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#4 1 year ago

Waiting "patiently" for my run 2 delivery

This is almost as bad as waiting for a kid to arrive after nine months!

#7 1 year ago

I've just started on some of the Unity tutorials. It's a nice environment. I'm looking forward to seeing what Multimorphic has in their libraries.

I'd hoped to take mine to our local Maker Faire in late September but I think that's unlikely since they seem to still be on the tail end of first run production. Maybe I can have a Halloween party instead!

1 week later
#27 1 year ago


By taller, do you mean when standing on the dolly?

#45 1 year ago

Is there anything in the menu system that shows you storage stats - space used, free, image sizes etc? I know they use their standard controller and driver boards. Any idea what they are using for an MPU?

1 month later
#65 1 year ago

I was under the impression that run 2 was beginning pretty much right after run 1. If so, the first shipments ought to be coming up in early December, based on what looked like a 1 per week build rate, or thereabouts. Guess we'll see in the next public update.

#67 1 year ago

Oh yeah, I'm not expecting to see mine before 2018 rolls around

1 month later
#69 1 year ago

Just in case anyone hasn't seen this yet - nice overview of the P3 here...


2 weeks later
#71 1 year ago

Nothing here. I saw some guy with a new P3 shared by Gerry a couple weeks back on Facebook but no idea if he was a first or second run customer.

2 months later
#87 1 year ago

Got “the photo” today!

A95E1133-FED2-4D96-9C09-75EDB29FC300 (resized).jpeg

1 week later
#103 1 year ago

Got the call today - delivery tomorrow between 9-11! It’s gonna be like Christmas Eve trying to sleep tonight

#104 1 year ago

She got here on schedule today:
IMG_2168 (resized).JPG

Packaging was a little the worse for wear:
IMG_2170 (resized).JPG

Inside, however, everything looked to be OK. Only problem now is two of us cannot get it up the stairs into the house it's so damn heavy. I've got a support case in with Multimorphic to see how much weight I can take off by removing the upper playfield, flippers, plexi and monitor and whether I can safely move the machine with all that stuff removed. For now, it's stuck in the garage.

Quick little unboxing note - when you put the front legs on and lower the machine down onto them, be careful of the pallet. We weren't watching that as we were trying to lower it carefully and the pallet will pivot up and out from under the rear of the machine. It dropped about an inch or so, which didn't make me happy. Getting the rear end out of the box and off the pallet is tricky.

#105 1 year ago

Finally got it into the basement! Probably have a dozen or so games on it so far. I have a support ticket in now for a few minor issues: balls trapping on the scoop wall, flippers sometimes firing spontaneously, left ramp rejecting about 95% of shots by the ball hitting the ramp cover, softer shots jamming the ship lock module and a random return-to-menu while playing Lexi. Nothing too critical, except maybe that left ramp. That's really annoying but might be related to the scoop wall sitting a little high. We'll see what they say.

The flipper firing seems to be related to the slings firing when critters get near them, so it might be a software thing. I'm going to try and get them a video if I can.

#107 1 year ago

Thanks! I heard back from Support and they're sending me some docs on adjusting the scoop and wall height. I had a couple instances last night where the ball trapped on the seam between the scoops and the wall as well as the seam between scoop and upper playfield.

The upper playfield seems like it is in place correctly and latched. If anything, I'd expect it to be sitting too high if that weren't the case, instead of too low as it is now.

Probably the biggest thing now, and it's done it a number of times now, is the jam in the Ship Lock. That essentially ends gameplay as you have to pull the ball with a magnet. I'm going to investigate that a bit today by playing with the glass off. I'm interested to see if it's a specific hole that's having the problem. It's hard to tell but it seems like the ball might be jamming into the circuit board just to the right of the entry scoop.

I'd also be interested in hearing from other owners on 2 things:

1. In any mode with critters, do your flippers fire autonomously when the slingshots do?
2. When you put a ball into the Ship mechanism without locks enabled, does it stutter-step a little bit at first before moving the ball up and dropping it onto the ramp?


#109 1 year ago

Thanks for the information!

Looks like I have some sort of issue with the right flipper. The left isn't doing it. Every time the right sling fires, so does the right flipper pulse briefly. You can see it in this video:

Skip to the 1:00 point and watch from there...

