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The Munsters Hype (Because every evening its Halloween)

By Macca101010

3 years ago

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Post #550 Munsters Premium and LE cabinet art Posted by pinsanity (3 years ago)

Post #8004 0.96 Code change summary Posted by PanzerFreak (2 years ago)

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#428 3 years ago

Please PM photos to me too.

#435 3 years ago
Quoted from DerGoetz:

Would love to get the photos PMd as well as i would like to decide between Deadpool LE and Munsters.
Thank you!

Buy both!

Deadpool LE and Munsters Premium for me.

#437 3 years ago

When is Munsters planned release date?

#458 3 years ago

What was the reason they couldn’t be posted on pinside? Just curious.

#460 3 years ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

Even though it was briefly on facebook (allegedly) and that's public, I guess it was a mistake and Stern doesn't want them posted because of all the deadpool sales they'll lose. <--my guess

Makes sense. They have my Deadpool sales. I was going to skip on Munsters but so far o like what I see. Stern is definitely picking up the pace of good machines.

#529 3 years ago
Quoted from mnpinball:

Pro mid November

Isn’t that to late. Halloween is end October. I think they would time with this date and have them at/for the Chicago show October 17.

#554 3 years ago

What do people think of what looks like a black/white video?

#556 3 years ago
Quoted from pinsanity:

Don't waste your time with that place. Too many hoops to jump through on that closed shop and the entire signup process is degrading in itself.
Here you go.
If the attached pics arbitrarily disappear from this post for whatever reason (most likely sour grapes) then PM me. And remember to (quietly) thank Kaneda for the pic leak.
[quoted image][quoted image]

We will see if they let them stay posted.

#690 3 years ago

Buy both

2 weeks later
#831 3 years ago

Will the 500 LE’s sell out in advance of them being built???

#857 3 years ago


#861 3 years ago
Quoted from jeffspinballpalace:

at first I thought it could be a whitewood, but now am guessing it’s an upper playfield or lower section of recessed playfield. It looks like the flippers are mini flippers and the pf may be 18 inches long.

That’s a spoof!

1 week later
#944 3 years ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

It's all fun in the honeymoon phase. Give it 3-4 months.

Just like KISS


#973 3 years ago
Quoted from scottslash:

Wait. What? There's gonna be a Munsters pin?

Listen to NoQuarters - he won’t steer you wrong folks!

#1036 3 years ago
Quoted from iceman44:

Might only take a week or so to fill all those orders. If that.

Might take 3 years depending on how often they build them - one never knows....

#1083 3 years ago

Wait...what they are making a Munsters pin - that is awesome!

Looking forward to seeing it at the show!

1 week later
#1288 3 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Agreed for me...not interested in Deadpool, but excited for Munsters...now about this Jacksonville thing...

Me = love both themes!

#1293 3 years ago
Quoted from Kiwipinhead:

Munsters will be late Nov or early Dec, 4 month's after DP, which was 4 month's after IM

Agree. Right timing. No Expo.

1 week later
#1319 3 years ago

What- they are making a Munsters pinball game?


#1371 3 years ago

Relax folks!

#1374 3 years ago

Just having a few beers enjoying Brewers game!

Let’s go Brewers...Let’s go Brewers!

#1393 3 years ago

What is the 4 insects? Some movie??

#1394 3 years ago

Or band! - Beatles

Before my time - let’s go Munsters!!

#1398 3 years ago
Quoted from Blacksun:

Probably not the smartest move on their part... I am looking at grabbing a Monster Bash LE now as well. A simple announcement probably would have swayed me away from that completely........

You waited 6+ months for MBr and you can’t wait another month to see if Munsters is the next game announced by Stern?

If Munsters is not next game then you can still buy MBr!

#1403 3 years ago


That’s the news we want to hear!

#1407 3 years ago

Getting my down payment ready for Sterns next pin - Munsters!!!!!!

#1409 3 years ago
Quoted from SLAMT1LT:

Not keen on kid friendly horror themes. I'm a fully grown 48 year old man and I want proper R rated horrors like Saw, Evil Dead or Halloween.
The Addams Family was a mega hit because it was based on a massive movie with a new cast. Not the original TV show. Not sure this will do well for Stern, the TV show was for children, so the humor is going to be very juvenile.

Just curious, does Monster Bash have adult or juvenile humor?

#1414 3 years ago
Quoted from wolfemaaan:

Yeah Deadpool is dead, so won’t be long


Stern makes 3 games per year and sells them for years!

#1433 3 years ago

Getting ready to pickup my Munsters soon

#1436 3 years ago
Quoted from brett:

I hope you’re correct.

Call your distributor and preorder!

#1454 3 years ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

You were saying? Looks like Beatles is official today, ahead of Munsters, as was known well over a month ago and I posted about almost exactly a month ago. You need new "sources."

