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The Munsters Hype (Because every evening its Halloween)

By Macca101010

3 years ago

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Post #550 Munsters Premium and LE cabinet art Posted by pinsanity (3 years ago)

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#534 3 years ago

I think the leak if its true... And it could very well be, was done on purpose... I don't think however it was done to poach sales on Monster Bash. I honestly don't think Stern, thinks about that company as a rival... The amount of monster bash's around are already high, and the remakes will add to that pool no doubt, but I don't think it'll rival what the average Stern production run would be.
Honestly in a perfect world I'd like both a monster bash and a Munsters... But, as is... I'm thinking for myself An Elvira, and maybe a ghostbusters...
But, I'll tell you all this... I'm not going to be first in line for an Elvira... I was first in line with a Maiden Prem... And I think while I got a great machine.
There are some issues with my cab, that the later production people don't have... Yes, I will fix those issues. But, I just think you buy later, you'll get a better machine.

One thing though... I'm not sure how I feel with two different sides of cab art... I wish they'd let you pick the side you want. I like symmetry.

#543 3 years ago
Quoted from Rolls-Royce:

They did it with Star Wars and I think it was a nice touch to have more art around... IMO

Yeah... It's just that with my luck the art on the side that I like will be obscured and I'll never be able to see it due to where it'll be setup in my house... And the art that I don't like will be always sticking out, plain as day visible... And I know some people would just say move it to a location to where you like where its displayed... I have a very small house... So limited to how and where I can put my pins.

#547 3 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

CGC is gonna sell 2-3k MBr's, maybe more.
Nothing external is gonna derail the Stern machine of shipping 12k pins in 2018. They can only do it to themselves and just might with price increases again.
Munsters and Beatles are gonna set new highs on pricing for Stern.
MBr is gonna wow people and its one of the greatest pins ever.

I don't know the current sales... But, I think 12k is a bit high for sales...
Don't know... I would think 4-8k is the normal range for stern right now... But, again I don't know. But, I do think you're right about the MBr numbers.
But, I do think they'll be selling the MBr numbers for a longer time than the munsters.

#560 3 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

They shipped just over 10k pins in 2017.

Yes, 10k pins total??? As in all of their sales? Because, I would think Stern would aim to sell 3k on each pin they develop if not more.
I know the sales are not what they use to be, but I would think 3k would be minimum production goal.
Would really love to know the current sales figures of their games. Just curious is all.

#562 3 years ago
Quoted from pinsanity:

Depends what the basis for comparison is I guess.

Williams always used to tout that 3k units per title was breakeven point.

I spoke with a person about pinball... And he said in the 90s the game designers were paid an extra stipend for every sale over 4k. That it was an incentive for them to do there best work, so they could make more money.
So if you had a hit like say Twilight Zone then you could actually do something real nice with your bonus like buy a house. And I know actually that the sales were a bit disappointing due to the everything and a kitchen sink package expensive toy package, regardless it still sold a lot. They were hoping it would sell greater than Adam's Family, but still I think its silly to be disappointed that you didn't sell more units than the best selling pinball game ever.
Just the scuttlebutt I heard is all.
So I figure any pinball game with 5k plus would be a decent hit.

#564 3 years ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

$3k 1990 dollars is about $5700 in 2018 dollars, and Stern is charging $7500ish for mechanically inferior (to B/W build quality) Premiums, so their break even is probably under 2000 units.

Okay. Just curious though what the current sales per titles are.
Also, it appears like the production runs are much longer now. It used to be it was made in that year and then never again.
It appears now that Stern will keep making em, so long as the demand is strong enough.

#658 3 years ago
Quoted from DS_Nadine:

But being the best in total.
Honestly, who does the Vaults? Spiderman Vault, Star Trek Vault, ACDC Vault...
Little bit of trolling aside: Yes, of course there is a flipside to everything. I think Star Wars Pro is lacking as hell, but Star Trek Pro plays generally the same and GoT while playing totally different is a great Pro!
What was this thread originally about?

If i was rich, I'd buy an AC DC Luci Vault. I love the Luci model. And that is a machine I'd like to own one day... But, honestly it's like 7th or 8th on my list of new machines. And if I decide to start buying old machines again then it's like 30th... But, I really only want to buy new machines as I just don't like the maintenance on the older machines.

#727 3 years ago

So, I don't really have the space or the money for the Munsters. Saving up for a different NIB... But, this thread has me excited regardless, as I'm a huge fan of the original series. In fact this thread got me so excited I bought the dvd box set from amazon. Working my way through the episodes now.I'm almost to the last episode of the original Marilyn.
One thing I'll say about this pin. And I do hope to get one, one day... I think it could look really amazing. And while I said I'm not currently buying old pins. My dream pin is Creature from the Black Lagoon... And I got to tell you all. Think about how amazing a Creature, next to a Munsters, next to a Monster Bash and next to at least one Elvira would be. My brain would just explode at the sheer awesomeness. One day I'll have that lineup... One day...

