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The Munsters Hype (Because every evening its Halloween)

By Macca101010

1 year ago

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#791 1 year ago
Quoted from Tuna_Delight:

My potential concern with a Dwight Sullivan code is completeness. This issue obviously isn't unique for his games and his time availability is not ultimately his call, but I understand that both GoT's and GB's code feel unfinished. Not sure as far as SW's. In contrast, although he can take quite a while to finish, you can be confident that a Lyman Sheats code will be complete in the end.

I’m a fan of Dwight's rules in GOT and SW. but there’s a lot of polish needed in both games that makes them feel a bit lackluster. GOT has many many bugs, with the major one being endless multiball without having to play a single mode. SW lacks in priority with sound queue’s and music at certain highlights of the game as well as missing correct scoring on either display (light saber duel) or not showing score shot values on either LCD screen (i.e. defeating a planet mb).

That said; I’d still take his ruleset and code over some of Lyman’s, which can feel like work at times, and most any other stern as he offers a lot of diversity and breadth. Plus, Dwight finishes his code in a pretty timely manner - although this is also a negative as he won’t revisit bugs or polish as mentioned above.

4 months later
#3703 1 year ago
Quoted from mnpinball:

All 3 versions on display Tuesday.
Borg knocked this design out of the stratosphere! When’s the last time a lower pf had a ramp and a wireform ?
After the Gary Stern webinar today at 1:30 there’s stuff floating around because every single dealer had access to the information but I’m not going to be “that guy” and share dumb down pixelated pics or whatever. I’m gonna let Stern do the proper reveal the way it’s meant to be. Respect to John Borg, Christopher Franchi, Dwight and the whole team that worked on this fantastic game.
You guys can wait another half a day with Stern to do it right and Jack Danger have the Twitch feed reveal. It’s worth the wait.

Quoted from musketd:


I see the hype conductors are in full force doing their thang as usual.

#4728 1 year ago

After watching Dwight’s tutorial last night; this game looks really fun! Really digging that ruleset, can’t wait to play. Premium looks the way to go. This game is screaming for some lightning flippers

#4746 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Do you really think the lower playfield will stay fun though? I really hope that i get to play the premium and see for myself if i think the lower playfield is something that i would enjoy long term. Right now im thinking its used way too much and that it will become boring.

Hard to say at this stage. Personally, I love Stewie mini pinball so I think I’ll like this one too. Some people hate stewie pinball though; personally, I owned FGY for 4+ years, and tweaking the settings in stewie making it harder to achieve and complete made all the difference in the world. For Munsters, The mini pf doesn’t seem to be overly used...

+ skill shot (player selectable) so you don’t have to go for it.
+ grandpa level 1
+ Munster madness

That’s it until you get to the level 2 sequences. However, I don’t know what happens if you complete, or not complete rather, the mini pf - can you play it again before Munster madness?

#4755 1 year ago

There are many pieces to a pinball machine that make it unique, or similar even, from the next.

Playfield layout is just a small piece.
Insert matrix is a small piece
Artwork is a small piece
Rules are a small piece
Artwork is a small piece
Music and sounds are a small piece
Call outs are a small piece
Theme is a small piece
Code is a small piece
Lightning is a small piece
And overall gameplay/feeling is the final piece.

Add all these up and you get a different experience across the board from pin to pin. How many checkboxes does there need to be for you to even like a pin? How many to own it? How many to toss it to the curb?

You either like it or you don’t. A lot of work went into this game it shows as almost every checkbox has a mark (for me on first dead flip tutorial impression). And unfortunately, games with quick turn around also show. But sometimes certain checkboxes are more important to us than others.

#4870 1 year ago

Question for anyone following the rules. Are the super jackpot values based on how well you did during their character modes?

#5150 1 year ago

I’ll try to get this thing back on topic. Agree or disagree; but Growing up i absolutely couldn’t stand it when the Munsters went color. The B&W show is where it’s at, hence i say Premium B&W is the only way to go to own this game at home. IMO.

#5165 1 year ago
Quoted from Tuna_Delight:

Aren't you that guy who prefers Pro models too?!
Well anyway, if antiquated TV show images translated to obviously better pinball machine artwork choices, I might agree more readily. However ... I can't in this case. Not when the majestic beauty of the LE's full color is so clearly superior.
[quoted image]
[quoted image]
[quoted image]
[quoted image]

Man, that LE does look sweet. To answer your question though; i used to be an LE snob. But, i finally woke up....I’m just not that type of hobbyist - but i get the love appeal for LE’s so i really don’t care what people choose as long as they’re happy. Now personally, since i got over that LE hump, I actually prefer the better playing version, and that just happens to be the pro... in most cases (IMO ). But, for Munsters, i really dig the overall B&W package and mini pf even. But, this is all based on pics and streams - who knows how i’ll Feel when I play & see it in person, and more importantly, when i am ready to buy another pin.

