I have always loved about playing... shooting shots accurately, in order, and that “thump” when the bank resets, be it the thump of making the bank in a single sweeping shot, or the thump of the bank resetting before making the last shot...

#6258 2 years ago

You can set the clock to just before midnight anytime of day and play the midnight madness.

Quoted from NeilMcRae:

This 100 million times. AFMR is one of the best games of all time. It’s tough and deeper than munsters! My family love it and we do low roller betting on it the LE topper is epic!
The code update for munsters means to get one of the features I have to play at midnight is that right?! WTF?!

#6575 2 years ago

What exactly was Dwight’s contribution to star trek? Was it the medals concept and bug fixes?

Quoted from Squizz:

Well like I have said before, I really hope I'm wrong with The Munsters code Eskaybee!!!!
Agree with Dwights ST code, was a rollercoaster ride at the start, but his end result was amazing !!! Notice my avatar
As for 9 to 5 comment, then if this is true as you say, Then I apologize.
My thinking to this was based on his comment and lack of enthusiasm towards GB on the H2H pod cast.

1 week later
#7268 2 years ago

I see value in targetting all ages with pinball. kids tell their parents they want a pinball machine when they play them, 20/30 somethings buy them when they play them in bars with their friends and older folks buy them as their is strong nostalgia from their past. Target them all and that's what Stern does.

btw you'd be surprised how many parents remember munsters. I talked with my extended family members at dinner the other night and most are in their 40s 50s and all of them remember the munsters.

Quoted from Guinnesstime:

If that’s true, why use an obscure theme from 1964 to attract 20-30 somethings? Shit their parents barely remember The Munsters.

#7406 2 years ago

WOF will never get another update. Why would it? Lobby for recent games to get updates not something 12 years old!

Quoted from tonycip:

WOF thats 2
If you have a game you feel that need code update feel free to add.

#7436 2 years ago

Interesting. I read Waison and team put a huge update on Wrestlemania (1.25 and later 1.33/1.35).

Are there serious bugs from this last update nearly 3 years ago? If its broken have you sent examples to Stern? If so, press on and remind them! There is no excuse to leave a game broken. They have more programmers now and less reason to excuse broken code.

Sorry for going off topic.

Quoted from LesManley:

Wrestlemania. I own the game and like the game, always have, but the code is broken...especially on the LE. Aside from any updates, Stern needs to fix the broken code. As a Ghostbusters owner too, I'm batting .600 right now with Stern games I own and finished code. That would be great if we were playing baseball, but not so good when it comes to $5,000 pinball machines.

#7650 2 years ago

Uncle Gilbert is also on the playfield to the right of Marilyn. Strange I don't remember that character on the show. Guess I missed that episode.

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