Give it a month and half and we will hear about Munsters!

That crappy looking filler, boutique machine called Beatles will be a flop!

#1480 3 years ago

Alright back to focusing on the real, next cornerstone game.... Munsters!

So will there be an additional lower, upper playfield or neither?

#1488 3 years ago

Hopefully pick up Munsters machine before Christmas!

#1496 3 years ago

About 6 weeks we will find out!

#1509 3 years ago

Premium for me!

Now hurry up Stern and get this thing released with solid code!

#1541 3 years ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

Can we please stop perpetuating this low-IQ, non-word? There's no such thing. There's either NEWS, or if it's the opposite, it's misinformation, disinformation, or propaganda or any of a number of other real words.


#1589 3 years ago

I doubt price drop.

#1598 3 years ago

What’s the Tron VE delivery date?

#1607 3 years ago


I can’t find that date on the calendar.

#1727 3 years ago
Quoted from DS_Nadine:

He will pound his feet a lot when Bill & Ted is announced first next week!

Nope it will be a Queen pinball machine release!


#1729 3 years ago

Agree- just having fun while we wait patiently for the release.

#1739 3 years ago
Quoted from Pinhead1982:

Heard that the cabinet drawings are legit...

Premium for me. Great artwork.

#1742 3 years ago

Wow - gorgeous!

You have to go LE based on that gold version!

#1756 3 years ago

Pictures soon to satisfy the masses!

#1786 3 years ago

Munsters announcement in December

#1850 3 years ago

Black Friday announcement coming?!?

Added over 3 years ago:

I am thinking we will see official announcement next week. Watch for it!

#1854 3 years ago

I suspect this week. I hear the production line will be ramping up this week / next week.

#1858 3 years ago

Goto 18:57 mark on podcast to here about machine.

Hopefully he is wrong about the unveil date. If he is right, that will disappoint alot of people!

#1868 3 years ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

I believe I mentioned a month ago it would TPF reveal...just a lot of denial on pinside.

I still think an announcement is coming this month - will see as the game is complete.

#1869 3 years ago
Quoted from cooked71:

If it is TPF, thats a big gap between games - DP was late August. That’s over 6 months.

That’s why I think they will announce in December- 3rd cornerstone game for 2018.

If not, I can understand why some people are getting upset with these boutique games (Beatles and Primis) getting in the way of major releases.

#1881 3 years ago
Quoted from Yelobird:

The Theme will be amazing lets not start selling the awesomeness of a pin that has technically not been confirmed just yet based on a viral wood box photo. lol

Also Butch Patrick confirms they have developed the machine in the interview above - close enough to me to a confirmation.

Now will the pin be worth the money- we will need to get our eyes on it - hopefully real soon!

#1966 3 years ago
Quoted from Ericpinballfan:

I saw 150 posts today and thought....maybe some playfield leaked pics.....

Soon - counting the days down....

#1967 3 years ago
Quoted from benheck:

So many cool things a properly web enabled pin could do!
1) Inform when you coin box is full enough to warrant a visit = save time & gas.
2) If set to "public" could publish its location to an Stern app to help people find games on location.
3) Remote updating! Question, do you drive to your data center or just use PuTTY?
4) Earnings heat maps to determine best locations to route games (ok that's the kind of data Stern would want to sell not give away)
One concern might be "easier updates will allow Stern to release even less finished games!" That's irrelevant considering pins are already released (by all companies) less finished than any other industry would allow.

Help me understand- how are these good for the home market? If Stern works on these things the costs will get spread across home market- great we are not far away from a $10k LE priced pins.

For home market, Enable WiFi so their tech support can help with real-time troubleshooting, occasionally code (cuz code updates don’t happen very often), online playing, pinball league features would be good.

FYI, if I were an operator, I would not want my sales data (# plays, earnings, etc) sent to Stern. This is like sharing your company financials or your W2’s.

#1968 3 years ago

Few more days/hours of posting and then reveal of Munsters!!

#1972 3 years ago

Ok, so I have to ask.

Why does Stern get caught up in Primus or even Beatles pinballs and distract from there cornerstone releases (sounds like delays now for Munsters).

I do understand that Stern is making money off of these machines- but if they could sell 3,000 or maybe more Munsters pinball machines I would think the upside is higher. (Sure higher than Primus).

Instead they pull resources away from cornerstone games (or don’t staff them right to begin with).

Big Stern fan - just frustrating. Agree with Jeff PP above, don’t release poor quality or unfinished code that would be worse.

How about this, delay Primus or Beatles a month instead!

#2068 3 years ago
Quoted from Zablon:

I really have zero interest in this theme, but that LE cabinet is beautiful.

Park it right next to your Haunted House!

It would look great.

