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The Munsters Hype (Because every evening its Halloween)

By Macca101010

3 years ago

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Post #550 Munsters Premium and LE cabinet art Posted by pinsanity (3 years ago)

Post #8004 0.96 Code change summary Posted by PanzerFreak (2 years ago)

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#82 3 years ago

I’m seriously considering holding off a Ghostbusters Premium purchase to see the finished product of this title. Considering the last couple of games Stern has produced it seems to me this could be a real winner...... hope the cabinet and playfield art is similar to AS/ GB / IM and not SW.

#95 3 years ago

Shaker activating when Herman does one of his hissy fit stomps would be a great touch.
Maybe the cabinet and playfield a combo of color and B/W.

#99 3 years ago

So..... has Stern even hinted at doing this title or is this wishful thinking on our part?

#127 3 years ago

The Munsters series had a better vibe IMO .... funny/ goofy as opposed to TAF that was a little bizarre and dark.

#134 3 years ago

Perhaps the video clips from the show might be just the right amount of B/W the game needs

#139 3 years ago

Looks a lot like the Attack From Mars pose !

#143 3 years ago

If they don’t incorporate the Munster Coach car as a working toy somehow, it will be the single most purchased mod for that game. AND it should be very high quality as it really is the signature thing that ID’s that show. They could also place the mansion on the game ala MMadness. Fun to come up with all of these ideas. They need all of us as consultants!

#151 3 years ago

And Shaker timed with each stomp....I like it!

1 week later
#184 3 years ago

At least tell us if it will be a fourth quarter launch....?

4 weeks later
#220 3 years ago

Delivery is a year out? I heard 4th qtr. this year.

#241 3 years ago

.....and Jonny Quest !

1 month later
#343 3 years ago

I imagine we will see a lot of purple, black , green and red as well

#505 3 years ago

Can someone PM me pics please!!!!

1 week later
#739 3 years ago

Based on the team working on Munsters, what design features and code might we expect.... multiple flippers? Etc.

2 weeks later
#881 3 years ago

I’m also waiting to see what Munsters has to offer ; compare it with GB code update, then decide.

#903 3 years ago

I am not a lower playfield lover as well.... will they offer all three models on day one, or will it be a staggered intro?

2 weeks later
#1281 3 years ago

The Goul was the best...... he was a takeoff from Ghoulardi on 60’s Cleveland TV

#1282 3 years ago

And Sgt Sacto....

1E48069A-399B-42D0-8EA0-FD78FA89460C (resized).png
1 week later
#1345 3 years ago

Before Scooby, I vote for Jonny Quest !

#1411 3 years ago

Agreed.... much better than straight up color or black and white. I hope Stern is reading this thread!

#1437 3 years ago

What typically ships first....Pros ?

2 weeks later
#1740 3 years ago

Premium here as well.... unless there is a second level underneath/ Grandpa’s basement.... that would move me to the Pro level.

1 week later
#1796 3 years ago

I’m in on a Premium if there is no lower ( Granpa basement) section.

#1800 3 years ago

I talk to a lot of companies and they ALL are experiencing the same worker attitude and unfilled job positions you describe.

#1806 3 years ago

I know a second generation , specialized roofing company that will be closing soon as they can’t find qualified workers..... the owner said heck with it; I’m done!

#1816 3 years ago

My nephew wanted to be a fast food critic

#1847 3 years ago

Pro for me as well..... Pro’s and LE’s are the first to get shipped?

#1853 3 years ago

This pin should be a lot of fun! Just wondering “ what the point of the game” will be.

#1932 3 years ago

Anybody want to talk Munsters?

#1935 3 years ago

Maybe hitting a certain number of stand up targets to complete potions...... I remember one where he turns Herman into “Frank Sinatra”.

#1941 3 years ago

....,, and this is related to Munsters,.... how?

#1952 3 years ago

My bad.......

Quoted from Bud:

Read the thread, this pertains to the possibility of WiFi on the MUNSTERS, is this thread not about speculation of this new pin? There is only 39 pages on this thread with no new news, what other things would you like to speculate?

#1955 3 years ago

C’mon over.... I have a whole warehouse full! We’ll talk IU basketball. I graduated from there and my dad was from Decatur. I’m a Hoosier trough and through.

#1983 3 years ago

Just show us the cabs and playfields without gameplay video. I would think those items would be locked in by now.

