Multi-Races - the Multi One-Ball Horserace Game

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Multi-Races - the Multi One-Ball Horserace Game

By bingopodcast

4 months ago

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    #1 4 months ago

    Hey everyone! Now that the Multi-Bingo project is slowing down a bit (some final polish being put on games... and a few surprises planned), my thoughts have turned to another part of pinball history that is under-appreciated. The one-ball horserace games, manufactured by Bally, Universal, Western, and a few others, are extremely fun games.

    My daughter restored a Turf King a couple of years ago, and we both found the game incredibly appealing and challenging. So much so that I started putting other one-balls on my wishlist, and compiled a list of all of them for an eventual Multi Races!

    The idea of Multi Races is pretty simple, and very similar to the Multi-Bingo: (Credit for the name Multi Races goes to Dennis Dodel - thank you, Dennis!)

    1) All one-ball games in one cabinet
    2) Real playfield and plunger, ball, mechanics.
    3) Real noises provided by actual units
    4) Payout tubes providing payout versions
    5) Replay register providing replay sounds.

    It will use the P3-Roc and associated driver and switch boards, same as the Multi-Bingo, but I should only require about half of the boards in the Multi Races. Almost all of the playfield layouts are very similar.

    For the Multi-Bingo, I was able to be a bit more picky: using only parts from previously parted out machines. For this game, I had to find a complete game to use as a donor. My donor is a 1946 Bally Victory Derby. It has a repainted cab using incorrect colors, and a very poor backglass.

    I will be working to document each one-ball game so that I can accurately recreate the mechanical randomization of each game. This will be far more time-consuming than the Multi-Bingo as the bingos are documented more completely than the one-balls. That said, I'm pleased that most of the games have manuals and schematics available.

    I'm planning to fix the Victory Derby this afternoon, and then start documenting.

    #2 4 months ago

    So Victory Derby...

    I worked on the game on 7/4 and got the machine 100% playable after the above post. I couldn't stop playing it, though... what a great game!

    Here are some of the features:

    1) Single selection play - horse chosen at random on coin insertion between 1-7. Multiple selections only made when Daily Double is active.
    2) Game can be put into replay mode. There is a projection credit unit in the head that is mounted in a spring-loaded cradle and shows the credit through the backglass, along with a well-disguised knock-off button mounted near the front pedastal. I specifically looked for a knock off button as I unloaded, and didn't see one, but noticed the replay unit in the head and a jones plug selector near it... so cool!
    3) Payout feature is very neat and works exactly like a slot machine - payouts are always multiples of 2 coins - the slide contains space for two nickels at a time, and as the slide moves back and forth, it gathers up a couple nickels and drops them in the bay in the coin door.
    4) Left and Right pockets will light at random, and when hit, will advance the word "D-E-R-B-Y". This is a carry-over feature, and once lit fully, will award a big payout.
    5) Odds are not guaranteed advancing, so each coin played is a risk that you will wind up with the lowest odds possible.
    6) Only 4 coin max - but the coins act as a multiplier. Payouts are multiplied by up to 4x based on number of nickels inserted.
    7) The playfield layout feels a bit more 'fair' than the Turf King, but I can't tell if that's because the prior owner had the back end jacked way up and the front end on the floor or... due to the lack of bumpers and a more wide open playing field. Plus lighter game allows for more maneuverability. Maybe.
    8) Feature light lights at random once in a blue blue moon, and will award the same amount of replays as spelling DERBY, if I recall correctly.
    9) Daily Double is a neat feature - two alternate selections will light at random occasionally. If you hit one, it will carry over to the next game, and light an additional selection along with the first. If you hit either, it will light another carry-over light, then allow you to hit one of three horses for a doubled win. The Daily Double is over if you do not make one or the other.
    10) The ability to make the player grin with a simple two coin payout for a ball well-played.

    I haven't had a chance to play again since the 4th, but I can't wait to play again while I plan the next phase.

    #3 4 months ago

    Dont think I've ever seen or played any of the single ball horse games. Would love to play one at the York show this fall. I'm assuming your multi-game of this would not be ready than?

    #4 4 months ago

    I find that I am falling in love with these games in a similar way that I fell in love with the bingos. My plan is to bring it with me to York in years to come, but I likely won't have it ready before this year's show. I am a couple of months behind in my timeline.

    I should have the first three-four machines implemented by next October, though.

    I think I've got a good idea for what to do at the shows regarding payout games - more on that later!

    #5 4 months ago

    adding to my forums!
    I did not know much about one-ball games outside of the early payout machines like Sportsman, but I did recently see this 1949 Champion for sale.
    I love how insidious the flyer for it sounds, read the bottom right text about how it sucks coins from players:

    Do these games all have a universal playfield? Are there any variations?

    #6 4 months ago

    Champion boasts quite a lot of great features in that flier - hardened armor, guaranteed advancing odds, and the familiar three digit replay register!

    There are four variations that I've noted so far.

    Early games had passive bumpers in interesting spots (like the center of the playfield).
    Some games (particularly those made by Western Equipment and Supply) boast 8 selections on the playfield instead of 7! That will be the hardest to address, and I may have to just forget about those games (for now). I will likely have to have a playfield cut.

    The vast majority can be played using either the Victory Derby playfield (no passive bumpers) or the Turf King playfield (four passive bumpers). I can add a proximity switch for the center bumper on the Turf King playfield, and allow play of the other game.

    The final variation doesn't have a feature hole at the bottom center - if a ball made it all the way there, you'd get absolutely nothing on those games. Alignment of bottom springs and such would also be different.

    Taking just a Turf King playfield to shows would be pretty close to accurate.

    3 weeks later
    #7 3 months ago

    I'm in yet another crunch mode for the Multi-Bingo, but I have been doing some small things behind the scenes to prepare for Multi Races (aside from playing Victory Derby a bunch) - I picked up a replay register to incorporate in the game, and have been planning how to map the spotting discs for Turf King. I -think- if I have that down, I can walk someone through the basics pretty easily. I'm hopeful that there are not many changes between games, but I know that on the bingo side, some games have as few as a single rivet changed.

    I'd love to have that level of accuracy with Multi Races, but I fear that that will never happen. No time to worry right now, though!

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