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The Munsters Hype (Because every evening its Halloween)

By Macca101010

1 year ago

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#215 1 year ago

Spot is my favorite all time pet. He so cuddly

#218 1 year ago

Ready for Munsters Bash but delivery is a year out.

IMG_2487 (resized).JPG
#226 1 year ago
Quoted from Budman:

Delivery is a year out? I heard 4th qtr. this year.

Next up

4Q18 Deadpool. 1Q19 Beatles 2Q19 Munsters so yeah a year out.

#243 1 year ago
Quoted from swinks:

alot of cool art potential as well as lighting effects and a bit of competition for Monster Bash in the way of theme character similarities.
if Borg design hope it is a new style layout and unlike his past 5 or so years layouts...

Quoted from vireland:

GoT rules with Borg action and Franchi art? Sounds pretty great to me. I just PRAY that Borg has really come up with a NEW playfield design instead of another reskin or mirror of his existing designs.

Now my expectations for Munsters are sky high! Borg said it was his favorite design too

When MBr's ship, they will be competing against other monster theme games - ACNC & Munsters (+ possibly Elvira 3)

#255 1 year ago
Quoted from vireland:

Deadpool's looking like a lame duck.

Deadpool's looking like AFLAC? Stern sticking 1M bills in the game? Maybe Stern is releasing chicken little next?

1 month later
#288 1 year ago

Graphup or shut up. But I agree that Gomez has plenty of misses, which is probably why LOTR is the only one of his games I've owned.

BM66 is a good pin, but it it is not a good fit for me.

Gomez is the king of two flippers. Having sworn off buying any more games with only two, Munsters will have more, right?

Deadpool may have me rethinking this and I'll be comparing it to whoever is designing Munsters.

#290 1 year ago
Quoted from Tuna_Delight:

Some guy named Borg. Hopefully, he's good.

He's my favorite designer.... and if he'll just add another flipper mech or two I'll become highly excitable.

#295 1 year ago
Quoted from vireland:

Nope. You can't spread the merely good resale value of LotR over 5 duds and keep the average resale respectable. And besides, people buy machines, not averages. Do you want to gamble when the odds of getting a good design with decent resale from a Stern Gomez machine are 1 in 5, or 20%?

What if Gomez's true battling average was 1 in 3 = .3333? He currently is batting 1 in 5, but if Deadpool is a runaway success, he'll be (two fer six, which is ....) back to his natural performance. With so much on the line, you'd think he'd really wanted to nail one right over the centerfield wall. Deadpool looks intriguing.

Come on Stern. Where's the Munsters pics already?

#323 1 year ago
Quoted from PW79:

But that last software update 6 years from now will really make the game great.

Haven't you heard? Stern has only been releasing complete games for awhile?

I assumed Stern had been upping the percent complete of their software at release, just as they have been improving other aspects. So I pulled a list and other than Maiden, it needs to go back further than 2013 before I can find an instance of a Stern game that released with complete code.
For that reason, Maiden earns Stern's lifetime achievement award - games that didn't suck.

IMG_0518 (resized).PNG

I am optimistic for Stern with their staff, that Maiden will be the first point in a new trend - of only releasing games that are fully baked. It is the right way to lead and resources are now in place. If I were a hipster, I'd drive my weinnermobile to Chicago and pursue a career at Stern or elsewhere in the pinball field. So Deadpool is complete, right Stern? and Munsters will be complete, right Stern?

#358 1 year ago

MunstersLE cabinet art package looks good. At first it gives off a sophisticated vibe, an odd direction to take with the Munsters, but one that turned out well, and the red velvet liner really ties the coffin interior together, man. Flat gold-powdered hardware accent the black and white and gold cabinet art perfectly. The black and white and gold backglass also pops on it's own, but together this marks a special LE package by Stern. Their business direction is turning, and Stern is offering LE buyers more art, better art and custom looking cabinets. They'd better have 1.0v software too, by time of release.

Munsters Premium - Franchi took a lot of liberties with proportions and physics, to where I can't easily look past certain things on the right side art. Herman's body is too small. Lily's head and body are too big and she is floating in air. Marilyn's head and bust are too big and she is holding a picnic basket over the edge of vehicle, who does that? Grandpa and Eddie might as well be cardboard cutouts.

The real question is why everyone appears so relaxed and are waving, while Herman has the dragster wheels spinning, fire shooting from the pipes and they are burning rubber? They should be holding on for dear life and if artist would consider looking at it again with the idea of showing actors looking forward and in profile (a version of the family dragster nobody has yet make). I understand you've got to do certain things to bend characters into a scene but none of it makes sense.. ??? ... that said, it is way better than anything I could do and having it in color compensates for those flaws. Front, sides and both head decals are four color pretty.

The best parts from the premium art package - side art is different on both sides and both head decals (something Stern has needed to do for awhile), purple candy powdercoating (on a premium model yeah), iconic scenes you want to see, line art style that is striking and complementing blue, green and purple colors really swim. Overall I like the Premium a bit more, but would love to see the LE in person before deciding. Unfortunately the playfield glass was grayed out on both models, so no hints below that were revealed, nor was any gameplay video avilable.

One secret - LCD for both models appears to be greyscale, like a b/w tv. That makes LE cabinet, backbox, backglass & LCD -> black and white with gold and gray accents. One day soon we'll see all this and more, until then everything you hear is rumors, speculation and unconfirmed lowres sightings.

The funniest thing is that we are discussing Munsters on cabinet artwork alone. That might be the least important aspect to playing pinball. Although it is a deal breaker at my house., just like the lack of a ramp that rises to lock a ball in the basement or exclusion of family pet Spot would be also.