#2114 3 years ago
Quoted from vex:

I hope the lower playfield will have more relevance then acdc.

Tough to do unless the lower playfield is bigger - not much real estate

#2119 3 years ago

Where are the flippers? Maybe something unique going on?

#2132 3 years ago
Quoted from epthegeek:

Is 5 shoot areas enough shoot areas? Or are we going to be lacking in shoot areas.

Looks like 2 more shooter lanes to left and right of VUK scoop.

That would hit the magic number of 7!!!

#2261 3 years ago

Queen pin

#2302 3 years ago

In meantime....back to Munsters!

Is the reveal this week or next by Stern?

#2306 3 years ago

Announcement in December, units running down the line starting in December.... sales start in December....machines ship in January??!!

#2307 3 years ago

Keep your fingers crossed!

#2333 3 years ago


#2345 3 years ago
Quoted from MK6PIN:

Maybe a Munster's Monday??? Fun to speculate on the release of this one....

I pick Thursday.

Start to fill in the betting squares!

#2375 3 years ago

Munsters on Thursday!

#2376 3 years ago

Now just need to narrow done the week!

#2381 3 years ago
Quoted from gliebig:

I'd like to retheme it to a Muenster theme. Or would that be to cheesy?

That’s not Gouda of you!

Don’t STRING us along with those cheesy jokes.

#2468 3 years ago
Quoted from Skyemont:

Any pics yet? Any release date yet? Any price yet? Yet, yet, yet? Lol

Next week.

#2498 3 years ago
Quoted from mnpinball:

Production line has already begun late last week on said Munsters.

If they don’t announce soon pictures from the line will get leaked this week.

No need to wait any longer.

For sales, probably will see shipments next year.

#2514 3 years ago

Someone on the line sneak a few pictures for Pinside!

#2531 3 years ago

Announcement- when?

Order at distributor- when?

Arrive at house - when?


#2607 3 years ago
9D118B87-5D94-42EB-9462-FB5A1862A6BA (resized).png
#2664 3 years ago
Quoted from Tranquilize:

I agree in general, but some games do get affected severely by theme. Buck Hunter and Roller Coaster Tycoon come to mind.


#2700 3 years ago
Quoted from PinballManiac40:

Pinside is about to
E !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


#2724 3 years ago

Unfortunately others seem to be right - no reveal until 2019 - darn it!!!

Ok, we need those insiders (or people touring the factory) at Stern to take a few better pictures! (Sneak us a picture or 2 of the playfield!)

#2731 3 years ago
Quoted from delt31:

The theme could work if done right. Addams family fell in that same category and look how that turned out. Spooky but funny themes is gold in pinball if done right and this is coming from someone who absolutely has zero interest in the munsters

Zero interest yet....

#2748 3 years ago

Common guys, you can let us know your really excited as you monitor this thread!

Someone not interested would not spend time here - you sure you don’t already have your down payment in?

#2845 3 years ago

Stern might have missed their window for extraordinary sales on Munsters:

1. After Xmas - money will be tight for purchases like these
2. Missed the window for good sales on Munsters by releasing Beatles first and competition releasing MB remake
3. Stock market has took a major hit - so will consumer confidence

What say you Pinsiders! How bad will sales get hit by Stern’s order of priority????????

#2963 3 years ago

0.83 code is my guess

#2993 3 years ago
Quoted from NoQuarters:

Release Herman and his family from the factory. They want to come home - to my house. 1313 Mockingbird Lane.
Bring on the Munsters !

Hey, we have the same address! Maybe it will get delivered to me instead.

#3023 3 years ago

Munsters pinball will be in the happy new year!

2EC4CED9-9EA5-45E5-BE0A-64E7145518B8 (resized).jpeg

#3044 3 years ago

January 3rd is the date, since we are speculating!

#3073 3 years ago

I am officially leaking the information- Stern will be making The Munsters Pro, Premium & LE pinball versions in January 2019.

Call your loco distro and place an order for $5800, $7700 or $8800 respectively!

#3164 3 years ago
Quoted from Puffdanny:

I'm hearing the lower playfield will be more like Stewie's pinball than ac/dc.

Owned both games, only marginally better.

#3165 3 years ago
Quoted from Blacksun:

Back in the day the 1 through 50 LE's were hand signed by Gary and the game dev on the outlanes and then recleared to preserve the signatures. They stopped doing this with GOTG and went to signing the aprons and a signed certificate for all the LE's produced... I have a signed and recleared Tron LE and have to say the playfield is perfect. Almost no dimples compared to my newer Metallica, GOTGLE and IMLE which are dimpled to shit... I would LOVE to see Stern go back to this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Agree, I don’t understand, like w/i 5 years or less playfields are really dimpling?!: either wood or clear coat material are to soft.