#729 3 years ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

I buy one Pin a year. It's just a house rule. Still a ring on my finger.
Munsters is now at top of my list. Unless American Pinball makes the coveted Oktoberfest.

Do you cycle out? Or just keep adding to the collection.

#732 3 years ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

The Munsters could very well end up being better than Elvira 3. It has the right team of people on it and the right theme to be a Monster hit.....no pun intended.

Yes, and Munsters is currently 4th on my list of games I want to get. I want to get an Elvira, Attack From Mars Remake, Ghostbusters, and then Munsters... 5th would be Monster Bash remake. I'm not a rich man though. And I'm still debating whether or not I should get a pro or prem for ghostbusters.
One thing I will say though. Even if I do get a Munsters. I'm not buying first production run.
I think while I am happy with my Iron Madien Prem.
Stern doesn't go back and fix known issues. They just ship it out as is buyer be damned. Case in point, you call up their service department and they know the reason and solution to the issue you have.
They really should fix those things before they ship it out. Or send the parts or screws or whatever along with you order.

I really think one should wait a month or two before they put their order in.
So, if fate is kind to me. I might have a Munsters.

#752 3 years ago
Quoted from Jackalwere:

My lineup has Creature, BSD, MSF, Scared Stiff, and I'll be adding Elvira 3 & Munsters...should be some epic monster noises during parties. Now if they'd only make my dream theme - The Mummy! I'd take the classic Karloff or the Brendan Fraiser versions - not sure I'd want Tom Cruise.

One dream theme for me. Would be a Hammer Horror Pin. Having Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee on the backglass, with some busty vampire wenches would be awesome. Could also have Barbara Shelly and Caroline Munro on the backglass, and also playfield.
For those who don't know Lee was Dracula, The Mummy, and Frankenstein. That would be the mummy version I would prefer. Love the Hammer horror films. That would be an instant buy. But, I'll admit I think it would be hard to do right. I'd want it to be gothic, scary, and sexy. Hammer films were littered with playboy models as the blokes who ran the company liked to cast from reading those type of magazines.

And man... You really got a collection. I didn't care about BSD(I only played the virtual pin and not the real pin) until I saw a papa tutorial on it. That pin looks amazing, and the animations are really cool. Great modes and the mist multiball might be the coolest multiball ever!!!
One day I'd love to own a creature... But, as I said in other threads. I'm not interested in buying old machines right now. Later when I move to a bigger house I'll start collecting the oldies again. I just want space to work on them(I have no room to work on pins), and also the space to house pins not in use and being repaired.

Just made my way to the start of hte Pat Priest Marilyn Munster run. I'll say I'm actually amazed at how well the show was made. Great sets, great makeup. Yes, sometimes you can see the seams of the applications in the early episodes. And also a lot of special effects and editing tricks. Which, had to really cost a lot of time and money for universal. It was TV and they chose black and white because it was cheaper, but the show clearly had a nice budget for their effects. Yes, you can see the wires. But, those shows were not broadcast in HD, so I bet over the air, with the old tvs you would never see the little details like that.
Just a really fun show. Glad I'm rewatching it.

#782 3 years ago

So I've been watching the Munsters a lot lately. And while I'm no pinball designer. I think it would be cool if they did a staircase ramp and had the ball lock be kind of like the ball lock on baywatch for the lifeguard tower.
That the ball locks inside the secret passage of the staircase. And honestly I think the staircase should be a mid ramp... But, I know a lot of people complain that there are no great center ramp games.
There are good center ramp games, but no great ones... And I kinda think you do need a lower playfield. For the lab/dungeon. You need it. And yes, you need that to be integrated well. I actually am not a big fan of multiplayfield games. But, I think it could fit the theme and be done right.
One thing I will say though. I still want animations to go along with the video clips.
I've never played batman 66 but I've watched it being played and honestly I didn't like the integration. And I was ho-hum about the integration of GOG. I guess I'm a bit old school in that regard.
But, I really think if the people who design it truly based it on the series and took design cues it could be a unique and fun game.
But, if they just took a theme and just stuck it on an existing design... Well... Might not be worth it to be honest.

Just my thoughts on the matter. Interested in seeing the design layout. And of course after that the coding. But, you all have gotten me intrigued about this game.

1 week later
#815 3 years ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

I hear ya. Supposedly, Gary said there was no reason to go 1000. Weather they do it or not is yet to be seen. I doght it. Will know in 5 weeks.

I still don't get why they didn't do 666 for maiden. Such a wasted opportunity.

#818 3 years ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

KISS hung around for a long time in stock, WWE LE is STILL overflowing warehouses, and they were afraid of another like that, but given the huge overseas interest in Iron Maiden, anyone with even a passing knowledge knew that they could EASILY sell 666 and it actually made SENSE.

Well... could you imagine how cool it would be to get teh 666th one... That be one that people would probably just be looking to flip for money sadly...