(Stern should announce and reveal the Munsters at Expo and begin shipping in Dec. Make some Deadpool, make some Munsters, make some Maiden - rinse and repeat) imo. At this point Stern can launch multiple titles on top of themselves if they chose. They have the capacity and expertise to get it done. Nobody else can touch that. Nobody!

#621 1 year ago
Quoted from RonSS:

Talking "flute", classic.

That flute would quickly work me into a rage every time I watched an episode. I hate that frickin flute.

HR Puff N Stuff machine would be choice. Throw in some Peewee Herman and it would be a must buy for me. Let's call it Peewee's Puff N Stuff! Psychedelic mushroom trips and cloaked gay characters these shows were all good fun. Loosely written scripts and zany characters doing their daily craze. Cant remember the music they used but can guess it would be annoying. Oh well that doesn't need to be included.

#673 1 year ago
Quoted from PinballManiac40:

Assumptions lead to disappointments. I shall not think about what I believe should be in the game, so I shall be completely surprised when it is out.

You think it might feature the cast of Addams Family instead? I am in agreement with you though. Things happen and changes tale place until they don't change anymore. ... Herman Munster is a lock, everything else is up in the air. Not including all cast and pets would be a fail.

edit - I don't currently own any Dwight Sullivan coded games, so am probably due.

1 week later
#800 1 year ago

Found this exclusive pic of the main bash toys Stern designed for Munsters. I don’t much care for them since their arms don’t move

6FC61724-476D-426C-B87B-DBBF3E97B6EC (resized).png

1 week later
#858 1 year ago

Today is Sep 17 and Deadpool’s have been shipping for a month. Munsters run expected to start by Nov 15. That is two months away. Looks like an Expo reveal timing works perfect. If game is not ready then, it would push out the production schedule. So it will be ready and it will be shown at 2018 Expo imo. If I could count on that happening, I’d book airfare and plan to come. Any Stern employees want to pm me with info? I’m ready for some Munsters - haunted house style

#860 1 year ago
Quoted from mnpinball:

Super Top Secret Info
[quoted image]

at first I thought it could be a whitewood, but now am guessing it’s an upper playfield or lower section of recessed playfield. It looks like the flippers are mini flippers and the pf may be 18 inches long.

1 week later
#1005 1 year ago

Any truth to the rumor there’s going to be a Munsters Pinball?


#1006 1 year ago

Cant wait to see this game.


#1044 1 year ago

Check out Herman’s flippers

#1194 1 year ago
Quoted from OLDPINGUY:

Good Looking Grandma! for 78!...Would have made Grandpa Happy![quoted image]

I don't know, Grandpa's character was between 400 - 700 years old. At 78, a wife better look terrific.

pasted_image (resized).png
#1208 1 year ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

All 25 pages of this thread are based solely on non released (nor verified) prelim cabinet art images. Anything else is pure speculation so you didn't miss anything. lol

+ .... it is Stern’s next release, unless it isn’t. + ... the game will be revealed in two weeks at Expo, unless it isn’t. But at least he came to the right place. This thread will get the pics first. Standing by Houston.

#1212 1 year ago
Quoted from vireland:

6 Flippers, 6 Pop bumpers, 6 drop targets.

6 ramps, 6 levels maybe?

1 week later
#1347 1 year ago

Sticking with spooky themes, it’s about time for a Friday 13th, nightmare elm street or Freddy vs Jason. These are no brainers (brainless per spell check) folks. American Pinball or Spooky should license them.

But Munsters is Stern’s spooky in a fun/campy way Pinball. Can’t wait to see and play one.

#1392 1 year ago

If 4 insects costs as much as they say, it will be easy passing on it to save for Munsters. I want game code to be finished before buying.

#1445 1 year ago
Quoted from jgentry:

Some are pretty funny. MM and AFM have a few funny lines, CFTBL has tons of funny stuff, RZ takes it to a whole new edgy level with Captain Spaulding. There are several others but those are the top 4 that come to mind.

Add SS and FGY to your list and you have a comedy six pack.

#1557 1 year ago
Quoted from CubeSnake:

He knows about it...I spoke with Butch & his wife at the CT HorrorFest last month. His wife showed me pics of the pin on her phone. He claims it'll be released in March, '19. He was a bit fuzzy on that but I have no reason not to believe him. Very nice people, by the way....

Well did her pics of the pin look anything like the ones we’ve been discussing here? How many levels are there? What did you notice?

#1681 1 year ago
Quoted from Vino:

Stern has improved, but biggest concern about Munsters is Dwight being allowed time to truly finish up a game.
Someone posted beating SW and felt it needed polish the same way GB owners need final wizard mode help.

So doesn’t it make sense for someone to wait and see how the game is finished before considering buying? That would mean a new Stern announcement should make you excited to buy the game two years from now - after everything is done. A Dwight game maybe longer ... in Nov 2020, Munsters will be fully baked and the hype will have burned off. If it is strongly approved of then, it will always be looked on as a great pin. So you could target the last games rolling out of the factory or buy a HUO LE from a Pinsider. Waiting to buy a pin can save you a lot of money that might get wasted early buying games that don’t pan out. Not saying you would, but many do and it easy to see why surrendering to the hype and being among the first to buy the newest pin feels so GOOD.

Like chasing the dragon .... instant gratification and a feeling of immortality. For once you can give a review of a game to your pinball nerd pals and be the expert. Why not, you have the pin and you got it before most who will get it? For once you are ahead of the curve and on the winning team. You Sir, are a Champion! But you could also wait and buy the pin after the hype, when you can judge it with clear eyes. Those are the smart ones, the unsung heroes. Play and enjoy it on location until then.

#1695 1 year ago

Someone’s faking a Bill & Ted pin. How does Pinside feel about being duped?


How would I feel if someone actually made a Bill & Ted pin?

But it in the meantime .. Stern gives us Munsters.

