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The Munsters Hype (Because every evening its Halloween)

By Macca101010

1 year ago

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Post #550 Munsters Premium and LE cabinet art Posted by pinsanity (1 year ago)

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#6046 1 year ago

To people complaining about the b/w premium. Look at it from the bright side. 10 years from now when it is time for some playfield touch up the color matching will be easy.
I personally think the Premium looks stunning but if this will end up a good or grate game is in the code.

#6437 1 year ago
Quoted from jfh:

Munsters should do very well on location. But not so sure about homes.

And the biggest market for Stern is?

I think sometimes many hardcore Pinsiders forget we are not the only intended customers for the product nor are we the biggest customer group.

#6442 1 year ago
Quoted from jfh:

I think/hope most Pinsiders know that. These are still commercial machines with a coin door.

Some posts make one wonder though

Quoted from jfh:

I also suspect private sales in general are a far higher percentage than Stern admits (though since thy don’t sell direct they may not care).
And I didn’t say designing a game that will probably do better on location was bad. Just that sales on the Munsters will probably swing more to the operator/location side as long as the code is considered shallow. (Look what happened to Batman after the code matured and got far deeper - sales spiked despite the higher pricing on the Premium)

What I am saying is simply that if Stern would only make über difficult games to satisfy picky home users they would probably soon be out of business.

And I fully agree with you that this machine might do better on location then in the home market which I have no problem with, but some people seem to take offence of this fact.
They are only satisfied if the game have 20 drop targets and rules deeper than the Mariana trench.

#6628 1 year ago
Quoted from vireland:

I just realized the left flipper on this Munsters is really low compared to the alignment hole. Is this a one-off mistake, or are they all coming from the factory like this. Anyone else have their left flipper resting low compared to the alignment hole?
I want to correct it, but not if it will adversely affect how it plays.
[quoted image]

More important is how it lines up with the inlane not the hole.

#6631 1 year ago
Quoted from vireland:

It was low by that standard, too. Already just fixed it.

I generally use a block of wood or something else which is straight and rigid and press it against the inlane guide and then make sure the flipper bat with the rubber on it also lines up with it.
I would say the alignment hole is more of a rough guideline.

#7004 1 year ago

Played Munsters Pro today for the first time. Good/decent game but will not end up in my collection.

#7110 1 year ago
Quoted from J85M:

The Stern sculpt looks like a cross between Arnold Schwarzenegger in T1 and Harry Potter

The very first time I saw pictures of the game that was my thought exactly, Terminator

#7260 1 year ago
Quoted from hollywood:

Here is what I don’t understand:
Many people have said that the code is shallow and that Stern was trying to entice “new” players into pinball.
I have no horse in this race (I think the game looks beautiful) but if they were really trying to entice new players into our hobby, I’m sure that The Munsters is NOT the way to go about it. My kids are 11 and 9 and could really give 2 shits about the Munsters. I think that we would be kidding ourselves to even potentially think that this game was made to attract “new” players.
It was simply a dream theme for many of us older guys! Lol. Check out all of the threads on what the next Stern pin should be. Movies that 95% of the staff I have working for me have no idea what they even are. I get that they (Stern, JJP, API) have to cater to where the money is, but I think to entice the younger crowd, themes have to really be taken into account; ones that speak to them.
I don’t want to see any Taylor Swift pins, or Fortnite pins, I just want to keep it real.
If you like Munsters, love the pin. If you don’t like it, move on. I love my Houdini, others hate it. I hated my METLE, others think it is amazing. That’s what makes this world a wonderful place....different tastes and opinions. It would be pretty mundane if we all liked the same things.
Now Stern.....just get better

Trying to attract ”new” or casual players has more to it than the theme.
It is about playability and not walking away from a game feeling like a complete idiot because you did not understand what to do or lost all 3 balls after 10 seconds. And in that department, I think Munsters shines like a star. Should hopefully do well on location.

#7262 1 year ago

Of cause theme helps to attract and draw people in in the first place but in order for people to continue pumping quarters there is more to it.

#7292 1 year ago

Ideal I think they should have been a few mm wider to protect the plastics.

1 week later
#7759 1 year ago
Quoted from Jaketime81:

Super pumped, I recived my first new in box machine today a Munsters Pro! I noticed a flaw in the clear coat on the sides and bottom of the munster madness insert. It looks like the insert sank down and during the clear coating process or something, and has a ugly ripple effect and bump in the clear. It is visually noticable while shinning a light on it or looking at it with a light reflection, as seen in the photo. I can also feel the bumps while rubbing my finger over it. It does not seem like it affects the ball rolling over it durring game play but I only have about 20 games on it. Im not sure if this is normal or if I am just being to picky and should not worry about it. I have it set up at my shop under giant strips of tube lights, once I take it home it will be in a darker environment. What do you guys think?[quoted image][quoted image][quoted image][quoted image]

Definitley not OK on a new game if you ask me.
That area will have premature wear down the road.