#5166 1 year ago
Quoted from Rolls-Royce:

It is nice indeed Tuna, and I’m glad to know that there’s 3 to choose and not just one, BUT!...
If the Premium and the LE were at the same price I will choose the B&W for the same $US 8,999, AND!....
If Stern decides to make another 100 in B&W and called those SLE, of LE(Classic Version), LE/B&W, or whatever I don’t mind if they charge 12K or 15K for a Pinball like that.
*Actual Prices
Pro Model: $US 5,999
Premium Model: $US 7,599
Limited Edition Model: $US 8,999

Are those street prices? Are pro’s really up to $6k?

#5265 1 year ago
Quoted from Squizz:

Back to Munsters.
What's your thoughts on the rules on being simple to get to Munster Madness?
How are Tournament players going to view this?
Dwight did say on head2head that he tries to code for opperators,home owners and tournament players in the same code.
Tho I feel that this is too shallow for the Above average and Pro players. (Or am I missing something here)

I think the rule set looks off the hook fantastic! Some awesome ideas, and Munster madness looks fun, creative, and strategic with lots of diversity. Bravo Dwight and team

#5376 1 year ago
Quoted from iceman44:

No shit on the roll out because they have F Ed it up with terrible themes and production
It’s the announcement of Woz and a new frontier of tech and LCD video that got things rolling
You obviously weren’t around then

Ironman, Avatar, TRON, Transformers, AC/DC were terrible themes?

Ironman was a miss exactly for the reason rarehero stated, NO LE Model. Avatar tested the waters; TRON nailed it spot on. TF was a bit of a miss when they went with 3 different LE versions but still sold out sight unseen due to TRON. AC/DC nailed it. And the cycle continued...’holy shit, we can make $5million dollars before we make a single game, it might be a good idea to expand’ And here we are today.

JJP Good for the hobby...i can’t disagree; it was his pitch (if memory serves) for Stern to do the LE model. If it wasn’t for that, we might still have $5k full featured pins, but we might not have new pins at all...

#5391 1 year ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

That IS cheap and ruins the game. Happened to me on SW. Poor design and/or build standards. IM’s magnet causing a drain is different. That’s based on the risk you take by hitting Monger straight on. Monger “attacking” back is a feature. A scoop kicking down the drain is a defect.

Operators fault, poor setup, not testing his game.

#5437 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

If the lower playfield can be turned off then that may steer me toward the premium.

What if when you shot the scoop you got the choice to play Grandpas mini pf or play the enlarging ray mode?

#5505 1 year ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

And don't get me started on the coil count!!!!
Apparently now pro value is only set on the differences betwixt pro and Prem+?
Fucking people get weirder every release.

it’s 2019; value is measured in fun, not # of mechs

#5528 1 year ago
Quoted from rotordave:

it’s 2019; value is measured in art, not # of mechs


Hahahaha touché!

1 week later
#6156 1 year ago
Quoted from vireland:

Well, it's not zero, but WWE LE owners took a bath and are still sinking. XMEN LE owners lost a few thousand, too. Ask them if they think the value discussion is pointless.

X-men LE has dropped a few thousand? You sure? They were roughly $6400 shipped NIB back then. That would pit HUO around $3400 roughly. Deal of the century.

#6487 1 year ago
Quoted from Skyemont:

When updating the code, do you have to switch the dip switch settings? I have the usb in, turn on the game and it just boots right up. Bypasses the usb..
[quoted image]

You have to have identical USB sticks for it to work with double pro’s

#6568 1 year ago
Quoted from Squizz:

You hit the nail right on the head!
Munsters has nothing even close to Batman66, Lyman takes care and pride with his work! Reason why he takes his work load home with him..
This show's to me what dedication and love this guy has for the work he produces to us Pinball players!
Dwight on the other hand is a 9 to 5 guy, Clock on and pay me and I'll work on the code.
This guy will never re-think what was done to the Munsters code. (Shame but true)
As it stands a 20 to 30mins of game play as mentioned before to complete pretty much everything isn't going to last in a home environment!
(BUT I do hope to be proven wrong with the next few updates!)

Maybe Tim Sexton and Keith Elwin got bored with level 2 being the same as Level 1 and walked away ?

I got the privilege to beta test STLE and I know first hand Dwight’s commitments to code. The dude and I were up til midnight (my time) each night of the final weekend crunching in last minute ideas and busting out bugs before he released that awesome ST code drop. He is not a 9 to 5’r like you accuse. He loves what he does; I’ve seen it first hand, and you can tell from his interviews and streams.

Know what Dwight has, crea-motherf***ing-Tivity. Munster madness easy to get to? How many different ways can it be played? It’s got some serious HOTK steroids built into that mode, not to mention the zap and super jp’s. Basic code is one thing, diversity is another. Free your mind. Dwight rocks!

#6584 1 year ago
Quoted from luvthatapex2:

What exactly was Dwight’s contribution to star trek? Was it the medals concept and bug fixes?