#1698 1 year ago
Quoted from vireland:

Wasn't Brian Eddy on Jaws?

I think he is and am hoping that is followed by Eddy / Yeti / Klyce on Godzilla!!

#1752 1 year ago
Quoted from Pinhead1982:

LE for me.. just because it will look great next to my TAFG [quoted image]

Quoted from whitey:

Looking forward to an LE next to
My Addams Gold
My game was built for over seas
But never shipped
Game has 100 plays
It’s flawless, cool
Back ground history
[quoted image]

Curious what number your TAFG’s are? Have you got a pic of the plaques? Brass coin door is a must.

#1753 1 year ago
Quoted from SilverBallz:

[quoted image]

With no official pics, feature matrix nor prices, it’s about time distributors open sales for Munsters LE. Buy now, find out what you get before the game arrives. This marketing concept is called JINT-APP = Just In Nick of Time - Awesome Pinball Purchase Where’s my Munsters Stern?

2 weeks later
#1864 1 year ago
Quoted from J85M:

Maybe all the current titles in production plus DP, Beatles and Primus are keeping the line busy enough for Stern?
One things for sure they are making it clear how they can pump out games like nobody else.

Primus this week and Beatles run thru Dec. Stern might even shut factory down a week for holiday or to do some maintenance. Sure Stern can run more current titles next, but come Jan 1 it will have been four months since last cornerstone. It would make sense for them to show their next title in early Jan and to be in full production by end of month. Should that game be Munsters, Stern can still feature it as their latest game come TPF, but there is no reason to hold back release as Butch thinks.

That is unless Stern will releasing another title BEFORE Munsters. Maybe a vault edition or My Pink Pony? The extra time will allow Munsters code to reach version 1.0 before the game is released, and for Stern to continue finishing code on released titles. At least we have another confirmation that Munsters exists and that it will be released no later than TPF. That’s still pretty good in my book. I’d be content critiquing leaked pics, if we could get get them....

#1970 1 year ago
Quoted from cpr9999:

Few more days/hours of posting and then reveal of Munsters!!

I am thinking about the Munsters reveal. In the past, rushed and early reveals by every manufacturer have been met with a poor response and the general consensus is that it is better for everyone involved to wait and see the game when it is done, code is complete and it is almost ready to ship.

So if you had the power to decide. Would you rather see leaked low res pics and game play video of game with .50 code now or wait one month and have high res pics and game play video of game with .90 code?

#1993 1 year ago
Quoted from bemmett:

One of my favorite artists Michael Godard did a Munsters painting, really out of his normal element but figured it needed to be in this thread.(If it wasn't already)
[quoted image]

Cool pic. Is that the main toy Stern plans to use - a Herman bobblehead?

#2049 1 year ago

boiydiego Any pics of Prem/LE playfield and a feature list? Had to have followed sequence of pc screenshots.

#2094 1 year ago

What is the sticker to cover Marilyn aboot? I may have to find an xrated decal to put on instead.

B971FD00-24CC-4E70-9596-AE5E885ED5E7 (resized).jpeg
#2103 1 year ago

How aboot the skinny backbox that doesn’t flare at base? That hasn’t been seen before by Stern. Do my eyes deceive, there are no exposed hinges? Maybe they’ve been eliminated due to new cabinet head design.

Could either of two ramps lead to/from an upper playfield? There was talk it may be three levels. We expect the lower playfield to be eliminated on the pro but would Stern snatch the upper pf off on pro too?

#2334 1 year ago

Pro looks like 1 level except for space over top half of playfield which would be ideal for an upper pf. Anybody think the pro has 2 levels and then the prem/Le get lower pf for 3 levels?

#2336 1 year ago
Quoted from Blacksun:

Would be kewl if the pro was one level, Pre was 2 and LE was 3...

Think I know where they got the idea

8FF56781-1683-4BD2-B80F-A5FC56FD0F73 (resized).jpeg
#2362 1 year ago

Bought two TronLE’s for $5.2k a piece. I followed Tron sales from the start and never saw any of the good deals mentioned above. Sold one for $8k and the other for $9k. Bought a Tron pro for $4.6k and modded it thu the roof. Those were the days.

Looking forwards to getting a Munsters LE ... probably at $9k.

#2364 1 year ago
Quoted from cooked71:

I thought the Pinside Logic is that JJP are responsible for nothing else but high prices?

When Stern almost collapsed and brought on their new partner, they set a few primary goals from the start. Pros were selling for 4.5k and may have cost 3k to make. 1) They immediately raised their priced structure to include a healthy profit, ensure future stability and build in distributor profits. 2) They established and enforced minimum sales pricing for distributors. 3) They invested in staff and expanded design which increased internal BOM to closer to $4K. Pros are selling for $5.5k, but Prem sell for $7.5k and LE’s at $9k are where Stern makes bank.

#2387 1 year ago

Doctor told me I've got an addiction to Cheddar cheese. It's only mild though.


Cheese has holes.

The more cheese you have, the more holes you have.

The more holes you have, the less cheese you have.

Conclusion: The more cheese you have, the less cheese you have.... more or less.

#2389 1 year ago

Found a Munsters commercial for Cheerios. Don’t remember ever seeing it, but I’d guess it aired.

#2393 1 year ago

Artistic license is what I tell myself when seeing Eddie’s amputated legs, wrapped in bandages and a beer bottle stuck up his butt.

Who’s the guy hovering over Lilly’s shoulder???

DC1C0135-FE43-4685-A1C6-1F8C2E190634 (resized).jpeg
#2414 1 year ago
Quoted from Bublehead:

“Stop playing with the clock!!!”

Have a hot dawg!! I always repeat that line whenever I hear the callout.

