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Most Satisfying Ramp Shots in Pinball

By delt31

2 years ago

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#51 2 years ago

my tastes goes to ramp with diverter, i love that.
even if i don't really like the game, shadow has great ramps.

but the one i really love is the BBB ramp. Amazing how many diverters it has. king of fun!

no diverter, but fun NGG ramps, especially ramp for the hole

#52 2 years ago

LEGOLAS!!! So, so satisfying.

#53 2 years ago

All three ramps on TNA.

#54 2 years ago

#1 Elvis left ramp during multi ball then immediately hitting it into the hotel for jackpot

#2 Congo Volcano ramp

#2.5 White Water Jackpots off of upper playfield

#3 Don't laugh Austin powers left right combos during drill mode....same satisfaction with Elvira and Party Monsters during Multiball.

#4 Lord of the Rings.......all ramps!

#55 2 years ago
Quoted from McPin54:

#1 Elvis left ramp during multi ball then immediately hitting it into the hotel for jackpot
#2 Congo Volcano ramp
#2.5 White Water Jackpots off of upper playfield
#3 Don't laugh Austin powers left right combos during drill mode....same satisfaction with Elvira and Party Monsters during Multiball.

#56 2 years ago

Really enjoy both ramps on WCS. Left has a divertor and both are long and flowy. The right ramp is especially nice when you hit for the magnet lock.

Really enjoy Taxi's criss cross ramps as well.

#57 2 years ago

People hate the theme around here. But when you send a ball up the South Park ramp while avoiding the other 4 on the playfield and swirl it around the toilet for a super jackpot at the last possible second; it's pretty satisfying.

#58 2 years ago

The Million point ramp shot in Robocop where you have to hit it hard enough to make it fly through the air to the other side under the pressure of a timer. Boom.

Also the pop up ramp in Goldeneye hitting the rotating magnet makes a clunk that is incredibly satisfying.

#59 2 years ago

Presently my favorite is combo'ing the Damsel and Peasant ramps on MMr until the diverter drops and free the Damsel.

#60 2 years ago

My absolute favorite is Venom ramp in SM love the way it stops and redirects the ball. Also love the sound effect.

CFTBL also has great ramp.

Left ramp (Legolas) in Lotr is great because it almost doesn't look like a ramp entrance.

Of course Jack Monkey ramp.

Darn I'm having a hard time deciding.

IMG_1749 (resized).JPG

#61 2 years ago

Mary Shelly Frankensteins right ramp.

#62 2 years ago

ST - Warp Ramp
Congo - Volcano shot
IM - both ramps feel great to me
WH20 - insanity falls
GB - left ramp
Tron - right ramp

#63 2 years ago

Add Stargate ramp combo to my list!

#64 2 years ago

Both the Bicycle Girl and Arena ramps on the TWD are so smooth. It feels like the ball is just floating up and around the playfield.

#65 2 years ago

Top vote is Congo volcano shot. Close 2nd is ST warp ramp shot. It's so rewarding to shot left orbit then bang the warp ramp 5 or 6 times in a row. Metal ramps do sound good. I love hitting combo ramp shots on Shadow and getting super vengeance. Played DI for the first time late last summer. I have to say that had some very satisfying ramp shots.

#66 2 years ago

One of the modes on Batman Forever
is the Safe Trap. You have to hit all four of the ramps while a timer ticks away. Very challenging to to do under duress. Very satisfying if accomplished
What is NEAR impossible is to hit the four ramps in SUCCESSION!
Right ramp, left, upper mini, and then center ramp.
Owned this machine for about three years and have only done this ONCE!
Sure was awesome when I did it though!

#67 2 years ago

Lazer War for the Jackpot is great. "Shoot the Ion Cannon!"

#68 2 years ago

Most of my favorites have already been mentioned. I will add the Avengers Black Widow ramp is very satisfying when it doesn't reject. Especially if you can loop it a few times and/or combo it with other shots. That game has such tight shots that stringing a few of them together makes you feel like a badass.