And I get it, Sterns reticence. I do... Pinball sales are up finally, but they still pale to what they were in the past.
Only reason there is a thriving pinball industry right now is the insane prices for new pinball machines. Which is a catch 22. As the insane prices make it profitable for the company, but it prevents younger people from getting into the hobby by pricing them out. Which in the long term is bad for the hobby.
I'm not bemoaning the costs of new pins. Just my observation. And again nothing against new pins... With a little bit of luck I might be able to get Munsters NIB at the tail end of their production run. That is provided its both a good playing and good looking game.
I want both Lilly and Marilyn on playfield look glamorous and gorgeous.

#820 3 years ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

I guarantee that if they had done 666 LEs, the 666 one would have gone to the band.

Yeah, and the band might give it away or raffle it for charity. If Clive Burr was still alive that would make a great auction item for his charity that they set up.
So, I think it would only be a matter of time till it got in private hands.

1 week later
#887 3 years ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Definitely wait for Munsters to show up and then make a decision. Also have you played IMDN? So many great choices right now. Its a great time to be a pinball fan!

I just played a ghostbusters pro. And while I loved it... It did give me a little bit of pause. I do want a premium, so its not apples to apples, but I think still a good enough experience to judge...
And wow, that flipper gap is tough.. Yes, I know if I owned it, I'd get use to it and figure it out better... But, wow...
I really love the art, callouts and animations for Ghostbusters and the music too!!!!
The modes though I think are way too linear. I kind of wish they'd make them more random. As it is, I'm always doing the same modes over and over, cos I suck at the game. Which is funny as I scoffed at some people when I said that the game was too linear. But, until you play it, you really can't tell how annoying it is. It's not bad... Its just the high difficulty I think exacerbates this.
So if Munsters has amazing code, and great gameplay... I could be swayed to put off the ghostbusters purchase for a bit.

#890 3 years ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

I think you are spot on in your thinking. The flipper gap is rough for sure but you can move the outposts in and that helps on the side drains a little and kinda helps you forget about the flipper gap a little. Ghostbusters will also make you a better player because you have to hit your shots or its going to be drain city for you. I personally love my GB Premium but i would wait and see what Munsters has to offer. Its not far away so you may as well wait right?

Well, also I am not rich. So I don't have all the money for either right now... Each month I get a little closer though. Can't really complain though. I have spent and paid for 2/3 of what my car costs on pinball this year. And I don't drive a beater. I drive a nice, decent car. But, I don't have any desires on owning expensive cars... Expensive pinballs... HECK YEAH!!!!!

#905 3 years ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

If Munsters is truly a play on Haunted house with a more full-featured mini-playfield on the bottom level with full flippers, pop or pops, and drop targets, I'm totally down with that. I just don't want SF2/Congo/ACDC style gimped lower PF.
And actually, I'd be fine if the lower PF was an LCD and they had a devil's crush type pinball with progressive, changing environments like DC had.

Vireland... I think you might just have something in the lcd idea... So much cool stuff you could do with that idea. I don't think it would fit the Munsters theme, and I doubt stern would be the right company to do something like that first. But, I think a company totally should do that. But, then again I'd love to have more games like Revenge from Mars(never played it. Really want to) and Star Wars Episode 1(really, really enjoy the game I think it gets a bad rap. Its a fun pinball game).

#907 3 years ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

I'd be down with an LCD in the playfield window since it would almost be like a very interactive video mode, and if it was as progressive as Devil's Crush with lots of stuff to work through, it would be great. But I'm not jonesing for more RfM or SWE1. Did not like pinball 2000. Too same-y.

I wouldn't want all games like it. I just would like one more game like it. I can't comment on Revenge from Mars. But, I think Star Wars Episode 1 is fairly deep.
Has nice animations that more than hold up to today's standards. I like the callouts. And while it does have too much Anakin and Jar Jar. They're really not that annoying in small doses and I think are used nicely in the game. Also I like the Light Saber Duel in it. Really simple, but still cool.

Think of what could be done now. You could make an even deeper game, with more animations and it could be really crazy and insane. A game like that would probably never be good enough to be in a single pin collection. But, I think still would be worth playing if on location, and possibly worth owning if you have at least 2-3 other pins.

#911 3 years ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

I don't think they did it for Munsters, but it would get away from crappy lower playfields. Unfortunately, the level of software quality would have to improve dramatically for it to be cool. But, yeah, Naxat-level Devil's Crush game as the 3rd playfield would be amazing.

Well, I think there will always be room for traditional pinballs. But, I would be excited to see more integration like an lcd in the playfield.
It could serve as a lower playfield at times. A way to integrate video mode. And it could have other game interactions as well. Could have fire effects or other effects as well.
Also an lcd for the backwall could work too.
And you'd just have to make certain the clear surface that it rests under doesn't scuff or dimple, or crack of course. Otherwise it wouldn't be that expensive of a toy. And I know how stern likes to stay away from the expensive mechs. Which is fine. It gives sterns a unique flavor and a style there own. But, I really think the future of pinball could be some really wild stuff with that level of integration.