#2416 1 year ago

Found some great Munsters quotes and just reading them brought a big smile. I can officially wait no longer. Come on Stern ... quit fooling around and give us the Munsters already!

Lily Munster: When is that silly bird going to get girls off his mind?
The Raven: Nevermore, nevermore.

Lily: Eddie! You better start dawdling, or you're going to be on time for school!

Grandpa Munster: Hmm. What smells so good?
Herman Munster: I cut myself shaving.

Marilyn Munster: What does Ramone look like?
Lily Munster: He looks a little like Cary Grant, the poor man.

Lily Munster: Herman tried to build a ship inside a bottle. We had to break the bottle to get him out.

[repeated line]
Herman Munster: DARN, DARN, DARN, DARN!

Lily Munster: Oh, Marilyn... the circles under your eyes. How lovely you look today.

Marilyn Munster: Uncle Cavanaugh? I didn't know there were any English Munsters.
Grandpa Munster: Marilyn dear, no matter where you go in the world, you can always dig up one of our relatives.

Marilyn Munster: My aunt and uncle are out right now, and grandfather is up in the attic.
Pops Murdock: Oh, eh, working?
Marilyn Munster: Oh no, he just likes to hang around up there.

Marilyn Munster: In all the years that we've lived here, I can't recall more than 8 or 9 people ever getting past the front door.
Grandpa: What would the neigbors say if they saw a bunch of strange looking people living in our home?

Eddie Munster: Mom, if we do rent the place, can I use some of the money to buy Spot a new toy?
Lily Munster: Oh Eddie, we gave him a foreign sports car for Christmas, he played with it a couple of times, and then he threw over the back fence.

Eddie Munster: Hey mom, can I go out and walk around the ledge?
Lily Munster: Oh no, no, Eddie, you might fall off and hurt somebody.

Lily Munster: Oh dear, I think he's going to recite!
Herman Munster: Ibbedy bibbedy, sibbedy sab. Ibbediy bibbedy canal boat. Dictonary down the ferry. Mary, Mary quite contrary. Ehm... Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear, Fuzzy Wuzzy lost his hair. Scooba doo and scooba dye. That's chicken's not too young to fry. Live is real, live is ernest. If you're cold, turn up the furnace. Eh, I, I thank you.
[riotous aplause]
Man with the beard: Man, that guy is deep!

Eddie Munster: Wowie, Zombo's the neatest guy. When I grow up, I wanna be just like Zombo.
Herman Munster: But son, I thought you wanted to be just like me, That's what you always used to say, wasn't it? .
Eddie Munster: Sure pop, but that was just when I was a dumb kid.

Grandpa: [to Herman] If Tony Curtis looked like you, there'd be no stopping him.

The Raven: Eleven O'Clock and all is well... but what do I know?

Grandpa Munster: [adressing the Cave Girl Robot] Excuse me, my dear, could I interest you in a little bite?
Herman Munster: Grandpa, she's only a robot. That woman can not talk.
Grandpa Munster: I know... those are the best kind.

Marilyn Munster: I don't know why uncle Herman wants to get become mixed up in racing.
Lily Munster: You know Herman, he always has to be a hero to his son.
Marilyn Munster: But I didn't know he knew anything about automobiles. He's really full of surprises.
Lily Munster: Full of surprises? You should have seen his X-rays after his last physical. They're some things in there that the doctor's couldn't figure out at all.

#2459 1 year ago

^^^ wowza, just wowza. ***

I don’t think Lily on a stick will work though, as it is from the preliminary months of the show where she is much less recognizable in costume. See the white bolts in her jet black hair? Within the first few months of filming, her hairstyle changed to softer black with narrow grey streaks.

1 week later
#2550 12 months ago

So 6 years after release, AC/DC is finishing. 1000 Beatles are run and done in a month. Primus is run in one week. Poor Beatles pin gets no respect.

#2565 12 months ago

Seems like dinner time and everyone’s here. We are seated around the table .... drinking and eating and enjoying each other’s company. Waiting for Stern to ring the doorbell and deliver the main course - a Munsters Pro, Prem and LE. Who’s hungry?

Problem is, Stern is so busy making money and depositing it in the bank, they barely have time to make our requested pet project, Munsters. Seems like the time is right to announce and show pics. They’ll be ready to start production of LE’s in second week of January.

Prediction - Munsters will be revealed by Stern before Monday night, 12/17/18 at 12:00am EST ***

#2568 12 months ago

Site looks good. Wonder if that means Stern will let you retheme Mustang into your favorite brand?

4D04F456-54A9-4261-80DD-4D7A8375D4AE (resized).jpeg8EBA8FC0-E07C-4104-8EE2-181F21F995AD (resized).jpeg
#2571 12 months ago

I’m more intrigued by the update to ifpa site. What’s going on over there?

6DB7E69F-EDCC-4909-9588-D8615EA6FA7A (resized).jpeg
#2621 11 months ago
Quoted from Budman:

The leaked Premium cabinet art awhile back characterizes Herman messing around in Grandpa’s lab. That might indicate / confirm that there is a lower level playfield on that model. Why else depict Herman in that way? A lot of other options were available.

Probably a coincidence. Leaked pics also show left and right side art are different. The other side has a car on it. Plus i don’t think Stern gives it that much thought.

#2630 11 months ago

Was Munsters shown in syndication outside of US? I watched them in late 60’s and early 70’s alongside Addams Family and Batman. Wondering if there will be much demand and whether most of the LE’s will stay in the US.

#2685 11 months ago

So we all understand Munster Prem/LE has a lower playfield. One main playfield and one lower playfield makes two playfields, right? Am I imagining that for awhile we thought there were three levels? The same two mentioned plus an upper playfield? Plenty of room to add an upper playfield over the back left quadrant and maybe the back right quad too. Three levels ... am I losing my mind ..... was it a only a dream ???? 3 levels would make this pin epic, and with magnets instead of flippers ala TZ style. Hmmmm three levels.