Damn...I do still miss that game. Frustrating as it was. LOL

#69 2 years ago

No love for NGG slam ramp to hole in one ?!?!?

Best shot in all of pinball

#70 2 years ago
Quoted from HOOKED:

STTNG left ramp for warp shot....that shot always was a challenge.

Especially for super jackpot during MB, doesn't get much better than that.

Insanity Falls in WH20 is sweet too, especially when the ball hits the glass.

#71 2 years ago

Right ramp on IJ

#72 2 years ago

The left ramp on Whirlwind comes to mind. The one at #blairally is really difficult to hit, but I recently somehow got the multi millions up to 9 during a multiball, which stunned me. Half the shots were done with a ball trapped in both lower flippers; flip the left ball into the saucer under the ramp, and then use the two-stage activation to hit the ramp without ceding control of the trapped ball in the lower right flipper. Felt great.

And the Starwarp coil on Time Machine.

#73 2 years ago

Lots of variety posted, which is always a good read.

I really enjoy the MMR/MM ramps. Very smooth and look great; they can take a lot of speed too. And the callouts with them are memorable; the jackpot callouts in multiball are very enthusiastic, especially "super jackpot". Cracks me up right now.

And I also really enjoy the TWD LE/Prem ramps. My favorite machine and the ramps are part of it; both TWD ramps have so many nuances to them. I love that the ramps disappear into the back cabinet, and it makes it especially entertaining to watch the slow shots that may or may not make it to the loop point, and estimate position when unseen. Both ramps are somewhat aggressively pitched, so weaker shots are rejected and those rejects are very dangerous potential STDM returns. Also, both ramps are smooth to a certain speed, but notably fast shots can get chaotically rejected back onto the playfield (wild airballs), even more so on the right ramp than the oft quoted left ramp. Both TWD ramps default return to the opposite flipper so repeat 'combo' ramp shots are possible, as well as satisfying. Both ramps have two potential paths as well. Just lots of character and nuances to the TWD Prem/LE ramps, all of which are important to game play.

2 months later
#74 2 years ago

Tommy, hit the left ramp, to left flipper, shoot the right loop to the upper flipper and shoot the right ramp to the right flipper ... great Combo !
Taxi's ramps are timeless.. never gets old
High Speed upper flipper left ramp is also very satisfying

Probably my top 3

#75 2 years ago

circling back on my own thread - it's still MET ramps for me. by far too.

#77 2 years ago

troll bomber on MM
and Lighting all 5 MB then hitting the scoop is really exciting

TWD: all is exciting to shot and play. i would love Lyman code a king of troll bomber with well walker and riot.

#78 2 years ago

TSPP tree house ramp. Hard shot and very satisfying when you make it. Although its frustrating when you hit it so well it wraps around to the garage door, especially when the hurry up is lit.

Probably in the minority here, but I really liked the TMNT ramps. When you get on a roll and lite all the "TURTLES" then hit the millions then nail the 10 mill shot. unfortunately that is the entire game.

#79 2 years ago

I gotta go with the Stern Star Trek warp ramp. I haven't played that game a ton, but man, getting multiple shots on that thing just feels awesome.

#80 2 years ago

Star Trek Warp ramp. Hands-down.

fc2f9ee3b5a05a8f03561a718143668fb187e77c.jpeg (resized).jpg

#81 2 years ago

Even though it is gone from my lineup - the Volcano shot in Congo is the definition of satisfaction!

#82 2 years ago

The staircase ramp shots on Theatre of Magic are incredibly satisfying to hit.

#83 2 years ago

My fav ramp shots are taxi and fish tales. The back and fourth is so fluid, so fast, and just feel good

#84 2 years ago
Quoted from TheLaw:

Dirty Harry left ramp for SJ with the gun

My vote to that shoot too

And I will add almost all of the wire ramps from Rollercoaster Tycoon, love to see the ball smooth travel on them.

Also the upper ramps on Judge Dredd with the small flipper, FAAAAST

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