#923 3 years ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

Fingers crossed nothing has changed. Two duds in a row would be too much, and I'm hyped for Munsters.[quoted image]

What are the Duds in a row... It's been Iron Maiden, and then Deadpool...
Iron Maiden isn't a dud.
And Deadpool looks to be fun... I don't think I'll ever buy one. But, I wouldn't mind playing one.

#927 3 years ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

Deadpool is fun! I like it better than Maiden.

Yeah, it looks like fun to me.
Iron Maiden is a dream theme for me. And I'll be the first to say I don't know much about pinball compared to a true pinball player. I've only played on 60-70 real machines.
But, I really, really love Iron Maiden. It has a lot of replay, a lot of shots, and a good amount of flow. The coding to me seems to be top notch. As the modes rotate around, and each mode uses a different part of the playfield or combos.
And so I think its actually from a shot, and coding perspective about as good as it can get.
And I love the theme... Hate the PREM art package... Which is what I own... Doh!!!!
Really think Munsters could be cool.
Just worried how they intergrate the theme. I rather it be more vague and just get the personality and not try to be a clip show.
Get the stairs, get spot, get the raven and his clock. Get Herman busting through the door and maybe jumping up and down. I personally am underwhelmed at both GOTG and Batman 66 because I just don't feel how they used the media. I haven't played the games. Only watched footage. But, I just don't like the animations or how they incorporated the footage. I hope when I play the games I'll change my mind. But, I think less is more, and make the clips short but plentiful.

#971 3 years ago
Quoted from tmntrule999:

By any chance do you play at "Chicago Pinball?" I see you are in Joliet so guessing you have played there(especially since they have Episode 1.) Very cool place just always seems so empty so I am hoping it makes it. Let's talk the owner into selling like 4 older machines and getting a Munsters, lol.

I'm generally at chicago st pinball once a week. I wasn't there last weekend because I was trying a new place. In fact you might notice my initials on some of the games at Chicago St. BAD are my initials and I'm on a good amount of the games.
And the number 3 on sorcerer, that's my score too. Its not a good score to be honest, but the number 1 and 2 are factory high scores, and yes, I'm aware sorcerer you don't enter initials on. Still my score though...

And I don't think the owner would go for something like that. But, all in all it's a great place to play pinball. Has a nice atmosphere, and a very friendly staff.

#994 3 years ago

Just finished watching the entire series of the Munsters. I even watched Munsters Go Home. Just got The Munster Revenge. Really, really enjoyed watching the series. First time I watched them, since i was probably 15-18... I remember the last time I watched them I lived in my fathers basement and I would have they would come on as I worked and slaved away for hours on my digital drawings on my computer.
I must say. I don't think there was a quality dip in the 2nd season. If anything the actors were more dialed in on their characters and that made it better...
I do wish they wouldn't have had Grandpa and Herman at odds as often as they did. First season they were more chummy.
I'm a bit sad I'm at the end really...
Looking forward to the pinball machine now!!!

#1038 3 years ago
Quoted from Macca101010:

Could make for a good topper, it's at the Bradford Exchange.[quoted image]

No Marilyn though... She's a part of the clan... Even though some episodes she just really doesn't add to the plot at all... But, she did have a lot of gags and episodes based around her early on in the series.

#1052 3 years ago
Quoted from Edster:

Hey isn't that Frank Gorshin aka The Riddler???

I actually didn't recognize him when I just watched the episode. But, when I watched the end credits I was like, holy crap that was the riddler.

Also, I didn't recognize a young Dom Deliuse(I know its spelled wrong), but I knew his voice was familiar. Munsters had a lot of famous costars in it.
And also legendary martial artist Gene Lebell was in an episode as a wrestler. I met Gene and got to talk to him for about 20-30 minutes.
Nice smart man, who lived an amazing life.

#1195 3 years ago

If these turn out to be accurate. I think finally the Prem might be the best art package... I do think the LE looks slick and cool though and the handles are a nice touch. But, I just prefer more color to be honest. Its a pinball, it's meant to pop and perhaps be a little garish. But, the main thing is, I think the Munster Coach picture looks better on the side cab than translite, and I prefer the family portrait to be the translite.

#1197 3 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

See your point, but is that a brass coin door on the LE? A sick looking game...the B&W does it for me on this one.......choice is good!!!!

I get you. Its a really hard choice. As its just so wild and unique and would look great in any room. But, for my collection and my room decorations, the more bombastic and vivid color approach fits better...
And I'm also not rich... So I don't think I could afford an LE even if I wanted to.

#1230 3 years ago
Quoted from jawjaw:

What's wrong with the theme? Classic monsters, campy old TV show charm, hot rods, and humor. I'm not exactly a fan of the tv show but that doesn't matter. It just sounds like a fun mix of things - kind of like Monster Bash / Batman 66 mashup. I am more excited about this game than some old arena rock band or random Marvel superhero theme.

Just so long as you don't mean Iron Maiden as an old arena rock band... They're a heavy metal band.... And Iron Maiden is not a band pin, its a monster themed pin. As its themed about Eddie their mascot created by the talented artist Derek Riggs.
But, yes... I think people who don't like the Munsters still should be able to enjoy the pin...
Just hope it shoots great... If its a great shooting pin, I'll definitely have to buy it.