#2836 11 months ago

So in addition to the main playfield, we are expecting Munsters Prem/LE to have ... a) lower playfield b) upper playfield or c) lower & upper playfield d) neither?

I’m a “c”.

#2937 11 months ago

Strange things are afoot at the club-bastardo ... they tried to sell me 101 Primus. Tough to do when Stern only made 100. Funny thing is, I am mostly offended by not being offered a bulk discount. wtf, I expect to get 1 free pinball whenever I buy 100.

44F7D9E8-7030-4149-B611-AB74B0D77BA9 (resized).jpeg

#3004 11 months ago

Any coffin candy in the stockings today?

0F2C34A1-41EB-43AF-827E-FA634DE1D2B0 (resized).jpegE213C8B9-9FF9-4564-BC83-D1C03BFEA59D (resized).jpeg
#3024 11 months ago

Today is definitely not the day Stern won’t will show us Munsters. I have a new forecast of Jan 1/2 for the announcement. That puts Munsters into 2019, while allowing a few weeks to ramp production by Jan 14. It’s going to be Christmas all over again come January.

Will we see an upper playfield??? What kind of video will be used?? Will Lily be dressed in a sexy bikini? Pinballers who are Munster fanatics want to know.

#3027 11 months ago

Agree on seeing Munsters teaser/ reveal early Jan. Stern is bringing their latest game to CES - which means 3 versions of GOTG. Newest does not not DP, Beatles nor Primus, more or less relatively new. Stern will also be showcasing their new digital pinball. Accessible on multiple platforms, Ghostbusters will be highlighted and maybe available in virtual reality too. There are no indications we will see Munsters at CES.

4575C3ED-AD2F-4FC0-BDA1-D3DBE3060C61 (resized).png
2CAB6C66-4E44-4DDA-A7C2-12EBF3E9BF77 (resized).jpeg1D8A7D75-C494-4B16-9884-3A82062672DB (resized).jpeg

#3029 11 months ago
Quoted from mzhulk:

Maybe stern will showcase a code update for Ghostbusters

I’ll bet you are correct, although 100% of attendees won’t notice a difference.

#3031 11 months ago
Quoted from pinballj:

Um.. your pics are for 2018 CES..not 2019

hahaha you are correct. They must not have made or left a big impression.

#3077 11 months ago

Ideas for speaker grills.

1A994F73-5267-4C3F-BE24-4F9C18F5B116 (resized).jpeg8C743CDC-1426-47C0-AFF0-54378C96C359 (resized).pngC2CCF68F-ABFA-47C5-8330-882B05E2959C (resized).png

5CBE1297-2AD3-481D-A471-58C65DEE77AA (resized).png

D34AFC10-E4C5-47F0-A820-787E30344537 (resized).jpeg
#3103 11 months ago
Quoted from greenhornet:

some of you need help when it comes to recognizing good humor.[quoted image]

#3131 11 months ago
Quoted from NoQuarters:

Don't do the frozen pizza - stay on your Hunger strike and hold out for real pizza.
I'll settle for a Munster's tease.
Not doing a hunger strike - just waiting it out.... reading, listening to some tunes,etc
Also - Have a Happy New Year !
[quoted image]

A teaser vid is to introduce something new to an unsuspecting crowd. It should grab their attention enough to make them go - wow that looks cool and interesting OR it bores me - the reaction is less important to the greater goal of making you notice. In this situation, we have a gaggle who know Munsters Pinball is coming soon and a mob who want to see the Prem and LE already and who already know what the pro model looks like. Doing a teaser video seems out of place.

Why drop a match in a dry, tender forrest? No, it’s better Stern skips the teaser and for someone to leak pics today. Stern should reveals high res images Jan 1/2, bring all 3 models to CES on Jan 6 for streaming and start production on Munsters Prem’s AND LE’s on Jan 13. Who’s got today’s leaked pics ???

A black and white playfield and cabinet would probably grab my attention enough to buy one - premium here I come! Would be downshifting from LE to get the b&w version - so cool. Of those two elements, having a black and white playfield is what I really want. I’d swap the lcd to greyscale too. Having the black and white cabinet is a dream too, but it is slightly less important to me.

An interesting idea I’d like to see is for LE playfields to be b&w and Prem’s color. Then to offer both cabinet designs for both models. Buyer can “build” their own Munsters. First question - which playfield? Ok so you said b&w so you want the LE. Next which cabinet do you want? Color you say? Ok so you want LE which has unique features like real back glass, invisiglass and a plaque Plus it will be b&w playfield and color cabinet. Your custom game will be arriving in 4 weeks. Please pay now. This would mean there were two versions of Prem and two of LE or four unique combos. Whenever you encountered a Munsters on location or in a collection, it would be configured in 1 of 4 ways.

#3169 11 months ago

... maybe the lower playfield is b&w on one version (LE I hope) and the main playfield is colored on Prem and LE. Stern really has us guessing. Skip the teaser, official highres pics, are expected tomorrow please!

#3342 11 months ago

Stern customer service just passsed an idea onto Stern sales. If accepted, could this be the great compromise of 2019? All Munsters Premium and LE pins will be sold with b&w playfields and cabinets. Goody bags to include a box of 156 crayons. This will encourage creativity by those wanting color, while simplifying Stern’s process by reducing options. Congrats to all the lucky game buyers. When you buy a premium or better Munsters pinball machine, you’ll finally be able to have it your way. Like the Burger King commercials promised you in the 90’s.

#3373 11 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Is anyone other than me starting to lose interest because this game is taking so damn long to be announced?