#113 1 year ago

Gerry mentioned the new Beta driver. Might give that a try. They want me to pull the flipper assembly and look it over for the spurious firing. They’re thinking it’s mechanical.

I’m also thinking about maybe fabricating some sort of springy finger to press balls back into the lock saucer before they can jam against the opto bracket if the beta driver doesn’t help.

#117 1 year ago

Hahaha - I'm nowhere near that. 9.5 million is my best. I was looking through the settings today - there's a lot you can do to toughen it up, which I like. That should keep the challenge going for quite some time.

I would like to see a mode-specific option to pause the timer when the ball is in the pops. In Swamp mode, for example, going to the pops is a "good thing" but it really eats your time. I'd like to see the clock paused when you're up there. In some of the other modes, though, the loss of time is a good penalty for a bad shot when you have no reason to be up there so it would need to be a per-mode setting.

Spotted a couple minor software bugs so far - In Barnyard, putting a ball in the ship results in a Ball Search and it never releases the ball, just ejects a new one. In the Lexi settings mode, I'm also getting High Score info being displayed over top of the menu text. Anyone else see that?

#120 1 year ago

Mine came with the posts down so they may have changed their default build. They’re sending me a new right flipper assembly to address that issue and apparently they’ve replicated my ship lock issue so they’re working a solution for that.

I had a Drain VUK failure the other night but it was just a loose connection so a quick fix. Been playing Cannon Lagoon the last couple days soI could check out that module. All working well there.

#123 1 year ago

That damned Kraken! Got him down to 1 shot the other night but I bricked it, of course

Best is 220,206 - need to pay more attention to those “perfect” bonuses!

#125 1 year ago

Yep, mine does that too. Seems to work best to slide them up the ramp wall rather than straight to the hole.

I’m getting a sense that there’s a bit of a lack of QA, maybe due to production pressure. My scoops and walls are not remotely level, the ship lock jams incessantly, my right flipper is improperly assembled, the drain VUK connectors were loose, the lockdown bar was excessively loose. Support has been timely and good, though.

#126 1 year ago

Lovely, another failure. The second wall from the left now will not deploy. It pops up and falls immediately. I've done, and still have to do, more work on this thing than I have on all 12 of my pre-1990 machines together. Just don't make 'em like they used to, I guess...

Follow-up note - Diagnostics are fine so may have been a software thing with ROCs. A subsequent game after turning the machine off was OK.

#128 1 year ago

My basement floor isn't particularly level so the levelers have been adjusted. The ball rolls straight and the LL:EE accelerometer still has it at 6 degrees slope. I am going to play with that a little once I get some of the other work done. Today is wall/scoop leveling day in the hopes of eliminating most of the ball walking and trapping on them. I'm also hopeful it will help with the number of airballs and the left ramp rejections. If it doesn't help with the ramp, I'm going to try putting 1/8" nylon spacers between the ramp and the cover to raise the cover a bit and see if that does it.

I'm currently sitting on a 17 page document they sent me for moving the ship entrance ramp closer to the ship. Apparently the latest batch of playfields has some tolerance issue there where the ball can balance in the gap between ramp and ship, where on earlier playfields it does not. I don't care for the procedure, however, as it requires re-drilling the playfield to mount the ship ramp and the amount you're moving it leaves the new holes really close to the old ones and I am concerned about the longevity of those holes over time as that ship entrance rack gets smacked all the time. I'm going to try a few ideas first before I go down that road. Right now Lexi is pretty much unplayable as I can only typically finish a game if I am making clean shots to the ship, which work most of the time. Normally though, you're going to get odd balls going in there all the time from rebounds, bricked shots, etc. so it jams up almost every game.

I've got the right flipper plate replacement to look forward to. Hopefully that resolves the spurious flipper movement when the right sling fires.

Side note for those with young players - play Barnyard with the CL module if you have it, as a ball shot into the ship will never be released. It will ball search and then release a new ball but another lock will do the same thing. Multimorphic is aware of it and a fix is in development but playing with the CL module eliminates the issue. I also prefer to play ROCs with the CL module to eliminate the constant resetting of the ship, as I worry about the longevity of that motor.
In home play it's likely not a problem, but why chance it?