#1243 3 years ago
Quoted from jawjaw:

Iron Maiden is not a band pin? What the junk are you smoking? Iron Maiden is a band. Heavy metal band is still a band. They fly around on a jumbo jet and play in arenas. They have been around for decades. Stern made more than a few pins of bands like this and they all have a monster/devil/creature thing going on. I get why. Top selling pins are band themes so easy money. I just bet Stern could of sold a lot more Iron Maiden pins if they used a different theme for that layout.

Read what I typed.
I said Iron Maiden really isn't a band themed pin.
It's based around the bands music and mascot.

And dude... I own EVERY Iron Maiden studio Album. A good chunk of their live albums. A couple of BluRay Dvds, and I bought some VHS back in the day.
I know about Iron Maiden.
I also own all of Bruce's solo work. Chemical Wedding to me is greatest Metal Album ever.
So don't talk to me about Maiden. I've probably seen them, more than most people on this thread.

I said I don't get why people slam this theme. If Munsters is a monster theme... Then so is Iron Maiden.
There is only one guitar reference total in the whole pinball machine.
That is during your combo animations.
Where are the band members, where are the instruments....
THEY ARE NOT THERE. Because, this is a MONSTER THEME, based around Eddie their mascot, and the modes and artwork based around their songs and album covers. But, NOT THE BAND!

That is what I wrote. Which is why I really don't get why people hate on Iron Maiden. It's a HORROR theme, just like a lot of great pinball machines.
Lastly. Heavy Metal is not the same as Hard Rock... Different genres, different styles of music. I like hard rock, but I prefer Heavy Metal. Big difference is the sonic styles.
Bon Jovi, Van Halen, Scorpions, Motely Crue... Those are Old Arena Rock Bands... Iron Maiden is a Heavy Metal band that played in arenas... But, not an old Arena Rock band... There is a difference.

#1246 3 years ago

How am I insane... I think you all are just hating on Maiden cos you think it makes you cool.
Where is Steve Harris, or Bruce Dickinson... Where are they referenced... Where is Dave Murray, Adrian Smith, Yanick Gers, or Nicko Mcbain....
Where are the Basses, Amps, Drums... There are none.

ONE, animation in the WHOLE PIN, and that is the only reference to playing music.
There rest is based on themes from their songs, and from their album and single covers.
The band was always steeped in horror mythology and it is this that Stern based the pinball machine off of. The band got their name from the Roger Corman Vincent Price movie "The Pit and the Pendulum." They just thought Iron Maiden sounded awesome and cool. They weren't wrong.
Not the band. But, their music.
There is a difference and it might seem as if we are arguing over semantics... But, I think its a difference that merits pointing out, and is lost on everyone.
AC DC is a band pin. The band members are on the playfield, and in animations, and depending on what version the translite.
Kiss is also a band pin. An old arena rock band to boot... And the difference between Kiss and Maiden is, Kiss hasn't been relevant since their first reunion tour in the late 90s.
This is not a band pin.
It's an Iron Maiden themed pin yes... But, not of the band. Its based around Eddie and their songs.

#1248 3 years ago
Quoted from PW79:

Iron Maiden lol
Keep your shirt on dios, it’s all gonna be ok

Got a new shirt mate... New avatar too.

#1251 3 years ago

Not a rant... Just a discussion...
Anyway... Let's get back onto The Munsters.
If this is the next pin... And it doesn't get announced in October, I will really be surprised. Seems like the perfect month.
I know they don't want to cannibalize deadpool sales. But, still this is a month for Ghosts and Ghouls.
Still looking to play Deadpool and others at Wheeling in a few weeks.

#1262 3 years ago
Quoted from RTS:

People aren't hating on Maiden.
It's your insane claim that the machine is a horror theme not a theme based on the band and its music.
That just seems ridiculous.

Okay... Well, by your logic.
Then the Munsters is a 60s Family Sitcom theme.
If you read what I posted. I said Iron Maiden isn't based on the band in terms of its MEMBERS and instruments.
But, their music and artwork and THEMES of their songs.

In pinball terms. They used Iron Maiden, just like how Creature of the Black Lagoon was used in that pin.
That pin isn't really about monsters, but rather the whole drive in experience.
Which is why I said I don't get the hate. Because at Iron Maidens core, its a MONSTER THEME...

Where is Bruce Dickinson... Where is Steve Harris... Where are the instruments...
YOU DON'T SEE THEM. Cos its focused on their MASCOT EDDIE.

This post is my last one. You're either trolling me, or just a little obtuse to get my points and not once have you responded with anything to back up your statements.

#1264 3 years ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

Is it Possible that not everyone agrees with your points or has to? You Can feel right without making everyone else agree with you no?

It's not about that.
It's fine not to agree. But, if Eddie isn't a monster.
Then what is he.
And again. How is Maiden not a monster pin.
You're all blind.