My 2007 games, my 2011 TFLE, etc no or very very minimal dimples. My GOTGLE, DPLE lots dimples.

I just live with it now (I guess it probably depends on wood, humidity, how quickly they paint and clear them).

Now back to Munsters- let’s make that game engineered hard wood!

#3166 3 years ago

Centaur has a bit of color.

Munsters in b&w are a no for for me too!

AC7DF6BE-B8D6-4831-95F1-13E56F538906 (resized).png
#3176 3 years ago

Go premium- however b&w might stir things up a bit if on premium!

#3179 3 years ago

Let Herman out to play pinball!

6A763FB2-C9FC-476E-85CC-15A5F59F27DD (resized).jpeg
#3219 3 years ago

Just need to see some decent released pictures!

#3221 3 years ago

Grandpa is waiting to apply power to the new pinball!!!!

8232AAC1-7877-4A47-BA62-10153AB55DE6 (resized).jpeg
#3226 3 years ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Stern will still smash them RA. Stern has their issues for sure (cough cough IMDN Sarc lock and Newton ball design) but they make the funnest games out of all of the pinball companies. Stern has some BIG titles coming for 2019 also.
If i was Stern i would worry about CGC more than anybody because they make some damn nice games. If i didnt love this Munsters theme so much i would have probably said screw it and got a MBR SE, because im tired of waiting for this game to release.

What games will be released in 19?

#3283 3 years ago

Code should have a few revisions by the time we get one - hopefully helps!

#3290 3 years ago
#3291 3 years ago
Quoted from cooked71:

Uh oh, get ready for an oldpinguy GIF onslaught.

#3297 3 years ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

It doesn't get real until I pull out a graph to show the uptick in animated gifs since I mentioned that tip. Don't make me do it.

Here you go - enjoy it!

#3406 3 years ago


Not good for potential Munsters sales - should have released in FY18. (Or maybe xtra money is no big deal for you ?)

Are you ready to pay another $300 in taxes! Plus a bump in price from Stern?

#3408 3 years ago
Quoted from Sinestro:

I wonder if there will be some wiggle room for distros....especially those that don't hold inventory.
If I'm buying a game from them, and they are just arranging to have it shipped from Stern to me, then the game never resides in their state, and they never would have shipped from their state.

No tax expert and they are debating in the other thread, but most likely we will pay.(most states).

#3433 3 years ago

Are we all ready for a black and white Premium?

Here is an example TZ b&w- what do you think?

#3660 3 years ago
Quoted from Bublehead:

Ok, how the phunk does anyone know about ramps and wireforms on the lower pf?!? Pics or its all bull$pit.

MNPinball is a Stern insider or just plain Stern!

#4265 3 years ago

Watching twitch it looked like it was harder to follow ball and make out playfield artwork on the b&w playfield. Looked easier to follow on the color playfield.

Guess you have to play both machines.

Anyone out at CES share your thoughts on this.


#4325 3 years ago
Quoted from TKDalumni:

I really like the way the colored inserts give a bit of contrast to the B&W PF. Think some colored rubber would look damn snazzy too.

Heck while your at it, so would a color playfield.

#4328 3 years ago
Quoted from cooked71:

I love the LE art, but can see the appeal of the Premium also. Pro cant be faulted but is a little generic- like every other good Stern package recently (OK, now im looking for faults). A little bit torn between the LE and Premium, but I think the LE has it for me just because it's really unique.
I wonder if the original plan was to have the LE cab with the B&W playfield? That would be amazing also. Do you think theyd build one for me if I asked?
Anyway, spoilt for choice here. Only minor complaint on the LE is I wish they'd done the web siderails in the reverse colour - so all gold with black inserts, and gold lockdown to match. That would look freaking awesome. Might have to do that myself when I get it.

Find someone that wants a premium with color and just swap playfields!

You both have a 1 of a kind!

#4329 3 years ago
Quoted from Tranquilize:

I knew I'd love the B&W, but surprisingly, I prefer the LE.
I don't trust Stern with code and quality of mechs, and I'm really bummed about it. I'd be all over that LE. I think this is one of the best, if not the best, lower PFs I've ever seen. LE in a year or so if code is even done by then. I'll also have to browse the Munsters Issues thread to see if the mechs are crap.

Me2 LE

#4334 3 years ago

Any comments on plastic above lower playfield. Looks similar to AC/DC Premium VE - same method of securing plastic with screws (& black border).

Some folks were worried about this in acdc - is this a non issue?

#4508 3 years ago
Quoted from jfh:

Don’t know about IM but I cancelled my Munsters LE tonight because my wife and I decided the LE art package just didn’t do it for us. We both agree the Premium is a better fit with the theme/show.

Your going to regret it.

#4510 3 years ago
Quoted from jfh:

Not if my wife is happy.

So true ! Happy Life.