#129 1 year ago

I've backed the slope off a little bit and used an actual spirit level to level the playfield left-to-right. The onboard accelerometer seems to be off a bit in the lateral direction, reading about 1.5 right when it's dead-level. Cute gimmick, but I don't trust it. Slope is indicating about 5.8 degrees on my phone leveling app and it seems maybe a little happier there, though it did jam once.

As for the scoop leveling issue, that seems to be sag in the playfield. The scoops are dead level with the aluminum blocks at either end, and so is the playfield, but by the time you get to the middle, there's a noticeable dip in the playfield. We're going to try an angle brace across the front and see if that straightens it out.

It was nice to get a couple uninterrupted games in tonight, including this one, more than twice my previous best:

IMG_2244 (resized).JPG

#141 1 year ago

Thanks for jumping in Gerry. I hope it was clear to anyone reading my comments that I am more than happy with the support from Gerry and the team. They answer tickets at crazy hours and have gone above & beyond in my book. Sure, we disagree on a couple things but that’s to be expected. I understand they’re just getting their footing and can’t always do what I’d prefer. We think we’ve nailed down solutions for all of my issues and I either have parts or documented procedures to resolve them. It’s my choice, at this point, not to move the ship entrance and not to ship my playfield back for re-work and be without it. Instead, I’m trying a few ideas of my own first then I will have to decide whether to modify it, ship it back or request a slotted ship entrance ramp.

Flipper parts arrived today, so that issue should be resolved tonight. A playfield brace is enroute which should resolve the scoop traps and, hopefully, the left ramp rejections too. I installed the new LL module driver last night and it’s much nicer. I even saw it push a ball past a jam and back into the ship hole. The VUK connections merely required a pinch with needle-nosed pliers. Did all this make me happy? No. Is it all understandable? Sure.

I’m still in Multimorphic’s camp. I promote the platform wherever I can. I posted just the other day in the “What did you bring home today” thread. I post here so other owners have a heads-up on potential issues. I post photos and scores on Facebook so my pinball pals all see them. Soon, I’ll be streaming from my basement and featuring the P3 a lot.

So please don’t read too much into my comments. I get frustrated like anyone else but things are getting fixed and diagnosed. There’s so much potential here! I can’t wait to get started on some game ideas.

#142 1 year ago
Quoted from mjfisher:

I think the new beta driver should help (the beta version is the latest and newer than what you would currently have Mbecker). Once that's in you can adjust it with the software to stop further to the left or right which may help with the clearance.

Is that the stop time adjustment that does that?

#144 1 year ago

Some follow-ups for fellow owners reading along.

The flipper parts arrived and it took me about an hour swapping them out, taking my time. It's a really nice design, and I absolutely love the spring-loaded roll pin retainers and the roll pins that simply slide out, no punch required. Being able to work on the bench rather than in the machine is also brilliant. Happy to say that the flipper issue was resolved with the new plate.

I had two more instances of vukDrain failure again today. This time, the fuse LED was off, indicating a different problem and Gerry got to wondering if it was something more than the coil connectors, since I had worked on those. He mentioned that a previous batch of PD-16 boards some time ago had been delivered with cracked solder joints so I pulled the PD-16 from the back of the core unit to check. No bad solder joints but I did find this:

IMG_2271 (resized).JPG

The PD-16 has plastic fuse safety covers and on the left side, the cover had been forced down into the wrong position, inside the fuse blade, forcing it to bend way out of line. Amazing it even worked at all. Fortunately, it was able to be reformed and worked fine. After putting the board in, however, no VUKs at all. Grrrr! Turned out I was blind and had gotten one of the serial connections off by a pin so the board wasn't communicating. Gerry spotted it in a photo I'd sent in. I'm not sure I would have noticed it from where I was. It's obvious now that the game had been doing retries while launching balls before because it fires them out now microseconds after one leaves the playfield. Pretty sure this one is resolved too but we'll watch it a day or two.

Next things up will be getting the playfield stiffener in and seeing if that takes care of the scoop traps, working on an inconsistent audio volume issue and working through the ship lock spacing problem. We're getting there! The plus side of all this is I'm learning the machine a lot more and spending so much time inside and around it has got me pondering some mods Those pop bumpers are screaming for some lighting I think, and I'm going to try and come up with some more colorful plastics for the slingshots. I've also decided to lift the left ramp cover with 1/8" spacers to see if that eases the ramp rejections if the playfield stiffener doesn't help with that.