Maybe its semantics that we are arguing, but I believe their is a distinction... But, I've been trying to put this to bed, and you all just keep raising the dead.
And once again. Refute me fine. But, where's your arguments.
What you are all posting is akin to na haaaaa....

#1267 3 years ago
Quoted from arcademojo:

Eddie is a demon, not a monster. There is a difference.

To argue that would be to argue semantics.
And that's a losing game.
And I never intended to argue anyone. I just put forth a valid explanation on why people need to loosen up on the Maiden hate.
And yes you are correct.
This is a thread about a nice family friendly sitcom.
So lets get back on the topic of Father Knows best.
And leave the Maiden talk to beaver... I mean to the past.

#1303 3 years ago
Quoted from chad:

Sven deserves a pin!

Sven pin would be fun. And a secret wizard mode could be a three stooges mode.

1 week later
#1497 3 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

Have to admit I am pretty excited to see Munsters revealed. Lower playfield? Upper playfield? Main playfield? Lifting staircase ramp with subway? So many cool possibilities.

A clock with a raven that pops out. Or at least to bash on and show the raven in an animation. Also I would say a casket to shoot at that opens up. But, then again if they do the ball lock as the stairs(like baywatch kind of), then you wouldn't need the opening casket.
But, I think you kind of want to show the casket as that is where their phone was and it was in a lot of episodes.
And lets not forget the trap door to the lab. So many cool ideas for this machine it truly does have a lot of potential.

#1499 3 years ago
Quoted from Stones:

I watched an old documentary on YouTube today. I found it interesting that when Batman series came out in color, that killed the ratings for The Munsters. I am eagerly awaiting this release. Debating to go after an LE, or wait a year or so... to let the code mature.

Not just let the Code mature. But, also I think Stern makes the mid to end run games of higher quality. They're using a different part on the the newton balls for iron maiden now, and really no reason for them to not used those sooner, and also they had another screw that they stopped using and are using a different one. Sometimes its minor, sometimes its major stuff like with Ghostbusters.
But, I do regret slightly not waiting a few months to purchase my Iron Maiden Prem. So I'm going to try to wait with stern just a few months to make my purchase on any of my NIB games that I'll get in the future.
Which I hope will include a Munsters and Elivra 3... And perhaps a Ghostbusters if they do another run... Which I think they will.

#1523 3 years ago
Quoted from PinballManiac40:

I have yet to hear or read if the LCD will be all black/white animations or a mixture of some colored animations and black/white. I'm hoping for a mixture.

I think they could colorize the clips. As they'd also probably just enhance or alter them also so that the animations work for the machine. As a normal clip just played might lack energy. Black and white could work. I just think. It's pinball, the more color the better.

In regards to the show though, I always think watching it in black and white is the best choice. Just exudes a creepier atmosphere. The spiders webs and smoke and dust just look that much better in black and white.
Also the makeup they wore was designed for black and white and not really color use.... Yes, they did shoot the pilot in color, and the main reason they shifted to black and white was it was like 10k cheaper per episode. But, they did alter the makeup for herman and grandpa after the pilot.

#1530 3 years ago
Quoted from Sinestro:

So, everything was designed for black and white, looks better that way, but they should color the clips for the LCD?
I've gone cross-eyed.

Only the LE is black and white. All the other packages are going to be color. If those photos are to be believed. The LE will probably be hte lowest selling. As its capped.

I prefer color, because black and white will wash out while playing. And it'll pop more... But, if they just use black and white I'll be fine with that.

#1532 3 years ago
Quoted from Sinestro:

I wasn't referencing the LE being Black and White.....only your own comment that everything was designed for Black and White in the show, and then reversing yourself to say that the clips should be colorized.

Wasn't reversing. I just really think in terms of pinball and playing that having colored clips would read better, and would add more energy. But, if they're black and white I won't mind either.
I"m happy with whatever they choose. Just so long as its uniform and not just alternating and a hodge podge mess. Not saying it can't alternate, just would like a rhyme or reason why it would.
I think this could be one heck of a machine...

#1534 3 years ago
Quoted from Blacksun:

Just thinking about this. IF the LE is all B&W, cabinet, playfield and display, there could be a setting to adjust the display between B&W or color since the premiums will most likely be colorized. The display monitor could handle transitioning that...
I'm just looking forward to the TRUE reveal and hopefully soon because I would rather the Munsters than MBR.....

I went in on a Monster Bash LE.
Mainly because of how blown away with it in person I was. Now, the Wheeling Expo was my first expo, and up until then I didn't play on that many pinball machines in my life. So keep in mind I have a very narrow and limited experience with pinball machines. That was hands down the favorite machine I played. I had the most fun on it, I liked how it looked the best. Just blew me away. Not saying I didn't enjoy a lot of other machines. When I hit the left ramp in White Water my jaw hit the floor and I let out a huge WOW that's really cool. And also the hype loop on Star Wars Prem/LE was my second favorite ramp that I hit that weekend, and the game itself was a real blast too. But, I went in on a Monster Bash just because I felt an LE was too good and too nice of a machine to pass up. There was a ticking clock on that one.