#4642 3 years ago
Quoted from benheck:

Premium art is the best by a long shot.
Not just because it's black and white. But it has the best layout, use of space and readability of characters. Anything with the Dragula is too zoomed out to show the length of it making the characters small. Front on art of it... Oh wait then it's Rob Zombie LE.
Somebody above worries how it'd look in their lineup of Sterns... Totally unique and eye catching is the answer!
Also pro tip for art blind guys: black and white goes with any other color. Meaning your wife will allow this game into potentially more areas of the house.

We now have an interior designer!

#4643 3 years ago

NO, because LE would never win as they are a LIMITED EDITION!

#4654 3 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

I get the feeling that the B&W Prem is going over very well. People seem to be cancelling LEs cuz they like it better. Head2Head's poll indicates people like it better. 181 votes, 35% for LE & 65% for Prem!

Not what I am hearing or seeing.

LEs sold out at most distributors.

Everyone else enjoy B&W if you want Grandpa mini playfield!

#4657 3 years ago


#4661 3 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

I get the feeling that the B&W Prem is going over very well. People seem to be cancelling LEs cuz they like it better. Head2Head's poll indicates people like it better. 181 votes, 35% for LE & 65% for Prem!

Not what I am hearing or seeing.

LEs sold out at most distributors. (Called around most big distributors say sorry no LEs).

Everyone else enjoy B&W if you want Grandpa mini playfield!

Here is another poll on Pinside- looks like all 3 are fairly equal with 220 votes.


#4673 3 years ago
Quoted from jfh:

Then you aren’t paying attention to the threads. Yes, the LE is difficult to find, but there are many that gave up an LE slot (myself included) that cancelled an LE to go with another model. That LEs are sold out doesn’t mean there was more demand for LEs than Premiums, it means there is more overall demand for the game and that more people that would have been otherwise shut out of an LE now have the opportunity to get one because early LE buyers like the Premium better.
My Sterns have always been LEs. And I was expecting this to be the same. But I really preferred the art package on the Premium more than the cachet of an LE. And that seems to be the case wth a lot of folks. That’s not a knock on the LE, that’s a tip of the cap to the Premium.

Hear say dude, need formal poll.
What’s on pinside so far is about a 3 way split in all games. As many that love [email protected] also hate it.

#4674 3 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

LE can still sell out with more people prefering the Premium. LE taps out at 500. Prem only has to sell more than 500 to show that more people like it.

Right, never know, cuz they don’t sell more than 500 LE’s!!! Goes both ways.

We will never know!

#4675 3 years ago
Quoted from Mike_J:

That lower play field looks terrific.
Hoping to see my LE by the first week of February.

Right, everyone is excited to get their machines..Jan, feb, March

#4872 3 years ago
Quoted from Tuna_Delight:

Stern increasing LE production quantity to 600 according to Kaneda. Anyone seen/heard this officially?

I heard same podcast!

If this is true does it devalue your LE?

Does it piss you off?

Should we email NOW distributors and Stern and complain about pulling this fast one in LE owners.

If we are honest this will have a small negative affect on value of LE long run.

#4928 3 years ago
Quoted from JMK:

Just heard from my distributor in Toronto that apparently Stern is considering increasing the total LE units from 500 to 600.
However, he had not been told of any art cabinet changes in the extra 100.
He’s going to reach out to Stern tomorrow to confirm.
I’m keeping my LE order but am very curious if they’re going to alter anything on these 100 units.

My recommendation is to email Zach and politely discourage the making of more.

[email protected]

#4934 3 years ago
Quoted from NoQuarters:

Correct. This scandal nets more sales if the scandal is true.

My 2 cents is do what you announced & documented to the public (no matter pinball, business or personal. Your word does matter on commitments). Stand behind what you say.

Hoping the podcast guy is wrong as this is all needless pinside posts.

#4949 3 years ago
Quoted from Rarehero:

If you’re upset at the thought of more people being able to enjoy a thing, time to re-evaluate your perspective on life.

Then get rid of “limited edition” and go with model trim 1, 2, 3. Let people buy what model level they want.

Stern doesn’t do this because they get those 500 LE people on the hook before game hits the market. Clever marketing strategy. If they waited offering model 1..2.3 then they might not sell the higher level version out on (there most profitable version per machine).

So in this case Stern messing with LE owners will cause them to be upset and they may not order next time. They may wait it out cause if it is a popular theme “Stern will make more LEs.”

My 2 cents- let Zach know how you feel as an LE consumer!

#4953 3 years ago
Quoted from fxdwg:

Im in on an LE, the number increase doesn't really bother me, but man oh man. everyone has been super hyped abput this pin. and stern really has done well with the reveal, the energy, the excitement. If you listen to any podcast about this machine, the comments have been nothing but positive and energized and happy.
now enter the LE to 600 stuff.... grrrrrrr…. here comes the bitching, the negativity and the dark cloud...