I've also begun work on a LL:EE rule sheet, collecting some of what I've learned or think I've learned.

#149 1 year ago

Got tonight's work lined up, literally New audio amp to put in, hoping to resolve the inconsistent audio volume issue. Had another example of that today - had a friend over showing him the system. We launched Barnyard so he could see what it was and I could hear nothing. He could hear a little something just above the noise floor. When I'd played it last night to make sure all was well before today's visit, the volume had been at a normal level. Both Lexy and ROCs had no problems however. Very weird...

The other task for tonight is the playfield stiffener. Should be easy enough.

IMG_2307 (resized).JPG

I'd be interested to see if anyone else is seeing this degree of wear on their side module frames:

IMG_0076 (resized).JPG

That's the bottom edge of the right side module frame and you can see it's getting pretty badly damaged after only a couple dozen games. I've put a support ticket in on this one to see what they think but I'm curious if the rest of you have this going on.

New ship entrance should be here next week; hopefully that drastically reduces the ship jams. Nice quick work from Support on getting one fabbed up for me.

#150 1 year ago

I'd be further interested to see if anyone else's side modules are concave, as these seem to be:

IMG_0078 (resized).JPG

#151 1 year ago

Audio Amp replacement -swapping out the little red amp and its mount plate! First step in resolving my issue with inconsistent audio levels between gaming sessions. Should be simple!

IMG_0084 (resized).JPG

#153 1 year ago

Don't believe there is an adjustment there. They are apparently one long piece, so these are looking like they may be concave instead of straight. You can see the outsides do protrude beyond the frame. Got a feeling I'll be changing these out soon

#156 1 year ago

Excellent. Thanks for taking a look. I assumed that would be the case. It's the only design that really makes sense. I suspect they'll be sending me new ones shortly then

#158 1 year ago

Playfield stiffener installed. It definitely had a slight bow to it. You could tell putting the part in place. As I fastened down one end, once I released the clamps after getting 2 screws in, the free end sprang up probably 1/32", maybe a touch more. If I place the ball carefully I can get it to trap but any degree of movement and it rolls off. There might be room for about half a turn on the adjusters but I'll hold that in reserve and watch it for a few days. It already seems much better in game play.

It's an easy install if you ever have to do it. Just make sure you have a drill stop to avoid drilling through the top and I'd recommend a proper tapered bit for the screw holes.

IMG_0090 (resized).JPG

#159 1 year ago

Tried a little experiment today. Added quarter-inch spacers between the ramp and the cover to ease the ramp entry. Worked like a charm - maybe too well. It’s pretty easy to hit it now, as long as you can make the shot

I might consider dropping to eighth-inch to see if that makes it a little more difficult but not as frustrating as the default.

You can see the spacers on the back 3 screws in the photo. So far, hasn’t affected game play in any other way and my scores are only marginally better. Of course, my aiming sucks!

7BCB466B-DEDE-443C-BC06-BD9E342C61FE (resized).jpeg

#161 1 year ago

I had quite a few rubbing marks on the ramp cover right near the entrance. It was clear that most of the time it would hit the cover and quickly drop speed, then just fall back onto the playfield.

I may try 1/8 if I can find them since I’ll need to disassemble once more for the new ship entrance anyway. Once the new entrance is in, I should be able to put the slope back to 6.5 or 7 which will also make the ramp a bit harder.

ROCs kicks my butt ?. I struggled to get my 24K and a friend came over and put up 34K on his second game! Grrrr.

#164 1 year ago

I was still getting a fair number of ramp rejects after the stiffener. I did test for that as we’d talked about that possibility. I am going to try 1/8 if I can find some.

On a side note, had a nice 8 million point ball 1 going when it dumped to the launcher. Done that several times over the last few days. I know you’re working on it!

#166 1 year ago

Oh, that's good to know Gerry! Ideally you would want each upper edge to be ever so slightly proud of the lower edge to prevent the ball traps/walks, but not cause ball hop. Being able to adjust all the way down should make that feasible. I'm not feeling the need right now though. It's very good.

I'm familiar with this because of my Black Hole. Getting those window seams right is essentially the same thing.