#1998 3 years ago

December would be best as most people’s pocketbooks are worn out and recovering in January and February.

#2011 3 years ago

In! And also in on a mod to cover up the Marilyn ramp sticker!

#2071 3 years ago

While I like very much, the playfield artwork, I don’t think it quite measures up to GB or BM66....it’s not as vibrant and the Marilyn ramp decal is bad. A lot less of her would have been my choice. I’m in on a purchase but just interested in what you all think.

#2089 3 years ago

What is the blue disc above the Grandpa scoop?

#2117 3 years ago

The left pop bumper is an eyeball?!

#2152 3 years ago

That upper playfield just doesn’t look finished; a work in process. Ramps look to go nowhere for the most part.

#2173 3 years ago

“ Call me Francis, one more time...... and I’ll kill ya”

#2382 3 years ago

Downright American of ya too!

#2385 3 years ago

Know what rhymes with Cheddah......feta

#2431 3 years ago

This reminds me of being 8 years old and pouring over the 10 page toy section of the Sears catalogue in November..... the pain!

#2442 3 years ago

I’m sort of perplexed at the secretive nature concerning title releases among competitors within this industry. I get that you don’t want to announce titles that are a year out... but less than six months? If I thought I had a hot title introducing within a year, I would at least announce it to perhaps divert future sales away from my competitors.
If Munsters is beginning to roll off the line, show it to all of us... what is there to hide? Promote it for goodness sake!

#2449 3 years ago

I guess I get what you are saying but what assets
can competitors effectively steal and put out first ,within say, three months? If Munsters was truly finalized and just waiting for production to gear up theoretically a month ago, what is the harm in telling / showing us back then? It may have stopped buyers from jumping to another competitor?

#2470 3 years ago

Munster Monday

#2503 3 years ago
D1632557-6EFE-4379-AA7A-BB91B1AE58C7 (resized).png
#2508 3 years ago

Monday for Munster ..... in the dumpster !

#2521 3 years ago

I need a NIB fix......BM 66 maybe.

#2527 3 years ago

My distributor says January....

#2539 3 years ago


#2601 3 years ago

If this batch of machines are headed overseas, wouldn’t you think that the corresponding distributor have all of the pics/ info already?

#2620 3 years ago

The leaked Premium cabinet art awhile back characterizes Herman messing around in Grandpa’s lab. That might indicate / confirm that there is a lower level playfield on that model. Why else depict Herman in that way? A lot of other options were available.

#2682 3 years ago

My distributor told me that the LE and Premium both have a lower playfield.

#2699 3 years ago

My distro says end of January for my Pro delivery

#2771 3 years ago

What is a “ turn around/ flip up ramp” that is in the Munsters game description ? Sounds fun but I am not familiar with it. Is there something similar on a recent game?

#2793 3 years ago

A magnet like in BM66 would have been nice

#2858 3 years ago

Beatles Gold would have been sold out or nearly so by now if it had been at Pro pricing

#2861 3 years ago

Told Trent that I’m in on a Pro ...... how about the rest of you?

#2888 3 years ago

What/ where is CES ?

#2890 3 years ago

Oh, ok thanks.... that sounds like a fun show to attend.

#2898 3 years ago

I live in a rural area and so a 2 hour drive to find a barcade with a title I am interested in is tough. Even if I did, the noise and sometimes below average condition of the title doesn’t give it a fair shake. So, to buy NIB and quickly is an option I want to try at least once.... based on theme anyway, Munsters has the best chance of success in my home. If not, an OP will take it off my hands.
To my point, I managed a trip to a barcade this week to try BM66 and was a little disappointed ... it was a noisy place so couldn’t hear the call outs and the playfield not as vibrant as anticipated, so it turned into a simple shot fest with no objectives.... I DID like the smooth ramp shots.

#3017 3 years ago

Vids from trade or pinball shows are pretty worthless due to all of the background noise .

#3053 3 years ago

I’ll take the 4th

#3095 3 years ago

Just don’t go on beer drinking strike.

#3099 3 years ago

With my bad eyesight, I have trouble seeing the playfield action during those 3-4 split screen gameplay vids.

#3124 3 years ago

Do you mean, like , Chicago deep dish pizza with an ice cold beer bad?

#3216 3 years ago

Well, if Munsters looks like a dud, I’ll get a BM66.....I need a NIB fix.