Bad move Stern - you should have gotten in front of this instead of poorly leaking it out (if it is true as quoted above).

Do everything right in hyping and revealing from a marketing perspective only to put a bit of a cloud on those LE folks who give you those most money.

Hmmm... bad move.

Now if the offered it as a SLE or 500 B&W LEs maybe.

Maybe they will reward those first 500 who jumped in with a LP like Deadpool LE owners!!!!! Oh wait- they are still waiting on that.

#4986 3 years ago
Quoted from mzhulk:

I only buy LE's, so if all LE's sell out and I cannot get one than I won't be buying anything. So its smart for them to make enough to go around. I do not buy as a investment, I buy to play and have fun. There is no investment in pinball, those days are over as prices for pinball machine are way up. Usually now if you buy a new machine you will lose money even if it is a LE.

Right - just get rid of LEs then.
Make it model level 1, 2 and 3 and let anyone order one of these levels.

Wait, Stern want do this because if it is a crap title no one will order the top of the line model once they see and play it. They figured out their marketing strategy- hook LE owners before release based on calling it a LE!

Now if they change this, They will screw them over with more machines released. Bad form Stern!!!! Hope this is all Pinside BS or LE owners might take a wait and see approach on next title.

#4988 3 years ago
Quoted from mzhulk:

I only buy LE's, so if all LE's sell out and I cannot get one than I won't be buying anything. So its smart for them to make enough to go around. I do not buy as a investment, I buy to play and have fun. There is no investment in pinball, those days are over as prices for pinball machine are way up. Usually now if you buy a new machine you will lose money even if it is a LE.

Also, let me know when you sell your next LE, I will offer 50% of what you paid. Now you say NO way - everyone has a price at which this is acceptable.

#4991 3 years ago
Quoted from Rolls-Royce:

I own just 3 games and all three are LE’s... Munsters Premium B&W will be the exception, I consider that necessary for a B&W tv show.

Stern simply should make the next 100 LE’s in B&W with badges from 1/100, and leave the color ones alone with the 1/500 just for respect to the 500 Collectors that will own those.

Great idea

#4994 3 years ago
Quoted from jawjaw:

Seriously? You know the whole LE is a cash grab. LE buyers line up each and every time with no memory of past woes. Why not bump the number up if demand is hot? How is that a f-ed up thing? Stern is in the business to sell pins. I would bump it up to 1000 and watch them fly out the door.

Then watch their business model tank on the next LE pinball where everyone says let’s wait till we play. And if that LE pinball is a flop, then very low sales! Ouch!

Right now they can sell sight unseen because it is a “limited edition”. Not LE, wait we will add more if popular.

#5156 3 years ago
Quoted from Jvspin:

Wow! The LE's must really be in demand for Stern to increase their number. I better get one quick before they're all gone. Should be an excellent investment.

No need to worry, heck they will just make another 100! Cuz limited edition means anything under 5000 to them.

Stern- just go with model 1,2,3 and let people order whatever trim level they want! Why don’t you do this? Oh because LE prices would come down, meaning profit would come down!

#5158 3 years ago
Quoted from J85M:

Wrong, Stern haven’t put the LEs on the line yet have they? Until they are on the line nothing is set in stone and Stern know this which is why every feature matrix they have ever produced always says “subject to change/adjustment”.
[quoted image][quoted image]
And I speak from experience as a BM66LE/SLE buyer I have been in this situation where Stern increased the numbers last minute, but it honestly didn’t bother me, it makes no difference to the value of your game, unless you where buying it because it was limited to 500?
Personally when I buy my LEs the number being produced doesn’t even factor into it, 100 or 1000 of them as long as I’m getting the game/features I want that’s why I’m buying to begin with and I’m happy.

You are correct- however stop and think why does Stern “say limited edition” buy my pinball sight unseen. Because they know certain people will pay extra for that exclusivity (to be in that club). Now if you open the pinball up to more there goes the uniqueness.

Heck while we’re at let Stern make and remake any LE or SLE. Let’s see what current owners of those games think. I know a bunch of pissed off AC/DC owners.

Good luck - my model is buy used from this point forward. Let those pinsiders that don’t care about LE or SLE quantities take the big hit in both price and exclusivity. It won’t take them long to say - my head hurts from hitting the pinball wall to many times!

#5159 3 years ago
Quoted from Amused_to_Death:

Kaneda is doing some backtracking on his latest podcast... so all of the arguing and complaining about additional LEs may end up being for nothing.

Wrong- I got it in writing from Zach at Stern. No need to post his email.

It is fact!