I’m second guessing my gut reaction from nine months back. Initially thought Munsters to be 3 levels, consensus says 2 playfields now. Wanted the ladies in artwork to be wearing lingerie, but don’t think that will happen. Hoped for some ramps, but jury is out on that feature. Want Stern to make b&w version for cabinet, playfield and monitor - many combinations of b&w components are being rumored so who knows. Want to see a lot of the show - jury is still out on expected lcd content.

Have dialed back my hype meter from the red zone, past orange and firmly into green territory. All the discussion of possibly owing taxes on this nib have turned my stomach sour at the moment. Waiting on Stern to show their cards on the 8th and hoping for anonymous leaks prior.

Quoted from Sinestro:

Tuesday, buddy. Tuesday.

70980ABF-ADF0-4FFC-8D9F-23DCA78AEE93 (resized).jpeg

#3434 11 months ago
Quoted from cpr9999:

Are we all ready for a black and white Premium?
Here is an example TZ b&w- what do you think?

Yes, that’s pretty f’n awesome. My fear is Stern will still use colored posts, lights, slings, plastics etc on Munsters, so their b&w really means “colored”.

#3478 11 months ago

Lots of Munsters postings that show no signs of letting up. Guess it’s time for Stern to release pics, so we’ll have something to comment about.

#3552 11 months ago

Do we have an estimated start time for this stream? 10pm LV time is midnite east coast. Changing into my jammies.

#3558 11 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

Well that CES event today is 5pm-8:30pm PST. I would assume between those hours since they want to leverage that event for the press there.

That would have meant a start already. If they stream immediately following those hours, it would put stream at 1130pm, so 3 more hours to wait .... my guess is Munsters pro will be shown.

#3566 11 months ago

^^ pinballmaniac40 broke the news - Beatles tonite and Munsters on Tue. Back to the golden globes.

#3838 11 months ago

Came because of the Munsters hype, stayed because ... I'm hyped

#3839 11 months ago
Quoted from Coz:

Due to the extreme hype and excitement created by a Munsters B&W pinball machine, Stern has decided to release all their pins with an option for Black & White in 2019!
[quoted image][quoted image]

Looks great, where to buy ???

Beatles Black Ice = $1 million. Hand stamped and numbered "One of One", this collectible is for the man who has everything but wants more. Buy it now and nobody else in the wide world will have one .... ever! White glove delivery for only $25k more and a happy ending is guaranteed.

#4235 11 months ago

Wowza Herman Munster just scored 185M on deadflip stream. All modes were started and Munster Madness (wizard mode) was completed. Got to hear tons of callouts, sound clips, and video. Thank heavens it spreads out the theme song music some when you have a good game. It was getting annoying while the first time crowd played through.

Munsters is a polished looking game and code looks to be pretty much done maybe it is over v1.0. Congrats to Borg and Team for an outstanding design. Gary Stern deserves to party tonight like it’s 1999. 9C258E8A-258A-4DE6-BD4F-02A3D331BD7D.gif

#4242 11 months ago

At CES, Stern have Munsters and Beatles pinballs for play and to showcase. Those are the two and only games featured and this has been planned for awhile. I really dig Munsters lower playfield and prefer the b&w art, so plan to buy a premium. Munsters premium delivered will run about $7.6k and that is also the price for delivery of Beatles gold. So there you have it, Stern has its two newest pins on display and both sell for the same thing, right?

It is easy to shine a light on the potential sales variance between Munsters Prem vs Beatles gold since they are both Stern’s and happen to be hanging out together Maybe 10x more interest in Munsters over Beatles and why is that? Is it because Munsters: features, code, art, video and sound make it looked packed sitting next to Beatles? While Beatles pin is beautiful, that’s about it for what stands out.

John Q. Public will see Munsters pro for $5.8k and go wow, that looks like the Munsters premium but much better priced and maybe 95% of the same experience. Then look at Beatles and think to himself wtf? People can see value and one pin looks like it doesn’t belong. Maybe this will convince Stern their sales price for Beatles was way too high and to be more competitive next time.. If the msrp on that game had been $5k, interest would be split more evenly between games ie they would selling lots more Beatles. This illustrates how much of a money grab Beatles was ($3k per machine x 1k pins = $3M of grabass).

Anyways looking forward to watching more streams of the Munsters. Game shows some nice flow on left and right orbit shots, as well as up the the left and right ramps. Also left ramp travels behind backboard as it does on IM.

#4266 11 months ago
Quoted from aingide:

They're definitely using a Paul Lynde sound-alike, which is absolutely amazing (in a good way).b
I never thought I'd see the day we'd get Paul Lynde in a pinball machine. Incredible. [quoted image]

Noticed Paul Lynde right away and love that choice. Thought I heard a few callouts that reminded me of Cassandra Peterson. She wasn’t a guest on the show so probably not her, but maybe Stern had her in for the Elvira 3 recording session. Anybody else hear her?

#4283 11 months ago

Premium looks boss. Better than I had hoped for or even imagined. Mind blown. Loving you premium. :hearts:

#4293 11 months ago

There two quick things I will be changing on my premium. First is to replace all colored flashers/domes with uv flashers/clear domes. Getting rid of unnecessary color and removing a spotlight on the spot lights. I know Stern was color coding it with each character, but it doesn’t work well and is distracting. You can still easily tell which area the flashers are going off without color, and I expect that will make a small but positive difference to me.

Second thing I’ll do is to replace the balls with black pearl balls from BackAlleyMatt. They have same weight and magnetic properties of your everyday pinball. They are darker than black [snap] and may allow some to see the ball better. I use and prefer black pearls in my Centaur.

#4420 11 months ago
Quoted from Yoko2una:

Here's lots of Light (Yellow) & Lite (Orange) on the same machine...
[quoted image]

Great find and color coding on your pic. As this has gone unnoticed for 29 years, maybe it should be considered an easter egg. In any event, Data East should send you a free Simpsons pinball.