#3372 3 years ago

Stern will be setting up their booth all weekend..... a leaked photo just might happen.

#3376 3 years ago

I know what you mean..... I’m worn out and thinking more about BM66

#3391 3 years ago

Well, remember all of the waiting and the hype for MMr ..... it lived up to it !

#3393 3 years ago

I mean MBr ......

#3401 3 years ago

What exactly do you have to do to the left orbit?

#3409 3 years ago

Distros and / or manufacturers may want to rethink their pricing in light of this.

#3427 3 years ago

How would Pinstadium know? I think he is making an assumption here. But if for some reason he has inside info, it certainly wouldn’t be every model that had that playfield.

#3445 3 years ago

A black and white display would be enough for me...the rest needs to be color

#3532 3 years ago

I think he streams the new game Tuesday after the reveal at 11 AM Vegas time

#3667 3 years ago

I turn 60 in two weeks, watched my dad die in September and mom still struggling with Alzheimer’s . What the heck, I’m buying three pins this year.... maybe all NIB. Life is short and I want to have some fun!

#3669 3 years ago

Thanks.... my mom and dad; the best a kid could ever wish for!

This is a happy thread!

So, 11 AM Vegas time, we will finally know!

#3697 3 years ago

I believe 11 AM Vegas time

#3713 3 years ago

Nice looking artwork !

#3725 3 years ago

That looks like a pic hurriedly taken during set up or “ backstage” by a non pinhead worker; otherwise I think a partial pic of the play field would have been included.

#3785 3 years ago

Maybe “ Space Force One” , Steve Ritchie’s next title.

#3874 3 years ago

Never watched one of these reveals but can imagine the first 30 minutes containing introductions , blah , blah. Kinda like a bridge dedication where everyone wants to talk and take credit before they cut the ribbon!

#3876 3 years ago

11 AM Elvis Time

#3904 3 years ago

So need help here: I downloaded the Twitch app to be able to watch the live stream.... is that right? Or, is there a simpler way?

#4319 3 years ago

I am looking to Thursday’s Dead Flip for more in depth review of each game. I’m intrigued by the Premium but need to see the playfield fully lit up during gameplay. The sound effects, music, voices and laugh tracks together all seemed a bit much and a little grating after awhile. All in all it looked like a pretty good shooter.

#4367 3 years ago

The Premium cab and playfield beg for some fun mods to add a touch more color in the right places. For instance, lighted legs , lighted back box hinges , out hole , scoop and back panel LED’s could really set it off without giving up the whole B&W thing.

#4449 3 years ago

Take a close look at Sterns official video showing highlights of each game. Notice the art blades on each model especially the Pro. That would have to be a Pro add on as I don’t see art blades included. So you could really mix and match blades on any model if you so desired. You could put colored blades on the Premium to brighten it up and dress up the Pro with LE blades.

#4480 3 years ago
Quoted from underlord:

Hopefully laugh track will have an on/off. LE does look killer. No question.

I believe I heard Zach say yesterday during the live stream that the laugh tracks are imbedded into the video and can’t be taken out

#4534 3 years ago
Quoted from Who-Dey:

Been watching the pro stream and i tell ya, the pro version of this game is damn damn good! It doesn’t have the lower playfield obviously but im not so sure that i care about the lower playfield that much. Im going to have to do some serious thinking on all of this. This Pro is LOADED and it’s beautiful looking also!

Between Tuesday’s live stream and last night’s Pro reveal, I went from securing an LE with my distro to a Premium, now to waiting on playing a Pro before making a final decision. Embarrassing !

#4537 3 years ago

It’s a hard choice... they are all cool in their own special way.... kinda like my kids!!

#4619 3 years ago

Changed to 6 Central time due to flight delay

#4624 3 years ago
Quoted from Guinnesstime:

Via Instagram? That message was about his "Demons" reveal tomorrow. Was there another about today?
[quoted image]

His Twitter message said he had a flight delay and should start around 6-6;30 tonight

#4793 3 years ago

......kept continually stocked.... by me !

#4818 3 years ago

I agree and therefore fear for my bank account and happy marriage. I am buying BM66 and Munsters...with two more being SR’ game and Eddy’s.

1 month later
#7277 2 years ago

As long as Curly Joe or Shemp were not on it..... Curly only!
The Stooges theme music and “ Pop Goes the Weasel “could get old quick. Great theme though !

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