But, if Munsters is a great game, I'm going to get one too. And I have no doubt Munsters will be deeper... Should be deeper, should have more replay-ability and it should look really nice... Next to my Monsters Bash that is!!!!!
I just figure their will be time for me to buy the Munsters. As its not released yet and two, I think I'll wait a few months after the release to get my machine. That way they'll have some of the bugs figured out.

#1542 3 years ago

Guys, lets leave all the politics out of this thread.
I go to pinside to have fun and escape reality. Don't care if you're right or left. As it has no bearings on pinball.
And yes, I knew full well that when I posted upon the speculation that those photos of the cabinet artwork mockups, that they could be fake...
They could also be real... I don't think we need to do a disclaimer stating the obvious... Besides, in the past certain leaks have proven to be correct.
So there is a chance those designs are really close to the final official product... Just like there is a chance they are not.

I did not mean any harm posting what I posted.

1 month later
#2124 3 years ago

I don't see how this could have a lower playfield.... If it did you'd lose a lot of that nice playfield art.... Or would the lowerplayfield be really small and start below Grandpa... Don't know... But, I do like the playfield art. This machine should be a looker, and the mode list I saw seemed to hit all the important stuff. So this could be a really cool pin, and a great looking one.
But, as always gotta wait for both High Rez images and also the Prem and LE images.

I know I've said it before, but I really hate that EVERY game has 3 versions. That to me is beyond silly and stupid.

#2273 3 years ago
Quoted from Squeakman:

I bet Stern doesn't sell 1/4 the amount of pins that Addams sold.

1/4 the amount of Addams would be a super smash hit in today's pinball climate.
I'm just curious how much Ghostbusters has sold.

4 weeks later
#3180 3 years ago

Well, if Prem is Black and White... I might be out on this one...Glad I got my Monster Bash LE coming in a few weeks...
My issue is I really don't like the 3 tiered model system. I think if Stern wants to continue with this model. Then let me swap and choose the art packages I want. The Iron Maiden Prem looked good... But, only represented one album era of the band on the cab and translite... And the topper is really cool, but contrasts the Prem art package.
I think as I stated before the art package for Pro was best... But, if you buy a Pro you're missing features and sometimes even modes.
I don't want a Munsters Pro, as I want the full game... But, I cannot afford to buy a freaking LE every single game.
It's really silly and I think its a disservice to the majority of the pinball community.
My reason for not wanting a black and white is it'll get old, and I doubt the playfield will pop. Centaur pops, because it was designed to be in black and white first and foremost, but also the artist used some reds.
What they will be doing for the munsters is taking what was done and meant to be color and converting it to black and white... And that is not how it should be done ever. That is not how they filmed black and white movies, and television shows. They knew what color looked better. Like I believe for the superman black and white serial, they used a brown suit, as it photographed better.
Just a silly rumor for now... But, I hope its not true.

1 week later
#4186 3 years ago

Got to admit my fears for the black and white Prem were misguided. But, then I kind of felt put in my place as soon as someone said "Centaur"... I love the look of that game and I hope to own one... Someday... Speaking about owning something...
I do think that this might be 3rd next game... If I budget my money right... I should be able to get a Ghostbusters around June... Elvira around Halloween(provided it launches around then), and I'm hoping sometime around this time next year a Munsters Prem.
Man what a pretty game. Seems to have a lot going on. I think they used the right clips... And the only thing that bugs me, if the playfield needs more Lilly and Marilyn...
With that being said... Where could they put them... There is no room. And I still like the art on the playfield. It's tight, but it work and not bombarding you.
I also think for my tastes this is the first time the PREM has the best overall art package.
I think best backglass, best cab hands down. Will have to add custom Lilly and Marilyn insert cards... But, that is a small matter.

#4189 3 years ago
Quoted from ctl723:

I retract that comment. Definitely just had a multiball mode with both playfields active at the same time!

I was wondering if they would do that. As otherwise the 4 flippers would be wasted... Just super cool concept.

#4297 3 years ago

I was afraid of the black and white at first... I wanted a color prem... And while a little part of me would prefer color. I think the premium has the best overall art package. Best translite, best cab, and while the pro has the best playfield artwork... Both the LE and Prem have the better playfield and game...
My fear was they would just make the art black and white via a filter in photoshop... Which is not how you want to actually really go about making true black and white images. This looks nicely done.
And when the color lights hit the Lilly slingshot plastic, she looks colored. Nice effect. Nice slingshot... Again my biggest complaint... Not enough Lilly!!!!! Still, a great looking game... And really... Man... This has me wishing I made 3 times the money I do... As this could be my next game... Or it could be my 3rd game... I don't know... I'm going to wait to see how it plays.
I thought deadpool looked great, loved the 2d sprite animations, but the theme is only so so for me, and the Deadpool gameplay just is ho-hum for me at best... Just don't like playing it.
So if this game plays good... Man... What a theme. Huge fan of the Munsters, and just classic monsters as well... Think about it... Munsters would look great next to a Monster Bash, an Adams Family, A creature, and maybe a phantom of hte opera, or BSD... And I almost forgot the Hostest with the mostest Elivra and the Party Monsters, and Scared Stiff. Someday I will have the collection I just posted above... Someday!!!!!