Once the ship entrance is here, I'll need to look at the standups on the module. I'm getting some serious airballs, especially off that left-most one near the ramp. I think they just need to be angled down a bit. I was waiting to see if it was the wall/scoop adjustment but it doesn't look like it. The ball isn't hopping into the air until it hits the target face. No big deal - happens all the time on standups, particularly with the P3's excellent flippers.

#169 1 year ago

Yep, I hear you. A lot of times, I'll go down to play a game or two before bed. Usually that's ROCs because it's quick but it could easily be LL:EE or even Secret Agent Showdown. If I feel like it, it's a 5 minute job, max, to swap the playfield module and play some CL. The machine really showcases the power of the platform idea already and that's just going to get better as more stuff comes out. Then you think about things like networked games and such and the sky's the limit.

#171 1 year ago

I haven't looked through all of the Service menu options yet. Is there a "Reset to factory default" type setting?

If so, I'm thinking maybe we ought to get together a little virtual tournament, just for kicks. Something like "Sometime in the next 7 days, you decide to play a countable game of LL:EE. You can warm up and practice as much as you wish but, on the honor system, you select one game as the one to count before starting. Play it out and take a photo of the score screen. Post the photos here. No prizes, no trophies, just some bragging rights

#173 1 year ago

I've not looked at Profiles at all yet. Do you do those in-game for each app, or are they global to the machine?

#177 1 year ago

The Kraken sinks lifelessly into the deep! Finally downed the beast tonight, ending up at 420,661 points and a perfect 90,000 on the Kraken stage. Not to say I shot perfectly though; I just lucked out and hit tentacles instead of missing completely

Such a good game...

#179 1 year ago

Yeah, game ends at that point. Have a cell phone with you if you want a score photo as it never seems to reappear again. I've put a feature request in for CL to include a high score table and show the previous score in the attract mode. No idea if/when that might happen but I think it would be nice to have. I know it was designed as a redemption game, but how many home games are likely to have ticket dispensers?

For now I am using Pezpunk's iScored app to keep track.

#180 1 year ago

Tonight's job was replacing the side target modules. The new ones are absolutely better, straight and with faces protruding well beyond the surrounding frame. It's a fairly easy job, made slightly more difficult as my new right side was a much, much tighter fit into the side rail than it probably should be. Thickness between the new and old was off by nearly .02".

Anyway, all that's required is to remove the wireform over the module. This is just 2 screws. If you want to leave the nuts attached, you can just slide the wireform off the rail, watching to be sure you don't scratch anything. I slid mine off, and of course a nut fell off and down into the drain VUK. I highly recommend a shop towel or something in the trough to prevent that. Multimorphic recommended covering the playfield glass with paper so I used some cardstock I had on hand. Here you can see the setup with the wireform off.

IMG_2325 (resized).JPG

The red circles mark where the screws are. You reach them through that large access hole in the upper playfield guide and between the two posts of the swivel outlane adjuster. You need a long Allen key. Once you have the screws out, you gently pull the unit out of the side rail slot about 1", and you'll see a ribbon cable to disconnect. After that, it's free to remove.

IMG_2326 (resized).JPG

Re-installation is essentially the reverse. The only tricky bit is that the ribbon cable needs to flex upward behind the target module, not downward. It's fiddly but not too hard. You remove the flipper assembly and sight down the side rail. If the cable is up tight to the module with nothing hanging down, you're good to go! Put the wireform back in place, with the end of the wires about 1/16" behind the cut edge of the side rail. I actually marked the location of the wireform brackets with masking tape on the side rail and put them back that way.

While I had the CL module out for the side target work, I also wanted to troubleshoot the LED in my rightmost scoop, which stopped working today. This required removing both collection pans from the trough area to gain access to the LED Breakout board mounted on the back of the wall/scoop assembly. Earlier in the day, Gerry had suggested checking the cables on the PD-LED board which can be reached through the coin door when in service position. I found no problems there however, so we had to range a little further.

Here's the back of the wall scoop unit with the collectors removed. You can just barely see the gray ribbon cable there. That was the culprit - it had worked itself cockeyed and one (maybe more) of the pins wasn't connecting. Reseated it and all is back to normal. Gerry suggested perhaps using a small dab of RTV to hold it if it does it again. That's a good idea I will pursue if/when I have to open that area up again.

IMG_2329 (resized).JPG

On the docket for tomorrow is the ship ramp replacement!