A lot of this is fuzzy now that it’s been a few years; And some of it was team collaboration and/or an intent to implement from the get go. But here’s what I remember Dwight adding and polishing.

1. Medals.

2. Away team missions

3. The ability to start missions from either mission start or away team as well as the ability to start a new mission if your final shot of previous mission was to one of those shots.

4. Cut down on mode times; basically once you got your gold medal you could progress to the next mission.

5. Choreography and sound. Not sure if this was Dwight or David thiel or both. But remember when Bones’ call outs made it into the game? they were a wreck; both in mixing quality and choreography. That got cleaned up in a major way.

A couple extras that got added that I’d like to take some credit for as we bounced ideas back in for:

6. Double scoring apron: I’d like to take credit for this idea, giving a light show on the apron for prem/LE during double scoring

7. Bonus gold medal for completing a Klingon super jackpot.

I somewhat remember Dwight trying to come up with an idea to start missions via vengeance mode but it got scrapped. It’s easy to think of ideas for it now (3 years later), rather than in a few weeks while implementing everyone else. But stuff m like maybe have mission scoring 1/2 if started from the vengeance. Or you can only start level 1 missions from the vengeance. Or it starts a random mission...could have been a few things to ‘try’ given more time - not just time to code, but time to test.

I’m sure I’m missing a lot more.

Quoted from Squizz:

Well like I have said before, I really hope I'm wrong with The Munsters code Eskaybee!!!!
Agree with Dwights ST code, was a rollercoaster ride at the start, but his end result was amazing !!! Notice my avatar
As for 9 to 5 comment, then if this is true as you say, Then I apologize.
My thinking to this was based on his comment and lack of enthusiasm towards GB on the H2H pod cast.

No sweat Squizz. I know you love ST, as do I! As for GB; that one never interested me so much. And since this is pinside, and we love to speculate remember GB came out right after Dwight got done coding both ST and GOT. (I still think GOT is his best work to date with SW a close 2nd). So me speculating, this was still at a time that stern had very little coders and testers: so I think it was a combination of being drained (from ST and GOT), plus the teams’ ideas as a whole put together a story for the game and never looked back.

One thing I love about Dwight is his fast turn around and open mindedness to try new ideas. He doesn’t play it safe so to speak. And each of his games stands out in one way or another. They are not all the same nor are they copy+paste from each other. But I’m sure Dwight would give us an even stellar code package from start to finish with polish all around if he had 2 years to code a game.

1 month later
#8021 1 year ago

I got to throw down a good handful of games on an LE today so I’ll give my initial impressions and mini review. First, and foremost, this game is fantastic! From the art, to the display, to the call outs, to the shots, to the mini pf, and yes, even the rules. What a great fun pin. These guys nailed it. I had fun from start to finish. I quite enjoyed playing the mini pf and getting its jackpots up to red and cashing in. I thought the zap meter jp was a great feature even though I didn’t quite get understand it completely, but what I did was fun.

Now for the bad; I think, and hope, most of this bad will be corrected in code. First off, transitions from scene to scene need to be sped up and/or smoother - this is mystery’s, dragster, starting the mini pf, etc... there just seemed to choppy slow transitions compared to the speed of the game. The next thing is that there was an obvious bug on the LE in Munster madness 2 & 3 with grandpa. I got to play both pf ‘s briefly but grandpas lair seemed to freeze up and a 5 second countdown timer kept going off but nothing was lit on the pf, grandpas lair wasn’t active, and the display read “Shoot The” ...who is The? Lol. This hindered my progress in both MM2 and MM3.

The game was running the latest code because Munster madness was more simplistic than what I’ve seen in streams.

Also, I don’t think I’m that big of a fan of the super jackpot - there needs to be something more to it but I just can’t put my finger on it quite yet.

I found the kitty shot, and multiplier rules with boosting and LILY scoring fantastic. I enjoyed all the character modes throughout all 3 levels and was satisfying to see that spot was just a one shot mode in the level 3 tiers (and 2 too? I forget).

As cheap as the single bank targets are for LILY and Dragster, it really works well with the rules so it really didn’t bother me and I welcomed it with this ruleset as it didn’t feel like too much work getting LILY going whereas having sing stand ups would be aggrevating compared to its payoff.

All in all; it is a fun pin. But after making it to MM#3 I had no desire to play again but this could have been for multiple reasons. I didn’t have fun on MM2 & 3 because nothing was lit but countdowns and a propable bug so the payoff for all the work just wasn’t gratifying enough to want to play again. And, I had limited time and wanted to play other pins haha. But in the end, I can see this game getting stale quick in a small line up with where the code is at. Hope it gets a lot more polish with some added rules to MM and another layer or change to the super jp.

Oh edit; I did get to GC the LE I played with 260’ish or more million. It would have been much higher if I had something to shoot with 6x running in both MM2 and MM3. But somehow still managed to be the MM champ.

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