#5222 3 years ago
Quoted from dts:

An attorney gets downvotes for talking about a class action lawsuit against Stern. Now apologize to the attorney, poor guy. WTF?!
Man, if we have come to this, legal action over Stern adding another 100 LEs, the end is near. This is a seriously messed up culture. We should be thanking Stern for giving more people the opportunity to have an LE and not acting like our precious jewels are devalued. Of course they are devalued, the instant you open the box. So they projected 500 and had demand, and changed it to 600 for a small number of people. I bet they could sell 1000.
Back to the machine, please! It looks great.

Screw all LE and SLE owners ....remake all of them - who cares that they have Limited Edition in there title!

That’s a double head banger.

#5225 3 years ago
Quoted from Wakky:

All our designs are final and we have no plan to alter these in the future.
Stern Marketing


#5253 3 years ago
Quoted from Jvspin:

If demand is still going strong after 600 are sold, time to rethink that allotment again. Same reasoning should apply.

Hell while they are at it let’s do that for all current SLE and LEs. Screw limited editions! All you that own them sorry Stern has a business to run and you are second as a customer.

Get back inline customers!

#5349 3 years ago
Quoted from Waldo:

[quoted image][quoted image]

I thought production order was Pro, LE, Premium, then more Pros.

#5371 3 years ago
Quoted from GamerRick:

It definitely seems official. Game Room Guys list 600 LE’s. They still have some for sale if any of you are still looking for an LE.

It has long been official- 600 LEs.

#5372 3 years ago
Quoted from GamerRick:

My dealer’s site says he already has premiums in stock. Hope to see one in his shop soon. My LE comes in March he tells me.

Interesting, wonder why Stern changed the production order to: pro, Premium, and then LEs???

#5436 2 years ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

If the lower playfield can be turned off then that may steer me toward the premium.

Yes it can

#5865 2 years ago
Quoted from Wotto:

Man what a bloody great shame it is that I keep hearing this as people play the machine- I was 100 thousand % in when I saw this released - but such a large % of players are reporting this back after they play it . Not being a negative nancy here, just sayin that 12k ( here in AUS ) is bigtime coin to throw at a Premium machine so you would expect great gameplay with such a FANTASTIC theme. I am now SUPER CAUTIOUS and hesitating and waiting until I see / play it , but nervous that it will be as reported.........time will tell I guess. I am so hoping that this current feedback is being vastly exaggerated at this point.

People need to understand rules first, then the game is great!

If you don’t it might not be to exciting.

So read up!

#5987 2 years ago
Quoted from JMCFAN:

Well I am new here....just put a deposit on the last LE at The Pinball Company

Wow on LE price?

8D53CB46-8323-47C4-A5E9-C0768983EBD6 (resized).png
#6012 2 years ago

Found this website - lots for everyone.


#6421 2 years ago

—>What are people hearing on actual LE delivery dates?

#6506 2 years ago

Everyone just relax and go play some pinball. Enjoy each game for its uniqueness!

Go play pinball!!!!!

#6578 2 years ago

Great thread, state your thoughts, then restate your thoughts, then disagree and state your thoughts, then restate your restated thoughts if someone states a different opinion.

“Let me beat my thoughts into your head until you agree with me!”

Get a life!

Either you like it or you don’t. Positive or negative is fine - state your thoughts and move on...move the conversation forward!

Time to start hitting up the moderators to ban people from this thread if you keep doing the above.

#7027 2 years ago
Quoted from bigd1979:

This is correct unfortunately.... i heard 100 or so units got messed up. Good thing is stern is well..good at getting pins out so only few weeks delay. Any other company it wld of really really put them behind

We’re these 100 units pros or LEs?

1 week later
#7364 2 years ago

Just got done playing the Pro version.

I am an average player just having fun.

Unless you are a good to great player this game will keep your interest.

It is not easy as a few others describe- they must be above average players.

Game is fast, fun, artwork is good, video is good. Will be good machine to own, but a great machine as the code develops.

Outlanes are brutal, no ball save, fast game.

Looking forward to playing some more games soon.

1 week later
#7776 2 years ago

If your want to see more in the code, just use the email address below. Bitching on pinside only goes so far. More emails to Stern gets results- see below.

Remember to give them details and examples of what you are thinking - something they can improve! Not just bitching.

See example below- example from Deadpool submitted only 2 days ago to Stern!

2A2299FA-B295-47AB-B103-2CDD24F6D58B (resized).png
#7797 2 years ago
Quoted from snaroff:

Exactly...and for me it took roughly 20-30 plays to be disappointed (then my CPU board apparently crapped out, but that's another story).
Jackpots and multipliers are goodness, but they aren't a substitute for more challenging modes/objectives. Achieving MonsterMadness roughly every game is a less-than-great side-effect of the sparse rules/objectives. If the game is so easy that "no default ball save" is a highlighted feature, you know somethings amiss. It's like they realized the game was too easy and said hey, let's remove the ball save to make it more challenging.