#4610 3 years ago
Quoted from Amused_to_Death:

For the OCD, like me, there are also consequences when you're just copying your own artwork by flipping images around in reverse.
[quoted image]
Watch as Herman and Lily go from being right-handed to left, and Grandpa and Eddie from left-handed to right.
[quoted image]
With the Premium, you've got Herman pointing with his wrong finger/hand on both the front and side of the cabinet. Lily cooks with her right hand on the translite, but then leads with the candle in her left hand on the side of the cabinet. Lily, Grandpa and Eddie aside, that finger point is Herman's signature move. No one will ever notice he's holding up the wrong arm and therefore pointing with his wrong finger? Oops!
Yes, I have too much time on my hands! Yes, I'm still in on the Premium right now. But I dunno, do I wait and see what kind of problems might present themselves with the lower playfield and possibly switch to the Pro? No, not because of the right vs left thing (no, wait, Thing is Addams Family!), but due to added complexity, possible lower playfield boredom, wear and tear, etc.
[quoted image]

I run my own independent comic label and I can tell you it costs Stern a lot of money to have artists draw and design for them. I know I pay my artists peanuts compared to what stern must be paying, and trust me... Art costs a lot of money to produce and create. So they want to reuse every scrap of art they can.
I don't mind repeating this, as I do want to have all the nice artwork. And with the Premium, the only artwork you're missing is the pro playfield, which is actually pretty nice, and I might when I buy this machine buy a print or poster of hte playfield graphic(sure one will be around to buy). It costs a lot of money and also lengthens the development time of the pin. And really Stern isn't unique in doing this, all businesses tend to reuse their assets in much the same way.
And also this isn't a fairly new trend. The ghostbusters backglass art is 70% or more the same just with marshmellow on winston and the keymaster on it for the LE... Which is a shame as I rather think the LE is the best backglass for Ghostbusters.

#4611 3 years ago
Quoted from Guinnesstime:

I have to say, this photo makes me REALLY like the Premium the best. I hate everything about the LE Cabinet. Everything.[quoted image]

I think the lighting on the Premium, because its black and white artwork might in fact pop more than for any of the other models... Got to wait and see... As I've only seen brief clips of it lit... But, I don't know which I rather have now.. .This or a Ghostbusters.... Its a good dilemma.

#4615 3 years ago
Quoted from DS_Nadine:

I'm no fan of Borg or Munsters and I never played the game but it still is better then Ghostbusters.
Loved the theme. Loved the art. First NIB. Nearly killed my love for the hobby.
Got to Wizard Mode after one year, then didn't touch it again for 3 months... And it was my only game. Then sold it.
When it was gone I noticed I never really loved the game itself and want it to never come back.

I just got the pinball arcade version on my ps4... And I got to We came we saw we kicked its ass... Within 2 days...
Plus I've played Ghostbusters now probably 75 times or more at various conventions and bars now... So, the desire is a not so big for me now... But,I still want it. As I love everything about Ghostbusters... Just might want this a bit more... It has Lilly...
Lilly, lilly, lilly legs...

#4686 3 years ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

If they do it in layers (as most artists do now), it can be re-arranged without mirroring the art, and without redrawing. Each side would be a little different, but it's better than mirroring. In the days of physical art I understand the need for mirroring. Digital era? No excuse.

I agree... As there are dominant hands and non-dominant hands. And also some outfits are asymmetrical. All I was saying is, it costs money. And that is why. I had one artist try to convince me to pay per his brush strokes. And I laughed at him. Told him nope,draw faster, use less lines to draw. He actually had a program addon that counted his lines. Great artist, great friend... But, he really needed to learn to streamline his process, but some artists can't. That's why the great Al Williamson switched to become an inker. he could ink faster than he could draw and he made more money that way... A shame as he was one of the best pencilers of his era.

#4798 3 years ago

The Prem stream from last night really has me excited about this game. I just like a lot of the ideas about the code.
And while I think they are wrong about ball save timers. Sorry if I pay 1-2 dollars for a game and I get houseballed for 1 or 2 times and then I brick one shot and it drains... I'm going to be cheesed off if that is my game. Sure, I'll play better. But, I also think you need to play a few games to see how the ball bounces and responds and to find the shots. So I think ball save timers are a good thing...

But, besides that, I think the code is really cool. Game doesn't seem overly deep, but also doesn't seem shallow. Seems like it should be a nice game for location play, but also a nice game to have in a home collection.
Callouts seem to be nice, but not amazing. Really like the displays and animations... All except Lilly mode... The animation they made of her is just creepy. Should have just stuck with the real footage.

Don't know if I"m going to get one right away... But, I'll be thinking about it...

#5154 3 years ago

Too soon to discuss/demand the topper????!!?!?
And also, they might want to make 2 versions of the topper. A black and white and a color. Really thats stern's fault for having both a color and Black and white.

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