#181 1 year ago

Posted a YouTube video for Multimorphic to look at for a ticket we're working on. I'd also be interested to know if anyone else sees this sort of thing after a few games of ROCs? You can skip forward to the third game to find where it starts to error - the first couple are OK. Yes, I suck in this video

#183 1 year ago

Yep, always that one. Has only done it once or maybe twice in Lexy, does it a lot in ROCs. Checked the coil connections but all seemed good and tight. It's an odd one...

#186 1 year ago
Quoted from gstellenberg:

One thing I find interesting about games and modes that raise all of the walls is that they force the ball back down to you in very different ways than loop/ramp shots do. Further, in ROCs and LL-EE's warehouse mode, the virtual targets make you shoot what I call 'infinite shot angles', whereas in traditional games you're always trying to shoot the same shot angles over and over again (targets, ramps, loops, toys, etc). Being forced to shoot different shot angles, especially with all of the walls up, makes it nearly impossible to always shoot 'safe' shots.
That was a very long winded way of saying, "we all suck at ROCs".

Very, very true! I've been swearing at myself because I keep shooting this one shot into the same area and it kills me every time. Gotta quit doing that. And, yeah, with the walls up the reaction time is a lot shorter which doesn't suit "old geezer" reflexes that well

#188 1 year ago

The way I understand it, they work sort of like a flipper. They are pulled up by a flipper-like coil, with the main winding, then held up by the hold part of the coil, like when you're cradling the ball on a flipper. This prevents the coil from burning up. There is no physical latching, like with a drop target.

#189 1 year ago

Last night's work - replacing the ship entrance ramp.

IMG_2334 (resized).JPG

The new vs. the old:

IMG_2335 (resized).JPG

Looks like those new V-slot tabs netted me about 3/32" in closing the gap between the ship and the ramp. Tonight I'll be putting the module back in, after a few obligatory games of ROCs and CL, for some in-game testing with Lexy.

Last night I also posted up a couple videos for Support so they could see the results of some diagnostic testing they asked me to run on my #2 wall. You can find those here for those who are interested:

Finally, a little thing I learned is that if you loosen the top screw on the playfield module display, you can move the display panel slightly to center the image. Mine was about 1/8 to the left so I also fixed that. If you need to re-align yours, be careful though. There's a thin ribbon cable on the top of the display panel that you don't want to pinch with the retainer. Multimorphic also recommended loosening the screw with the power off, turning the game on to center the image, then shutting it off to secure the screw. This keeps tools out of the way of the electronics in that area.

#191 1 year ago

Oh boy, did you hit the nail on the head with that one! I enjoy working on this one so much more than any of my others. I think the only thing that's going to be remotely difficult will be the PC boards at the back and bottom of the wall/scoop unit but, that said, I haven't even had it in the extended service positions yet. That may mitigate any minor concerns about that access - that and the fact the main display comes out so easily.

#192 1 year ago

Before I forget about it, any other P3 owners headed to the Pintastic show in Massachusetts in late June?

#195 1 year ago

I've surmised that I lose the perfect bonus if I miss any shot or drain a ball. You also lose it if you don't get all the crates before hitting one of the powder kegs in the first stage. I also have the sense that there's a "time remaining" bonus involved.

#197 1 year ago
Quoted from mjfisher:

A little bit too far away for me I’m afraid

Hehehe, maybe just a little

#198 1 year ago
Quoted from Cheeks:

All this talk about CL and I may need to throw mine back in and play a few games. Frankly, I beat the Kraken the first couple days I had the game and have not put that game back in since.
Maybe I need to try for PERFECT and stuff like that.

Have you tried the Game Setting for Narrow Ships? That makes it "interesting". You can also play with the number of ships, their speed and the round configurations to keep adjusting the difficulty. There's a lot in that little game!

And yeah, trying to score the perfects is a lot of fun and a good challenge. My best score to date was in the 400K range and there were definitely more points to be had in there.

#201 1 year ago

Hahaha! Sure, if you don't want that nice crate bonus (15K IIRC)!

#202 1 year ago

For those following along, it's looking pretty good for the ship lock jams with the new entrance ramp they sent me to install. Probably played 30 games or so since putting it in without a single jam into the opto bracket. I did have one oddball jam where the ball went partially through the ship. I thought about it a little and realized I'd never re-zeroed the ship stop timer in the Settings menu. I had it jogged to the right a little when trying different things to remedy the opto jams. It hasn't happened again since resetting it but I'll keep an eye on it. So far, so good!

