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The Munsters Hype (Because every evening its Halloween)

By Macca101010

1 year ago

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#4714 11 months ago
Quoted from pinmister:

I am looking for complete originality and completely different and unique layouts. Bring back wide-bodies, subways, etc. I would like to see the 'magic' like the Bally/Williams glory days. This copy and paste design technique only adds to the whole 'cookie cutter' term that people tend to use to describe Stern games.

That is honestly why I bought Houdini and sold my METLE and ACDC

#4717 11 months ago
Quoted from pinmister:

You do not know how much I want to like JJP games. They are beautiful to look at, but still do nothing for me. I love the layout on Dialed In, really fun to play. It just does nothing for me with theme, and after 20 plays-I got bored. WOZ-again beautiful game and great to look at, but it has way too much going on and feels clunky to me with all the stop and go. It is a journey game and takes a 30 minute+ game to progress significantly. POTC is hit and miss for me. One day I like it and the next day I don't. I love the theme and the layout is growing on me. Not sure if I like the ship or hate it? For the price of POTC-it definitely has me considering several other titles first.
Right now in terms of creativity and originality I have Oktoberfest on my slightly interested list. Watching closely to see if it will be a good game. I thought Houdini was going to be awesome-and we all know where that ended up.

You had me until the end.

#4719 11 months ago
Quoted from Tuna_Delight:

We sure do ... SUPER AWESOME!


#4976 11 months ago

I say, the more the merrier. In the grand scheme of things, these ARE limited. Just feel thankful that we are able to have these machines in our homes. We are fortunate to be arguing over toys. I don’t care if the number is 1000. I know 100 friends, 100 family members and 100 strangers that don’t have any games at home.
I’m out on Sterns (for other reasons), but I wish them well in this game. If I had to throw my hat in....the Prem would be my machine of choice.

#5020 11 months ago
Quoted from billsfanmd:

Since I was a little and spent my first dollar I learned anything made to be Limited never is....

Funny. It seems the older I get my "dollars" now seem limited! lol

2 weeks later
#6051 10 months ago
Quoted from Thunderbird:

Must say the price in Oz is ridiculous for sure. It would have to be real special table to spend that much. Way over priced.

The price in Canada is roughly identical to get a nib Prem. Not Sterns fault about exchange rates, but it would have to be a pretty special pin without cost cutting measures to even be considered buying.
My one man non-purchasing stance will not be felt I’m sure, but holy, I don’t know if I personally will ever buy nib again!

#6579 10 months ago

What he said. ^^^^^^^^

#6796 10 months ago
Quoted from noob-a-tron:

Us Aussies do whinge a bit i have noticed bit ashamed to be honest

It’s not really whining.....these games are an extra 3-4K for the rest of us!

1 week later
#7249 10 months ago

Here is what I don’t understand:
Many people have said that the code is shallow and that Stern was trying to entice “new” players into pinball.
I have no horse in this race (I think the game looks beautiful) but if they were really trying to entice new players into our hobby, I’m sure that The Munsters is NOT the way to go about it. My kids are 11 and 9 and could really give 2 shits about the Munsters. I think that we would be kidding ourselves to even potentially think that this game was made to attract “new” players.
It was simply a dream theme for many of us older guys! Lol. Check out all of the threads on what the next Stern pin should be. Movies that 95% of the staff I have working for me have no idea what they even are. I get that they (Stern, JJP, API) have to cater to where the money is, but I think to entice the younger crowd, themes have to really be taken into account; ones that speak to them.
I don’t want to see any Taylor Swift pins, or Fortnite pins, I just want to keep it real.
If you like Munsters, love the pin. If you don’t like it, move on. I love my Houdini, others hate it. I hated my METLE, others think it is amazing. That’s what makes this world a wonderful place....different tastes and opinions. It would be pretty mundane if we all liked the same things.
Now Stern.....just get better

#7261 10 months ago
Quoted from Bundy:

Trying to attract ”new” or casual players has more to it than the theme.
It is about playability and not walking away from a game feeling like a complete idiot because you did not understand what to do or lost all 3 balls after 10 seconds. And in that department, I think Munsters shines like a star. Should hopefully do well on location.

I hope it does shine....but from my perspective and experience, theme is everything.
I had a JP at my restaurant and EVERYONE stopped and looked at it; kids, women, old men, people loved to see the dinosaurs and it was a universal theme. People played it.
I had a LAH, Fire! at the restaurant as well (all games were there only one at a time) and people could have cared less. Didn’t even stop to look. The only games that ever got any love was the JP and SWDE. Simply because the theme pulled them in. Maybe it’s us crazy canucks, but unless the theme screams “look at me” or is universally known, people (at least in my restaurant) seem to steer clear.

#7264 10 months ago
Quoted from CrazyLevi:

Here's what you don't understand: "New players" doesn't mean "young players."
People with kids here are OBSESSED with the idea that Stern should base their business model around "attracting kids," which is an absolutely pointless exercise in 2019. Kids don't play pinball, kids don't buy pinball, kids don't go to bars, kids don't do much besides go to school and play with their tech.
You know who does go out to bars? 20 and 30 somethings. And a simple, "shallow" game like Munsters with a retro theme is a perfectly valid way to get "new players" like them into pinball.

Well I do understand where the money is and who has it.... but what I worry about is the future and longevity of this hobby. If us pinheads don't submerse our kids and encourage playing, how is a non-pinhead going to get their kids involved. Eventually we will all get old too. You might think that it doesn't matter if our hobby succeeds for future generations because we had our fun, but I genuinely want this to go on well beyond me. Where I live there may be 3 places that are bars that have pinballs in them? Trust me, they don't get played. Too many people are there to socialize, mingle and watch a game on television. They aren't out standing at a game and being anti-social. Believe me, I get questioned whether this hobby is full of nerds (stereotyping included), but we don't have to live up to that hype. Rarely are the pins on location here played or even taken care of. Our pins are located more at places like Springz and ZapZone...places that cater to kids. Guess what, Munsters ins't calling them over. Shit, even our Chuck E. Cheese lost their pins because they didn't get played.
You are right, too many kids play with their tech. That is sad on a whole other neglectful parental level. It is way too easy to hand a kid an iPad rather than parent. Family interaction is a dynamic that is unfortunately being immaturely phased out in our society. So sure, I encourage a pinball company to make a machine that caters to the younger crowd. I am not saying that EVERY game has to be for them, but something to at least peak their interest.

2 weeks later
#7844 9 months ago

This is pretty cool from a bunch of Canadian kids!


(Spoiler alert: it’s a Dragula)!

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