#4710 11 months ago
Quoted from vireland:

Check out the "cookie cutter crap" on ACDC overlaid on Munsters above. Layouts match almost exactly.

We have the versus AC/DC (Steve Ritchie) flashing pic of playfields. How about another flashing pic vs MET (Borg) and one vs MB (Gomez)?

#4732 11 months ago
Quoted from pascal-pinball:

Lightning flippers is a good idea. The game looks easy...

Wouldn't that be like introducing a Trudeau gap to the game? People didn't much care for that on GB. Normally you could disable ball save to shorten game times, but Munsters doesn't have one, just like Addams Family doesn't. That is frustrating for those of us that have grown accustom to having one, but it helps define the game.

#4882 11 months ago

Maybe one day we’ll see game #600/500 produced. I don’t like that Stern changed the quantity of Munster LE’s after announcing 500. Same trick they pulled with BM66SLE. They had no consequences so have learned nothing. Bad for their reputation, although if they sell in short term it will be viewed as a Good business decision. At $9k, I am out of buying LE’s anyhow.

#4885 11 months ago

I primarily want the Munsters Premium because of the b&w art. Lower playfield looks spectacular and I want it too, but I would sacrifice IF I could get it the pro in b&w. I wouldn’t expect Stern to announce a new version of this title though as the use of b&w is so distinctive. I’ll take a premium and be happy about it. It really is the whole enchilada (minus color).

#5347 10 months ago
Quoted from Thunderbird:

Would have to agree with this. JJP’s hat being thrown into the arena, has been good for pinball all around. Competition always makes for a better product from other companies. It’s marketing 101 and is the real reason for people like me entering the fun. Without JJP, it would be a different world.
As much as I like Stern, they have had a habit of only doing good enough, rather than great, till JJP. Stern has hit a triple with Munsters and will be a home run if the code continues to flow and get better for more depth. At these high prices without deep code, why buy for the home, when location play for a shallow game works just fine? Paying only a few dollars for the fun of a shallow game makes sense, rather than upto $9k for a game at home you’ll get bored with.

Haven’t you heard??? Stern is the world’s # 1 maker of pinballs with a lower playfield. Ta da.

#5493 10 months ago

Not sure why everyone expects / is asking for different rules for levels 2 & 3. It would be nice but it is not needed imo. Having them generally the same makes it easy to understand and remember. MBr rules are easy (shallow). People are buying it and accepting of the rules - they are what they are.

Munsters is more difficult because you must make your 3 balls last long enough to progress through three cycles. The point is not whether this can be achieved, rather whether it happens on a regular basis and on every game. I know the answer to that is no. Along the way there are some additional objectives and strategy about which modes to tackle first, building multipliers and when to cash out super jackpots. That is a lot to be done. Add the lower playfield into the mix for some more scoring opportunities and you have a game that is as rewarding to play as the shots are satisfying to shoot. If you get that far you have done a lot and seen much along the way.

What people should be asking for is a wizard mode following the completion of three cycles that is hard to achieve and you’ll get the cherry on top. This is also similar to SS, where the tasks are easy, but completing the stiff-o-meter can take a few attempts .... and then you start over. On LOTR, the requirements to start Wizard mode are steep and the few times it can be started end soon before completing. People love that shit, but it is frustrating. The goal of the theme should be to immerse you in Munsters and if you like that world, make you want to play it and maybe buy one too.

#5501 10 months ago

Who-Dey’s aboard Team Stern and that Rocks!


#5818 10 months ago
Quoted from slavin20:

There are a ton of LEs out there. The Pinball company and Colorado game exchange are just 2 that still have them

So there are 100 or so left? Those are from Stern’s LTPM series run. No need to scalp on pricing when you have a License To Print Money. When LE’s are not sold out after a few weeks, the number of LE’s is too high imo and 500 should have been the upper limit on Munsters with 400 being a better amount. Better for collectors and the hobby to leave demand greater than supply. That allows an escape valve for anyone wanting to sell their game an an incentive to buy LE for those on the fence between premium and LE. The remaining LE’s will sell out in next few months but that will only benefit Stern and their Distributors, not the end buyer.

1 week later
#6291 10 months ago

For those who have played Munsters and who complain the code is too easy ... have you played levels 2 and 3 of Munster Madness and is there a final wizard mode? Completing 3 levels on 3 balls seems like quite a challenge.

#6294 10 months ago
Quoted from PW79:

Gifs not work?
I had a great one of Kyle Troupe

Start post. Pick original size. Upload gif. Send post. and it better be good.

#6414 10 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I dont know if it will be the total package for everyone because no game is, but its a damn fine package i can tell you that much! Heck if i wasn’t getting company tonight i would drive back down to Cincinnati tonight and play it some more because i love it!

Agreed - no game needs to be the total package. Instead - every good game MUST offer something distinctive or something new or something that makes you go Wow! Since this revelation came to me in the Munsters thread, can anybody tell me what one thing that makes Munsters Pro unique and worthy of a place in my collection?

#6462 10 months ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Amen Brother! Like i said in my review, if you dont like Munsters then you probably dont like pinball! Munsters is awesome!

Say it again brother!

#6479 10 months ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

Agreed - no game needs to be the total package. Instead - every good game MUST offer something distinctive or something new or something that makes you go Wow! Since this revelation came to me in the Munsters thread, can anybody tell me what one thing that makes Munsters Pro unique and worthy of a place in my collection?

Anybody else wanna weigh in?

#6518 10 months ago

Funny reading people outraged there is little code difference between levels 1-3. Especially since the rules structure is so similar with MBr which are also available, yet whose code will never change. In MBr you want to stack your characters before starting mini wizard mode. Repeat three cycles. See where I’m going with this? It’s the exact same.