#205 1 year ago

OK, where did you go, you sneaky little ball? I was playing some Lexy when it went into ball search after the last (or so I thought) ball had drained while doing the Shooting Range. I had to look for a couple minutes to find it. I was beginning to suspect a trough problem or something when I finally spotted it.

IMG_2357 (resized).JPG

The interesting thing is, I'm not sure how it even got there. The only thing I can guess is that it snuck in past the left side of the little LCD panel, possibly because my ship had to be moved back a little. I do get a ton of serious airballs off the left standup target so maybe that's the entry path - up and behind the monitor. Trying to address the airballs is on my list for this weekend, along with some sensitivity adjustment on the lower pop bumper. It's gotten to be a little dull If that stuck ball path gets to be a real problem, I may have to add a post there or something. Very strange...

#208 1 year ago

You get a lot of airballs off that left standup? I sure do, and so far have been unable to adjust it out. Just last night I took to reducing the flipper power a little. I'm going to adjust it down so a clean shot makes the ramp with a little extra to spare. Right now, a good, clean shot whips around there pretty fast. Hopefully, that will reduce the impact on those standups and reduce the tendency to airball.

I also noticed last night that my playfield glass is drifting downward toward the player end of the machine. I need to look into what's supposed to be holding that in place as it seems like there's too much play there. The ball's tending to hop on the widening gap.

#209 1 year ago

First time with the playfield in Service Position 3. Multimorphic has a really nice playfield support system in the P3. Very solid detents but they are easy to pass when you need to in order to get to the next position. Very stable on the way down, with a good, solid feel of security when pausing in each position. I was a bit nervous at first, as it's a heavy playfield assembly, but no problem. Very nice design!

IMG_2375 (resized).JPG

The reason for this was so I could get to the Wall/Scoop LED breakout board as my rightmost wall light had started acting up again. It was the same ribbon connector, where the screwdriver is pointing in this photo:

IMG_2382 (resized).JPG

Put a little dab of hot glue on it, as suggested by Multimorphic, so now we'll see if that does the trick.

I also put a strip of thin felt weatherstrip on the inside of the flipper door. The little trough where the ball drains looks like it's supposed to be the bit that holds the playfield glass in place against slippage and mine had a decent gap. I may have to go thicker but we'll see how this does. I also put a strip of beer seal on the lockdown bar and readjusted the receiver so the bar has a much more secure feel to it now.

1 week later
#213 1 year ago

Do yourself a favor and have good, strong help. This thing is a beast.

As others noted, you'll want it on an end as you need to do the playfield module from the side. I find it easiest from the left side where the cables are. Also, put some thought into module storage if you're getting Cannon Lagoon too. I kept the original box for now and put it up on one of those plastic shelving units. You won't want to leave it on a concrete floor in the box.

1 week later
#217 1 year ago
Quoted from Yetimon:

My Lexy is built and ready to ship! It'll still be several weeks till I see it here in Wellington, and I'll have to sell some more bitcoin to pay the tax & freight bills, BUT LEXY IS ON HER WAY!!!

Congrats! Here's to a safe and sound trip!

#218 1 year ago

OK, let's see those stats, starting with Lexy of course! If you're so inclined, post up a screenshot along with how many days you've had your P3. Let's see what we're all doing!

I got mine 58 days ago and here are my Lexy stats:

IMG_2407 (resized).JPG

After crunching these in my little spreadsheet, I come out with an average of 9 games played per day, with play time of about 40 minutes per day. That's just Lexy, of course. It will be interesting to watch this over time...

#222 1 year ago

I used the rule sheet above and started working on a more comprehensive version as I've learned things. I think you may be able to view it here:


I don't use Drive much so let me know if this is broken and I'll try something else.

#224 1 year ago

Weapons Testing gives 2x and 3x for me too. I just wasn’t sure if it went higher or ever gave different things. I stumbled on Double Shot by accident. I’m still not sure what its effects or jackpots are.

I keep meaning to mention to Gerry that, thematically, you shouldn’t be able to light the side targets before getting the stand ups in Weapon Lab mode.