#7860 1 year ago

The standard answer from Stern and their fan boys will be: It evens out over time

2 weeks later
#8044 1 year ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Well I'll be, how on earth did such a terrible game end up at #3 in the top 100?

Maybe because it only got 80 some ratings yet
Don’t get me wrong I think Munsters is a very nice game but 3rd best of all games ever made. Uhm no.

1 month later
#8167 10 months ago
Quoted from drfrightner:

I hate to say this but I got trashed on this forum for bringing up many of these points. I also got trashed for shedding a reality on Black Knight. I have a friend who just bought a Munsters LE for $6500.00 with only like 50 plays. People hate this game that much they're willing to lose that kind of money? I think most people bought Munsters LE sight unseen... they just knew they wanted that theme. I bought a Munsters LE sight unseen... so is it really only worth $6500 now? I see people here locally already trying to dump their Munsters Pro for only $4600... I'm like already?
The same will happen with Black Knight another very basic nothing new game but I see those LE being sold for even less than $6500.00. Beatles price was super low at MGC, brand new in the box. I guess they're learning outside of a handful of people where money is no object not many people want to pay $8000 for a $5000 game. There is nothing that original about Munsters, Black Knight and for god sakes Beatles is a direct copy of a 30 year old game.
I think what has happened, and this is just an observation there isn't much left you can do with a pinball game, before you play it and go "OH WAIT ISN'T THIS REALLY A RETREAD of another game'?
What else can be done?
Stern is the worst honestly, the only time you really see good on screen assets is when they're hand delivered on a silver platter (Iron Maiden, Batman 66).
I think pinball will need to take a new direction, and start to incorporate new idea's, and stop relying on people who've already designed 30 games. They need new eyeballs, new idea's, just a younger group of people to create pinball 5.0 or whatever you want to call it. Pinball needs to bring back video modes, introduce wifi, online gaming, and most importantly new features during game play that haven't yet been done.
Stern has become such a well oiled machine they're not even trying to think outside the box. Why should they really? If no other company puts the screws to them and people keep buying games SIGHT UNSEEN, only after the fact they don't find the game that much fun... STERN keeps winning.
I thought it was odd that Stern made this behind the scenes video of Munsters creation, that made me think oh wait this game isn't selling so lets drum up some interest. Nice video btw.
I think Stern should seriously consider making only 2 to 3 new games a year, put more RD into the games, look for new designers, put more work into the games, consider doing a wide body, adding new features... in other words slow down the process and work harder to make things seem original.
Just because you change the artwork on the playfield doesn't mean Beatles isn't Seawitch or Batman Dark Knight is Batman 66, or Munsters seems just like 2 or 3 other games we already have in our collection. Lastly, and to my main point, almost every Stern game releases where they must update the code in some cases 20 times. Jersey Jack comes out with code from the box that no one can even beat... why not just slow down here, take the time to release the game DONE the first time, rather than a process of seeing just how fast you can release a new game.
Just my observation. As buyers I think we need to stop getting suckered on LE games, and just have some patience to decide do we actually think the game is worth $9000.00. I think in most cases if you use patiences you'll realize later that if you really want the very weak Black Knight LE, you'll get one for about $6500 or less in about oh I don't know 4 months. Its worth waiting to save the money. The totally nothing original very basic Black Knight doesn't even deserve an LE if you ask me. That game should be Sterns $4500 line a price point they don't have currently but should consider.
On the flip side, if you're still waiting to buy a Pirates from JJP, well keep waiting because no one is selling. Pirates despite its flaws took at least two years to make, and those games in some cases are selling for MORE than they paid, while Munsters LE just sold for a $2500 loss.
Stern should SLOW DOWN get it right out of the box!
Again just my opinion. In the future I'm not buying anymore Stern games, unless I see them and play them first because Munsters at 9k don't love it, and now knowing its only worth $6500 three months after buying is not making me feel all warm inside.
With these types of nose dives on values of games so shortly after buying them, will change the market drastically for the games.
I'm not in LOVE with Wonka, I don't think its nearly as creative as WOZ, but at the same time name 5 pinball games ever created with as much cool things happening? There just isn't 5 games you can name with more cool things happening under the glass... oh wait you kind of can the four other games made by JJP, or just a small handful of older Williams Bally games. I'm not saying JJP is better than Stern, merely pointing out that when people buy an LE from JJP they don't rush out to flip it 3 months later. If you're going to sell a 9k version an amount of money, that can buy a BRAND NEW car, then you should be totally sold on buying that game to keep it.
Maybe Stern feels adding new features, doing something they haven't done before creates risks, but I'm okay with that take the risks and do something spectacular. Just my opinion.
As for my Munsters game, I will keep the game because selling it for $2500 loss is not an option. Just in the future I will not rush to buy an LE because of the theme, I will wait play the game, or maybe just wait for another person to take that plunge only to hit the bottom of the pool after a few weeks of ownership and buy then. Maybe.

That's a lot of words.

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