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The Munsters Hype (Because every evening its Halloween)

By Macca101010

2 years ago

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Post #550 Munsters Premium and LE cabinet art Posted by pinsanity (2 years ago)

Post #8004 0.96 Code change summary Posted by PanzerFreak (1 year ago)

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#1171 1 year ago

Which game is it that will have Gomez design in it? He had mentioned in one of the podcasts that a new title next year would have his design influences.

#1173 1 year ago

No, he said something else is coming. Deadpool was already out.

Some here were thinking it would be Beatles.

#1176 1 year ago
Quoted from DS_Nadine:

Beatles since Kaminkow cant design s***!

Is it Seawitch or not? A modified Seawitch layout by Gomez?

1 month later
#2065 1 year ago

From what I can see in the low quality pictures, it does not appear that there will be much in terms of interactive toys besides the lift ramp/bash toy (TWD).

Did Stern decide to put all the toys in the attic after the release of Aerosmith/GOTG?

#2107 1 year ago
Quoted from pinballaddicted:

Fantastic pick up.. I hope not! That will not go good with my OCD..!

I believe it is just where they cut the decals for the legs to attach and not wrinkle.

2 weeks later
#2552 1 year ago

I am guessing that is the Pro Munsters cabinet because of the black rails that are not lollipop, but could also be Premiums without having more info.

#2636 1 year ago
Quoted from Ilushka85:

Dialed in shows that a good game can overcome a bad theme.

Sort of.... most believe the Dialed In layout is really good but would be much more appealing with a more exciting theme or at least a more exciting integration of the existing theme. It appears sales could have been much better with a homerun theme.

#2641 1 year ago
Quoted from Ilushka85:

I own one and the theme is terrible. The integration of the theme though I think is quite high. They could have sold more with a better theme of course. But they still sold a lot. They sold a lot more dialed in then they did hobbit which is a better theme arguably but a terrible game.

It is the excitement part of my statement that was key. The callouts and fanfare are not energetic enough to bring the theme of multiple disasters happening out to the player. When playing and a disaster starts the game spits out some callouts that don’t match the terror and shock that would be there if those disasters were actually occurring.

#2643 1 year ago
Quoted from Sinestro:

Dialed In is a terrible theme and a hot mess of a layout. That’s a double whammy.

I have not seen too many people criticize the layout. You slap the star wars theme on that layout and people would rank it in the top 10 if the rules and sound were good.

#2655 1 year ago
Quoted from Sinestro:

I see the Dialed In fans are out in force in this thread......all 10 of them!

Dude, the game is in the Pinside top 10 and has been for a long time now despite the theme being an acquired taste.

3 weeks later
#3955 1 year ago
Quoted from Sinestro:

You wouldn't believe the arguments I get in with people about DST. Many just don't get it, especially here in Indy, where we just started using it about 10 years ago.
People complain about the short days in the winter, and blame DST. I tell them "We're not ON DSTL right now! This is how it was normally!!!"
They still don't get it.

Standard time sucks. The majority of Americans want to live in daylight savings time year round. It is standard time that shortens the days even more by resorting back to the old-fashioned standard time. I am sure that seasonal depression issues are greatly exacerbated by the hour falling back.

#4064 1 year ago

They may need to cut back on the theme song music intro playing so often. It will get grating quickly.

#4071 1 year ago

I like how when you hit Spot (under the ramp) it is like dropping the trap door on him to contain him.

#4079 1 year ago
Quoted from frolic:

I see 800+ people on Jack's stream, 1054 Pinsiders online at this moment, and no "civilians" in the booth.

A lot of us are on both a the same time.

#4115 1 year ago
Quoted from jeffgoldstein2:

So it looks like all three models physically are the same on the top playfield.

Good point. The LE/Premium will rise or fall on whether the lower playfield is fun/rewarding to play.

#4155 1 year ago
Quoted from paul_8788:

Its the countdown specific use that was so revolutionary. I hope he patented it.

Good luck on that.

#4422 1 year ago
Quoted from Yoko2una:

Here's lots of Light (Yellow) & Lite (Orange) on the same machine...
[quoted image]

I think it is safe to say that "lite" is a term accepted specifically to pinball which likely has origins from poor grammar school training in the early days of pinball machines having light.

#4423 1 year ago

Perhaps this is the origin of the term being improperly used in pinball (1935, light up game Tick 'A' Lite):

stoner3504tickalite0 (1) (resized).jpg
#4425 1 year ago
Quoted from BackFlipper:

I am sorry I opened up this can of worms in this thread. I do appreciate that it was the "Stoner" Corporation that started it.

No worries. My OCD did start kicking in pretty fierce on the improper word use though. One that has always blown my mind is when people use lightning when they mean lighting.

#4762 1 year ago
Quoted from vireland:

Tron is mirrored X-Men layout.

You mean X-Men is a mirrored TRON layout. Tron came out a year before X-Men.

#4768 1 year ago

The thing that I found a little troubling from the stream last night was when Borg was playing he often was not trapping/controlling the ball but still had long ball times even while often hitting the ball on the fly.

That is likely why they are suggesting no ball save.

The explanation of the rules by Dwight was nice though.

#5377 1 year ago
Quoted from Kiwipinhead:

This is why Pinball became popular again.
The Pinball Arcade, Released
February 9, 2012

The Williams Collection came before Pinball Arcade. They were both Farsight Studios though.

#5417 1 year ago

Stern is also probably selling about twice as many games a year now as compared to 2011 (before ACDC). I would guess from around 4000 back then to 8000 or 9000 now.

1 week later
#6029 1 year ago
Quoted from iceman44:

In Dwight's defense, he has coded GB, GOT, SW and now Munsters.
Lyman has done TWD, BM66 and whatever he's on now.
I love the theme, layout by Borg and the artwork of Franchi. Yes you can absolutely know for yourself if you want to buy it watching a few hours of a stream.
The one thing you don't get with not actually playing it and putting at least 300 games on it is how good the code is or can really be.
If it doesn't work out with Munsters I might just stick with buying Lyman only games in the future.

I would not be surprised if Lyman is on Superman 78 with Eddy.

3 weeks later
#7454 1 year ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Same ole same ole Who Dey. You know the hater drill with Stern.
Just doesn't matter, some people just can't find satisfaction with their own pins and want to take it out on the success of Stern.
My biggest dilemma right now is "Sheex" or "My pillow Giza Dream Sheets"? Sheet war commercials driving me crazy. Mikey the My pillow man is relentless.

If you get hot when sleeping and have the means, try one of these:

#7480 1 year ago
Quoted from iceman44:

That looks pretty good DC! Never seen those from Sleep number. Will have to give it a shot.
The Mypillow didn't work for me Who Dey.
I've got to find some quality hotel pillows! Somebody said Costco has some good ones.

My wife gave me one last year at the end of the summer. It really comes in handy when you wake up hot, but you can also run it throughout the night if needed. I usually turn it on when I wake up from being hot. I don't really need it in the winter, but for the spring through fall it is a nice luxury to help get better quality sleep. It breathes a subtle amount of air under you to move the warmth away. It has a three year guarantee and if a problem arises during the three years you call them and they will get it fixed.

One thing they do suggest is to use a thread count sheet that is not quite as dense so the air can go through the sheet a little better.

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