Where have I seen this structure before? Oh yeah Borg did it on IM. You stack the characters before starting mini wizard mode. Repeat 3 times. IM won’t be getting any more updates and people are fine with that. Munsters is currently on par with those from a code perspective. Tons of video clips and sounds are there, maybe more than any game.

Chillax everything will be alright. and in better news .... Munsters code is being added to and adjusted. But even if it weren’t, the game feels done and is loads of fun.

#6550 10 months ago

You realize IM is Iron Man, right? If the game isn’t finished after nine years, then something really is Wrong. These utes weren’t even conceived when the game was initially released.

B7875A20-5581-4FC4-AE3E-CDDCF98A7DA2 (resized).jpeg

Iron Man is so old ... when it was vaulted, it ran on SAM boards. Not Spike 2, not Spike 1 but SAM.

1 week later
#7299 9 months ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Yep, can't miss the entire goddamn page of pictures here

At least it was a single post.

#7362 9 months ago
Quoted from Marcdaddy:

In my opinion ( I've owned a Munsters Pro for 2 weeks ) it's very easy and feels like it lacks a sense of direction. I've completed the first Munater Madness on ball 1 more then 5 times then it's more of the same. In a bigger collection it might be fine but man if this is the only game you have you will be bored pretty quickly. I love the art,animations, sound effects and layout maybe sone new code could help.

How many times have you completed level 2? I guess the lack of mentioning it means none. How many times have you completed level 3? Does this game have a final wizard mode?

#7390 9 months ago

Getting to Madness in Munsters every game reminds me of getting to Bash every game of MB. It is no big deal, really it is no big deal and it is kind of expected. Every time someone announces they’ve reached level 1 of Munster Madness is like saying - hey guys I can be as average as you. Nobody playing MB asks, “is that all”? after playing Bash mini wizard mode. Usually they are basking from the thrill and busy repeating all the modes they already did before, especially ones where they didn’t collect the instrument. Everybody knows they’ll reach the final wizard mode if they can collect them all and they will probably restart Bash along the way (for a second time in one game, gasp). Is there complaining then? Usually not because people had fun along the way.

With Munsters you have to get to Madness THREE (3) times. Each time triggers a slightly different mini wizard mode. Even if that mode was exactly the same .... does it suck or something? After playing 3 stages of mini wizard mode (without having to beat any), is there a final wizard mode - I don’t know but would hope so.

But I can guarantee people will still be complaining about nothing to do on Munsters after reaching stage 1. If you don’t enjoy playing the game, maybe it is time to move on from bashing the game fUlts and let go . Oops, someone just reached level 1 of Munster Madness and it wasn’t that hard at all.

#7500 9 months ago

A great pillow deserves to be seen. I’m worried Who-Dey is not properly showcasing his pillow when not in use. Given it’s importance, I am recommending he pull out the stops and buy the best. Providing inspiration with every look ...
DEF01FD0-ADA0-4E45-A275-2C3FF0F74F60 (resized).jpeg

#7501 9 months ago

Who Dey say going to buy dat pillow? Who-Dey, Who-Dey. Who-Dey say go and buy that pillow!

5AE17ADD-7C1B-4A44-8CE0-798DC514332A (resized).jpeg

#7730 9 months ago
Quoted from snaroff:

Sure, happy to provide more insight/detail....
I grew up with the Munsters show and thought the artwork was stunning. Those were known.
The "unknown" was gameplay, and I believe that software/rules need to be experienced. Watching others play the game isn't the same.
Because of the license/artwork, I placed my order after the reveal but before much was known about gameplay.
Lastly, I sold my AS Pro (a Borg/fan layout with good, but basic rules) and thought Munsters would be better. For me, AS is more challenging. I had no idea that Munsters was going to be so easy/basic. Don't get me wrong, Stern games over the years have gotten increasing brutal (SW is a great example). Dialing down the difficulty for location play is a good move. Not every release needs to have brutal gameplay/rules!
Unfortunately, it's difficult to make a game that works on location AND the home. I think JJP's Dialed In is a wonderful example that straddles the 2...approachable for a novice, yet deep/interesting for home use.

But Borg promised this was his best game ever

1 week later
#7905 9 months ago

Time is past due for a more ORGANIC playfield. One that can heal itself and self-fill imperfections while it rests during its daily, planned eight hour outage for beauty. Never worry again ... pinball gods’ playfields always look perfect after a night of rest. Just like you ... and poof its back to reality

#7926 9 months ago
Quoted from BMore-Pinball:

radio check .... am i sill in the Munsters thread?

Didn’t you hear, nobody cares about Munsters anymore, it’s all aboot what’s coming next. Dimpling is trending here ...

There is science and there is theory. When considering playfield toughness, issues are resolved by who has the best theory because nobody can convincing prove their version plays out. I’d like to hear some approaches comparing Stern’s typical wood density and consistency with ideas about what additional density could be achieved in order to resolve excessive dimpling.

Jury is out on the science of hardwood floors too. Ten years ago I installed hardwood flooring with a finish that was tougher than steel, titanium and could crush diamonds. The finish is uv protected and guaranteed for 50 years. LIARS . The flooring has dents from when I dropped a hammer and a screw driver and a drill and ... There holes from heels, scrapes from when I moved a sofa. A kitchen chair lost its protective pad and has marked the floor. My cat has put plenty of little marks on the surface running away from herself. I am disappointed in how much sun fade they have seen too. However, in spite of their flaws and apparent destructibility, they still look spectacular.

(A good floorgument tops a cargument any day of the week and twice on Sundays)

2 weeks later
#8079 8 months ago

Is level 3 madness the end of game or is there another mode? Has anybody outlasted level three yet with a ball still in play?

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