1 week later
#231 1 year ago

Mentioning Heads Up reminds me I need to get my internet connectivity sorted out. I've enabled WiFi on the P3 and can SSH to it from my home LAN, but not from the internet. Got a feeling my ISP is blocking it somewhere.

I sure wish they'd hustle up a bit with the software updates. I know they're working on it but these crashes to the launcher are beyond exasperating. Had what would have been my best-ever game going tonight - all mode icons but one, Cabin, completed with just over 29 million and 1 ball to play. Closest I've ever gotten to Wizard Mode. Launched the ball, put it in the waiting lock so multi-ball was ready, then it crashed to the launcher. Nearly put my fist through the glass. I likely wouldn't have made Wizard Mode anyway as I suck at Cabin, hence why it was the only one remaining, but would have broke 30 million for sure. How annoying! I was watching the Bat City broadcast the other day and got to thinking that it takes a brave TD to put the P3 into a tournament lineup right now. I don't think I would.

It is a beast of a cabinet. I realize just how tall it is when I stand at it - the translite is way up there. I was concerned I might not be able to raise the playfield vertically, but it makes it with a couple inches to spare.

Mine won't be as polished as the Buffalo Pinball guys but I should be doing some streaming shortly also. Getting things configured and learning how the software works currently. Hoping to do a test stream this weekend if all goes well.

#234 1 year ago
Quoted from YeOldPinPlayer:

We've been using Lexy in league since the machine arrived at Buffalo Billiards and it has never crashed.

Interesting - mine does it pretty routinely. In fact, of the 8 games I've played so far today, two have dumped to the launcher and those two were one right after the other. Makes you wonder what's different, or if the hardware is faulty...

I think I've heard of another couple out on locations but can't recall the details. I can see where it could be tough to accommodate the playing public alongside top-100 IFPA ranked players but that might be a tough row to hoe anyway, with any game.

#243 1 year ago

I’d also recommend you go into settings and cut the Ball Search attempts from 3 to 1. If it doesn’t pop a ball loose the first time, it’s not going to. Saves dead time for the player.

I get a lot of airballs, mostly off the left standup. I haven’t been able to adjust it out yet. This reminds me I have two stuck balls to clear today - one behind the LCD and another that flew all the way back onto the flipper assembly.

The design is nice in that you can have a stuck ball and, as Gerry noted, the game will just deliver a new one. I love that feature!

Another thing I’ve adjusted is the number of spots the ship lock rotates when resetting. It defaults to 12, I think, but I’ve seen no ill effects from lowering that to 9. On ROCs I even have it set to one, since the ball can’t get there. It helps shorten the reset time between games.

A suggestion for Multimorphic when time permits. I’d love to see a good video on profiles and how to manage and use them. It’s a unique feature of the platform but a little hard for me to understand,

I was also surprised to learn that LL:EE has a cooperative mode. I had no idea! I was actually going to suggest it after having played coop on TNA at Pintastic.

1 week later
#249 12 months ago

It hadn't hit me because the placement is temporary but a friend commented on it so I decided I should grab a shot. The old and the new, side by side, 1947 and 2018. Pretty cool! I should probably move the 1941 Genco over and snapshot that pairing too...

IMG_2463 (resized).JPG

5 months later
#299 6 months ago

Just installed an early release 1.0 of Grand Slam Rally. Did a quicky video here:


#301 6 months ago

Indeed it does! I’m really enjoying it.

Turns out the game does, indeed, have code to account for just not swinging the bat when balls are enabled. That makes the setting quite interesting and provides yet another point for the player to make tactical decisions.

2 weeks later
#307 6 months ago
Quoted from imharrow:

I was doing a test of direct video capture from P3. I did a test recording of Grand Slam Rally. In some ways a better view than Toyguy's video in some ways worse.

Never thought of that! What did you do, split the HDMI output or something?

My best to date:

552A8153-6320-4FCE-BF4A-D522367F11EC (resized).jpeg

All defaults except Balls are enabled.

1 week later
#315 5 months ago

The latest update to GSR is great! The addition of the Grand Slam bonus adds a nice strategic decision for the player. Do you go for Singles to load the bases and hope to knock it into the stands for the bonus, or swing away for more bases and keep runners in scoring positions? Tough choice...

Next up, I think, is the backbox display, then CCR. Fun times in P3 land!

2 months later
#344 3 months ago

No 2 player mode in GSR at this point.

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