Exactly...especially true for Munsters owners and long-time Stern supporters (like me), who want the game to be great. My hope is I will get a new CPU board so I can boot the game on Monday and a software update to spice up the modes. If all of us kept our mouths shut, I know nothing would improve.

Have you emailed your thoughts to Stern on your thoughts on code.

If not, please do so here:

[email protected]


#7798 2 years ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

I never said people who love it are dumb, don't put words in my mouth.
People who are into the jackpot and multiplier-stacking focus will love it. People who like to bat the ball around will really like it, too. But if you're into mode-based play with varied objectives and tightly theme-integrated gameplay you likely be disappointed over time.

Have you emailed your thoughts to Stern on your thoughts on code.

If not, please do so here:

[email protected]


#7799 2 years ago
Quoted from Thunderbird:

Played only a few games today on the first Munsters Pro in Australia, first impressions:
Was really trying to find all the negative aspects written about on this forum, but couldn’t really find them. The table is a Stern gem.
Artwork: Beautiful and a joy to see one of my favorite themes from a show represented so well. Other companies tables don’t look this good. Meaning, most use clip art, instead of paying for full blown artwork like Stern does.
LCD: Lots of integrated video that puts you right into Mocking Bird Lane. The feel of the show is well represented and the Munsters theme shines. Hope Stern puts lots of different video on additional levels that I’ve not experienced yet. There is so much more video I’m hoping Dewight adds from the show, like Lyman did for Batman.
Game layout: Flow is spot on (no pun intended - lol) and really works well, with all shots exposed for trapped balls to hit off flippers. Like the kitty shot next to Herman. The ramps are innovative and work so well. Even without hitting the ball hard, right ramp 180 is makable at slower speed. Best of all, targets at the end of the ramps, so goodbye nasty bricks. This is a fan layout of course, but has its own unique feel. Borg nailed this one better than the video streams reveal. It has the all important kinetic feel to the shots.
Mono targets are fine, even if drop targets would have been nice, but might look odd to have Lilly drop and Dragula otherwise. They work well with the flow of the game. Dragula is a nice touch and makes for interesting flow. Could use more video variety although for dragula sequences.
Toys: Missing an important toy in the middle, meaning grandpas basement. However, if you didn’t know about the basement, then the play is still good without it. Herman bash toy moves well and fun to hit. Wish for another mechanical toy, but spot under the stairs is fun too. Grandpa’s lab has an additional bash toy that might help satisfy. Could have had raven as an interactive toy. Maybe they’ll do that with a topper.
Lights: Love the light show and was worried about green flashing, hoping Dwight will program a way to tone them down by menu adjustments. Heard even brighter flashing on B&W, which I’d be buying.
Music and call outs: Can it get any better than Munsters theme and associated show series music? Paul Lynn call out sounding voice is quite nice. Other callouts from Munsters family is so good too.
Munsters is a four player party game, if there ever was one. Stern needs to amp up game depth a bit for the one player experience to last in a home environment. I’ve always liked MB, but think Munsters edges it out and seems like a lot more to it with LCD theme integration.
Overall this table is not boring as a few suggest and would fit nicely in any home, as long as Dwight continues to improve the code depth. Needs some wizard type modes to go along with the fab table and theme. The flow is so nice that it feels good to shoot. It has that one more play feel to it, with plenty to shoot and hit. For a pro it feels packed. Looked at other pros near it and they don’t seem as good a deal. Stern makes the best tables as the table quality shows. Upped their game making better now than the competition. Didn’t see dimpling per say, but then again it was dark in the place I played it. Pro table is a good buy!

Have you emailed your thoughts to Stern on your thoughts on code.

If not, please do so here:

[email protected]


#7800 2 years ago

By everyone sending in their thoughts the code will improve.

By all means feel free to make comments on Pinside but don’t stop there - email Stern!

It will help more quickly improve code.


#7802 2 years ago
Quoted from PinMonk:

I emailed dwight directly, and he replied, so yes, they are aware of my concerns.

Awesome, thanks

Just need others to email.

1 week later
#8032 2 years ago
Quoted from Pinballdad1961:

Are they the 5 little tiny things on either side of the board?
[quoted image]


#8033 2 years ago

See this thread...missing jumper- someone else had problem.

Go to this thread and scroll to top to see picture of jumper.


4 weeks later
#8137 2 years ago
Quoted from robotron:

i see many munsters for sale. le pre and pro, i know there are alot of new toys but this is still not a good sign.

What are the numbers?

1 month later
#8174 2 years ago

1 machine selling for $6500 does not set the market - come on now.

With that said almost every LE falls to around $7k in 3 years.

That’s the market lately - Munsters LE will be no different. Nothing uniquely different here.

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